Hamza Yusuf – Lessons From The Story of Adam (AS)

Hamza Yusuf
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the story of two children, Adam and Iblees, and their relationship to God. The story describes a woman named Iblees who refuses to do something, leading to a fight between police officers. The police officer eventually gets fired and the woman refuses to do something. The woman goes on a bus and he goes. The story also touches on the history of the Arab Spring and the importance of attaining forgiveness.
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So this story, which is told a few times in the Quran is the story of Adam and how Adam, and Adam and how it has said on our parents, these are the two parents of benu ad were called benu. Adam, which is the children of Adam. And the class today is about children. And how this all started is a really interesting story. How did we get here? Because it's still going on the story. I mean, this story that happened here, this primal story is still going on. It's still being played out again and again. And it's in sort of that are off here. The story is a story about

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two creatures.

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Adam and Iblees. And really three because Hawaii is there, and she's spoken to in the same with Houma, you know, allows uses the dual again and again, in this story, and they're both very important and God, no doubt Houma, he spoke to the both of them. So he actually spoke to both of these two people. Now, this other character is Iblees. There's a PDF about a belief about his nature, the dominant opinion is that he was again, but he was allowed into the court of the angels, this angelic court. Now these angels were told

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by God,

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to bow down

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to Adam, and that sujood is not a prostration.

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It's not actually putting your head on the ground. It was a type of Tallinn, which was more like an in haina, it was bowing. And it could have been Sousou. Because even prior to the prophets mission, there was not a prohibition about making sujood to other people. But the prophets, Allah SM was prohibited from making sujood to anyone else, male or female, that it's how to actually bow down to any human being with belief. I mean, you shouldn't do it in any case, but you might have to get down to help somebody with their shoe or something. There's a lot of reasons why you could actually do the physical act. That's not what's wrong. What's Haram is to actually bow down thinking that those

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people have any divine quality or anything worthy of that type of exaltation. But we know that some of the Sahaba actually fell down one prostrated to the province alized to them, and he forbade him from doing that. But it has to be with the belief policy that it was shirk. So it pleases told to bow down and he and he's the only one that doesn't do it. Because all of them did it. Except Iblees.

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For sajida, illa abreeza. And that's why some of the elements say the ILA, the most ethna. Here is the most Athena men who is the angels, in other words, the exception he's accepted from the angels. So in order to be accepted from the angels, it would be that he was an angel also. But in Arabic, they have an interesting thing you can say all of them, all the men got up except the donkey. In English, we wouldn't really say that. Whereas in Arabic, they have that type of separation between

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the the subject and what's being accepted from it. So it's an interesting debate, but he says, auto meme and a letter should what has hindered you from not falling prostrate? Is Mr. Tucker, because I told you to do this on a hydro Minho?

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I'm better than him, which is a very interesting statement, because

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some of the economists say this is the first wrong action ever.

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And it's a belief of superiority.

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It's a belief of superiority of another creature. So he said, I'm better than him. And then hudec 20 menar. Then he gives the reason this is his logic of why he is superior. You created me from fire will hold up to human pain and you created him from Earth and water.

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I'm firing air. He's Earth and water. I'm better than him. What was the superiority here? What superiority did he see?

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material, right? It's it's Maeda. He's looking at the actual substance of what we are made of. Now, what is unique about Iblees and Adam,

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that's part of it. But where does that come from? And what did all

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Give both a blease and Adam

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the route, they have this conscious rule. They have this conscious knowledge of God that other creatures don't have, whether they're made of fire, earth, water, whatever they're made of. So it bleeds was looking at the outward of the situation and he's saying, I'm better than him. Why are you making me bow down to somebody that I'm better than

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this is his logic.

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And there's a lot of people that fall into that type of reasoning in the world, and it causes immense problems in the world.

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then go down. Now this is a command to a minha from a okuno deca, anteater cub Barfi. Her. It is not for the to show pride here. In other words, you're in the Divine Presence. This isn't the place for pride.

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If you're aware of God, you can't be in a state of pride. And therefore he was cast out of this presence, because the two can't go together.

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And then he says follows in the criminal savarin. Get out of here, because you are the soccer, you're not better, you're worse, you're the humiliated one, because of your pride.

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Because of your pride, you've put yourself under the thing that you thought you were over.

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So the actual thinking that you were over, this other creature has put you under that creature, by default. So go out. And then he says, I'm learning. I'm literally in a yummy bathroom. Give me some reprieve.

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Give me some reprieve until the bath and this is a proof that he believes believed in the bath. He believed in the angels. He believed in a lot of the other he believed in everything. His Cofer is called Cooper alessian. It's the disbelief of disobedience. Because it's not the same as if you're in the Divine Presence and you disobeyed a lot. It's it's like somebody in Mecca, who does something a Kabira. in Mecca,

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it's unimaginable to any person with an ounce of faith in their heart that you could do a Kabira of major wrong action in Mecca. But there are people that do that.

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So are in the covenant mongering, you've got this reprieve.

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Allah habima of awakening, this is really key here.

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be waiting now because you lead me astray. Right? So he's blaming now he blames a lot. This is the beauty of a police. I mean, he's he's just, that's what father Dena Rashi says, Look at this foolish intellect. First, he says, Why didn't you do it? And he says, because I can't do that. I'm better than him. Then he says, be mad at me. You made me go say by telling me to do it in the first place.

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Because I couldn't do it. You said do it. And and so it's your fault.

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It's not my fault. It's your fault. He's blaming God for his problems. We might have wait any longer than that our home serata kinemaster came, I will now lurk in ambush for them. In other words, these humans, because it's really their fault. You told me to do this thing. So it's both of your fault. You told me to do something that I couldn't do. And the reason I couldn't do it is because he wasn't worthy of it. So he's got to he's got to advertise adversaries here. He's angry at God. And he's angry at Adam. And then he says,

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the meta tn Noam mendini id him and I will come upon them from before them. Woman hunt for him and behind them one a Manny him and to their rights one Shama at him and to their left. What did you do a thorough home shackling and you will not find most of them, filled with gratitude. So this is this is important too, because what if Lisa set out to do now is show that they're in grades.

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That's what he wants to do. He wants to show God that you made a mistake. You shouldn't have made him the halifa, the Katif on earth. And you're going to see that they're they're not going to be grateful for what you've given them in the first place. This is what he wants to do. Now, what's interesting, even even at hij mentions that when he says I'll come before them behind them to the right to the left, he didn't mention two directions. So you've got four directions, right? And there's six directions. There's the zenith, the Nadir, and then the four cardinal directions. He says he'll come on all those four cardinal

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directions, but he won't come from above or below. He didn't say what at the end no menfolk to him, woman tattoo him, I won't come from over them or below them. The reason that the commentators say that is because what comes from above is revelation. And as long as you have a connection with God, he can't, he doesn't have access to that. He can't cut you off from God unless you cut yourself off. And he can't come from under because that's a place of humility.

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And he's arrogant. He wouldn't put himself under you.

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So you being humble.

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That's why when does ship on flee according to the Hadith, when you're incised,

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he because he can't bear that humility before God. And so it's very interesting this story, because what it's telling us is that if you place God in his right position, and you place yourself in your right position, which is that you see God over you, and you're under in prostration, in this state of submission, cheban has no access.

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But as long as you're wandering around in this horizontal field, not in a vertical state, right, because the vertical is up, down horizontal, is looking around on this plane, it's the material plane. It's it's two dimensions, you're not allowing for that vertical plane, and so you're lost.

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You're lost. And the whole point of being upright is that you are vertical on a horizontal plane.

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If you go horizontal, right, lie down on the job.

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Then he gets in there.

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That's why it's very easy for him, especially sleep is a really easy time. If you don't do Whoo, you don't do those things. Those are all Heidi's about that. And then Allah again, Otto Raj, minha, Omen midhard. I banish them we get degraded, banished. And then he says that whoever follows you lamented the outcome in home lambda energy, Hana Min COVID-19. I'm going to fill Johanna with them. Those people that follow you, they're the you're their EMA and you're headed to that place. So you're going to take them with you. So if you take him as an Imam, that's where he's taking you. And then it says, After that, yeah, Adam. Now he goes speaks to Adam who's the halifa who just the angels

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were told to bow down to him he says yeah, Adam. O Adam. was gonna was odaka go live you and your wife agenda in this paradise. For Kula I'm in Haiku shit tomorrow, and eat from whence you will wherever you want.

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What are Takahashi shujaa but don't go near this tree over here. That's a corner and avadi mean, because you will transgress by doing that. So here's all the boundaries and here's the Hadoop these are the those are called the Hadoop This is what the beautiful Hadith in which the prophets or licenses are headed in *, Allah you know what Rama mama must obey. That Hillel is clear Haram is clear what's what's permitted was prohibited. It's all clear and between them are these gray matters. So he's basically told everything here is for you except this one thing. Don't go there. And he tells him if you go there you'll be from the wrongdoers the amount of money you tell the new

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knapsack without any mahakala you not only wrong yourselves but you wrong the right of a lot you don't harm Allah you can't do anything to Allah, but you can transgress a Huck what is due to Allah and what is do is that allows obeyed if he tells you to do something. Now, at this point, it says for Wes was at a homeless shelter on social banking, and he was wasa now if you know this is a

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type of word That actually sounds like the action. The Arabs have some words that sound like the action animate Patek, I think they call it in English, like Buzz buzz is one of those words in English. It sounds like a bee buzzing this word is westwards that is to whisper you can even hear it in English whisper. I mean, it's similar, maybe even a cognate if you get back far enough

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for whisper sada, Houma, Shelton, West wasa lahoma now what's what's Aloma? The Arab say was was that la he was was a lahoma was was a lahoma is different from what was that era? If you said what was the eA eA it means chiffon whispered to them, but when you say what was lahoma it's that he did it because of something he wanted. In other words, he had some goal here for Wes was Allahumma. He whispered to them for a reason. And And the amazing thing about whispering is whenever somebody lowers their voice

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To a whisper. It's always a very interesting moment.

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Because what what changed that they didn't want somebody to hear something, or they're worried.

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I just want to tell you.

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I mean, there's something going on with a whisper that's variants inside, he'll be intimate because you love somebody things like that. And that's again, because you don't want anybody to hear is just for the, it's for your ears only. Right that that that's a lover's whisper. But here, there's another type of whisper. And there's even what's called piano alone, the Arabs called Canada Yun, which is when the king or some person in charge, I mean, there's plenty of Arab rulers now that probably are very good at this. It's looking with your eye that indicates to the others get rid of him. And you see it a lot in, you know, it's kind of a Shakespearean motif. You know, he looks at

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him and you know what to do? And then you know, that's it for that person. They don't come back into play. So this is this is what he's up to. He's he's got this for what was said a homer ship on Liebe de Allahumma. Now, there's a difference about this lamb and this is one of the things about Tafseer. Some people say that that lamb is lamb with a peep,

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or lamb and Arqiva, or the Lamb of Segura. The Arabs call it which is a lamb that's used like if you look how does he translate it here in the English, he says, then Satan whisper to them that he might manifest unto them that which was hidden. In other words, he did it for that reason. That is not the opinion of some of them were frustrated. They say the lamb is actually like the lamb in the Quran about alpha on it says, Phil takato. Around alpha around when they took Moosa Leah tequila, who the akula, whom I do one was not that they took Moosa and then it says Leo Kuhn alone. And it looks like in order for that him to be an enemy for them and to be a source of grief. Well, that's obviously

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they we didn't do that for that reason. So the lamb there is but that's what happens because of doing that. So this lamb here could either mean that he did it in order to do that or it means that that was the result of him doing it for was for Seto loop do that in order to show them or and this resulted in them seeing right Liebe de la Houma Maria and Homer, that which was hidden from them, men so Atty. Hema from their nakedness now. So in Arabic the Arabs call private parts of the soul. And the reason they do that is because cash flow who is who, that if it's exposed, he feels shame. Now, what's interesting is, is that there's a belief amongst most of the scholars that the so this

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desire to cover the nakedness is fitara, which is why the vast majority of Aboriginal people cover their private parts, there are very, very few human beings on the planet that go around naked. And even the ones that do will tend to do something. I mean, even if you look at these Aboriginal peoples in South America, they tend to cover or they strap or they do something because it's part of the fitrah of doing this. And it always fascinated me these books in evolution, where they'll show the monkey, and then at a certain point, he's wearing a garment. And you just wonder why he did that. So at a certain point, he thought, you know, I should cover this part of me. What made him do

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Right? I mean, you can look in those books, I always wondered about that, you know, cuz suddenly it's a CRO Magnon man or something like that. And he's wearing, you know, a little skimpy thing around there. It's not like he's suddenly in a tuxedo or, I mean, he's, he's just progressed to that stage of being aware of his nakedness. And this is the point of this story is that he became aware of his nakedness. Now, some of the cinema say that they had garments of light. And that's what was removed, that they were in a state of just such intense purity, that their whole bodies were veiled in this light. And

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you can have a situation where you actually can that happens, you can see somebody in a type of, they called a harlot, the Arabs called a holler in English, they called a halo. You often see like Byzantine, these icons of these Byzantine PM, where do they get that concept from? If there wasn't some experience of that somehow this idea of this, this body of light that that can actually surround somebody. I'm just

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One of my boys were leaving one day and and we did a DUI in the car, and I said that door is for protection. And he said, How does it protect you? And I said, Well, if you do it, you're recognizing that you're in need of God's protection and just that recognition alone. God will put this protection around you for that reason. And he said, Oh, so is it like a bubble of light that goes around you? And I said, That sounds good.

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And then what kind of man How come robu coma and had his shahdara illa and takuna Molokini outer corner minute hottie Dean. The only reason see this is now his was was it now the interesting thing about the West West also is the only authority according to the Quran that Chapin has his suggestion. So he's an ad man. He's a pitch man, he can't make you buy something. He can always suggest that you buy it. Now, according to the commentators, they said that he did not win the first time. This was actually a continuous thing. He kept harping. He kept coming back to Adam, which is what the ad man does. He doesn't come once he comes again. And again, it's unrelenting, until

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finally, maybe I'll just try it because you've seen so many commercials, and they put all this enticement and, or they called and said, If you buy it, you get this or something. And there's all these ways in which people are enticed into doing things that they might not normally do. And this is what he did. Now, he says to them, the only reason your Lord told you not to do that is because he didn't want you to be among the angels to be to angels, or to be those who have collude. Now, the owner must say about this is a couple of opinions. One of them is Siobhan that this was like the the blurb the slogan, it was an enticement, but it didn't affect Adam and Islam or his wife. Because,

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first of all, they knew that the angel they were over the angels, because Adam, the angels had bowed down to Adam, so wasn't that this was something that they were going to become, and even our best actually read it takuna Melly Cain, that you will be two kings. So making you like kings. And there's a verse in the Quran, in which he says that Allah do lucuma Adam Wilkin they oblige, can I show you a Dominion that doesn't dissipate. So it please, is in trying to entice him with the idea of dominion, or this MOOC, which would strengthen that reading of bass. And that's also one of the difficulties, it's an issue can in the verse about the mela county from Babel, hydroton, marut,

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because some of them, these are, these are almost, they're actually teaching people evil. And they warn people about it. So it's kind of like a negative type of Revelation. It's, it's something being revealed to people, but it's actually negative. And there's a difference of opinion about what those medications were. So he attempts to it in Tyson with this, and then says women are hardy Dean and hulu's in Arabic does not necessarily mean to go on forever hot, it means makeathon the mood, right. And that's why there's even a PDF. I mean, it's not a strong one, but there's an opinion about the hood for not even taymiyah in one of the transmissions that came from he did not believe that the

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fire went on forever. And he thought that it just went on for a period of time. But the burden generally is means hard enough. He had a bed Ah, you know, and a bed is I think abide might even be from that word, abide. Because it's similar as almost same meaning to abide. continue on in some place. What are some oma and then he swore to them. Now the word here Pasuma is formal sharika in Arabic, you have Fattah so what happened was he told them oxen Billa he swore by God, and this is shipped on see that Shakespeare says, you know, there's a scene in The Merchant of Venice where we're Shylock he's telling you about usury how it's prohibited in the Bible. And and Shylock

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mentions about Jacob and his use and how he loaned them to his neighbor, and the use had you they had gave birth. And then when he got them back, he wanted all of them back. And he said, that's the same thing, basically. And so, you know, the merchants friend tells them, you know, watch out even the devil can quote scripture. So the idea here is, you know, watch out because Siobhan can tell a lie about God, right. And this is what he's doing possible. So he said, Billa, you know, bye

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I'm telling you to and and they said, a toxin will be there. Do you swear by Allah? Because what did the jinn say when banana Alinea put it into a general adeleye Kiba. We never thought the jinn are in these are jinn, we didn't think gene or ins would tell a lie about God. So he's saying Oxbow been there this summer the MSA is what fooled Adam

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because he did not believe that it believes would lie about God. So because what does he say? He says in ni la Kuma, lemon or nasi hain now in Bella in in Arabic rhetoric. When you say in ni in the awkward ohada you're saying it Lima Tara that somebody who's doubting he's he doesn't know maybe you really mean that or maybe you don't. So when you say in ni, this is somebody who's doubting you. So when you use this, it's called tokita. It's a type of emphatic when use this emphatic what you're saying is I know you doubt me, but I'm telling you the truth. But when you use a lamb the second time in Nila Kuma, lemon and Marcin, he didn't say min and nos in lemon and Josephine. That's for

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somebody who doesn't believe you. So you're using it to say, I am swearing to the utmost

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that I'm telling the truth. I mean, he that's the language he's using. In other words, believe me.

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I'm being sincere. I am, I'm telling you please believe. Now here's to people that they don't even know what a lie is. Because they're in that pure state.

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And they're seeing this creature saying belay by God. So they believed him. Now, some of the scholars say Where was he pleased? Was he in paradise because he was kicked out say some of the ultimate say this is actually on Earth. This was taking place that the agenda here is not another word. The agenda was actually part of it was Adam, it was the the Eden on the earth and couldn't on your day, we saw that lado de la Colombe that everybody claims Laila for themselves. The Sri Lankan say that it was there. The actually the, the Native Americans here thought it was on Mount Diablo. So everybody kind of has their version of where these first people were. So then, and then he led

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them astray. fidella oma behaviour. So he did this with Guile around horror is, is when you're deceived by somebody. Right? The Romans used to say, buyer beware that the onus is on the one purchasing something to to not be deceived. That that was a in Roman law, that was an Islamic law, it's actually similar to modern law is that it's actually the seller is responsible. So if you cheat somebody, it's a reason to get your money back. And that's actually a sonic law, but that was not Roman law. So if you sold a house and you knew it was had termites and everything,

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and you didn't tell them, you know, in Islamic law, any type of AI fault that's hidden, is not so that's glore. Right? They called alohar when you sell something where you there's a trick to it, like you sell somebody a house, and then you find out that, you know, it's like you're in Belgium and they don't tell you there's squatters in there and there's in the squatter law is that you can't kick them out

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for them that a shout out better to the homeless Oh Tahoma so when they tasted the tree, right meaning of the tree better tullahoma their nakedness appeared to them, right or their shame? What is funny and then they began to add hmm and what happens when they started sewing together? These leaves like cover

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putting them over themselves and their Lord called them when Adele home out of Bahama and there's not any type of anthropomorphic don't think that there's a voice coming into the it's not anything anthropomorphic I mean you can't be that to be without them you know don't think this is a voice like voices and but I mean they were called and the aroma differ about how that actually occurred but it's not like a voice that you know, you hear with your ear and her coma and to the coma Shara Didn't I tell you not to go near that tree?

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And then what our own low coma and Didn't I tell you in the ship on at a Komodo movie I warned you about chiffon.

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Susannah Oh our Lord. We

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have wronged ourselves. Now this is very important in this story because this is the exact opposite reaction of Chevron, Chevron blame the other shutdown blamed God for his problems.

00:30:16 --> 00:30:18

See, they didn't say, look,

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you you told us not to eat it. And then you made it so tempting. And we we couldn't resist. So it's really your fault for the see. That's what Shannon did basically says really your fault. Or they didn't say, which is the biblical narration. We didn't do it. The devil made us do it.

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They took full responsibility. Now, if you're going to have a ruler,

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what is the one quality that you want? I mean, what is the Arabic word? Do you know the Arabic word for the man in charge? Is Massoud The one who will be asked? In other words, if you want somebody to be in charge of something, they have to be ready to say.

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It's my fault. They can't say it's the king can't say it. Look, when the populace is all at the castle. It's all Cardinal Richelieu his fault. You know, he did everything. Well, you who put him in charge? You did. So what what's happening here is taking responsibility.

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And then we're in lump sum for Lana, what's our homina then akuna Minal hustling if you don't forgive us and show mercy on us, for our wrong, we will be from those incomplete loss.

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So this now they're ready for he laughs This was really the test.

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Right? This was the test. And they showed themselves worthy to be to be qualified to be those who can stand

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as the vice regions of the Divine on the air. So what are they tall pod is built to bow to community bow, go down. In other words descend Now take your role as this Khadija and then some of you enemies to others. Now, in the biblical narration it's this idea of that there's this animosity towards the men and women that she caused the problems and it's all her fault and and that and that's nowhere here the enemy here is it believes whatever comes out of the most apparent or material and either pain and you have in the earth a habitation a place where you can have or have this period of time and provision for a while Metatron either hain

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and then they're told what color he had Yona in it you'll live with he had to Mouton woman had to origin what origin in another rewire you you will live in it you will die in it and you will be brought forth from it or come forth from it. You have any Adam? now oh Children of Adam. See here now we're all being addressed. We've been told who our parents are, where we came from how this whole thing began. And now here we all are you have any Adam left in a new commercial pond? Don't let Shelton do to you what was done to your parents?

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In other words, learn the lesson of what happened before you and this is the Arab say a sir Edelman Atal Bihari he, the one who is felicitous is the one that learns the lessons of other people. They don't have to prove those lessons for themselves. Right? I mean, this is the idea that those who don't know history are condemned to repeat it. Right? That if you don't know what happened, then so this is why we're being told this story is that there is on the earth, there is this struggle that is going on, and the struggle deals with. There are two components in the struggle, your desire,

00:34:08 --> 00:34:13

your desire, because if you didn't desire the thing in the first place,

00:34:15 --> 00:34:15


00:34:16 --> 00:34:26

nobody could convince you to even try it. So you have this thing called how law, which is your desire, and then there's an element working in the world,

00:34:27 --> 00:34:30

which is suggesting to you

00:34:31 --> 00:34:34

to explore that how

00:34:35 --> 00:34:38

to test it to try it, though.

00:34:39 --> 00:34:49

valka they just they vaca in another resist Akela minha they ate from it but that means that's all they ate. It was just a little try to see what it was like.

00:34:50 --> 00:34:53

And this is it but they made Toba

00:34:55 --> 00:34:59

The danger is is that you continue to go on this path.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:48

And some people say that you can't. You are never free from a from a wrong truly unless you've done it and made Toba because if you haven't done it, it's always open to you don't know the horrible experience that follows the wrong. I mean, this is the idea of crime and punishment is, is, you know, the man kills this woman because he was a NEO realist, but then he has to live with the crime for his whole life. And that is the punishment. And that's why the atonement is what removes that suffering. I had this class in ethics when I was in university, and it said, religion creates the very problem that it solves, right? This was booked by a man called chittister ethics in action or

00:35:48 --> 00:36:01

something like that. Religion creates very problem it solves. It makes people feel bad. And then it gives them ways to remove that feeling. Well, again, the question is, it's chicken and egg?

00:36:03 --> 00:36:44

Why? Why did they feel bad in the first place? Who Who could have convinced them of that? I mean, there had to be that moral component in there in the first place. Why do why do people feel bad? Why did Helen Keller when she had that extraordinary event, when she realized the symbols, why did she feel bad about breaking the doll of her of her teacher? What Why? Why do children feel bad if they do something bad? Where's that coming from? There's a component in the human being that needs atonement that needs to come back. And that's that's the whole foundation. It is the foundation of religion, but it wasn't the religion that was invented, to create that. It was the religion that was

00:36:44 --> 00:37:31

given to human beings to remove that, so that you don't have to suffer. And that's the point. I mean, in Christianity, it's, it's the idea of Christ. Well, for us, it's Toba. Because Adam, you see in Christianity, the belief is is that through carnal knowledge, if you want to go Augustine's route through carnal knowledge, Adam sin caused everyone to sin. So you're all born into this sin and the only way the sin can be removed is through this Redeemer, somebody's the scapegoat, who dies for you, which was a common motif in ancient peoples they used to, in the year they'd have a festival and they take a goat or a lamb or something, and everybody would put their sins on that goat and

00:37:31 --> 00:37:46

then they'd go sacrifice it and they'd all feel good. That was a way of atoning. Right and the actual in the Jewish tradition, they had that Escape Goat in Islam, you just say I suffered a lot. You do exactly what Adam and his Sam did.

00:37:47 --> 00:38:23

admit your mistake. That's the first thing one on husana just admit it. I was wrong. That's the first thing right, is to have Nadella remorse, and then ask forgiveness in them. tequilana What? tarhana right. If you don't forgive us and have mercy on us, we're lost. So in other words, have mercy and forgiveness. That's all you have to do. That's that is that that is the that I had. The covenant that we have with God is that if you ask for forgiveness, after admitting you're wrong, and feeling remorse, he promises to forgive it as simple as that there's nothing else there's no other. There's no other problem. And that that is it.

00:38:24 --> 00:39:09

And then he says, you have any Adam cadenza at a company bassen you already saw it come rhaetian woody basswood, taqwa, dedicato deck, Tehran dedica, Minaya De La Hoya and the home decor on this, oh, children of Adam, we have revealed unto arraignment or a garment, right, that conceals your shame? And also what do you show and it's also beautiful, and which is a sign who luzina to command the Kali machine? Why, you know, humans ornament their clothes, because it's not just the covering. It's why, why they put designs on things. I mean, a pillow has a function, but there's a reason why they do all this stuff. And that's part of being human is this aesthetic,

00:39:10 --> 00:39:24

desire to beautify what's around us because Allah has put in this in the human being this love for beauty. And this what he's saying is he said, I sat down you close, but also Russia, I sat down you this desire to make them beautiful.

00:39:26 --> 00:39:59

And so that's part of what Allah has given us this this desire down the beautiful and then what are you best at duck law? There's 2d WIA. navette reads it what he buys a taco man so that it's actually motto You know, it follows. We've given you this clothes and an ornaments and also the garment of tequila we gave you also and then you go. When it says that he got hired on it starts a new sentence that and that all of that is good. And then there's another reading which is the basketball taqwa which starts

00:40:00 --> 00:40:40

new sentence, the vessel taqwa, Hayden, you know that you can hate on, but the bass will topple. And then that is better for people that know the grammar. The bass will taqwa verica, hieron. Right. In other words, the vessel supply is better than all that all that you're wearing. In other words, don't get too obsessed with the outward. Don't think as long as I look good outwardly, I'm all right. And look at the world. And its obsession with appearance. One of them said, if your soul is not good, and all you are concerned about one of the Arab poets, he said, if if all you're concerned about is your outward appearance in your soul is destitute, then you're like a candle over the grave

00:40:40 --> 00:41:23

of a fire worshiper. It's a beautiful thing. But in other words, it's not it's not worth anything, because it's not a god, fire is not a god. And so this outward appearance of the prophets, that isn't the commies work the dinar with the commies our homies saw that how wretched is the slave of his clothes. And there's people this is, I mean, the one of the things about the world, you know, you could look at the world in a lot of ways the world is like, I mean, to use a really crude metaphor, you can look at the world, almost like, there's television stations, and people have been watching a certain station their whole life, they've been in a room, and they're just watching this

00:41:23 --> 00:41:27

television station. And they think that's all that's on.

00:41:28 --> 00:42:08

And then somebody comes in, they don't know from where they came, but they just come in, and they take the remote off the thing, haven't you tried this, and then click, there's another station. And it's like, oh, there's a whole other thing here and then click another one. And it's like, what what people get into as they get into certain types of stations, like lust is a television station, and it really is out there they have those. That last is a television station is that it's like, that's all that people fall into is just lust, the appetites of the pleasures of flesh. And then also, the, the, you know, those those stations where the people come with the clothes, they have one in Europe,

00:42:08 --> 00:42:48

where they just show clothes, 24 hours a day, and that's a station. So it's like, people can just watch clothes and, and that becomes the station, or jewelry, there's these jewelry stations, they just show you. And that's all it is, you know, it's just more ornaments, you know, or there's action and drama station, because there's people that love and that's what they're how they're every person they meet, they get in an argument with every every relationship they get into. It's always drama, you know, because they're on the action drama station. And then there's the political intrigue station, right. And so there's all these worlds you can get into, it's all out there. And you can

00:42:48 --> 00:42:52

just, but then somebody comes in and says Why are you watching that?

00:42:53 --> 00:43:32

There's a whole world out there. What you mean, there's something else on? No, no, it's not. It's not make believe it's real. Right? But see, if you've always been watching that TV, you know, it's like these little kids that are just staring they don't realize there's a there's a world out there. They don't realize they can actually go out and have more fun at the creek playing or playing ball or doing running around jump. They don't because they're totally glued into and that's what hafla is heedlessness is being in that state where you think there's nothing else but this and that's why people can do great wrong actions like fornicate because at the moment, that's all there is.

00:43:33 --> 00:43:34

or steel.

00:43:35 --> 00:44:00

That's all there is there's that object and I want it and there's nothing else. And that's why people do the worst things. It's why they can kill, because at that time, that's the only station there is there's nothing else. But this idea of Lee basswood, taqwa is that there's this other, there's this other arraignment that God's given you. It's not the outward rain, but it's the inward garment that protects your soul.

00:44:01 --> 00:44:26

So you begin to actually be concerned not about all this stuff out here. But about this heart that you've got in here that you were told to protect your Malayan family and would have been eliminated. departments in him on the day when nothing benefits him not well, not children, nothing except those who come with a pure heart, a sound heart. So then it becomes I have to get through this life with my heart intact.

00:44:28 --> 00:44:52

And the thing about the heart is that the heart hardens literally and metaphysically it has there's a physical hardening of the heart that comes from overeating or consuming the wrong foods. And then there's an actual spiritual hardening of the heart, which comes from indulging in one's desires. This complete

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