Abu Bakr Zoud – Analyzing the Dua of Ayoub during his sickness

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © A woman named Mary talks about how Jesus's actions have caused her to lose everything, including her wealth and business. She also talks about how Jesus's actions have caused her to become the most merciful and most humile person in the world. Jesus's actions have caused her to become the most merciful and most humile person in the world.
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We now want to focus on Dwyer, au Bally. He said, What did you do and what did you value? He said, I'm saying, when he was in the midst of his sickness, and his illness, or your Valley, he said,

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some older Matt mentioned up to 18 years he was bedridden.

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He was infected with some sort of disease. The entire town ran away from him, they feed that they might catch what he caught. All his children died that 2728 of the Mamajuana had many children. He had lost all his wealth and his businesses.

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He felt every single inch of his body was in pain and severe sickness. He couldn't get up to go to the bathroom alone. So his wife was loyal to him and she remained with him and would carry him to go and come back.

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After so many years of sickness and pain,

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he made the diet

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Allah azza wa jal record that in the poor

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can you imagine the life of a you how long did you believe? But there is only one die he made that Allah chose to make it part of the Quran. Because you know why? That's that that's all that concerns us in the life of you.

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Everything that you went through Allah azza wa jal did not give us an entire complete history about a yo Bala his salon.

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Because what is relevant for you and I in terms of guidance is one guy he made.

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Listen, Allah azza wa jal said, what a YouTuber is now there are a BA who and remember and mentioned the story of when a you called on to his Lord Allahu Akbar. What did he say? And name a Sunni on board and our hammer wore him in Lahore.

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This is what the Sikh should learn. This is the diet you're supposed to be making. He said a B or B.

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He said My Lord Yanni he acknowledged

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Allah has Origin's his lordship over him. Or be your My Lord, with our own sinful with I'm obedient with I've disobedient and I've committed sins. In any case, I am I am, you are my Lord. And I'm the servant. No doubt about it. So first, he acknowledged his servitude to Allah azza wa jal by seeing OB

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Messenia board. Look at his manners with Allah. He said, My Lord, have board a board which is pain, pain, evil.

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Has miss any touched me. Pain has touched me

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that you know when I see the word touch, mess, must touch. It implies something that is easy. Something that is light.

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A human like you said, I'm 18 He is bedridden.

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And he seemed to Allah, I could just feel the pain, that the pain is just touching me. Look at his manners with Allah. He did not sell Allah I can't do this anymore. Oh, the pain the pain y'all up. It's got to me.

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He said a lot. It's just touched and I can feel it.

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And then he said, What are hammer Raha mean? And you, You Allah are the most most of all. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.

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And I want you to understand something, you know, you and I, when we sit and we're hopefully 100 left, we're not being tested No calamity, yet in our in our health and that

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we say Allah who are humble Brahimi Do you agree with me? Allah who are humbled, ya mean Allah is the most merciful, it's very easy for us to say it. But say Say, Allah is the Most Merciful. When you have been sick for 18 years, cannot move from your bed.

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If you say Allah is the most merciful, in that position, you have achieved something huge in your life. And this is what a uvala he said did 18 years, maybe more of sickness

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and not one day, he lost his hope, or trust or faith that Allah is the Most Merciful. He never ever doubted this one bit. Allahu Akbar. Rather, he acknowledged even though I am experiencing all this pain, I acknowledge that Allah you are the most merciful and I know that this pain that you have given me Allah is from your mercy I know that. This is a yo rally you sit down

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He said these words, he did not even say Oh ALLAH que me because he doesn't know is being cured better for him now or isn't it? He doesn't know. So he avoided saying oh Allah give me fat.

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Rather he said, Oh Allah, I want you to know and Allah knows but I want to say it in words. I can feel the pain, pain is touching me. And you're the most most of oil law

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he did not complain. Only complaining of course to Allah with manners. He did not say Allah give me Shiva, he doesn't know if she felt good for him or not, is it me does not leave them at Allah knows what's good for me. After he made destroy Allah social, he said, faster ship nella. Immediately we answered his two factor shift Nam Ebrahimian board and we removed his sickness and his illness. There's no such thing as chronic illness in the sight of Allah. There is no such thing of an illness that is not cured in the sight of Allah. Allah Mikey, in fact, his name is a Chevy. That's his name a Chevy.

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His name is the one who cures you know, a Chevy, not adware. You know, that means medicine sometimes medicine works sometimes it doesn't work. But she had cure cure. Whoa 100% of the time works. That's his name a Chevy and Allah azza wa jal rock with the blink of an eye. All of a sudden, the sickness was removed from a you know what happened? How did he get better hacks from Allah Zoysia it came from Allah

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knows cow aware when Allah it's enough of an answer. Well Allah Allah colletion cardio Carlos End of story. That's how the sickness was gone.

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Subhan Allah and Allah replaced all his losses for him. And then Allah said at the end of his Historie Allah method min net, this is our mercy to him or vichara lil IBD. And this is a reminder for all of humanity. Meaning this story is not special, and only for a Europe. This toy is for everyone. And Allah azza wa jal could bring a miracle of recovery for anyone he wants at any time he wants. subhanho wa Taala Allahu Akbar

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