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AI: Summary © The loss of a finger on a woman caught on a hunting trip and sent to jail is a sad event for everyone. The importance of hate and respect for women in society is discussed. Subhanallah's " political function" is highlighted, and the importance of perfection and avoiding comparing experiences is emphasized. The segment also touches on Subhanallah's "appellation" and his "leyer function", as well as the importance of avoiding comparing experiences to those of other people.
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They went on a hunting trip.

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They went on a hunting trip while they were hunting. The king hurt his finger. So they rushed him to the hospital.

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He went inside the,

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the room and the minister and everybody is waiting outside to see the result. When he came out,

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he was the king was very, very upset because they have to cut his finger completely in order to survive. So he told his minister, what the minister say, Can Insha Allah, the king was so mad, that what was the head of this, he was so upset on him, he thought the gods come and jail him, put him to jail.

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On his way to jail, the minister is always saying fish can inshallah.

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The King said the Allah let him go. This carefree, go to jail for a little bit.

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Few weeks later, the king his first time ever, he goes on a trip without his minister.

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He goes in this trip.

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While he was in the trip, he got lost.

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He got caught by a tribe.

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That the rules of this tribe, if they catch a stranger, they have to sacrifice him to their gods.

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They caught him they don't know Kingdom oh king, they caught him. They took him for sacrifice. Before the sacrifice. There is an inspector, when you give something to the God that has to be perfect. He checked the guy he found them missing your finger. He said go home, you're not good for our God.

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So I can immediately notice and figured out that the loss of the finger was the best thing ever happened to him.

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So he went back immediately. He couldn't wait to tell the the minister bring the minister out of jail.

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So the minister came out of jail.

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He told him the story, said Wallah, you are absolutely right. That loss of my finger was hailed. But let me ask you a question. I understand how is the loss of my fingers fail? But how is it when they took you to jail you kept on saying hey insha Allah and inshallah he said Your Majesty, if I was not in jail, I would have went with you. And I'm perfect. I would have been sacrificed.

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Similarly, we cannot know the hate is

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for the first look. It always looks at it's bad. But Allah is the hacking. Allah is Allah subhanaw taala is a man with a beard. That's why when we first learn our deen especially when you go to Sharia, the first thing they teach you, though hate

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to know the names of Allah, because if you really believe he is the Hakeem

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you don't have to worry about anything color scheme is nothing happens without his permission.

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All I have to do is do my job.

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So inshallah Tada. We should not let these things stop us from coming to the masjid. Or make a stick of tech or hijab, or shave our beards, no, Jaquan these are no normal. What I saw last time I saw them, every time you see these things, please take a break. And remember the Sahaba what is that compared to a bad? What is that compared to below? What is that? Nothing. At least we're still sitting in the massages and discussing and talking handler bad I mean, Yanni the

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the people who follow these hate groups, they are hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. I mean, they are very few. The rest of the people that we are surrounded by whether at work or at home, our neighbors, a lot of them are great people yet they are great people and they're willing to listen and willing to be kind and gentleman Subhanallah you

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should see in New York if something like this happened, how do people start treating so Hamdulillah I mean, this is a big name.

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For it, let's go back to our wives

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and the

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coop xojo the rights of the wife we said last week that one of the main rights of the wife is never

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to spend on her to provide

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For her a place to live

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clothing and and food called Ania salatu salam how can xojo and apana either fine we AXA either Tessa

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second we discussed that to be the husband has to be

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not to be unjust and oppressor to his wife and today inshallah Tada will we start with the chef started kind treatment and compassion. The wife has the right to be respected and treated kindly.

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This is her right? You are not doing her a favor when you treat her kindly or treat her nice. This is her right? What's the deal? Why should Hana Aish Bill Maris why Shirou Hana Dilma roof fan carry to move on fascia and Takahashi and whether Jabba Luffy KU Ron Kathy era

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live with them with your wife Jenny in kindness

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Allah will put much much good

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What does maruf mean? maruf is a big broad word that includes respect, honor, love, kindness, gentleness, everything under maruf Jaquan like I said last week and I keep saying I keep repeating that this woman of yours this wife of yours is somebody else's daughter is somebody else's sister. Be kind to her respect her honor Wallah you will see it in your kids. You will see it in your in your sisters you will see it in your family members. So just like you want people to treat your daughter treat your wife very simple formula. Just like you are the way you want people to treat your daughter treat your wife

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and we all know the Hadith as I said I'm tourists

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how you can hire a company and

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the best of you are those who are best to his family and I am the best towards my my family and another generation he specifically said Korea will come here or come Lisa in the best among you are the best to their wives specifically to their to the woman Yanni to the Romans yeah means to their mother to their sister to the wife, you know all their other woman in their life. And another Hadith Subhan Allah a commando meanie in Amen, son Rohan coloca we're here to hear oh minister in the believers who are most complete in faith are those with the best of manners, and the best among you are the ones who are best to their woman. But yeah, how come when it comes to dunya matters. I want

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to be the best. I want to work with the best company live in the best house drive the best car, have the best phone and when it comes to Acura Yola, from Rasulullah Salallahu Salam Asad.

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He's telling me the best of you, is the best to their wives. Because as we know, you're one like the saying, say, Happy wife happy life. Well, Allah

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Subhanallah you please your wife, look at the day that you have a problem with your wife, you have an issue with your wife, look at that day and compare it to any other day, you will feel it's different day Things are not normal, you cannot function properly, things are not the same. So Subhanallah and most of the time you have one is with it with a with a simple word kalamalka Yeva a kind gentle word will change everything, whether from the husband or from the wife.

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allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that the woman in general, they have a fragile nature. The nature is softer is kindness. That's why Subhan Allah, Danny Hawa they say some of the same they say that what is her name is from hella any, any encompass. And he she, for example, I'll give you an example. If somebody if a family

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of, let's say six, seven adults, and the parents, let's say the father died

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every day, the kids will go and sit with the mother and check up on her and be with her all the time. But remember that it never goes to the Father.

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I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the Father but usually is the mother and the muscle billable, blobby in the claim, or Allah.

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The mother, she's the one who gathers the family. She's very well known.

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Okay, so, the mother the woman, naturally, she's a kind person. She's a gentle person. She's fun with love and kindness. That's why Subhan Allah,

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Allah subhana wa Tada put in her features that we don't have. She can carry the baby, she can feed the baby. She can stay up all night with that.

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problem. The men cannot handle it maybe you know one time she leaves you with your, your children, you go crazy. And you ask yourself, How does she do it? How does she do it? Allah put something in her that she can handle it Subhanallah

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for some allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam.

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That's the Hadith that is mainly misunderstood by a lot of people. But as soon as I said, I'm said, and keep in mind, they are one, that this hadith. I need to show you how important how important it is. This is one of the last hadith of quasi Salam said, yeah, he said this inhabited Buddha, and the last khutba. He said,

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it's those who have been Nyssa, if a Euro,

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fennel, holy cup mandala and ours. When I was a singing footballer,

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say that after Tokina Kasota. When character, let me use our edge. First, those who didn't

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take good care of woman.

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We all claim that we love loss and loss, I sell them the most. And I have no doubt that we all do.

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When somebody that you love so much. Let's say your father is about to die, or your mother is about to die, and she is on her deathbed. And she tells you and she gives you a loss a year.

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She She gives you a one she gives you please make sure you take care of your sister. Make sure you do this. Well now you will do your best

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to fulfill that wish. How about Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he's telling us, Hey girl, take good care of women. Because the women are created from a bench rib. And the most curved part of the rib is upper end, if you insist on straightening it, and again, so take care of woman Hadith that started by taking care of women and ended by take care of women. Allah workabout What else do you want?

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And they say we oppress women. Our dear Prophet, alayhi salatu salam, our teacher, our guide to Jana, the one we learned everything from when he taught us a three year he said take care of women take care of women.

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Allahu Akbar.

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Like somebody said yesterday, Sunday clip from YouTube, he said, How come? They say that? Islam oppresses women, and most of the people who are becoming Muslims are women.

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If you go on YouTube, most of the people taking shahada

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was that plenty? They want to be your best Kenny lucky

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SubhanAllah. They What does? Because what is the misunderstanding and this hadith? They say, Oh,

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it's curved. That means this is a defect in the woman. This is a defect in the woman because she is from a curved rib.

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But yeah, one, the perfection of the rib is by being curved.

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can you imagine my ribs are straight, like a ruler?

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How's that possible? Being curved, makes it perfect.

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The woman's curves are so seldom said about is her perfection.

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Is her perfection. If she was straight, it's not gonna work. It's not gonna work. These ribs. If I bring a rib,

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straight rib, how's that going to cover the most important part of my body, which is the heart.

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It has to be covered in a way it has to be built in a way that it will be able to cover it. And this is the only way. So not so much. I seldom said she is born from a villa hours. That's not an insult. This is an honor.

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This is an honor for the woman. Because if you think about it, there's no way that this read will will will function or would benefit if it was straight. So being bent is from its perfection. And one of the shields said something funny, he said he said and there's so much I said and said the worst. The worst part of it is the top he said the woman is is bent from a

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created from a bencher, and the highest part of it is the worst. And he pointed to the tongue. He said the worst part of the woman is her tongue. Yeah. And he this tongue. With the tongue. The woman either could own the husband or she could get to the husband. For example, when he when he asked her

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Yeah, I'm a flan. He's calling her. Either she could tell him Yes honey.

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Or as you get to

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And yeah what do you want?

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The both answered the both words. But when will gain the heart of the man and one yeah

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so it's the same word you know?

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And subhanAllah human being in general loves loves to hear kind words

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my sister when you speak to your husband, if he calls you and you say nine yeah

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yes yeah baby or in your language whatever you say any, any Subhan Allah Allah, You know what he would change his mind he will not ask you for anything anymore. Let you know what's going on Pamela he will respect you more

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for the rights of the husband so inshallah so

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if you try to fix that red, there's nobody, nobody's perfect. So when you ask your wife to be perfect, you are being unjust, because you're not perfect yourself. And there's no perfection in this dunya when you want the perfect wife which in sha Allah to Allah will be your wife in Jannah

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that is only left agenda here. There is no perfection in the dunya there is no perfection in this dunya one otherwise, why is that agenda if everything's beautiful here, everything I want is here why am I going to Jana?

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No, this is a place of

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tests tribulations trials.

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If you pass then you go to the 91 more team forever. Forever. May Allah make us all from the people of Jana and Sharla

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then resume loss I sell them told us

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learn African mean on what Mina in Kenya have in half Hello Can are all the men have a Euro

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This is very important and I will end with this

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Let not a believing man hate a believing woman. If he dislikes one of her traits, he wouldn't be pleased by others.

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So we go back to the

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same thing. No one is perfect.

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Now this guy's wife,

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she is Masha Allah. She cooks all the time she cleans all the time.

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She preys on time. But maybe

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her cooking is terrible.

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Now the shaytaan makes the person only concentrate on the cooking or concentrate on the cleaning on concentrate on she does not know how to speak English or whatever, any defect

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and makes the human being mixed the man forget about all the good stuff.

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Just like we gave example before you have a huge huge whiteboard

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and on that whiteboard is black that

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you forget this whole white and you concentrate on the black dots only.

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Why do you have black that yummy? I have a lot of white stuff. No no no no you have a black dot

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and the shaytaan keeps

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making you pick and complain about the black dots until you have a problem with your wife either a fight or an argument or even a divorce.

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Yucky when you when your wife is behind and one of the duties remember that Masha Allah she has HIV mashallah she prays Fisher on time mashallah, she's a great mother, masha Allah He 100% I have no doubt in my heart, that definitely you will find something good in your life.

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Definitely. There's nobody that totally evil.

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So, if you don't like something,

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you will love many, many other things. And I gave you example before I will repeat it again

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about Abdullah visiting Ahmed.

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the above drama and

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visiting wireman so Abdullah when he went to visit a blackmud

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dinner from here to the camera, all kinds of food

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so Abdullah Escobar Ahmed, where which catering store deli you got the stuff from from the no habibi. This is all

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this is all Mohamed

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Salah Abdullah in his heart

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mob the mother cooks she is the worst look at the Muhammad mashallah I wish I have a wife like Muhammad. So when he thought about is the food

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He does not know that. I've watched me just beat his wife because she's 30.

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She's very dirty. She doesn't clean, and

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many other things that we do not see. The point is, don't compare your wife to other people's wives.

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You never know what's going on. You have no idea what's going on inside the homes.

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If your wife is good in this,

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and she's bad that that other guy's life is good and that and bad in this. So no one is perfect. No one's perfect. If you have one problem with your wife, keep looking at the great things that she has. I'm 100% Sure, she had many, many other great things. Don't only pick this is from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, salam, he told us don't pick on one thing. There are many other things that you like about her. Keep reminding yourself that she has a lot of great qualities. And don't pick on that one. bad quality. You yourself, if you're not perfect yourself, Subhan Allah.

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And since we have two minutes. Last one is

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it is recommended for a man to be playful with his wife and do lawful things that would entertain her and bring joy to her heart. This was the practice of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam? Yeah, when Allah Subhana Allah, He did not teach us only how to pray and how to how to go and perform agency and he also taught us how to be romantic to your wife. When is the last time you fed your wife? A piece of food, you put something in her mouth? Let's smash it on her face and you just put it in her mouth honey.

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What is the last time that you're saying you want to follow the sun? Now this is a similar

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one this Sunday Allah let's skip it.

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Skip this.

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One, we can choose from the sun. He used to feed the feed Allah and and after she drinks, she looks for his lips and she drinks from this. Why do you think we are taught these things we could have? We could have been hidden these things you never heard of them. But when we hear about them, that means try as much as you can to implement them in your life.

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So much I sell them his life was open book Subhanallah for how he ate how he drank when everything was there, everything is open clear. You read it Subhanallah so cuddling, salatu salam Kulu che inlays if he decreed Allah for who allow?

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For who Allahu wa sallahu wa ala herba

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everything that does not involve the remembrance of Allah is senseless and waste

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except for

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a man entertaining his wife.

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Number one, a man training his horse, a man between

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walking between two posts and they're practicing archery

00:23:15 --> 00:23:18

and teaching someone how to swim.

00:23:20 --> 00:23:50

Four things number one is a man entertaining his wife being playful with his wife joking around with his wife, not you go inside frowning. You leave the house frowning. Yeah. Okay. What is your coming toward? Anyway, you're coming, you're coming to your home, you're coming to your family, smiley. Baby before you go to the house. Take off all your problems and leave them with your shoes. I'm sure you leave your shoes outside. Take all your problems, put them with the shoes. This is where the dunya belongs. Leave it with the shoes. Leave it with the shoes,

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put some cologne take some cologne with you in the car, put some calm before you go inside. Make a put a smile on your face. Try to make it real as much as you can. Sometimes it comes out fake try to make it real and listen

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and go inshallah to Allah hoping that Allah subhanaw taala will make all our homes full of love and mercy. May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who apply what they hear in sha Allah Allah. May Allah protect our woman, may Allah protect our children. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us all. Zach Mala here America la freecom Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Salah next week is the last week with with the waves and then we go to the husband's rights inshallah.

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