Mohamad Baajour – Rasulullah called this DUAA – A TREASURE

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The importance of staying true to one's beliefs and not being fooled by wealth is emphasized, along with the need for everyone to be truthful. The importance of fasting and avoiding evil people is also emphasized, along with the need for everyone to be truthful. The use of sounding weapons and the need for everyone to be truthful is also emphasized, along with the importance of pushing for excellence and being a lot of solid efforts. The video of the use of sounding weapons and the shooter's parents is also mentioned, along with a summary of the day.
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Tonight hon Allah I couldn't wait to come and share with you this beautiful dua that I learned myself Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself called this dua, a treasury

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either our aid and NASA yakhni soon as the head of Al Faber fake news, in Calumet,

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WA Salatu Salam is telling the Sahaba when you see people hoarding gold and silver, or any kind of wealth, you as a believer, repeat

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frequently or make this dua as your treasure. They are making the gold and silver as their treasure, you make this dua as your treasure and as people are usually very cautious, how have you seen on their wealth, you will also be very curious, very cautious and very consistent on this Dr.

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Allahumma inni, Luca thedata, Phil Amber, Wallasey Mehta and as well as Luca shook Rania ametek was neither Tick was a Luca, Caliban Salim and when he Cernan Sadiq Khan was alchemy and fiery Murata alum

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Michelle remota alum was a stone Fuuka limita alum in NACA into a llama loop. You might think it's a little bit long, but just bear with me. Let's take them one by one Allahumma inni as I look at the data Phil amor, Ya Allah, I am asking you to keep me steadfast in all my affairs, Allah one. Do not be fooled by the long beard. Do not be fooled that you're a half is Do not be fooled that you attend all the Salawat in the masjid. The most important thing is how our life ends.

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How does it end? Amell Bilhah team Rasulullah SLM told us actions will be judged by the way they end. So I'm asking Allah subhanaw taala to keep me steadfast in three places in the dunya on the A Baghdad and on the deathbed to say La Ilaha illa Allah and in the Kabul in the grave to be able to answer the three questions I'm asking for that Phil Emery in the whole affair as Luca thedata Phil amor wala Azim atta Allah rasool Allah, this is something amazing. You know, we all know the importance of tahajjud we all know the importance of fasting Monday and Thursday. We all know the importance of reading the Quran every day, we all know but we do not have the Azima to do that. So

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I'm asking Allah Ya Allah give me the determination to follow what is righteous? I know it's good but yeah, Allah I'm lazy to come to failure in JAMA. I'm lazy to fast I'm lazy to perform tahajjud ya Allah give me the zeal, the energy to perform this a Baghdad

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al Azim Azima Allah rushed was a Luca shukran aromatic Allah. I'm asking you to give me the ability to be extremely grateful for every single blessing that you have bestowed upon me. Allah Allah when we are drowning in the blessings of Allah azza wa jal. Look at this beautiful blessing that you are in the masjid. You are in the masjid praying in JAMA you have your brother next to you your kids are running around healthy. Oh these are blessings you have a home to go back to you have no worries if you have food or not in the house. You have no worries if you have electricity or not in the house, the air condition breaks 10 minutes Hello erupts. We are drowning in the blessings of Allah Allah

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Hi, my name is Luca shook Rania ametek will host now that your Allah

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my salah is weak yeah Allah my Quran is weak. Yeah Allah my tahajjud is really weak. Ya Allah give me the ability to worship you in a proper manner ya Allah let me fix all the bad that was not a bad that was a Luca Caliban Salim and Allahu Akbar we all know yeah when yo Mala Yun found Merlin well Avenue balloon Illa man at Allah because then selling on that day, no children no property no wealth will benefit except one thing. Whomsoever come with a sound heart. Ya Allah bless me with a Khalil Salim with a sound heart, a heart that is free from nofap from hypocrisy free from jealousy free from malice free from grudges free from hatred free from all kinds of diseases when he said and

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Sadiq Khan your Allah bless me with a truthful Thank ya Allah make me always tell the truth even if it's against myself, even if it's against my parents, even if it's against the closest people to me, Ya Allah make me saw make me truthful. Whereas no common Haley McCallum and ya Allah I

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ask you from the best of what you know.

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Look at this kind of method. I mean Allah is the Aleem, yeah Allah make it easy for me to perform the best of what you know and I seek refuge in You from all the evil that you know your Allah keep the evil people away from me keep the period the evil people away from my children keep anything that is evil that's harmful to me. Keep it away from me, was done. Fuuka Lima Tulum and we always end just like when we end our salad was the first thing we say when we finish a stuff that Allah and I end all these requests by asking Allah to forgive me Yeah, ALLAH forgive everything that you know. There are so many sins that Allah that I committed I even myself have forgotten about them. I saw

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hula when a su Allah counted it recorded it and we have forgotten it. Yeah, ALLAH forgive every single one of them in Africa and Talamo you You are the only one who knows the Unseen Allahu Akbar.

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Everything is covered, to be steadfast on the deen to have the energy to perform you by that to be glad and grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala to have proper a bad debt to have an Kulp Salim to have a truthful tongue to have the best of what Allah knows to stay away from all the evil and to ask for still fall all in one dua that are soulless, SLM, called it a treasury. These people are after dunya they want all the dunya treasure or the dollars you stick to the strap. Can you imagine if this is coming pure from your heart in the time when Allah subhanho wa Taala is asking, What do you want so I can give you Allah asks every night. At the last part of the night, Hellman said Elon, is there

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anyone asking for anything so I can give him imagine that Allah subhanaw taala sees me and knew at that time raising our hands and saying Allahumma inni as

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well as he Matala rushed or shook Rene ametek Weitzner EBA that was a Luca Calvin Salim and what he said on Sadiq Khan was LUCAM in Karima atta alum,

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Michelle remota Adam Western funeral Kalamata alum in NACA and Allah will

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anyone who wants to do that, please don't ask me I can send it to you in sha Allah, Allah Allah, please make a lot of solid on our beloved or sola sai Salam, Allah He every time when we were growing up.

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I used to hear all the time we are so blessed as an ummah to have Muhammad salah I sent him as our Prophet every day.

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I believe why that statement is so true. Look how cautious he was in teaching us everything that would lead us to Jannah Look how beautiful and comprehensive is this? Please memorize this. Put the effort while everyone who's here today. And everyone who's watching us. Allah subhana wa Taala make it on purpose for you to listen to this. And he will ask you and me. Why didn't you memorize this?

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Took me five minutes, maybe because I'm good in Arabi. Anna 15 Half an hour. Why not? Why not challenge yourself by the weekend. This is done. Ready? What is this ready, Allahu Akbar tomorrow at Fisher 545 summary

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