Wahaj Tarin – Children of Israel – Past, Present & Future #02

Wahaj Tarin
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And the Quran says when the last rain

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Alhamdulillah who were Kapha was solid to handle Mustafa. Lizzy was so Huberty he woman there be a de la yo Malika.

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So we will continue in our prophecy about the children of Israel.

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And we are with the verses of Allah, Allah Azza wa called Lena Isla Benny is Surah e la fille que terribIe LA to say do not fill out of them or retain. While attack alone now do one KB era we decreed on to the children of Israel, that you will rain mischief on Earth twice and you will reach mighty heights and then Allah Allah is the size for either Jaya whoa la Houma when the end and why the means the higher I was awhile the end or the decline or the downfall. So when the end of the first rain cam, but as either you call Mareeba the learner We sent against you servants of Ours. And notice the words Allah or Buddha Isaiah hasn't said that I back then.

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But I by then, Lana, this is Nick era. It means that they are not special servants. These are not faithful servants. They are just servants. So everything in the heaven on earth is created by God and as such servants and slaves of God. So this has in that sense of the word. And that is an incorrect translation to say that this is made by beta Sharif that it is a statement of honor so they can the Assyrian scam and the Babylonian scam and diverse said suggests to Ala der they would traverse through your houses and dwellings, and they did. They went into their houses looking for them. So they lost the war. And then they were taken as captives in removed from the land of of

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So this is where we stopped last time. The next part of the verse says, Some Mara daddy Anna Hola, como Kurata it him. And the address here is to the Muslims, upon whom the revelation has been revealed. Then Allah Allah, Allah says, then we gave you victory over them.

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Meaning we gave the Muslims victory over Rome and Persia.

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the Jews, the Israelites never defeated Roman Persia, so it can't be about them. The only ones that defeated Roman Persia, the Babylonians, the Romans, the Persians, this was the Muslims that can after the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the Quran says, So Mara, then Allah Komal Koratala him, what am that the now can be AmWell in Weber, Nina wotja, Alaikum axonopathy era and we furbished you with wealth and children and made you the most populous of nations

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and again, a miracle of the Quran. Because at the time when the verses are revealed, Muslims are just a few 1000 This is at the time the prophets are life. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was alive, Islam was just in Makkah and Medina and just right towards the end of his life, it grew to take over

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the Arab Peninsula, but still very small.

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Yet the Quran prophesizes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that and Rome and Persia defeating Rome and Persia was out of luck, was not even imaginable, yet the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was told that we will give you when your nation victory over them over Rome and Persia and then we will give you wealth and progeny and make you the most populous of nations. So, Rome fell to the Muslims, Persia fell to the Muslims, Islam spread through their lands, wealth cam, children cam, and so far as the popular population is concerned today, we are almost 2 billion in population.

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We're just now come across Tirana Fira and our Jewish cousins haven't been given this so to say that these verses refer to them as inaccurate because they are not the most a number at any time in history.

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So I'll never come back thoroughness.

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So Islam spread, and then the time of the Khalifa Omar Abner Hapa Radi Allahu Anhu. It reached the doors of Jerusalem, and Baitul Markedness. In Bella, the sham and the Levant and the land of Canaan fell to the Muslims and historical records of the Muslims and they're much more authentic than anyone else's history. Because we have suffered in Assam need a

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chain of narrators that go all the way to the event.

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When Amara Abner hubub conquered the city, and the city fell to him. He asked the inhabitants of the city they used to be, you know, Jewish quarters in here. So why are they the population who will mind the Christians now because of the influence of the Roman Empire

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said pointed to a dump site that this is the place where the Jewish quarters used to be. Because you know, historically, the Christians blame the Jews for the crucifixion of Christ. That is not our belief. We we do not believe that he was crucified or killed, but our Christian brother and believe that and they believe that the Jews caused that so the persecution of the Jews went to the point of eradication of the Jews, the Spanish Inquisition and all of that, against against the Jews. So here they had left no trace of them, and the quarters the dwellings where they used to be Once Upon a Time had turned into a rubbish pit.

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So Omar Radi Allahu Anhu ordered for it to be tidied up and invited Jews to come and resettle or at least visit the holy lands. And in a lot of ways, this was the revitalization of jewelry and Palestine or invite Alma for this. So now Islam has scam

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and the population

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that has increased

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and the rest of it. Then the verse goes, says in a centum, sent to me and forsaken Muslims, under your reign, whilst you're in charge, if you do good, you do good for yourself.

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If you do good, people will remember you was good. history will record you as good. The heavens will record your good, you will be rewarded for it and dunya in Ashura. We're in asset atone fella. And if you misbehave, if you rule in justly, if you wronged, then there will be its consequences. So Alhamdulillah we notice and the reign of Omar, there is magnanimity there is decency, he has allowed them to come back and vited them cleaned up hasn't massacred the local Christian population, the local indigenous population, and when they saw and interacted with the Muslims, and as time passed, more and more of them converted to Islam, some of the Christians converted to Islam, some of the

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Jews converted to Islam, and eventually over time it became the dominant religion of the place. So this continues until

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the next verse, and the next verse, Allah or Buddha is the size which you know, indicates our times now, so Allah Allah is the size for either Jaya will ask you

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remember, he promised them to rains. Now he says, when the second or the last rain comes for either Jira, what I'll do here

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for either JIRA what I'll do, because the first one finished,

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but Allah has promised them to rains. So when the second when the end of the second reign comes, what will it look like?

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Just hold that thought, as we go through through history. So from the time of Amara, the Allahu anhu, and 600 and probably 30, after Christ, all the way to 1914

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all the way to 1914 Jerusalem by tollemache this is under Muslim rule, except for a short few years where the Crusaders can and the bloodshed that they went, do you know that they cause the killing of men and women young and old children and even unborn children?

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Apart from those few years, from the time of Omar, all the way to the time of 1914, where World War One started, the land is, is run and ruled by by Muslims and the population or local Canaanite population, you look at their DNA, it's the same DNA as the people in the Levant has the same DNA as the Syrians, same DNA as the, you know, as the people of Lebanon, because they have been there for centuries, some new immigration has happened, obviously, and that can also be traced.

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But the original native indigenous population are strongly present, or was strongly present in the reign of the Muslim fella foot all the way to the time of

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World War One. So around World War One, certain things happened.

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So let me just go a few years before that, so I'll race through this quickly inshallah to Allah. So in 1880s, remember, the Jews have been dispersed during the Roman rule and other rules before that, and they're scattered across Europe. So there's some in Germany, and there's some in Poland and the salmon in France, and there's some in Switzerland, and there's some in Yemen and there's some and Iran, and they have spread far and vast in their small communities and their small tribes. But

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in a knot in 1880s, admits the affluent European Jews at the start emerged that we should all have a single homeland. And this is called designers thought, and it got spread around

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enough that a few of the passionate people started to pack their bags and migrate to Palestine into the Ottoman lands like Palestine was under Ottoman rule at the time. So by 1896, some 16 years later, this thought had found strong roots and amidst the affluent and rich and famous people, and 1986, the first congress of the Zionists was held by Theodore Hertzel, in which he proposed and postulated that we should have our own homeland and he made certain suggestions of which was Palestine, northern territory here in Australia, parts of South America that if this doesn't work, then this and if this doesn't work, then this and they agreed, and he started to communicate to

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world leaders, he communicated to the Khalifa, about his idea when requesting that Palestine be given to him and to the Zionists. And in return, they would pay off the national debt of the Ottomans. And they would put money into the treasury, the Ottoman heartleaf refused, obviously, he has taken the same proposal to other world leaders, including

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including the British world leaders at the time. And they were obviously more inclined to this, but their hands were too far from the project, the Ottoman philosopher was in effect, and they couldn't reach there. A few years later, in 1914. World War One starts in which the Ottomans and the Germans fought basically the other European nations. And now the golden opportunity camp, that if the Ottoman hella falls, and the land is divided amongst the victors, and if it's false to the English or to the United Kingdom, then now they will have a mandate over the land and maybe they'll now facilitate so as the war is going around 1916 It looked like the Ottomans might lose this one. So

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two famous names or surnames P cotton, Sykes, was assigned to listen redraw the maps in the event that the Ottoman Khalifa Halifax falls apart. So they took the Ottoman lands and carved out that this section will belong to France and this section will belong to the British. A few years later, when it did fall apart. The Palestinian lands and the Levant fell to the British, and now they had a mandate over it. But Brit, the Brits being proactive in 1916, when they started to plan the carving out of the Muslim lands into these little kingdoms, and two mandates. They also wrote a letter to the Zionist Congress to Lord Rothschild from Arthur Balfour. This is a 1918 to say we have accepted

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the deal to

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They give the land of Palestine to you in the event that victory is ours. As a consequence, obviously, money came in, you know, support came in fighters can in this obviously facilitated them winning the war against the Ottomans. And as soon as they had one, Jewish migration started to be facilitated by the United Kingdom into a land that was never theirs amidst people who they could probably not even speak their language. And in all honesty, if you had left a British soldier on the streets of them on the streets of Jerusalem or Damascus, he probably wouldn't be able to find his way out. Yet, they happily sold a land that belonged to someone else that had 1000s of years of

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heritage and legacy and the land. And they sold it to these European

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Zionists, who then started to pour into the land of Palestine. And no sooner had they landed, then they mischievious AK started, I'm not sure if you know, but look at the names of Aragon, the Hagana laughy, all terrorist organizations, terrorizing local population, blowing up bridges, blowing up transportation lines, assassinating politicians, including British politicians, they blew up the King David Hotel in Palestine. And eventually, as the British See, this is getting too messy 1948 The British washed their hands from Jerusalem and from Palestine and they leave their mandate, but they have done their job, they sold the real estate to someone else, and went back to their own

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countries. And on the same day, Israel declares itself a state in the land of Canaan. You notice that the inception is based on on a lie, the inception of the land is on theft. The inception is on deception. The inception is on terrorism. So this is naturally described as facade linguistically in Arabic. And the Quran says Now we go back to our prophecy for either Gen Y. Here, when the last rain comes, and wide here, again is the end in the soil. So this kingdom, this rain starts to grow from 1948. Today we are in 2024. So seven decades and more has passed of this, and the cruelty has just increased. Currently, we watch the massacre of 30,000 civilians non combatants 70% plus women and

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children being conducted at the hands of this power in the hands of this government clearly classified facade and advice and mischief on Earth. So the Quran says, when the end reaches for either Georgia what I will ask her

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to rains, when the end of the second rain of evil reaches,

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these will be at signs. These will be at signs listen to the science carefully. The first science layer Sue would you have come, they will humiliate and insult your faces in reference to the Muslims. So the insult has happened. 30,000 people have just been killed in this time. Every time they go to try to go to the mosque. You see them being you know, abused and terrorized by settler communities and settlers come happily and push people out of their houses in which they have lived for centuries and occupied. settler violence is known and documented. Settlers considered illegal even by the United Nations exist and furbished and are facilitated by this government. Therefore,

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but each of those causes insult to injury insult to the Arabs and the Kenanga Yun who lived there.

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So the first sign was when the second rain comes of all global population. The Quran says Leia Sue would you have come they will insult your faces as in Muslim faces. And this is fulfillment of prophecy, because it could have been somewhere else. Like as they wanted no more than 10

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retreat, they could have been here in Australia.

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And then the verse would have been untrue. So the second rain was supposed to come, as per prophecy admits Muslims and this is the miracle of the Quran, because they would insult our faces as a sign of the end of the rain. The first one second sign, when the whole messages that come out the Hulu who are well Amara, and they will enter the masjid, meaning by Tolmach this

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like they entered it the first time. And here the verse uses the word Masjid.

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Masjid is only places of worship for the Muslims. So it shows that the it will be a mosque, it will be a place of your worship, but they will take it and enter it. So they will take vital markers from us, and they will enter it And subhanAllah you will be fascinated to hear this. There is an organization that has existed I think probably if memory serves me from the late 1980s, which has passed itself or has been tasked either by the government or by the community to look for ways to rebuild the Temple of Solomon.

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they have a few requirements to be able to demolish Masjid Al Aqsa

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and build the temple because it's a religious site and they have religious rules. So after religious rules

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is that the priest who will oversee the rebuilding must be pure.

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And impurity, and their faith is if you have touched a dead body, or if you have touched the dead, you have become impure.

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Now, most people have touched the dead. Because you know, your uncle died, your grandfather died, your auntie died, you went to bury the person. You've you've given him a farewell kiss or you've hugged them at the time of death or you've put them in their grave you've had contact with the dead ceremonial impurity for the Jews happens if you have touched the dead.

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And it doesn't stop there second level, the impurity happens if you touch someone who has touched the dead. So say a doctor has handled someone dead then the doctor goes home hugs these kids, the kids become impure ceremonially like as in for to be able to do this religious task, they are considered impure. So now they are trying to breathe and they have been doing a people who are pure,

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ceremonially clean, have not touched the dead or anyone that has touched the dead. And now they have this, they have a

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you know a school or cluster of priests trying

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and keeping themselves pure and clean.

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That's the first requirement. Second requirement to be able to

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rebuild the temple, the population needs to be cleansed. Because obviously there'll be builders, there'll be word worshipers or they have to be cleansed. And the only way to clean them is to slaughter a specific cow. This cow has conditions of its conditions is that it should be all red.

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So what they call the red heifers, and it should not have a single hair that is white or black or another color. It cannot have any spot or blemish on it. It can never have worn a collar around its neck. It could never have mated and not had any children. And it could never have worked on farm. So all these requirements are religious requirements for the special counsel. In history, only nine of these have been sacrificed. Like throughout the history from the time of Moses, on the nine such categories have been found. So now they're looking eagerly to find the 10th one, and they will then sacrifice it, ceremonially burn it. And the ashes will then cleanse whoever touches the ashes or

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whatever process they have. So in 2015, they found this red Haifa

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and there was a lot of excitement around the world that finally it's here. It will be sacrificed. Millions will gather. We will all be cleansed. And then we will demolish the Masjid Al Aqsa, the Muslim Masjid that is there and rebuild the Temple of Solomon.

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But towards the end as it got close because it has to be a specific age as well, they found a blemish on the hair, one of the hairs had turned dark, and the rabbi's rejected it. And that's finished that one. Another one was discovered in 2018. And as I say this fully funded organizations looking for them. And again, right towards the end, a black hair was found under one of the arms of the of the heifer of the cow. So then they went to Texas, and now they are artificially selecting genetically modifying specifically looking to breed these heifers. And subhanAllah. Just just now in this year, five have been identified and are of age to be sacrifice, they only need one, but for

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good measure, they're keeping five. And rumor has it that on the last day of December, it was designed that they would

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sacrifice this ceremonial cow, and it would coincide with the new year. So everyone's on holiday, millions of Jews would pour into Jerusalem and into Masjid Al Aqsa, they will perform the ceremony, and then everyone would be cleansed. And then, you know, with having millions of people gathered in a single place and passions running high and a huge ceremony that was probably last conducted near the time of Moses and after in the second building of the temple. And that would probably justify the demolishing of Masjid Al Aqsa, and then, you know, to say we couldn't control them 2 million people they took matters into their own hands and but now what can we do so we will build the

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temple, but as Allah, Allah Azza people planning the heavens plan, and now they're such a mess day that no one is even thinking about high foreign or not Haifa. And you see the mess that has unfolded in Palestine. So that's the second requirement.

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The first one was, they will insult your faces. Second is the rebuilding of the temple. And now they have the priests and they had the heifers and they had the date because the cows have a lifespan. Yeah, they had the date. It was supposed to happen. It hasn't happened on this occasion. This won't stop them trying. They'll probably try again. But they will take over or enter Masjid Al Aqsa as the verse says. And the third sign

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is will you be rumah Allah with that to be euro and they will destroy everything that you have built. And the Versailles everything you have built up. So you watch now and Palestine, the Muslims have in their little area that they are present with big tall walls and they have built high rise apartments because there is no other way of, of housing population. And these multi storey apartments are located you know, they have been built up high as being shot with a single rocket down the bottom missile, and the whole building comes crashing down consistent with diverse, they will demolish all the things that you have raised up so they raised up these buildings and they have

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demolished it as a sign a sign of the

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demise or a sign of the end of this cruel and vicious rain.

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So the prophecy

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that pertains to us is when this end of the second rain happens. Watch for these three things. Number one, the insult of your faces the souring and humiliation of Muslim faces, we see that on a regular basis at the time of the Prophet unimaginable second, the taking over of Masjid Al Aqsa which they are planning night and day in which will

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you know, Allah, Allah is the Protect which is one of the signs and the third one where they will demolish everything built. And then Allah Allah is the size we will end with this answer or bukem and your hammer comb.

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Muslims that might be that your Lord will have mercy upon you, as in a doesn't have to go through all of this or this is your solution for the situation as our bukem in your hammock home. We're in tomorrow dinner, if you return, we will return if you return to what you used to be the type of Muslims that you used to be, we will return to or we will turn to helping you and aiding you and supporting you and giving you victory. So the question

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Genesis, what type of Muslims should we be? We need to be the type of Muslims that were at the time of the Prophet. And if you want to know what they look like in our times, look at the people of Gaza. brave, courageous, devout, patient, forbearance. Fearless, courageous, become that again. And Allah Allah Azza will give you what he gave to the early generations. Allah bless you Allah guide you Allah God you for your patience, I thank you were salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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