Mohamad Baajour – Surat Yusuf lessons and Exhortations #32 FINAL Summary

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of remembering to be mindful of one's parents' safety and being a father to their children. They stress the importance of avoiding jealousy and avoiding giving too much information to avoid embarrassment. The speakers emphasize the power of forgiveness and staying true to the law. They also mention a street party and a night in row.
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we're gonna get

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swill Alhamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda man fauna one final remote island Tana was an ailment Dr. hamre Hamid

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ask Allah subhanaw taala with baraka and this gathering Charla and make us from the people at the end of the gathering, they will be told whom my phone unlock them. But But did I say it compassionate? I mean

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we are extremely grateful to Allah azza wa jal for giving us the opportunity to

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be able to finish Surah Yusuf alayhi salam

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took us around 30 Something weeks with the breaks probably more than that, eight months almost, and hamdulillah bad I mean,

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we learned many, many lessons. And I

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want to dedicate tonight

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class to the

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summary of the whole

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sore on short Sharma.

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As we have seen, Allah subhanaw taala

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has ended the surah by saying that in the story, there is Abra to the people of understanding Abra LDAP. So, when Allah subhanaw taala started the surah he said, yeah, totally saline, there is signs for the people who ask questions. And now you read the surah you heard the Tafseer you heard what Yusuf Ali salaam went through. Now you have to learn abre

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now you know you have no excuse all the lessons that use of a salon went through you should be able to implement them in your life. So in sha Allah Tada Let's go quickly

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over some of the most important lessons that we learned from from the surah

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as some people have seen the video that I

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recorded today that inshallah Tada I will be asking questions and we will be giving some some chocolate today that's why I see some new faces today. If I know that what bring you in chocolate we could have

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Allah because

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there's a Korea. This is delicious, fresh,

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fresh meat.

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But fresh meat fresh both chocolate and Charlotte Allah so many of you have been here since the beginning in sha Allah. So this concentrate on me not on the chocolate and chocolate and I asked question and I will give you a prize to whoever answer after I finished the Abra. One of the main benefits of the surah

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that showed us that the believer should be always

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concerned about his family.

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The believer

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should be very concerned about his family members, always making sure that they are in peace with each other.

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That they are on the right path.

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They are fulfilling their duties to Allah azza wa jal and Yaqoob Valley has Salam showed us the best example of that by always worrying, don't say this to your brothers this will might think about you You know, so

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He was always worried

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and concerned not to cause any

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enmity between the family. So that was one of the main lessons that we saw through the whole Surah Now, if I asked you

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especially our young brothers

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if I asked you use of since the story is about use of

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what do you think the best gift you could give your father

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what is the best gift to make him happy forever?

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What do you think the best gift?

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Anybody who knows raise your hand also not only use of

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not only I'm talking I'm talking about younger Habibi as arbitrators and they're talking about 15

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Give them a chance.

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Helping him Okay, what about who's here also from the younger brothers

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next year

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what's the best gift you could ever give to your father?

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Or to your parents in general?

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I can hear ya. Okay, very good. Okay, now that adults can answer as parents was the best gift you could ever give good ever receive as parents

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mashallah people for the best gift you could give your parents but as others said that you memorize the Quran

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and your current bar to be a person that is obedient to his parents to both his mother and father. What else? Yeah.

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The question is how

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be living on to heat and dying until heat, you know, which is? The answer is as parents, right?

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As a father, the best gift that my kids could ever give me is for them to be righteous.

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Which includes whatever everybody said, righteous Allah, I think about it. We don't want more money from them. We don't want nothing from them. All I want is to stand in front of Allah on the Day of Judgment Surya Allah, I did my best and hands a lot of blood. I mean,

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this is all we want from our children. As if there's anybody listening to us on YouTube or anything, Allah I'm telling you as a father, that's the best gift you could ever give your parents is to be righteous is to be God fearing is to be always obedient to Allah azza wa jal that's what they love. If the parents are you know righteous themselves there are some parents all they care about is that see him as a doctor pray did not pray doesn't matter. No, no, what is that? What is the doctor PhD going to do for me? Um, I would rather you die ignorant and righteous then die with seven PhDs and don't pray

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Subhanallah and like I always mentioned, the best way is to have a balance and combine between both

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there were if you noticed, in the Surah especially all the brothers and sisters have been attending there were so many dreams and the sooner right who's going to name for me all the dreams in Sharla all the dreams

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two pieces of chocolates

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all the dreams Yeah, shall

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we make a deal? Negotiate.

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Your salary or the dreams type smaller?

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Excellent. The first dream was the dream of Yusuf Ali Salam when he saw 11 stars and the sun and the moon making sujood second dream

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excellent. So then the two dreams that the two men in jail, right? They were when he entered jail. They use for insulin. The two men they saw him in another candle Mazzini they sound very righteous and they asked him about

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Have two dreams. Everybody has a dream. What's the fourth dream?

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That's the main dream.

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The king dream so you get one on chulmleigh

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The game of the

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Superman, right? So and then the king saw the dream, and Subhanallah that dream was one of the reasons or the main reason for use have to be out of jail. And we discussed many times that true dreams are from Allah azza wa jal. And we said that not not everybody can interpret dreams. You don't go to Islamic college and you ask him what are mastering in dream interpretation? This is only this is only a Heba a gift from Allah azza wa jal, that gives the person to be able to interpret dreams. Many people come to me and asked me if I sold this dream. I tell them habibi. I have nothing to do with dreams. Subhanallah so it's not everybody can

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interpret the dreams.

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One main lesson that we learned Yeah, one is, which is unfortunately happening a lot is that letters are slow. yakka for your key do like a Qaeda, the wise person does not flaunt

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about his belongings, you know, every time something happens Yalla, Instagram, Snapchat,

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Facebook, you put everything that's happening, and you have no clue who is watching. And that could be somebody who is envious, that could ruin your life and you have no clue from the evil eye. So even

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a prophet telling the Prophet don't say everything that you know, don't tell everything that you've lost with everybody, even though he was talking about his own blood brothers.

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Another lesson is that the shaitan is always

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eager to claw to cause problems between family members, specifically between family members between community members. This is his job, and he works day and night in order to master his job. And we've seen that when the brothers of use of Alia Sana, they were plotting against us up to the level of killing their own brother, and the shaytaan convinced them that this is something you know, good. Another lesson we learned is that jealousy could drive person to do things that he'd never ever imagined that he could ever do. And we saw that from also the brothers of use of intending to kill their brother. This was jealousy led to because they were jealous because their father used to favor

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use of over them or love use of or more than he loved them. Another lesson is that

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repentance before you commit the sin is not true repentance.

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Okay, well where did that happen

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so the brothers said, we're going to get to the use of and then we will be a Coleman Salahaddin let's commit this major sin, kill our brother get rid of our brother. And then after that,

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we will become righteous people whosoever make this condition before this is not a this is a fake Tober real Tober is you really stopped doing the Armen and make promise that you'll never go back to it again. And you regret every time that that you did it

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patience was the main lesson in this whole story. And we said that patience is of three types right? Patience, who's gonna name the three types of patients in Sharla anybody three types of patients Jeff

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patients on calamities.

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Patients on the top patients will be able to perform the IDI that and the last patients.

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Refrain from Marcia, I'd like to throw it to throw to you they'll give it to him.

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And there was a special patients mentioned in this surah and that patient says

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subbrand you mean, right for sub Bruun Jamil that what's so special? Let me see who's gonna answer this one. What is the subject Jimmy?

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What is the subject Jimmy we use

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to be content with Allah's decree, this is part of it. Big part of it and the second very important part of it

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not to complain. Like if you want to split your no use of one bite it's

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not to complain to anybody except Allah. You're not looking for pity from anyone. And don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with expressing your feelings to other people. But if you want Sabra Jamil

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there are different kinds of stubborn but the Sobral Jamil is the one that I don't tell anybody except Allah azza wa jal again, I repeat, there's nothing wrong if I express to you my problems and you could, you know, console me and but that's not the Sobral Jimmy. Okay. Sobral Jamelia, Allah you are the Hakeem you are the Eileen, I am very content, whatever you have, whatever you have decreed. Another lesson

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is that the danger of interacting with the opposite gender,

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to have to be very careful when you are mixing with the opposite gender, we saw what happened, a beautiful woman of status. And because they were frequently seeing each other,

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that led for her to think of performing the fascia with him. And we know the story. So you have to be very careful. And there's so much more in this, that if any man is with with a strange woman, not his mom, they were alone. The third is the shaytaan. The third is the is the shaitan.

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one more lesson very important lesson is that without Allah's help, you will not be able to go anywhere,

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you will not be able to stay away from any sin. And we saw that when Yusuf Ali Salam begged Allah azza wa jal to protect him from the cage from the plotting of all the women, the friends of Bratton, Aziz

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evil, we studied, and we learned about the evil of gossip and backbiting and slander, and how

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that led to the people to the woman gathering and start talking about a brothel Aziz and and that led to many other many other problems.

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actions we don't this is very, very important lesson from Surah. Yusuf, that actions speak way much louder than words when it come to that.

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And that was proven to us when Yusuf Ali Salam was in jail.

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In jail, they noticed in Aurora catamenial Mazzini, we see that you are from the machinery and just from his actions, they don't know nothing about being a prophet or anything. From his actions. He was able and when he spoke to them, which is another lesson, he wanted to invite them to Islam on he was talking about this though he'd Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah all the time is talking about Allah, and the third page of the Surah, talking about Allah inviting the people, inviting the two men in the gym, to to Islam. And this is a lesson for all of us that when we call people to Islam, we should start with the Oneness of Allah as as Elijah.

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And you will, another huge lesson from it so that feels of is that you will never succeed in this dunya

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until you fail a couple of times,

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you fail and you go through hardship, then Allah subhana wa Taala will see your sincerity and your obedience and then he raised you, Yusuf Ali salaam, well, from from a beautiful home and a family home to a well then from the world to dimension then from the mansion to the gym, then from the jail, to the disease of muscle. So, up and down, up and down. This is the life of the prophet so what about us Subhan Allah. So this is has to be expected. As a believer, you will go on ups and downs and you're always content with the decree of Allah as, as our gel

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we noticed and we learned something extremely important, the power of forgiveness, the power of forgiveness, Yusuf alayhi salam after everything that they have done to him, that a free ballet, he told his brothers go, I'm not even going to blame you. I'm not even going to remind you and he and we studied from the words that he used that he never even mentioned the world to them again.

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So we have to learn Yeah, one how to forgive one another no matter what happened, especially now the month of Ramadan is approaching us. Wallahi let's enter this month with with a clean heart to everyone, no matter what they have done. be the better person, be the higher person and always ask people to forgive you and enter this month with a clean beautiful heart in sha Allah

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and we learned at the end of the surah

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is that the most important thing to Allah azza wa jal is how my life ends.

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How the life ends, it is great to be

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All through your life as an obedient person, but the most important thing, how does it end? How does the life and and that was shown to us from

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use of Alia Salam, when as a prophet, he begged Allah azza wa jal, telephony Muslim and while happening me beside him, he asked Allah azza wa jal to make him die as a muslim. That is the most important thing Allah one. Let's make this as part of our daily dua, Allah humma on rugby, telephony Muslim while happening slowly when we have no clue how will our life end? And like I mentioned many, many times, don't ever be fooled by your beard by your people calling your chef co stars Imam Mowlana Don't be fooled by these things. It is the what what really counts is your status with Allah azza wa jal, your status with Allah azza wa jal our status with Allah azza wa jal, this is what

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really what really matters. People could call me any names. But my, the important thing that I want to be proud of is what's my name in the middle Anna? What's my name to Allah azza wa jal? What's my name amongst the angels? What is that name that they're using to describe me? This is what really matters. If a prophet is asking at his last thing, which is he's guaranteed, no prophet chosen by Allah will die as a non Muslim, no way. Allah subhanaw taala have chosen them. So his final dua at the end of the surah after all the hardships and all the things that he went through and A salaam, rugby, golf and a Muslim man, while happening, the Sunni let's make that one our our main insha

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Allah Tala and

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any all the lessons that we learned from the surah most of you have the letter but I mean, we're here almost every every class since the beginning of the tafsir. Let's try in sha Allah Tala to take at least a couple of lessons and, and or anytime we go through any of this difficulties that use of an instrument through let's try to implement and this is the only way that we will be amongst the people and the DNA standing owner, cola factory owner Asana, whether it can Lavina hadda. Home Allah.

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Allah, Allah said, Zuma, the people when they listen, they apply. They are the people whom Allah called, they are guided and they are the people who are people of understanding

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this is one of the main lessons will find no man yet. When Allah Allah you'll do agenda

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The main two and we saw these two actions all over the crown, taqwa and Sabra fear of Allah azza wa jal and patients when we have those two Wallah you could walk through this life and you will not worry about anything even Allah Subhana Allah says in surah Al Imran let to blown fee and walakum wa unfussy come with a smile on Minella Dena Otto Kitab publikum I mean Alladhina Ashleigh KU as an Kathira, when

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the smooth but at venna Delica. with asthma no more. Always you see Southern and Taqwa Southern and Taqwa you will hear, you will be tested with your wealth and with yourself and you will hear from the people of the book and the most emotionally keen, a complete a lot of harm. Subhanallah we are living like this. And if you are patient and have Taqwa This is one of the highest level you could ever achieve. Subhanallah so yeah, when the moral of the automat said like our brother Ahmed reminded us, they said the summary of the story of use of insulin is in in this area. If you are patient, and have Taqwa Allah subhanaw taala will never ever waste any of that. And you will see it

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multiplied many many folds in your scale from a yarmulke, Ratan Hydra Yara from a Yama Lefkada Ratan Shara shara, so chama Tada everybody will get a some of that chocolate plus good use of distributed inshallah Tada and will give

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sisters also just text me or text your husband how many sisters we have there. So we can send you some chocolate inshallah.

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Brother has a career you can go from that side inshallah

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we have to make sure everybody gets something today inshallah

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bring the rest of the

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systems how many systems do we have in the back in sha Allah?

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Anybody knows

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don't forget your one tomorrow on charlas Friday. Tonight.

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is the night of Joomla a lot of Salon Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and please come and attend vigil at 615 is a common law here there are a couple of freecom A Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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