Mohamad Baajour – Three Rivers – Ibn Al Qayyim

Mohamad Baajour
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He said something very beautiful. He said, Lee Eliel don't sell Earth and her fifth dunya Leah Takaharu be her

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fat in LEM Taffy before hurry him to hear Rubina real Jakeem yo Malkia Anna

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no km Rahim Allah He said, for the people who commit sins they have three rivers in this dunya to be purified with and if that was not sufficient, then they will be purified on the day of judgment in the hellfire.

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The first river he said, the river of Toba, Naruto Toba and our beloved chef just recited Yeah, a U haul Adina to woo il Allah He told her 10 NASWA oh you believe repent to Allah is sincere repentance and the steps of Toba. We have learned them many times. Number one to stop that sin. Number two, to regret every time you committed that sin. And number three, to make a promise you will never go back to that sin. So that's the first river that MLK mentioned the second river. Now her al Hassan Atul Mustafa Khalil

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the river of good deeds that drowns

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the sins that are surrounding it. Yanni we all commit sins, Allah subhanho wa Taala said in Surah toad in Al Hasan it used hipness say at the Asenath will delete the yard and masala sallam said

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Yama, it tequila hyphema contour, they say Al Hassan tiempo follow an evil deed with a good deed it will erase it.

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So every time I commit a sin, I submerge it with ocean of Hassan Earth.

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I lied, I give a donation I pray to raka I make it so far I give sadaqa anything, make that sin drown

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Subhan Allah He said, Now, the river of Hassan at River of Hassan that will make those sins that you have committed will be disappearing. Then third, he said the third river. Now her alma saw a bill Kobrin mocha Fira, the river of major calamities that will erase your sins.

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What does that mean? That means if I was tested by a loss of a child, the loss of a year one loss of a job, I was tested by some health problems, some financial problems, and I was very patient expecting the Azure from Allah azza wa jal either Jezza min Bella Rasuwa. Insulin said, the higher the higher the biller, the higher the test. And if you are patient, the higher will be the reward. So the more patient I am, the higher the possibility of erasing my sins. So Subhanallah then he ended the statement and my dad just said he came by saying what either arrived Allah who be I didn't say you're on Tahara who beheaded and Harry sedessa fellow Miatas Robin SubhanAllah. And he said, If

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Allah when scaled for someone, he will make him use one of those three rivers in this dunya and he will not be in need of the fourth river of the Hellfire. May Allah subhana wa Taala make us from the people who constantly repent to Allah azza wa jal May Allah subhanaw taala give us the tofield to use these rivers in this dunya and have no need to the last River in the akhira inshallah Tada next week, we will start a new series which is the 40 could see Hadith we will take Hadith 40 Hadith that are cutesy and we'll explain what those Hadith mean and we will explain them and bring them back to our daily life like we always do in every Halal country. Amata final reminder inshallah that tonight

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is the night of Friday, the night that Rasul Allah Islam said at zero Amina salata, I like the night where he said make a lot abundance salad on myself on Rasulillah Salam, Salam wa salam ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad can isolate that Ebrahim by the Abraham in Mecca Hamidah Majeed alumna daddy kinda Muhammad Ali Muhammad Can I direct at Ebrahim while Eddie Brahim in Naka, Hamidah Majeed and the most beloved Salaat to Allah azza wa jal is the salah that is coming up. The Salah say salam said the most beloved Salah to Allah azza wa jal is Salah till fajr of Jumuah in Jana, Salah al Fajr of Juma in Jamar so see you all at six o'clock six o'clock here Salam Alaikum Allah

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