Reda Bedeir – Beautiful Patience – Tafsir Surat Yusuf #7

Reda Bedeir
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So at the very beginning of the, the surah, Allah subhanho wa Taala if you if you are opening up with each Allah, I'm opening the inshallah with you here. After you go, look, look, just leave the first three. The first three is inshallah and start with the fourth one Allah. Allah says it all I also fully agree he

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in the

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last minute is saying and remember when Yusuf Ali's Elisa Lam set to his set to his father? Yeah Betty in the right to aha dasara toka Oh my dear father, I have seen 11 stars, which shapes our power and the sun and the moon, or at least energy the so when I saw them they were making, they were making prostration for me.

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That's the first statement that's useable. I said, I'm talking to his father jacobellis alarm. So it's telling him what he saw in history.

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And then

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jacobellis lm In response, said, All a, born a laptop also. So yeah, got

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it. He said, All my dear little son, do not share this dream with your brothers. Why

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fakey do like a

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list, they should plot something evil against you.

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And then at the end of the day, I said in a shame phone and he said, second, yeah,

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Moby, indeed, shaitan is a clear enemy to mine.

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So this is the first scene of the surah. Now, my question to you.

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My question to you here is,

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what do we learn from this first scene?

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What do we learn from this first scene, we learn the following.

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This is a dialogue between a dad who's most probably in his late 40s, or 50s, and a son who's almost six or seven years old.

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Let me ask you a question. Those people sitting at home now.

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Are you almost in your late 30s, late 40s?

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Do you have a son who's six, seven years old? When was the last time that you sat together? And you had such a dialogue?

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When was the last time that that that kid trusted you so much that

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you didn't? Like he trusted you so much. So he's heard, like the dream with you. A dream for a child is something very special, something very private.

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So listen, number one, there was a very close relationship between jacobellis Alam, and use of bunnies. And that's the first lesson for us in parenting. We should spend quality time with our kids.

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You know, those kids that are complaining off today, and you will say, you know what, my kids when they reach teen age, they live in their own cave. They live in their own shell, they don't talk to me. They talk to their friends, they want to sleep over, but they don't want to talk with me.

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That like the only conversation between you and them is going to be one way traffic, not two way traffic, you're going to be speaking unto them. This is like a lecture. He's waiting for you to finish. He's gonna say, Can I go now?

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And you've been talking, you've been like, blaming him, rebuking him? What is that haircut? Like, you know, why do you talk back to your mom? Why, why? Why? Why?

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Let me ask you a question as a parent, have you established a good relationship with that kid since he was young?

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Did you spend quality time with that kid that he will trust you more than anyone else, and he will be your friend when he reaches that age. That's the first lesson to learn from music on the apple volumes.

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Now look at the language that they're using to learn another lesson.

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How did the son talk to his dad?

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In Panay, also Foley Abbey.

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Bertie, let me echo Yeah, maybe you don't see this in the English translation.

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So he did not say Abby, but he said abiti

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We call it in the Arabic language, that the meaning of the form.

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Meaning, when you love someone, you use that form to show that he's close to your heart.

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And yeah, is used to call someone who's for someone who might not be able to use you. But again, this is also another style in the Arabic language, that the person is very intimate, it's very close to,

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you know, sometimes the way we talk to each other, it tells you I can tell the relationship between the two people talking.

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If they are really in love, if they really know both of them respect each other, and they have a very good relationship.

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How do you call your son How does your son call you? You say to him, Hey, you are you talk to him?

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In the Sahaba, and the process of them, the way they used to call the children, they would say about phoolan, father of so and so as if they are wishing them to live a long life until they get married. And they will have children, they give them kuhnian.

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Or they give them like a title which is motivating

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someone who's like a champion, somebody who was like, you know, star, a pioneer, use positive language.

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You know, Holly Solomon has when he is addressing his people, those people that his spent 950 years amongst them, and yet, the reaction was very bad. Yet when he talked to them, what did he say when he addressed them? Yeah, call me. All my people.

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Positive language. So my dear, that

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would you say My dear little son, look at the language. And this is exactly how the father responded to that. The son said, Yeah, Betty. The dad says Yamuna Yeah, he didn't say Ebony.

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Go through the Koran. When you when you say Brunei, it means there is a very good positive relationship.

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But if you say even it means it's like a very formal or there is something wrong.

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And this is why we know Holly Salaam was talking to his to Allah subhanaw taala about his son. What did he say in Lebanon?

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He used the Ebon mabuni. Why? Because it sounded more accept Islam.

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When everyone else accepted Islam, so he said, so Illa, Japanese simony mineral map, our secret future with a mountain when the flood comes, the mountain will protect me. And is that told him law Somali Oman amarilla, there is no refuge other than the refuge of Allah. Because this mountains will crumble. The sky will pour the rain and the earth will bring water and everything will be drowning. Why did no high Salaam build the ship on top of a mountain. This is why people used to make fun of him. Normally, people will build a ship next to the sea. So once they finish it, because it's huge and very heavy. They can push it into the sea, but he was making a mountain and top was looking at

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ship on top of a mountain.

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They don't know if Allah says something he would say be and it is.

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Because they always think of Allah in human terms. His parts are like the powers. But Allah commanded the heavens to pour water. And he commanded the sea to bring water what happened, these mountains that you look up to were drowned, and the ship was there.

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So this is the first lesson in parenting. spend quality time with your kids. You know, that kid in the teen age now or like a young man who doesn't have a good relationship with you? They used to come to you when you when they were very young, and they're gonna say,

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dad, dad, and you say, What? Don't you see that I'm with you over the phone. And what happened?

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What do you get for that kid? That kid is gonna look at you like that.

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And then say, Well, what do you want? He's gonna do like that. Do you know what does that mean for my child? Attention. He just needs your attention.

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It doesn't have anything to say he doesn't even speak that much. But he can see you once you come back home. You're so busy with the phone with the laptop, you're still at work.

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And many of us fall into this trap.

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And then we realize later that we lost our children.

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When you are outside, you're a businessman. You're a plumber. You are an accountant.

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You're a doctor, you're an engineer. But when you come back home, your father and your husband, you have to play these two roles.

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And this is why when the kid when they don't find a father, what do you think they're gonna do, they're gonna try to find a friend who will play that role in the life. somebody gives them attention.

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So when that kid comes and jumps in front of you, and it says, aku, dad, dad, just leave everything, give him a hug and smile, and try to talk to him.

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And spend quality time with him, play with them, get down to the level, share a story with them.

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So a strong relationship between Yusuf Ali Salaam, and Yahoo bot is

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the language that they used was a very positive language. Inclusive language. He said, my father,

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Luca, when you when you when you call your spouse and say, Hey, you didn't even say anything, okay?

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You, or sometimes even, we use like we call names.

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We might give them a bad name.

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I remember one time I was sitting with the brothers and speller, the cell phone goes off.

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And then it was the ringtone he's using was like the ambulance.

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And then when we heard the ambulance sound, we looked at the phone, he said, my wife

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Why would you do this? Or police?

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So let's learn from surrealism inshallah, to build a house No, to build a home with affection.

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giving everybody attention,

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undivided attention.

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And also giving them quality time. Because when the wife and the kids complain that, you know, the man doesn't like doesn't give us any time, we will swear, look, you know, if we're lucky, I spent at least six, seven hours at home I said, Yes. Three of them is a nap after a big meal.

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And the other three hours is between the laptop and the facade book and the silicone

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on the right, right. I'm sorry, some of you might be like mad at me now. Why is he serious today, but this is the reality. So the reason I choose to use it because it's an encyclopedia, we can learn a lot from it. And this way, look might have seen is going to take you from another perspective. You know, you know the story. I'm not telling the story. I'm sharing the lessons from the story.

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So here's the son shared a dream with his father and his father, you because Yusuf Alayhi Salaam and Binyamin, his brother were from one mother, and he has 10 other brothers from another mother.

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So those 10 other brothers were adults or young men.

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But Binyamin and abusive were like from another mother. And so Pamela, their mother died after she delivered billion he

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and the difference between bieniemy and he was like three years. So imagine when when when PD I mean was almost one day old. Satellite use of Al SLM was almost like three years old.

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This is why when, when you say balance, I'm sure that dream

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with with with his father, was the advice that he gave him. He said, don't share that dream with your brothers. Why? Because he knew that they're like no, not that they're brought like their brother or his brothers

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are jealous. They have jealousy in their hearts. And this is the next lesson that we learned from jealousy.

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What's the meaning of jealousy?

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There is something called grudge

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Some people buy this like they hate and then when they hit when that hate increases becomes a grudge meaning like they don't like to see somebody having something more than them or better than them.

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Why is he more educated than me? Why is he driving a car? When I'm like having a bike?

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Why does he have a bike when I have only bus 11 that's that's your legs.

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Like so panela the promiseland came to teach the Sahaba I said in this dunya look at those who are below you did your heart will be comfortable.

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And then they after a look at those who are above you than you look up to them. So you want to do more for the afra but unfortunately, most of us today in Africa, you

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Mashallah, we're the best. Man I I pray read hamdulillah I know some friends wouldn't even be on the play on the processor.

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Let my dad pray Juma. My mom is very extreme Mashallah, she prays five times a day extreme to be praying five times a day.

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So panela

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so think about this.

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So, in fact, a good believer would never have that disease of the heart, which is hatred, malice, grudge, jealousy.

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Because we know that everything Allah subhanaw taala has prescribed it the way it should be. And Allah subhanaw taala is fair when he distributes His provision. So if you are jealous of someone as if exactly, you're saying, Yeah, Allah, you are unfair to me.

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Why did he give him that money, and you didn't give me the same because a lot knows. If he gave you the money, you will be an evil person. So this is the best for you.

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If I give you authority, you might abuse it. And this is not the best for you.

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This is why I believe what is contained to the father of Allah. And this is part of our faith.

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So he knew that his brothers will be jealous of him. And the professor Lim warned us he said he

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will hazard for him the whole holiday.

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Sha, Allah D. Beware of jealousy.

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Because it shaves, I'm not gonna say it shaves the hair, but it saves the religion shaves the faith from your heart. As I told you, what does a jealous person feel they feel that like, you know, Allah shouldn't have given that person that blessing. And I wish Allah will take it away from them.

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Why? Allah knows what he's doing. Allah is Allah, Allah, Allah is. And Hakeem was the old known as the old wise, he chooses the right person for the right place. And he gives the right provisions to the right to the right person.

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So yada, yada, yada, and what do we not share that dream with your brothers for your kid will replicate that because they will plot some of the lists, they should plot something even against you. Now,

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let me talk about dreams first, and then I'm going to talk about the end of this I

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what type of dreams that we might see in our life. There are three types of dreams.

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One of them

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is very, like, short when you when you are sleeping. And it's based on obsessions that you have.

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So, for example, some people love cars. How many of you raise your hand? Raise your hand over there? Like I know you love cars. Okay, I can see like, you know, even the the screensaver of your, of your cell phone is a car. Right? Okay.

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So those people who love cars, they always think about cars. And while they're driving around with someone, they're gonna say, you know, what, this is BMW, you know, 200 this is like, you know, Mercedes, this C 500. This is, you know, why? Because they always keep updated and they go on, and they serve the whip and like, they try to find like the most up to date code that they like.

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So you go to sleep, and you see that dream car.

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And then when you wake up the sign of that dream,

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what happens? You can hardly remember the details of the tree. This is one type of three is like obsessions like things that just come to your nerves.

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So what do I do with a dream? Nothing. So they act upon the dream, no.

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second type of dream is a bad dream. We call it an Arabic home.

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Because the word home means dream. But the word group here means a good dream. This is why, what did jacobellis Salim say to us if he said yeah, briella tacos. He didn't say La taxes for Mac. He said la taxes. Right. So a Roja man drew he had a good dream comes from a Lost Planet. Allah exceedingly merciful. Well, Minnesota, a bad dream comes from Plato. And this is why at the end of the ayah What did he say, you know to use if he said in the shaytaan in San Diego movie, yes, your brothers have a decision in their heart which is called jealousy, malice, but they will listen to the whispers of shame. So he blamed it on shaitan

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I'm going to share like a very nice personal story with you later on about this. But

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let's go talk about the second type of dreams. The second type of dreams is a nightmare, a bad dream. And this is from Showtime. Showtime will take the form of anyone except the form of the profits of a lesson. And he'll come to scare you. He's tried to cause animosity between you and your friend, between you and your brother and your sister, your spouse, your parents, your neighbors, your classmates, your co workers, whatever.

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You might have, like a misunderstanding or like a small fight and you go to bed and you will see that person who's fighting with you killing you in the tree. So wake up and say

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they're planning to kill me, I better kill them. First, is how starts when you listen to the whispers of shaitan.

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Listen, so when we say a bad dream, it's coming from Satan because Satan likes to frighten you Allah, Allah will never frighten you while you're sleeping.

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So if you see something bad like this, what should you What should you do once you wake up? First thing you say? Let him know Shakeology and you split your left three times like this.

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When I say split, did you see what I did? Because one time I was teaching the kids you know like there's a special shaitan and Salah called hands up and you know when he comes to our grandfather's gym and split to the left three do like this.

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But some of them were absent minded they were not looking at me. And the following day one of the uncles came to me is like, you know, shave. What are you doing to the kids? Like they splashed me spitting on me like last like you know, last night like during a shopper I said why they said the shape said when funds or comes to you on solid spit to your left three? Like I'm not sure Is it okay?

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Okay, so going back so you say oh Billahi min ash shaytaan regime and you do this and then you change sides?

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Now Should I act upon that dream? Like I saw in my dream one time that I have a car crash? This is shaitan trying to scare you. But Jeff like you know in my culture they say if this happens don't drive your car that day. Then Satan will take control of all of your life.

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What do I do say that

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and drive your car. Some Hana ladies are Khurana Heather macoun ella homoserine when a lot of a boon

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and you make you can you go depends on the last partner trust Allah soprano time

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Okay, so what did use of LS alum see when he said it thought I used to be here I bet the inlier right, right here the first one I saw in my dream

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it's it doesn't appear in the in the run itself. And the second one we Sidra I to whom Lisa Dean is like, Yes, I saw them with my own eyes in the dream making suit. To me. This is something strange. So what's the dream? It's symbolic. So the 11 stars are his 11 brothers. And this is how the dream comes to at the end of the story.

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Which means even though you know, you know what happened to him after that's a panda and he was in a very bad situation. And he went through lots of hardship and this is why we're at the time of hardship now and this is why we picked stories to talk about.

00:23:37 --> 00:23:48

But despite all of that, at the very end when he was patient, as we should be patient inshallah, now with this pandemic, and we shouldn't be like complaining.

00:23:50 --> 00:24:13

We should accept the father of Allah, because Alhamdulillah that you have a house, others don't Alhamdulillah you know, in a few hours, you will have food on the table. Some others somewhere in the world, they don't have food, they'll continue fasting, not because they're interested in fasting. No, it's because they have nothing to eat. So save hamdulillah

00:24:14 --> 00:24:17

and see the disguised mercy behind this pandemic.

00:24:19 --> 00:24:22

Yusuf alayhi salam, he never complained.

00:24:23 --> 00:24:32

His father told us and we will come across this inshallah later on for sovereign Jamil and that's the main reason of our use of beautiful patience.

00:24:33 --> 00:24:39

And when the porcelain was asked it was beautiful patience, he said, You accept the color of Allah without complaining.

00:24:42 --> 00:24:59

You accept the color of Allah without complaining so somebody came to me said like a stuck for Allah. The Quran is contradicting itself. Isn't that what you're saying here now, later on, and number 86. jacobellis use the word Chautauqua which means complain about

00:25:00 --> 00:25:05

In a school bestie Wahoos me.

00:25:10 --> 00:25:17

He said I share my anguish and my pain with Allah.

00:25:18 --> 00:25:20

And I said you misunderstood.

00:25:21 --> 00:25:35

When the processing time said you are patient and accepting the father of Allah without complaining, he meant without complaining to people like you who can do nothing to change the situation that you are in. But if we don't complain to Allah, Who else can we complain to?

00:25:36 --> 00:25:45

When you put your head in sujood? What do you do? Yeah, Allah helped me. Y'all make it easy for me. You're like, give me the patience to accept your brother.

00:25:46 --> 00:26:08

Your law. I'm analytical. I'm in a very like, financial difficult situation. Yeah, like, give me give me out of your provision. you're complaining to Allah. He's the only one that you resort to A times of need, yeah, you're nice and tall for Allah or mankind. You are always in need of Allah, Allahu Allah. But Allah is unique.

00:26:13 --> 00:26:20

So this is how when use of Allah Salaam accept the departure of Allah, at the very end, he had authority. And he had like

00:26:22 --> 00:26:24

Prophethood he was blessed with everything.

00:26:26 --> 00:26:34

And that's what's most important. You know what we say in English, say he loves longest who loves last.

00:26:35 --> 00:26:44

You might grow through luck, you might go through lots of difficulties, but show patience, true acceptance of the political law. That's the main reason of this rule.

00:26:45 --> 00:26:51

So use of Elisa Lam, you know, the let's go back to the symbol

00:26:54 --> 00:26:56

of this dream of use of Elisa Lam.

00:26:58 --> 00:27:00

It's the 11 brothers.

00:27:01 --> 00:27:23

These are the 11 stars, and the father and the mother, or the like, or some sort of karma, the sun and the moon. Now we just told us that his mother passed away. And later on, she'll be coming to Egypt when they will be reunited together. Yes, it is his art. And this way the prophets I send him said I will follow him and say let him

00:27:24 --> 00:27:28

you know, the sister of your mother is exactly like your mother.

00:27:30 --> 00:27:33

Now, going back So what was the third type of dream?

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We mentioned the first one, obsessions. Second one bad dream from set on third one, it's through from a roof man. It's a good dream from almost a plan on time. And it will always be something good. You see yourself a happy in the dream in a vast area which is green, and a place which is like very illuminated and you're accompanied by good people and you're smiling and you're happy. You know you see the prophets of Solomon your dream. What a beautiful dream because you know what the prophet said, Man, Ronnie Freeman, me father Ani,

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another Malaysian said, Man, Ronnie, if he made me say, Ronnie,

00:28:14 --> 00:28:24

whoever sees me in his dream, he has seen me or the other medicine said, Whoever sees me in his dream, he will see me in reality and

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that's the good news. How do I attain that? show love to him. My actions. Follow his Sunnah. Study his Sierra, take him as your role model, defend his Sharia.

00:28:41 --> 00:28:48

And say Salah, from the love audience, especially on Friday, say lots of Salah which you will do

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lots of it.

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And you have to be longing to see him and shall on the day of judgment and drink from the heart from his hand. One drink from his hand on that day, you will never be thirsty. Look at you now while you're fasting.

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I keep like trying to somehow find my saliva to be able to speak.

00:29:10 --> 00:29:13

But once you drink from the handle of Selim, you will never be thirsty again.

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So this is the third type of dream.

00:29:19 --> 00:29:59

What should I do with it? We said the bad dream. Should I share it with people? Some people wake up and say yesterday, I sold my dream. I was like no running and the snakes were like surrounding me from everywhere and the house collapses on me. And all these bad things never shared it. Don't share a bedroom with anyone. brothers sisters. This is the room Islam. If you see a bad dream secrets the last matter from shaitan and don't share it with anyone. The boxer Salaam said mon Rahman confy man me my Accra fellow had this be whoever it is a bad dream. Don't share it with anyone. Mama ramen comfy man. me man. You

00:30:00 --> 00:30:17

Fill your head with mayhem in your head. And whoever sees a good dream, share it with those you love and trust. One look at use of Allison. When the dream was leaked to his brothers, what did they do to them? All the suffering that he went through was because when they knew about history,

00:30:18 --> 00:30:29

so even if you see something good, shared only with those whom you love, and trust bigger, because they might be jealous of you, and look what happens out of jealousy after that. So we talked about the three types of dreams.

00:30:30 --> 00:30:35

Let me just go now into like, what I promised you

00:30:36 --> 00:30:37

about the personal story

00:30:38 --> 00:30:47

like that. jacobellis lm at the very end, he said, in the shaytaan, insomnia, I do movie as if he was like, blaming it on shaper.

00:30:49 --> 00:31:22

You don't want that when that when the kids are young at home. And I like if you leave them alone for some time, even if you go and take a nap in your room if you leave the house and leave them. And they're like, between the age of like three, seven and nine. What happens in the house when you come back? It's a total mess. Right? They might tear your books, they might throw your pens everywhere, you know, all the stuff in the world will come out all the kitchen stuff will be out, they will create a big mess in the house. Right, right. I know like some parents now are looking at their kids. Now question is,

00:31:24 --> 00:31:34

every time I come back home, when my kids were young, I come back home and say who did this and Mashallah they line up. Not me. Not me, not me. And then I said,

00:31:35 --> 00:31:50

so is there anybody here in the in the in the house? They say? Not not that we know all I said then who created this mess? They said lawanna I said when they I will? And Shall I will no.

00:31:52 --> 00:32:02

And then one day I came back. And then I said Who did this? And I got the same answer. And then I said you know what? I know who did it. And they were scared.

00:32:04 --> 00:32:06

And they looked at each other. Did you tell him something?

00:32:08 --> 00:32:10

work? How did you know?

00:32:11 --> 00:32:14

Look at this. I said I had cameras everywhere.

00:32:16 --> 00:32:17

Once I said that,

00:32:18 --> 00:32:20

the lower to drop

00:32:21 --> 00:32:23

and their faces turned pale.

00:32:25 --> 00:32:32

And they're like, okay, okay. I said, Would you like to watch the movie? Would you like to see the stars? We'll do this in my house while I'm outside. They

00:32:34 --> 00:32:38

will want to watch it. Who will tell you exactly what happened. I simply go ahead.

00:32:40 --> 00:32:44

So the eldest ones, I am the one who specialized in the in the bedroom.

00:32:46 --> 00:32:53

And the other one said, like I'm specializing the kitchen. And the third one I'm specialized in your study room.

00:32:55 --> 00:32:59

I say okay, guess what? There are no cameras.

00:33:01 --> 00:33:03

I'm not talking about real camera.

00:33:05 --> 00:33:08

But I was trying to teach them something called taqwa.

00:33:09 --> 00:33:21

Meaning, we are conscious of Allah. And this is the main lesson of Ramadan. Why do you fast? Hello, why do you fast? Because the law said in a 183

00:33:22 --> 00:33:52

Yeah, you had leadin man Oh Nami. rrps Allah. Oh you who believe quotevalet camassia fasting is prescribed up when you come up with Ebola dilemma public as it was prescribed upon upon those before you will not the first metaphors. Then at the end Allah said, the fruit the outcome of fasting, look into that you may learn piety. You may learn to be that conscious all the time. Allah can see you. Luck can hear you anywhere.

00:33:53 --> 00:34:04

So taqwa means I can be fasting in front of people, but I can hide it something in the kitchen come out as some of those kids do. You see this one sitting next to you now smiling?

00:34:05 --> 00:34:11

Because they sneak to the kitchen and they get a bite of that cake that their mom you know, wrote?

00:34:12 --> 00:34:15

And then when somebody walks into the kitchen, they're gonna be like

00:34:17 --> 00:34:28

well, there's nothing in my mouth. Nobody asked you Mr. Liar. Because you're doing something wrong. If you that everybody can see you. That's exactly what happens.

00:34:32 --> 00:34:40

What what's wrong like you're talking? It's very, you know, everybody can see it. Are you fasting

00:34:41 --> 00:34:51

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah after eating or delay or fasting? So that's what happens. So you can show something in front of people, but look, look, look, look look

00:34:52 --> 00:34:59

to my eyes fast. Because some people limit that faster. What just like the materialistic things like you know, I'm not gonna eat I'm not gonna drink

00:35:00 --> 00:35:14

If I'm married, I'm not going to have intimacy. That's it know, your ears fast. You shouldn't be listening to her on your eyes fast. You shouldn't be looking at her on your tongue fast. You shouldn't be speaking about people in the absence you shouldn't say anything bad.

00:35:16 --> 00:35:23

Your hand shouldn't touch anything. haraam shouldn't take anything hard on your lecture and carry you to a place that will be Haram.

00:35:25 --> 00:35:49

So you learn taqwa, basically, you know that wherever you go, whether you're in the basement, whether you are in a room or you dim the entire life, you turn off the light or you're whispering over the phone. And when somebody comes in the room, and they turn on the light, and they find you red handed with the phone, and you go look, you know your heartbeat goes like 170 and you stop talking.

00:35:51 --> 00:36:17

And that's exactly the definition of a sin. When the problem was asking, you know, my whole, like, what's a sin? He said, If mama Hakka is Agricola casita, tala lameness, a sin is something that you don't feel comfortable while you're doing it, you feel uneasy inside and you're looking around, why you don't want to be exposed. You don't want anybody to see you. That's what happens. That's exactly a sin.

00:36:19 --> 00:36:34

So in Ramadan, when we are alone, we are acting as if we are amongst people, and that's what a lot of the a lot of when he was asked this question, he said, mal airfloss what sincerity said and takuna wacka Mehta, combiner. He said, it's to behave

00:36:36 --> 00:36:51

when you are alone, the same way that you behave when you're amongst people, because Mashallah, some of us when we are among people. We're very pious. But when we are alone, we lose power, we violate all the laws of Allah soprano.

00:36:52 --> 00:36:53

So you have to be very careful with this.

00:36:55 --> 00:36:56


00:36:57 --> 00:37:38

basically, the lesson that I was teaching the kids was, you are on camera, 24. Seven, you are in front of the camera. But all of you, including myself, we are on camera 24 seven, and go and read sort of tough, sort of 15 or 16. And below Allah subhanaw taala is talking about us. He said, we have creative man, we know what goes on in his mind. And we're closer to him than the jugular vein. They said, because all of us are assigned two angels one on the right and one on the left, they keep a record of everything. That's the camera. And then the day of judgment will be given your video will be given your movie will be given your record has everything minor sense, major sense

00:37:38 --> 00:37:39


00:37:42 --> 00:37:45

So let's conclude. So what do we learn from

00:37:46 --> 00:38:21

this first scene of sort of yourself, will learn parenting tips. Number one, we need to give quality time to our kids. We need to spend time with them. We need to chat with them. Listen to their concerns. We need to play with them. Get down to the level. You know, when you come back home, turn off your cell phone. Don't start that you know laptop, your father and your husband at home. Same thing for the mother, your wife and your mother. Get about your work when you come back home. Number two use a positive language. Look, he said Yeah.

00:38:22 --> 00:38:27

He said Yeah, I bet you in the right to add Ashok acaba. And the answer was Yahoo. Nice,

00:38:29 --> 00:38:30

positive language.

00:38:32 --> 00:38:34

Stay away from foul language.

00:38:35 --> 00:38:38

Kids, don't talk back to your parents.

00:38:39 --> 00:39:04

smile while you're talking to them. Give them full attention. Give them your full face. The prophets Allah one incident when somebody shakes hands with them. I'm not saying this now. Because Because of what we're going through now, but I'm talking about amongst you as a family. The prophet SAW Selim, when somebody shakes hands with him, he will hold his hand he will never take his hand away, until the other person will stick his hand away, and used to give him his full face with a smile on his face all the time.

00:39:06 --> 00:39:17

Look at you and me now. But what do we do? If somebody says something and if we're upset with someone, we'll start having this 111 right away. And we keep it like for the rest of the day. No.

00:39:20 --> 00:39:29

Create, like a home full of passion, compassion, affection, attention, play together, you have lots of time now.

00:39:32 --> 00:39:46

Also, we explained the three types of dreams we know them by now. We also talked about, you know, the symbolism in this three. We talked about jealousy, and how dangerous it is.

00:39:48 --> 00:39:59

And then the only last thing that I wanted to share with you in that story before I told them that there are cameras everywhere. You know, one of them was very argumentative before I told them about that.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:00

He said,

00:40:02 --> 00:40:30

Why are you so keen to know who did this? Like, why don't you act like jacobellis Sam? I said, What do you mean? He said, Look at jacobellis salaam. He told us about SLM not to share the dream with his, you know, with his brothers, because they might let you know, like, plot something evil. And then he blamed it on shaitan. He said, Because Satan is a clear enemy to man. So why, why is it that the chetanas come to our house, and he's trying to cause animosity between us and you? Maybe she did this.

00:40:31 --> 00:40:33

You see how smart Sometimes kids are?

00:40:36 --> 00:40:38

He might be watching now he's gonna be smiling.

00:40:39 --> 00:40:42

But I'm telling you, this is how smart kids are.

00:40:43 --> 00:41:01

But I'm seriously saying to you, yes. When somebody does something evil, especially within the family, limit, don't like them. Because this is how they feel weak. shaitan will whisper to them like you know, and say do something to them. Take this thing away from them, lie, put them in trouble.

00:41:03 --> 00:41:10

And that's exactly what happened with the brothers abusive in Sharla. And the next episode, we're going to be learning another

00:41:12 --> 00:41:37

great deal of lessons from the story of Yusuf Ali Salaam in the next scene, like when the brothers will come together and Subhanallah they will start putting something against use of there are many lessons that are also to be learned. But I'll leave you with that word. Patience is the key to success in this dunya and don't lose it. Don't become mad. Ramadan is about self control, you stop eating

00:41:38 --> 00:41:46

which is not easy stop drinking any juice any water which is not easy. So you are stopping what is halal.

00:41:47 --> 00:41:48

It is easy to stop.

00:41:50 --> 00:41:54

But you need to control yourself inshallah.

00:41:55 --> 00:42:03

We will see you inshallah. Tomorrow morning because we have an hour with the Imam tomorrow after federal inshallah.

00:42:04 --> 00:42:05

But tonight,

00:42:06 --> 00:42:48

we will have our life Torah reminder inshallah at 1020. So inshallah, stay tuned inshallah and tomorrow we'll have a very special program it's only in a weekend, Saturday and Sunday, you will learn with us it's called one hour with the Imam you're going to be spending almost more than one hour inshallah with us life after Federer so prefetcher in your own little method at all and waters inshallah, we're going to do, you know, happiness a lot together, we're going to do the occurrence a lot together. And we're going to also like maybe recite some Quran together. And then at the end after 20 minutes of shadow of the sunrise, we're going to pray to work out together, there are huge

00:42:48 --> 00:43:27

rewards, you know, out of that, do you want to know them, my time is over, you have to come to more inshallah to learn together the huge rewards you will get from that inshallah something also very important happening. We're going to release our video the power one, I hope that you watch the one that we released today. And also the the stories of the Sahaba were released one today, but I want you to do please start sharing your feedback with us. What are the messages you took from these two videos? Making Sharla two segments like the lessons you learned from each ayah and the lessons you learned from the story of each Sahaba inshallah, and the best answers that we're going to get from

00:43:27 --> 00:44:06

you inshallah, we're gonna give you a gift at the end of Ramadan inshallah, so try to create the competition amongst the kids, listen to the ayah take lessons, write them down. This is Ramadan, the month of the Quran. Also, the story of the Sahabi write it down today was the story of working with the law and his love to the processor. The i o is about the facade of his body. We'll look into that. So number 30 sorts of rules. So what did we learn from that? When collective punishment comes like I wanted to write this down in sha Allah, then inshallah we're gonna release also a new video at two o'clock in sha Allah. But guess what, there is something very, very, very important happening

00:44:06 --> 00:44:29

in sha Allah. Tomorrow at the time of taraweeh. So big surprise, it's a golden chance to build your house in gentlemen. And I will leave it right there. Join us and prepare to build your house in general. I just want to now just by the time I'm leaving, close your eyes and picture your house in general.

00:44:30 --> 00:45:00

A lot of what we have lost loss of planet Tyler makes amongst those who listen to the speech and follow the rest of it. We will accept your CRM, may Allah spittle accept your pm May Allah subhanaw taala give you taqwa May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those whom he will save from Hellfire this month in sha Allah. Remember each day Allah subhanaw taala saves a number of people from Hellfire May Allah make us amongst them tonight in sha Allah and you need to make this every day in the morning and in the evening. Allah home in Nana SoCal, Jen or allow us

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Using a lot of Mojo not while last save us from home fire was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Don't forget to donate inshallah, you have the link right there inshallah and I will leave you with the charity that will give me at the end you know that charity smart

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