Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #052 – Pay Your Zakat When It’s Due

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The conversation is about the benefits of using Apple Farm, which is a way to harvest fruit and vegetables without having to pay for it. The idea is to keep it all to themselves and avoid negative consequences for poor farmers. The speakers discuss the importance of paying for the harvest and ensuring that the harvest is made locally and publicly.
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Allah says Kulu means Emory either as Mara.

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So eat, it's a command, but it's meant to be like an invitation. This is your risk. This is your bounty. So eat from it, when it's ripe, what to happen who Yama Hassan it and give those there do right on the day that you harvest. This refers to two things it's referred to as a cat. Because the cat, if you have a farm is different than the cat for us today with money and we have cash, we have Bitcoin, or whatever you guys have, you have to pay every year, if you've got a certain threshold, it's above a certain threshold, it stays above that threshold for a year, you have to pay 2.5%. Okay, what if you've got an apple farm? apple orchard, you're not going to have your apples for a

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whole year, you're going to harvest them in the fall, you're going to sell them, then you're out. So how do you pay the count on Apple Farm,

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you pay at the time of harvest. Okay, at the time of harvest, there's a certain percentage of what you take, and you pay from that. So the first meaning giving on the day of harvest is you give us a cat on the day that it's due if you have something to harvest. And the second is there used to be a tradition, that the beggars and poor people will gather at a place on the day when the harvest is going to happen. And it was understood that you will give him something. Anybody who knows the Koran towards the end of the Koran. There is one guy that talks about this, right? There's a group of people who conspire with each other, and they say where they say to each other is a yo, let's go

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early to the farm. And so that we harvest it all before the poor people come. And that way we'll keep it all to ourselves. And then what does a lot do to their farm?

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destroys it. And then they regret and then they repent, right? That's what a lot. So this is exactly the same sort of thing. So there's a due to be paid. It's not your money. It's not your risk. This is something Allah gave to you. And so other people actually have a right to it.

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It's not my body, my choice. It's not my money, my choice. It's Allah's money, it's Allah's body. And so they have a right to,

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which is part of the reason why the vast majority of scholars, they say that it's preferable to pay as occur locally, and to pay it publicly. In this mess you we have all types of people. We've got poor people, we've got rich people, we've got every color, we've got every country, we've got people from the inner city, we got people from the suburbs, we've got everybody. Okay, so what if you take the poorest person in our community,

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and he's making sujood in the prayer next to the richest person in our community.

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He sees the Rolex watch the guy next to him, he sees the press suit. He goes out in the parking lot he see he drives away in a Benz or something like that. How's the poor guy gonna feel?

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How's the poor guy going to feel? What's the devil going to try to get the poor guy to feel?

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Jealous? Right? Okay. So if the brother pays a cat locally, does that help the poor guy? Yes, it does. He says at least he's paying his fair share, and it's staying in the community. Okay. It makes him much more easily accepting of the fact that Allah decided there's going to be this big difference between the two. But if the brother senses a cat home, quote, unquote, home, guess what, this is your home.

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Back home, we say it's not your home, this is your home.

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They send it to Pakistan or you send it to Egypt or you send it somewhere else.

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You never see there's a cat over here. How are you going to feel?

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Wait a second. What's he doing? Why doesn't it get paid here?

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That's why the vast majority of scholars say that it's far preferable, preferable to pay as a cat in the area which you live and make your money

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