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Between your own malerkotla Woman Hala, the surah also Subhanallah we see that the surah

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is preparing the Ummah, not only for the second stage which is the medina state, where they are going to establish the first Islamic philosopher No, it is actually preparing the Ummah, for the leadership of the entire humanity, part of this castle wall Islamic part of this update that is

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what is our role as Muslims, what is our role as individuals? Yeah, we understand it and as societies. So, this surah is preparing the Ummah, for the leadership of humanity contemn Hira and Matthew McConaughey, deadly NASDAQ maroon filmography, what and how not anymore. And that's why we see Subhanallah this is we mentioned it before, we're cadaveric, our hyena la Yukako and Albion Leeton their own malerkotla

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Wow, man Hola. So your message on Mohamed Salah Salem, this Oran, you people are going to what to want their entire humanity. This book is a universal book is the eternal book it is not only for your period, it is not only although it is in Arabic, it is not only for Arabs.

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Okay. Now, we see this Subhanallah your, we see this in the ayah that we are giving Tafseer of Allah Allah Allah Allah said, sha Allah community anima wasabi, he knew how to levy a hyena in a Allah Allah Allah now is telling us the nature of our message and he said that your message O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam is a universal message again, we mentioned this, okay. We said that that Allah Allah Allah said about our deen SHA, and he said he didn't love Allah about the deen of new Ibrahim Musa ASA. What was what is the difference? Shara means this is something that is going to be used by you and is going to be used by the entire humanity. It is more comprehensive than Wazza

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Wazza is limited to the people who follow these prophets. This is one thing and it confirms that our message the message of Islam, that Allah Allah Allah sent to you is actually a continuation for the messages that were sent to all prophets. This is the nature of your message. Okay, from a historical perspective, from

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from followers perspective as well. Okay, that's why he said sha Allah community animals Sabino homology. Ohana elago. And also you know, be able to hear mom was our ISA and at the end with Dino Allah, the fatwa Kofi and this message is clear about establishing the deal firmly and up to be this united in ready.

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Then Allah Allah Allah said, look, what

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I mean by the MA Humala, amo bevel, young Boehner,

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the other nations, the followers of other nations, they were this united, I am commanding you will not to be this united, and don't do like the other nations who were this united.

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Warm out of Aleppo. Illa mean by the Nyjah human animal belly and Bailong there were disunited because of the hatred and enmity that is there in their hearts. Okay. Well, Mata Falco in Lombardy, magia. Elmo Bella young, they you know, we're in Alladhina ooh, this will kita Abba. We're in LA Medina UI toolkit. What sorry. Well, hola. Kenema toon Saba Tamiya Rebecca Isla Jenny Musa Mala oviya VEDA. What is the meaning of this? And had it Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Kenema to several continued Rebecca local the Urbino Had Allah Allah Allah decreed that there will be destroyed at one time. This is the Kenema that is Saba cottony Rebecca. Okay, Allah Allah Allah

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Allah would have destroyed them. Well hola Kenema to and several countrymen, Rebecca Isla Genymotion. Now this is the general meaning of that LA phobia by now. They would have been destroyed

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those previous nations that were disunited because they weren't against the commandments of Allah de la or

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La Jolla after praising himself. Allah Allah, Allah Allah. Okay. He started to speak about his Sharia. Yeah. And he said that he legislated for you. He ordained for you what he ordained for other prophets. Okay? And by the end of that Allah, Allah Allah said, what I ordained to all prophets to establish the deen and do not be this united.

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Then Allah, Allah Allah said they actually were this united, okay? And they have a doubt about their religion, but I didn't destroy them because I took upon myself not to destroy them in the dunya

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you can even see the flow of the surah. So why, what is the point of this I will not ever Rocco Illa member the manager Ahmed al mobile lambino, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, it is very subtle. Okay? Allah Allah, Allah Allah is as if he saying because remember this surah is preparing the Ummah for the new stage. And so in this new state, the OMA have to have a law. Yes, have to have Sharia have to have guidance. And Allah Allah Allah now wants to tell them about the nature of this law or the Constitution or this guidance or this Sharia that they will use. Okay to govern them and to spread it to the entire world. So Allah Allah Allah Allah said this Sharia that okay, I will reveal to you

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is the Sharia that I have revealed to all prophets. Okay.

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However, the followers of other prophets, they were this united and they are in a state of grave doubt. Are they qualified to lead the humanity? No.

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Okay, does that make sense? Are they qualified to lead the entire humanity? No, they are in a continuous state of what have shack, they have doubts. The person who is not okay firm on whatever he is, that person won't be able to lead. The very first

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quality of a leader is to be what a clear about what he wants to achieve. Yes, the clarity of his vision where he wants to go. And another important quality is he has to be confident on what he is believing in. Yes, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah is preparing the Ummah, Allah, Allah Allah is telling the OMA that look, other natures have no other other

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other people, other nations, they are not qualified to do that. Why? First of all, they were disunited, this United out of hatred among themselves, they are also in a state of doubt. So how are they going to lead the humanity? They are not qualified to do that? Who is qualified to do that? Then the answer came suddenly that he can do was stuck in come. omerta while at the table.

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Is that clear? Now my dear brothers, okay. See the Quran?

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The Quran gives us how to view the world.

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Yeah, if we do not read the Quran and understand the Quran and reflect deeply about the deep meanings of the Quran, now to just okay, that the literal meanings of the Quran, yeah, that is also important, but we also need to understand the deep meanings of the Quran. If we don't to do that, we want to be able to build the correct worldview.

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And unfortunately, I have to say that many of the tafseer that do exist there, do not give that worldview. Yes, there are some differences here. Okay. There are some diversity, obviously, the classical altar, fussier, the classical altar fellowship, there were written in a period where Muslims are clear about the world view.

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Yeah. They don't have any problem in understanding that Allah Allah Allah created

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And as the leaders for the humanity, this is not something that needs to be taught it is not a brilliant idea. I guess for example, if you've been cut here, where to sit and to explain to his students that listen, okay, that Allah, Allah Allah wanted us to lead the entire humanity, they will tell him this is as if you are telling us that Allah is one

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because this is like ABC for them. Okay, if he were to tell them that our deen is the best deal, they will say, Okay, does that Allah here but why are you yawning? By? Okay, what is the issue? This is clear? Yeah, these are ABC. They wouldn't explain it. But unfortunately now because the OMA diverted or diverted not completely a lot from the this correct worldview. Yeah, we need we need some people to reflect deeply upon the Quran and to understand the classical Tafseer. Yeah, the classical explanations of the Quran in order to come up with the correct world view. Okay. And this is really the understanding of al Qaeda through the Quran. Okay. So this is this is Yanni This is

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the position of the iron, as we said, Allah, Allah, Allah is preparing the amount for the leadership of humanity. He said other nations are not qualified. You Muslims are the only one who are qualified to lead the humanity then the other.

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That was explained in the other eye a number 50. Okay. Other nations are not qualified who are qualified, funny Danika Sadhguru was talking while out at

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verse number 15.