Mohamad Baajour – Shield #04 No Muslim makes this Duaa except that Allah will Answer it

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The history of "Okayla's law" is discussed, with Sally emphasizing its use as a means to fulfill a need and achieve something. The use of Sub hang fruit is discussed as a sign of one's true intentions, and individuals should be humble in difficult situations. Prayer slowly and being humble is crucial for achieving the goal.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi we're gonna get this filled out hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah My dear beloved brothers and sisters, may Allah subhanaw taala bless us all and protect us all in sha Allah Tada I mean your anatomy, PhD who did not subscribe yet subscribe to our channel and support epic during this COVID 19 pandemic and Sharma tonight we have

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a do

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most of us know it by heart already

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some of us do not know maybe the meaning of it.

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maybe some of us also do not know the reward behind it

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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was sitting with the Sahaba

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and he told them

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I'm going to teach you a dua that no Muslim ever say this dua illustre gyrb Allahu La Mer Diaby Muslim cup illustre jab Allah hula no Muslim ever makes this dua except Allah azza wa jal will answer his dua. Allahu Akbar, what is that? Before I mentioned that? There is a beautiful story behind it.

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In the time when Amara are the Allahu Anhu Allah was the Khalifa.

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Saddam Lebua cos walked into the masjid

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and he saw us man or the Allah one in the masjid. And he said a Salam o Alaikum salam ytk out with man.

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He said Santos man of Man did not reply. Sad or the Allahu unsaid a salam alayka with man with men did not reply.

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So sad, or the Alon was surprised, was shocked. So he immediately went to the khalifa to Almighty Allah Han Imagine if somebody did not reply the salam they used to report it to the Khalifa This is how important is

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so he went to amaro the Allah and said, Yeah, I'm not had a Sharif in Islam. Anything happened in Islam said why nothing happened. He said, I saw a man in the masjid and I said salaam to him. And he did not reply.

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Amara, the Alon was also surprised. So he said, Get me our burger Tasman over here. This man came. He said yeah, with men satisfying that he said salaam to you more than once at the masjid. And you did not did not reply to him. off man said this did not happen.

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You're talking about three people. Three men who are oversharing Bill Jana. So when he lying is out of the question. So sads looked at Earth man and said yeah, man, you're sitting in the masjid and I said a Salam Alikum more than once and you looked me in the eye and he did not respond. And after sad

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insisted that he said salaam of man are the Allahu and said Your MA Yes. Yes, yes. You know, absolutely. Forgive me my brother. Forgive me. I was thinking of something that made me not notice your Salam you know when when you're looking at somebody sometimes and you're actually looking at them, but you're thinking about something else. This is exactly what happened with us, man. So sad said to Earth man.

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What What was it? You were thinking about that? It made you so distracted that you don't even reply my Salaam. So South man said, Remember, one day we were sitting with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said, I am going to teach you a DUA. Madhavi Muslim cut, no Muslim ever say this dua except Allah will answer him. And then a bedwin came in and asked the salasar selama question and as soon as SLM forgot to tell us what that da and since that day is Allah, listen, my brothers and sisters, now rasa Salam have passed away. Abu Bakar had passed away. And now we are in the Khilafah former and Osman still thinking about that time? Allahu Akbar.

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So I've been thinking, what was that dua SubhanAllah. So sad or the Alon, and who's sad, sad is the uncle of Rasulullah Salallahu Salam, you know, so he said, Oh, I remember. Absolutely. I definitely remember that meeting. And that's why after everybody's gone, I followed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to his house. And I said jasola

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Law. We were sitting with you and then you said I am going to teach you know Muslim ever say except he will be answered and then the Bedouin came and you get distracted. What is that? Yeah rasool Allah Subhan Allah. Wa salatu salam said yes, yes, it is the dua of my brother yo nos La ilaha IL and Subhanak in the country Amina volumen Allah Akbar la ilaha illa Anta so the herd aka in the Quran to mean Allah, Allah He, we need this to

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all through our life, but specifically and specially in the time that we are going through right now. La ilaha illa into Sub Saharan Africa in the Quran to mean of volume in unison es Salaam made this dua And

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subhanAllah he was in three darkness is the darkness of the night, the darkness of the ocean, and the darkness of the belly of the whale inside three darknesses and Allah subhanho wa Taala answered his dot, Jonas Ali and Salah was going through so much difficulty and he begged Allah azza wa jal with this dua and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, festa javelina, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala, answered his dua. Now

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explain the wording of the DUA and then some lessons from from this

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ilaha illa

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you know, Sally is Salam started by the most important Kenema in our life, he confirmed the Tauheed of Allah Zoji La Ilaha in and he confirmed that there is no Illa worthy of worship except Allah subhanho wa Taala this is where this is why the Earth has been created, and the Gen vision and Jahannam has been created. And that's why the prophets have been sent all because of that word, La ilaha illallah so Eunice on Instagram started by admitting and confessing and proving that he is in complete belief that there is no God worthy of worship except Allah subhanho wa Taala La ilaha illa and Subhanak Subhan Allah, this word Subhanak we say it every single day so the Hearne or br the

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server Hearn or BL Al, first, we cannot use this word except with Allah azza wa jal, I cannot say Subhan Muhammad Subhan Maha Mudra Panem Hamid No, no, this word is only used with Allah azza wa jal Subhana Allah, second word, the Subhana mean Subhana is one of these words that you cannot have just one word as a translation. Subhana means, it literally means that I believe that Allah subhanho wa Taala is perfect in every attribute and free from any deficiency. All this statement together means Subhana Allahu Akbar, Allah is perfect in every attribute. Allah is perfect in his vision, in his hearing, in his knowledge, in his wisdom, in his power in every attribute, and Allah subhanaw taala

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is free from any deficiency. Allah does not need food does not need drink. Allah does not get tired, Allah does not need to sleep. Allah does not need any help. All that is in Subhana Allah Akbar la isla in Subhanak. in the country, Amina volumen firstly confirmed that Oh, he'd second he glorified Allah azza wa jal, and then he admitted that I am from the volley mean, I am from the wrong doors, I am from the volume in volume, oppression, volume

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is putting something in a place that it does not belong to.

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you will know Sally has Salam. Let's take a few lessons number one,

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no matter what action

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that you have done, you know, because we are allowed in Islam, to use our Anala saleha as it was healer, as means to ask Allah by I can ask Allah subhanaw taala by me that I have done I can ask him by that Amen. To fulfill a need that I have. We all know the story or the Hadith of the three men in the cave. When they were in the cave and they were stuck in the cave. They told each other that every single one of us asked Allah with the best hammer he has ever done to remove the rock. So everyone asked somebody so we can we learn from this hadith that we are allowed to ask Allah azza wa jal with our righteous deeds to fulfill something for example, yeah, Allah because of that. Yeah,

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That orphan I sponsored yeah Allah cure my mother for example, okay.

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Grant me, a righteous husband. I can use that. But there's nothing there's no Amal there's nothing that we have better than that ahead of Allah azza wa jal to use to ask Allah subhanaw taala so this is exactly how you will know Salah he said I'm started law

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he started with the kingdom of Tawheed the most important thing in our life is that Ilaha illa Allah He started using that that heat to ask for help in the hardship that he is in

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second Did you notice that you want to Salah Salem? did not ask Allah Ya Allah save me. Yeah Allah get me out of this. Belly. Yeah Allah bring me back.

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Nothing. La ilaha illa Anta Subhana Allah in the con to me of volume in here, there's

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this dua displays

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how much you will know sorry, Islam is in need.

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It displays how

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weak he is, and how poor he is.

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And this is one of the etiquettes of Doha. And this is how we can have our dua being answered. He used the center of Allah azza wa jal, this dua here is not a dua of request. Hola. Hola. I want this alarm. I want that. No, he just praised Allah subhanho wa taala. Knowing that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is the Aleem, he knows what he's going through. He just praised Allah azza wa jal and admitted that he's wrong, do it and he left it to Allah subhanho wa taala. And this is a lesson here, my brothers and sisters, we and this is a Subhan Allah what we learned from this whole

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pandemic that we're going through, we just ask Allah azza wa jal and we leave it to him. The how and the when and the what and where? Leave it to Allah azza wa jal, this is not your business. Allah subhana wa Tada knows what is the best time where is the best time how it's going to be done. But leave it to Allah and put your trust in Him. He just said that, you know, he learned he did not say yeah, I'm gonna take me out of here Yama, get me out of this darkness. Yama, get me out of the ocean, Yama, get me out of the belly. He didn't say any of that. And Allah subhanaw taala. Right after that. He said, first hegemony Allah, we answer them. Allahu Akbar. So this is a lesson. Praise

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Allah. Like for example, I give you an example. And to Allah belongs the best example. You go to somebody who is very well known to be rich, powerful, extremely generous, extremely kind. And you go to him and you say, Oh, you are so amazing. You are you're so kind you're so loving, you're so generous, you can you keep them praising and praising him. You don't have to ask anything. And he knows that and you show that you are in need by himself. He will give you whatever you want. Buy in some fuel, he knows that you are in need Subhanallah How about Allah azza wa jal, the Aleem the hubby of the Hakim that the one who knows exactly what you need more than yourself Subhan Allah so

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this is exactly what

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Unison is Salam did and this is what we were supposed to do. We We ask Allah azza wa jal we show Allah subhanaw taala how poor we are to him. We show Allah subhanaw taala how much we are in need to him to Allah subhanho wa Taala and we leave it to him subhanho wa Taala that does not mean I'm not allowed to ask a cure me, give me this give me that no, absolutely. There are so many other drugs that we request specific things, but here this kind of dua And subhanAllah keep in mind, that suppose I said I said no one who makes this dua, except Allah will answer.

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Third Subhanallah

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a prophet my brothers and sisters listen carefully. A prophet is admitting that he is from the wrongdoer. And some of us are so arrogant, they do not admit their mistakes. A prophet is admitting that he wronged himself Allahu Akbar. So when we are in which we are sinners, we have to admit to Allah I've done this and I've done that yeah, Allah Allah please forgive me. You're Allah. I am. I have wronged myself so much. Yeah, Allah. Welcome to Finland our 200 an akuna. Nominal ha sitting Robin alumna and Fusa SubhanAllah. We have wronged ourselves so much coluna every single one of us every single person who's watching right now is a sinner. We are all sinners. And we have to admit,

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Oh, what have I done to ask No, no, no, no Humble yourself yaki A prophet is saying that he is from the from the valley mean Subhanallah time now.

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Is this only for eurosai? Salaam? No. Why? Because you could listen to the AI right after the first stage webinar Allah when Ajay you know whom in alum work early congealed meaning we answered him and

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We saved them from this affliction. And similarly, we will save them what meaning May Allah make me a new from them what meaning if we are from the meaning from the believers, and we also make this dua in sha Allah to Allah, Allah will answer us. So that does not mean this is only for for Jonas, this is for everybody who's in need. And everybody who's making this dua sincerely from the bottom of their heart and he is and she is a believer in Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Now, Allah subhanho wa taala, he said, after the dua of of Jonas Alehissalaam festa, Jabba Jebin Allah, this fat in Arabic, it's called fat and folia instant that fester, Jebin Allah, we instantly answer them. Somebody might say,

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I've been making this to heart and I am

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as not good. I'm making the lay of the land the Subhanak and decontaminant volume in but I'm not getting faster.

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I'm not getting the answer why, we have to

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check few things which are

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the etiquettes of dua in general. In order for that, to be Mr. Jab, it has to be from sincerely from the heart. It has to be done with the again with certainty that you have no doubt in your heart that was capable of granting you what you're asking for. You have to have very important you have to have Halal income. One of the main reasons why the DUA is not Mr. Jab is the Haram income haram wealth that will prevent the dog from being Mr. Jab. So there are certain things that has to be done in order for the dog to be Mr. Jab. Now they wanted

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because Allah subhanaw taala mentioned many prophets knew his career and every Ayoub and every single one after them he said first of all, we answered them what was something so special about them? That that was Mr. Jab May Allah make all I want to do have Mr. Bucha listen carefully in the eye after that.

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In whom can who you Sadie Hoon effing how you draw out why their own

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work and all oh now ha she hace when they used to do three things. That's why they're doing it was Mr. Zhang? Can we say a wonderful pirate?

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Not they used to do good things. They used to race to do good things. Allahu Akbar. Now we are at a time that many people are in need Allah your brother called me today. He said Subhan Allah, Allah He. I almost cried.

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He said I'm done. I finished.

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Everything is finished.

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Money, stuff in the house. I'm done. Subhan Allah.

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Oh, what can I do? I spoke to him and it calmed him down. I tried to get him something in sha Allah to Allah to keep him surviving. But there are many people this brother at least he reached a point to make a call. There are many who are not making that call, or they don't have anybody to make that call to. So this is the time to race and rush and help others as much as you can. This is a test for all of us. In the home, can you set your own level hierarchy and not feel higher? Kairos plural, all kinds all means of higher, you set your own sera sera Sadie Oh,

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from rushing from speeding. Subhanallah you said your own effing hierarchy.

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This is one of the reasons for the dog to be answered. So to be from the people who are asked to do good things. Second

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way are the owner now Robin, what I have and they they used to make dua to us a call upon us. Robin hoping that Allah will answer and, and at the same time Robin and they are afraid that Allah might not answer you know, they are worried because they are maybe they they fear their sins. And at the same time and same time they have so much hope and Allah is Rama so they can they used to make a lot of Fedora a lot of a lot of begging to Allah azza wa jal and this is exactly what we're supposed to be doing right now. A lot of dua to Allah azza wa jal begging him for forgiveness, begging him to accept this is what we are supposed to be doing a lot of it and a lot of the die that we learned

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today lie in the Subhanak in the Continental Army, and what's the last thing they used to do? What can we Lenna call Shane, and they used to be called Shane we all know the word harshit from the shoe, the salaat and he used to be humble, they will never arrogant, they used to be caring with the poor loving to the Muskegon helping the orphan, helping the widows

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helping anyone in need Hoshin and also Hoshin they used to be the having sure and there's a lot they used to pray slowly and Charlotte Allah one day we will make it a talk about the importance of praying slowly in the salon and how to achieve for sure and the salah what can we learn Akashi So three things used to do you sad you're gonna feel hatred rush and race to do good things were the owner Rob and Rob and he used to make a lot of a lot of sincere dua to Allah azza wa jal and what can we learn a harsh and these to be humble? All these three we need them right now in order to have that La ilaha illa Anta Subhanak in the continental body been to have that to Mr. Jab, jab nella.

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So, anytime you're going through any kind of hardship and we are in a major hardship right now, constantly 10 2050 100 500 times Illa Allah subhana Naka in the continental volley mean, say it like you mean it, say it, like, you know Sally salaam, he was in a, in a situation in a place that no no human being ever been to, in a difficulty that nobody has ever been in such a difficulty. And Allah subhanaw taala got him out of that and Allah promised that we will do the same to the believers. So please say this,

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from the bottom of your heart sincerely, slowly, slowly, as many times as you can. And if you want for example, you have a for example, my my father is sick your Allah killed my father. Yeah Allah and you make all your DUA and you end your DUA by La Ilaha. illa Anta Subhana Naka in the country, you know what I mean? If you want to say it in plural, La ilaha illa and Subhanak. in Kaduna, mineral vitamin, just add Elif Elif to in in the end, cuanto ko instead of control is a con. So please memorize this to tell everybody about this to have this by itself is an ayah in the Quran. I think it's 87 and sort of Gambia and may Allah subhanaw taala accept all our da la ilaha illa and

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Subhanak in can you know what I mean? I ask Allah azza wa jal to forgive all our sins. Ask Allah azza wa jal to bring us back to our massage and I ask Allah subhanaw taala to unite our hearts and grant us to be under his shade when there is no shade except his shade Zachman Locke, Arabic Allah Subhana Allah, masha Allah Allahu Allah and the stuff yoka when a tool Bullock

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