Tarek Kareem Harris – This Story Divdes the World in Two

Tarek Kareem Harris
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones as entrepreneurs who sell successful websites and donate generously to worthy causes. They also mention Mr. Smith as a schoolanda founder and Mr. Jones as a monthly fundraiser for worthy causes. The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding one's inner desires and moral values to create a proper "ence" that makes one stronger and richer.
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This is a story about Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones. Mr. Smith is a wealthy and reclusive entrepreneur. He sold a successful website and now he lives luxuriously. He struggles to trust people because of his newfound wealth, but He's respected by many for his philanthropic work. Despite his ruthless business approach, he donates generously to charity supporting worthy causes. On the other hand, Mr. Jones isn't rich, but he leads a contented life. He works as a schoolteacher. He also runs a small charity that he personally founded. While he doesn't have much money, he finds joy in the simple pleasures of life, like raising money by doing sponsored runs, pause and reflect on who you'd rather

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be Mr. Smith, or Mr. Jones? Does the luxury of being Mr. Smith tempt you? Or Mr. Jones, penniless but grounded? Is there a conflict between your desires and your moral values? Now let's explore the components of the mind each capable of forming independent views. The ego thinks initially followed by the intellect, but the intellect will often just follow the ego. If you think deeply, you find your center your true character. That's the part you have to develop on your own. A proper center will help you find the balance between Smith and Jones. In most people, the default state is the ego dominating. We don't have to defeat the ego, but we do have to understand it. It's also useful if we

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tame it. So now, we've unraveled the true meaning of wealth, whether involves money, assets, or contentment, or all of those things. That's mental wealth. When we possess mental wealth, we're better equipped to accumulate any other form of wealth. Remember, it's not just external riches that matter. True wealth starts within the mind.

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