Finding Pleasure in Salat #18 Ya Allah Guide me to this Path

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The importance of Islam is highlighted, including the need for individuals to be patient and not let anyone make fun of them. The speaker also discusses the importance of avoiding negative emotions and not letting anyone make fun of them. Reciting the Exodus of Jesus and the message of Islam to overcome fear and misery is emphasized, along with reciting slowly and experiencing moments of silence.

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When Latina Jana Dorothy Nyla Ana de

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su bola Anna. What

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long am I seeing

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here. So now at hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah Olam, aluminum and fauna on finally my alum Tana was it the ailment? Amara I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teach us would benefit us benefit us from what he told us and increase us in knowledge M in Arab anatomy. My dear beloved respected brothers and sisters, I ask Allah azza wa jal to protect you, wherever you are Amenia Allah.

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Today in sha Allah to Allah, we will be saying farewell to Surah Al Fatiha, the best surah in the Quran, the surah we've been discussing and trying to understand and live

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during our Salaat the surah if we really contemplate upon every single area, it will change our life, the surah that has the wonderful the first dua in the Quran, which we will discuss yesterday and we will finish today in sha Allah Tala and that is a readiness we're out on and we're stopping after Allah after I praised Allah subhanaw taala Praise, praise praise and then we come to the Da da da sera autonomous stalking ya Allah guide me to the straight path and we said that no matter who you are, no matter how

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advanced you are in your Eman, we all still need it. You know Siddhartha was talking to you? What kind of Surat what path I'm asking Allah azza wa jal to guide me to that is explained in another area

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with me okay

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you can let Ina and Nana Maharani him in every year in our Cydia Tina was Shuhada was Shahada. It was saw living by Hassan at all.

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and whomsoever obey Allah and His Prophet, his messenger, these will be with whom Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed they will be with the people whom Allah and Allah Allah him, who are these people, they are the prophets, they are the routine, they are listed the again the truthful, sincere, and they are the martyrs and the upright, and excellent are those as companions Subhan Allah, I ask Allah azza wa jal together with the intervene of the subdivision and the shahada and the salah him. So I'm asking Allah, Allah, Allah, I want the path of these Ambia and the sonnet. I want the path of Ibrahim and instead of the path of Musa and Isa Ali salaam, I want the path of honorable Hatha when

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Allah little backer of the Allah and I went the path of the 10 mover. Shareen Bill Jana, I want the path of the best of the best I want the path of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam this is the path I want you Allah. This is the path that I want ya allah and in general, my brothers and sisters, when you come closer to Allah azza wa jal, when you start becoming close to the deen and you start practicing, naturally, you start being attacked by some people, or some people start making fun of you. So I'm asking Allah, Allah, Allah, I want that path and where I want to be surrounded by people that will support me on that path. This is what I'm asking for. I want that

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path of the people who are patient, the people who strived for your cozier Allah, and anyone who strives for the cause of Allah azza wa jal will find difficulties. See, Allah subhanaw taala said in the I have recited my YouTube Allah, Allah Rasool you want to be in that path, obey Allah and obey Allah assaults on Allahu alayhi wa sallam, that is the main tool to be on the Surat al Hakim. So when we recite this area, our heart should be soft. And we remember all these people that we mentioned that Allah subhanaw taala have have blessed and

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will give us comfort that when someone is making fun of me that I do not drink and everybody's drinking when someone makes fun of me that I'm praying and no one else is praying in the crowd. When someone makes fun of me that I'm wearing the proper hijab and did not wear

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Indonesia but all when someone makes fun of me that I'm the only one who does not deal with Reba. I feel that Subhan Allah to Allah I feel that Allah subhanaw taala is with me. This is exactly what all these righteous people before us went through. When they went to the path of Allah when prophets came to the people, they never said, come join us and all the people came running know, they called them liars, some people they killed them Subhanallah they killed the prophets, they killed the MBR. So they suffered, they went through when you go into the path of Allah because the reward is immense. The reward is a huge you have to be extremely patient. So I'm asking Allah aid you know,

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several times takim serata Medina and untidy him Sirata Medina, and I'm telling him, I want that path. Yeah, Allah Subhan Allah.

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I'm specifying the path that I want. And I'm specifying also the two paths that I do not want to know which paths are these are your real moto vi li him? What a door linea Allah, I do not want the path of the people whom you have evoked your anger, and the people who are a straight or the one this path, who are these people? Who are these people who Allah subhanaw taala has invoked his anger, even Kathira Rahim Allah He said, It is a description of the people who knew the truth, but did not follow it. There Madhubala him, the people who knew the truth, but they did not follow it. And the people who are astray the Darling are the people who do things without knowledge. I'll give

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you an example. If someone knows that the slot is a must. The slot is an order from Allah has an obligation on every single Muslim, but he does not pray. This is from the people whom Allah subhanaw taala is angry with molto Valley. And then there's someone who prays but all his prayer is is wrong. He put one sujood before Roku and it's on any

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he mess up in his salad. That is from the pulpit that is a person who went astray.

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And the description of this area or the explanation of this area was given by the best ever by Rasulullah Salallahu salam ala Rasulillah who are the ones who are astray, and who are the ones who are Allah subhanaw taala angry with the hadith is intermediate and Muslim.

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Said the Jews are those who Allah is rife with and the Christians have strayed very straightforward from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam because the Jews knew the Huck, they knew that Muhammad salallahu Salam is a true prophet. They are you know coming

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they know him very well just like know they know the children, but they did not believe Subhan Allah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala said

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serata Latina and Nantahala you him? Are you real? No do b I am linguistically it's supposed to be serata Latina and untidy him re realtyna Rajib tally him. Yanni, I want your Allah the path of the people you were pleased with, and not the path of the people you're angry with. But here we do not say that well, if you want to see that Allah Subhanallah did not say that. He said Sirata Medina and Nam tally him. I want the path of the people you have bestowed Your blessings upon. And I do not want the people of the path of the people that Moldova calling him the anger is in general the whole anger is evoked upon them. Subhanallah why is that? Subhanallah when we came to the NEMA when we say

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an anthem, it is only Allah azza wa jal who provides an AMA

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I cannot provide any Nam the NAM are all from Allah gonna be coming Amitin terminal Allah, but when it came to the hub, when it came to the anger of Allah azza wa jal, he said,

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Module B la him, many others other than Allah are angry with because when Allah has angry with someone, the angels are angry, the prophets are angry and all the righteous people are angry. Subhanallah so he would not say God did that only because when Allah is angry, as a movement as a believer, anything that upsets Allah upsets me. So that is the way the beauty of Surah Fatiha. So

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now we finished we praised Allah let's recite the surah sha Allah Tala in a way that we have learned

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100 in here have been learning a rough man you're writing Maliki only

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ear konavle Do II kind of styrene you know set off on Mustafi again, said Alta Lena and early in, pointing him out do biani him well a dog

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Only when I praised Allah I admitted that I am Slave I admitted that I need his help. I made the most important dua And now a word that many people do not even know what it means. Amin what does it mean mean? Subhanallah I asked her brother who's been praying for such a long time I said Brother What does I mean mean? I don't know. Me means yeah Allah please yeah Allah answer my Allah whom Mr. Egypt yeah Allah answered my blood so how's that Amin gonna come down knowing the meaning and the depth of this is going to be just mean no no no now Now after you listen to the previous class and this one today in sha Allah Allah your Amin is going to be completely different because I want the I

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mean to come from the bottom of the heart ya allah me please your Allah answered this guiding us. Even when I'm praying Jamar looked at me and come out that you really mean it. You want that to her to be answered because like we said yesterday, if this dua is answered, Allahu Akbar, I am set. If Allah subhanaw taala guided me and to the straight back and he kept on guiding me. And he kept me guide until the day I meet him. Allahu Akbar. And this is exactly what I'm doing seven minimum 17 times a day. I mean, mean. So how are you going to say I mean, just like, quick, no, no, no, no feelings or you can see from the bottom of your heart, keep in mind, this allah sallallahu Sallam he

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told us that in the hola hola esta ajeeb min Khalid Bihar feel in LA, Allah subhanaw taala does not answer the DUA that is coming from negligent in attentive heart, had it as an attorney.

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So I want that I mean, to really come

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with deep conviction that I really need it. I'll give you an example. Someone was about to be executed because he killed someone and

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the family of the person that he killed are they're coming to watch the execution. And he was told you know what? We're going to give you a chance go ask the family. Go ask the family to forgive you.

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How would that person go and ask the family for forgiveness? Would you go there and say, Hey guys, are you going to forgive me or not?

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Come on your

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toe. He will be pleased please I beg you forgive me I made a mistake. I'm extremely sorry I have a family I have children please please forgive me. Similarly, we want to say this me

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in a way that without your guidance, sha Allah, I am doomed. I am done. So I'm saying this I mean, he from the bottom of my heart, okay. And he mean Subhanallah Allah. So another thing takes place when we say I mean what happens or sort of loss on Allah Allah or Salam and the Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim con, is that Amina Al Imam for amino for inner home and ratha tell me you know that mean al mela Erica off your hola hola. I caught them in the beam. There was almost a sudden said when the Imam says Amin, you say Amin because whomsoever his mean, because when a man says I mean the angel say I mean and when.

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When if our amihan coincides with the I mean of the malaria, all our previous sins are forgiven, all the minor previous sins are forgiven Subhanallah

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So now, how would that I mean, come out knowing that in sha Allah, that was the request for the DUA to be answered, and also a reason for my my sins to be to be forgiven. So my brothers and sisters, we are reciting very slowly, we are reciting attentively we are making this beautiful dua the Fatiha is the best surah in the Quran, slow down, slow down, stop at the end of every single area and enjoy the response from Allah subhanho wa taala. Similarly, here are some allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us after we say Indian Ocelot and Mr. Cream serata Latina and untidy him Are you real now do we I lay him what a ball lien? Allah will answer back and say for her early Abdi when he

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added the masa Al, this is for my slave and my slave shall have what he asked for Allah. Allah Allah please my brothers please my sisters, and brothers listening to me

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Right now I was watching please slow down when you are reciting the Fatiha slow down in your whole Salaat.

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Let us try to enjoy the meeting because this could be my last summit.

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This could be my last Salaat I want to really try to master every single solid A perform.

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My brothers and sisters

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in sha Allah Allah Allah Allah kept us alive till tomorrow, we are moving to the next pillar. But before that, after I finished the Fatiha, we recite a short Surah right, we should recite any part of the Quran. And like we said before, try to please recite the sutras that you understand the meaning at least in the beginning, at least understand the meaning and then in sha Allah to Allah, when you start falling in love with your Salah, you started you know developing and now you want to know that the fear of the the reason why they were revealed in sha Allah Tala but to stand and say things that you have no clue what they mean. Allah he you know, it is it is inappropriate by a

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Muslim to do that. So insha Allah Tala besides a short Surah after that, and after we finished reciting the short Surah, there is a short sector, there's a short moment of silence before say Allahu Akbar, and they go down to the core. And if for example Meenal Jean net Yuan

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Allahu Akbar, just a brief stop after the citation of the Quran. And then I go down to the next rockin to the next pillar of the dean, or the pillar of of the salon. And that will be our discussion tomorrow. The secrets of Rico.

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May Allah reward you all. May Allah protect you all. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us. May Allah save our necks from the hellfire. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us the blessing of Laylatul Qadr May Allah azza wa jal increase us in Iman, may Allah protect our parents, may Allah subhanaw taala make our last deeds our best deeds and our last words La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah, zakat Mala here are some Allah and Muhammad Ali he was Germaine Subhanak, Allah humblebee should Allah Allah Allah and a stuffy Rocha when a tubal like see automatic Sharla by the F La Nina

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and levena sala de hinfo HIPAA Sharon. What levena umani love we weren't born when Levina homeless Zanka de lune will levy now who's only 4g him have you hone in

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as Why do you

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get amen for

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