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Mohamad Baajour
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The camel and the cow and the sheep. They are serving the purpose they were created for.

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But that person who is non believer, he is not serving the purpose he was created for the cow is giving us milk is plowing the farm doing whatever she was supposed to do. Right? Similarly the sheep and the camel they're doing everything that will create it for women had utter capital, for writing for this for Allah subhanaw taala whatever they created them for, they are doing the job. But I, as a human being I'm created to only worship Allah, Allah, Allah Jinnah will insert allele Abdul if I am not performing that, that means the cow is better than me. From a perspective of living, listen carefully from the perspective of living, the cow was living, the cafe is living. They're both

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living, eating and drinking and go to the restaurant, the living alive, but this one is serving the purpose as soon as not Subhanallah so by the worst disability ever, is for a person to commit Cofer. That means he is not serving the purpose he was created for Allah subhanho wa Taala said fair in LA Tamil absorb wala can Tamil coloboma lucky for solder.

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It's not about the eyes being blind. It is about the hearts that are blind, which belong in the in the chest. So the worst disability is being a Katherine now.

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What is the wisdom and blessing?

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Because some people always any.

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I know it's not easy. When you have a baby that is born disabled. It's not easy, right? But what is the wisdom behind it?

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Why Allah subhanaw taala gave me a disabled baby and gave this family on my brother. Everything is beautiful and perfect. Why? What's the wisdom behind it? We will study that inshallah Tada in few few few minutes. First of all, listen carefully when you have to as a form of our al Qaeda, you have to believe that all Allah's creation is perfect.

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Who's gonna give me the de Lille and get this beautiful twigs

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okay, but there's another we decided every Friday and

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every Friday we decide this is Jumaane

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Fraser, a lady

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who said that

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I cannot reach that for you.

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You saved for

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a levy X and Akula che

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che in halacha

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of every Friday at fashion. Such that insane right? In the sense that Allah subhanaw taala said the one who have perfected everything He created everything. So that

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what you consider a disabled boy or girl. That is perfect.

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Because it says here that sort of cliche in Canada, this has to be established first. Allah subhanaw taala of all his creation is perfect. If you understand that, you will know that Allah subhanaw taala l his creation is perfect.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has the wisdom. It this ability is an affliction from Allah subhanaw taala it demonstrates the various aspects of wisdom that Allah subhanaw taala that is absolute in his ability and choice. He creates some individuals with intact limbs and organs and others deficient. Allah subhanaw taala and a coalition Kadir and for I don't live how you read, Allah can do whatever he wants, whatever he wants, now

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Allah subhanaw taala mercy, it shows us Allah's mercy and favor. Why? When we look at those below us instead of those above us, we realize Allah has great favor on us. Okay, now imagine everybody on Earth is let me take it from a different perspective. Everybody on earth is rich.

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How would the rich

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appreciate the NEMA if he does not see any poor people?

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How would the rich

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start looking forward to giving and gaining reward if he sees no more? No poor people.

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Similarly, if everybody's perfect on Earth

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How would they appreciate these eyes? How would appreciate these hands? This brain this hearing this or this noun from Allah azza wa jal

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this will make a person appreciate Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said on zoo 11 Who has failed I mean come when attom Guru Illman Hua fo cocoon for our Agito alert as Dario does through the ambit Allah He had a quick look at those who are below you.

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And do not look at those who are above you. This makes it more likely that you do not be literally Allah has favors upon you. This is one of the if you look at the main reason that any of us is having stress,

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or depression or any kind of anxiety is because he or she constantly compare themselves to someone who's above.

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Right? Look at their house, look at their kid, look at their car, look at their salary, look at this wife, look at his or her husband, look at this look at always

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look at the people above and struggling and striving and maybe sometimes envying and maybe sometimes going through Riba in order to catch up with these people. But if I look at the people below me, in status, not below me in below me in financial, for example, or in health or whatever, I would say, Allah, Allah, you gave me you know, three kids, and you give them one or you give him none of your Allah, you made me give me a job that pays two $3,000 a month and you made them you know, I would start looking down and appreciating what Allah but if I constantly look up, I'm gonna be exhausted. It never ends. Allah subhanaw taala have ACHEMA why He gave you money? And he does not. He did not

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give him money. Why he gave you health, and he did not give him the health. There's ACHEMA for everything. There's a hikma in everything. I told you the story before but I repeated because of the occasion.

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When if I was you was telling us one time Subhan Allah, he's, he's at the same time he is a doctor and he's a chef, Mashallah. And he was going through his visit to the hospital, and he saw a young man in his bed and he looks like you know, a little bit any sad.

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So his brother was next to him, talking to him and everything. And

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he said what's wrong? So the Lehi brothers, telling him, you know, Chef, or my brother had a major accident, and he cannot walk anymore. So he's very upset. So

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the shift started, you know, joking around with him in sha Allah, don't worry, Allah subhanho wa taala. He is the Hakeem. You know, he's trying to make him feel better. And then he said something that made the guy in bed crying like crazy.

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He said, you know, be grateful to Allah because maybe if you were,

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you know, if you were able to walk, you might use these legs in something that is haram that is disobedient to Allah azza wa jal.

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And all of a sudden, that young man was crying hysterically in bed.

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So the brother came immediately took the chef and took him out of the room. What did I say wrong? I'm trying to make him feel the one of the cry. This one Yeah, one.

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Why is the kid crying? It turned out

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Subhan Allah. He said, The brother told The chef said My brother

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is the best dancer in Riyadh.

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is the best dancer. Every time we go to parties and stuff everybody asked him to dance. So Subhanallah as the chef hit the nerve Yang by by just by saying something you could have used it for haram. If you're giving that and he was it turned out that he was using it for haram.

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So that being in bed Subhanallah without legs, you know, probably the best thing that could ever happen to the brothers. You know, so we have no, we have no clue. What where is the hikma? But we have not only clue we have certainty that that Kim did it.

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We might not have a clue. Where's the hikma? Or what's the hikma? What's the wisdom behind this? But I have no doubt in my heart that the Hakeem is the one who did it. I was telling the brothers today about a quick story. And I told him on Sunday. One of our brothers

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he was younger than maybe around 2010 he was traveling from New York, Pennsylvania to take a class Islamic class and on his way there, you know, open street 95

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Have no 95 It's very, very open, you know, so he was speeding Long story short, he got a speeding ticket. And a speeding ticket is very expensive. 300 something dollars. Very expensive. Okay, so as a student $300 is a lot of money. You know, for students, it's a lot of money. So he was very upset. He was telling me a chef, no, look what happened. Landon Nakata, Mama, Chef Angela here, Angelica. Long story short, three, four years ago, three, four years ago, they came with a law that he was illegal, the brother was illegal. They came with a law that if you were here in 2010, or 12, you will we will give you two, three years to stay and fix your papers. But you have to prove that you

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are here. The only proof that he has that he was here in 2010 was a speeding ticket.

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At that time, the speeding ticket was the worst thing that ever happened to him. Now he's looking at the speeding ticket.

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Allah Allah

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has nothing now. Right? But the moment Yeah, this is what we have to believe this what we have to believe at that moment, I have to believe that it's higher. I know it's very hard. But as a believer, we have to believe it's kind whether I know what are not, because the one who's designing this is an alley mill hacky mill cubby here. So dude, or hammer Rahimi? Right. SubhanAllah. So

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there are a lot of hikma for the person being disabled time.

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The presence of the disabled among the Muslims is a source of blessing, victory and goodness, and is one of the gates of Allah's mercy, treating them with mercy and affection. Affection is a means of attaining Allah's forgiveness, mercy and giving rewards. Only when I see someone like immediately when you see somebody disabled, what do you do, you rush and you run and you try to help as much as you can, right? That shows that you have mercy, that shows that you will be in charge that you will get the reward. So if we don't have these things, subhanAllah where did they? Where did that mercy come from? What are the rewards it's an extra form of of getting rewards and keep in mind, somebody

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might say, Do I have to have somebody who was suffering all his life for me to get a reward? Keep in mind if that person is patient on his deficiency, he will be rewarded 100 times more than me and you if he's patient and accepting, like I remember the story we said one time

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and I'm on my he mentioned that in Sierra Nevada, he mentioned that a man was you know, he was traveling and he was lost in the desert. I'm going to mention quickly inshallah. And and he saw the horizon very far. Yeah. And he he saw a tent,

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raggedy, nothing but he was looking for someone to talk to he was lost. So he stopped by he looked inside, he saw a man, no arms, no legs blind. And what he's saying. And hamdulillah a lady forgot any other Cathy Rimon Halaqaat of de la

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the man in the tent is saying Alhamdulillah that Allah has favored me over so many of his creation.

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So this man looked at his What are you talking about? You are blind. You have no arms. You have no legs and you have nothing in your tent? Nothing and the tent is gonna fly any second.

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So the man looked at him and said

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Am I a Muslim?

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Or not? Unless you're a Muslim, obviously. Allah how many people are

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claiming that Allah has a son on earth and they are not believers. And Lumini Allah Allah favorably over many

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Allah do I have a tongue I'm talking to you right now. Allah Yes, Allah how many people on Earth cannot talk Alumini Hola. Hola favorite in the over many.

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So you see when someone has that mentality, you think he will be rewarded immensely knowing that Allah subhanaw taala left me a tongue to remember him with

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Allah kept me a Muslim.

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What's the use? What's the use of being a millionaire with 17 PhDs and you die as a non Muslim? Foster Youth

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you are a billionaire you have houses everywhere you have everything you wanted. And you died when a Muslim

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no no use so for Allah subhanaw taala like we're like we ended the study of use of a sunnah that were funny Muslim and this is his this after all that happened to offend a Muslim and make me die as a muslim while happening solid. Gun does all this

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for you.

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Then comes or before that, just to prove to you

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To all of us that this ability itself is not something that shameful. If you look at some of the most renowned, famous, very well known, highly educated scholars, you will find out that they were blind, right? Especially in Egypt, most of the Quran that very famous Quran are blind. She has been designed by Allah who passed away with the Mufti of Saudi Arabia. He was blind. From the from the the sheikh mentioned here, he said, Abdullah blamo back to who who's until november two.

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Second was right after World War Two was blind. He is as a hobby that you will know Sahadi Abdullah Al Maktoum Abdullah does was blind, Saudi Arabia cos was blind, and even telling me the remember telling me that we study his book, The one who wrote down Chanela for salsa in Salem, his blind SubhanAllah. So

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it's not a it's not something shameful to be to have a

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Then comes the shift discussed that the most people Old age is the last part of life prior to death. Old age is a stage of life at which a human being loses many abilities and faculties that he previously enjoyed. Because of this, it's an age of apparent disability. This explains the increased number of disabilities with age type. Allah subhanaw taala have told us the stages in the Quran. He said some men are

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triphala some Malita blue, I should deco whelming combinator worth Kumbaya, Wyoming, Wyoming come mejorada Isla de la Liga, yeah, Allama minbar gentlemen, SHA, Allah said, then we bring you out as a child, and then you will become mature. And then among you who will die early, and then others that they will become so old that they cannot remember, you know, we see sometimes our grandmothers or our great grandma, sometimes they forget, they look at you who said this, who's this?

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Then five minutes later 100 hour us they forget, right? So Subhanallah orally, we don't make fun of that, because we are going to reach that age one day, we are going to reach that age one one day. So

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as a human being grows older, many of his abilities diminish his hearing the eyesight, the muscles, the bones, the joints become weak in this regard. Allah subhanaw taala tells us about the Korea, the Korea and he said what did he say called a rugby in knee one allows more money for style. Sushi that can be

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a big shocker. Yeah, the Korea said, Oh my lord, indeed my bones have weakened, and my head has ignited with white, all white hair. And never have I been disappointed in my supplication to you.

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there's a dryer that I saw last I sell them. You know, there's one thing that you become old, this is all going to happen to all of us. And another is you become extremely old that you become a burden.

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Right? Sometimes somebody becomes old, but can do a lot of bad. I mean, they are very healthy, they are independent. They can do things they can drive, we can do many things. But sometimes some people become very old and become a burden and one of my daughter that I ask Allah subhanaw taala does not make me any any burden on anyone take my soul before make me a burden on my wife or on my children. Anyone online. So So as I said, He taught us

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a DA that is close to that or describes that stage when he said Allah, Allah and yeah, it would be criminal. We're all becoming a juban we're also becoming an aura, ILA.

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A lot more

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resource has allowed us to say, Oh Allah, I seek protection from stickiness. And I seek Your protection from cowardice and I seek Your protection from being reverted to the most to the worst age.

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Out of the law more is the like the age that you start becoming a burden on others. So Susanna needs to seek refuge from that. Or he used to say, Allah how many I will become middle castle. Well Haram al Castle while haram yeah Allah I seek refuge a secret protection from laziness and from aging. From age

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You know, it's, you know, subhanAllah

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every human being in general does not like to ask for help,

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especially if they were

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most of their life, you know, independent and strong and, you know, shrewd businessman or whatever. So to become, take me here and take me there, and especially if, like, you know, shower me or clean me after the restroom, it's very hard to ask, you know, become even from the closest people that you love. I remember one time she was telling us a story, that

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son who was his father died, and he was running the affairs of the whole family.

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Family of four or five, something like that. So in Huntsville, Alabama was doing great job. And, you know, he took care of the family for seven years. All of a sudden, Allah subhanaw taala decreed that this man will have an accident, he had an accident, and he become crippled. All he does is just move his head. That's it, everything else is paralyzed.

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So, you know, now it's time for the He's seven years took care of his mother and his sister and few brothers. Now it's time for them to take care of him. So these two come in Washington, feed him and this and that, and all the time, he can do anything, and he feels it inside. So the chef's one time.

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He was sitting in the, you know, the living room with his wheelchair. And he, you know, he those delivered, he slept, all of a sudden the phone rang. So he cannot move. So his mother came and picked up the phone. She looked at him, she saw him sleeping.

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Now he's kept on sleeping, and the mother is on the phone and she said,

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Look, somebody's not the mind is inviting her for a wedding or something.

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She thought no, no, Allah, we cannot come. How can we leave this house and we have this vegetable at home.

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She does not know what he was hearing.

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So the sheriff said,

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This man was crying so much, so much that he himself called me he asked me to call his friend and he asked him to take him to a nursing home, he doesn't want to live in the house anymore. Because I don't want to be a burden on my mother. I don't want to be a burden on my family. So it's very hard when you become dependent on others, you know, subhanAllah no matter how, how much they love you they will reach a time that you will start affecting the freedom and this and that. So may Allah subhanaw taala Annie

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because, you know leave this world without bothering anybody in chama I mean

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I'm gonna end here inshallah Tada. And we will continue. We will Charla Tara

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will going to start looking. If anybody has any suggestion for our new topic will be great. Usually, my topics usually take seven to eight months. This is the shortest one ever take three or four months only. I'm going to vote on brothers requested the head of the bursa. What happened after death after they put us in the grave? Like we today we brought it to people Subhanallah we went to bury one. And then there was another sister next to them. May Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on them. And all our this is the brothers and sisters. So what happens after we leave? That might be a topic I'm thinking about in sha Allah Allah from that moment in the agenda or not? I will hopefully

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by Monday we'll find out. What's the new topic is Zachman law here. Welcome Africa. So Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah and stuff Heruka when it's over Nick

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