Ramadan 27, 1440-2019 – Laylatul Qadr

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a night where the number of angels on Earth is larger than the number of pebbles. The chef decides to make a number of deeds for the night and encourage the community to make a promise. The transcript also describes a business that will save people money and mentions a woman who is supposed to make a profit.
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of the Quran.

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We just heard our Imam recite Subhanallah one tonight is one of the one of the best nights of the year, or these nights or one of the greatest nights of the year. And tonight specifically because it's an odd night.

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If it was a little further like one like way you look at, or the Allahu Allah, He said, I know what light it is. It is the night of the 27th.

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The number of angels on earth are more than the number of pebbles. Tonight.

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The number of angels on earth, including Jabril Alayhis Salam are more than the number of pebbles it's a peaceful night. Tonight. The chef just decided yeah.

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Yeah. Many men who

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never do what

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or who you believe have Taqwa of Allah azza wa jal and put forward for tomorrow. Prepare yourself for tomorrow. Make as much good deeds as you can for tomorrow. And there's no better tonight to do as many good deeds as tonight. Everything tonight you start with salad you get tired with salad read. You get tired reading Quran make this be it you finish this be make do. Do not stop for a second. Do not stop. We have 350 or 360 days or 55 days to sleep tonight, man. Oh my god. There's no sleeping. Where can where can Oh Connie in Amina Neelima Yeah, Joan, Allah subhanho wa Taala when he was describing the 13th May Allah make us all among them. He said they used to hardly sleep. And

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that was in regular nights. They used to hardly sleep. Allahu Akbar. So tonight here one, a lot of you have for yourself. Do Art for your parents. Do Art for your children. Do art for the Ummah do for the community. Ask Allah subhanaw taala tonight to keep the hearts of your children steadfast on his team. Please I beg you a lot of my brothers the parents, my sisters, the mother the mother's please make them out of for your children tonight, please and every single night, every single night not only in Ramadan, every soldier make dua for them. This is the best thing we can do for them. Make a lot of sincerely from the bottom of your heart. We're going to hear tonight. Yeah you Halina.

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Hello Adam Lokum teacher.

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Can you imagine a very influential, very rich person stand up here? And he said

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Ladies and gentleman, I'm gonna teach you a business

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that will make you millions and billions of dollars. We will become all ears right? All ears Sasha

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all ears. Now who's saying this? Allah azza wa jal? Yeah, he had many men not me Allah Yama. Hell don't look him. tj

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and tj in tune G come in either been early. I'm gonna teach you I'm gonna tell you about a business that will save you from severe punishment. What is it?

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What is it yeah Allah. You are the one who gives the mercy and gives the punishment so you're telling us I'm going to teach you I'm going to tell you about a business that will save you from the torment.

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Yeah a your hand in

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hand I don't know commander

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Ji Min other bien le him. To me.

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He also only were Tujuh he don't if he said he'll in.

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Be leikam

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fusi come strong believe in Allah and His Prophet strong believe this is the DNL hack no matter what they say. This is the deen and Huck this Deen will be victorious. This Deen will be victorious and we bet Allah azza wa jal to use us to make it victorious. Definitely you should not have a doubt in your heart that this is the only game

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but to Jahai dune and you perform Jihad visa vie Allah with your wealth with yourself.

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We cannot do it with our sons with your wealth. Allah said rally come first. And then one physical. Give visa Bill Allah

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any dollar you spend tonight sponsoring an orphan giving sponsor

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During a widow helping the message will be multiplied many many forms you have to have your clean We will also hear what I

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mean cuddly Yet to Come will not mean cuddly to

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before death comes and then he will say Ya Allah please bring me back. Ya Allah please. Who's telling us this year one? The one who's going to take our soul yeah Allah bring me back What do you want to do for a sub duck? We always hear this and we think that the chef is saying it so we can spend money Habibi, these are these are the words of Allah bring me back for a sub duck. I want to give them sadaqa

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tonight is the night here one please do not waste any time not any not a second. Any anytime you want to move your lips lawmen?

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allah sallallahu I think he was selling them to his most beloved Isha most beloved.

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He did not tell her 700 800 He said yeah, if you witnessed anything other Allah Houma in Mecca to hit

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because of that is answered

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you for

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tonight all the matters of the next year are determined tonight. So when the schedule when the decree for next is being made, that Allah see us begging him and crying and tearing and putting our heads in the ground ya Allah Ya Allah make this night make this year that is coming a year that I will be worshiping you to the best of my ability and I will finish with this. The Sheikh just decided what to call know whether takuna can fit in and so

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Fusa home and do not be like the people who forget Allah

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do not be like the people who only remember Allah in Ramadan. Do not be like the people who only remember Allah in a little cutter

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no yeah one

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drop of Ramadan is the same group of Chawan the same number of Shaveh and the same number of villager same make a promise tonight ya Allah are you beg you in this blessed night ya Allah to make me closer to you? Ya Allah make all the bad that easy for me to perform. My sister you are suffering with the hijab. Yeah, Allah beg Allah azza wa jal. Yeah Allah make the hijab the proper hijab. Yeah, Allah make it easy for me. My brother, you are involved in Riba and you're wondering how can you get out tonight is the night yeah Allah Ya Allah. I promise you I will never go back to me but yeah, Allah I beg you help me close this loan. Yeah, Allah, Allah if you are sincere. What's a million

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dollar to Allah azza wa jal, Allah He will bless your sources you've never expected

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Allah in Nikka foon to hipbone Alpha Allahumma, INEC alpha 123451 Allahumma in Alpha One, two Hipple alpha five one awesome Allah and Amina Muhammad Ali.