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AI: Summary © The "has" in religion is misused and can lead to false accusations and misuse of the "has." The La ilaha illala includes sharia law, hoots, and tenable words for worship, as well as false accusations of origin. The "has" in religion can lead to false accusations and misuse of the "has." A woman reciting "the" in Spanish and another woman reciting "the" in Arabic is also mentioned, while a news announcement about a woman testing positive for COVID-19 is also mentioned.
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how are you

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how are you

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stay in stuff you want to also be let him in Cerulean fusina on the sea RTR Molina Mejia de la Philomel Villa from a huge lil fella Haryana, where shadow

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Allah was the whole Shanika kinda. Were shadowing the Mohammedan additive or pseudo another add your photo SubhanaHu wata if he could tell him Kareem yeah he already in

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law have 242

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The community

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will follow coming has old

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lovers serving humanity John, Kathy hello and when he says

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he does

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he will

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Yeah, you

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know, said either you sleep here, come

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on over come with me up

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for the first 1000 Alima and that thing, local Hadith Kitab Allah,

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, or shadow memoriam. To her. We're currently in beta, but couldn't live with that in Bala Akula Bella

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my respected beloved brothers and sisters.

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They ask Allah azza wa jal to bless me and you

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with sincerity and all that we say and all that we do, I mean

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the most important and the best area in the Quran is AYATUL kursi.

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Most of us if not all of us, have memorized it by heart.

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Today in sha Allah Allah will be discussing that after it 256 Al Baqarah

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learn it Kara Dean

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cut in a rush to minute hurry.

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That may work for a bit poor hood,

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where you mean Billa *er the stem circa below what Eleuthero learn lymphie samatha wala who sent me on a limb

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no compulsion in religion

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no compulsion in religion, the right the right path has been or become distinct from the wrong path. So whomsoever

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this believe in both and believe in Allah.

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Then he has grasped affirm handhold which will never break.

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And Allah azza wa jal is all hearing all knowing

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it Graha 15

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no compulsion in religion what does that mean? Iqra who and

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Allah fail learners who are failure and your failure?

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It means to fall

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someone to do something. That person does not see any good in what you are forcing him to do.

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And hear their cries about the deen. What does that mean? That means I cannot we are not allowed to force anyone to become a Muslim.

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We are not allowed to force anybody to become a Muslim. If Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted, he would have made everybody Muslim ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, Well, I will share our book lamb and men fill out of the Quran Jamia? If Allah wishes, everybody would have become a believer like Rafi Diem. Now, unfortunately, many people misuse this area.

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Like we said, this area is to be used by non Muslims.

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Unfortunately, some Muslims you tell the Brother Why don't you pray? Sister? Why don't you wear the hijab? Brother? Why don't you fast brother? Let it go half again.

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no compunction indeed. No Have you been here it does not work.

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The minute you believe in La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah, all the rules and regulations of la ilaha illa Allah becomes applicable to you. And if you are in a Sharia law, you will be punished for not doing them you cannot say you cannot remind me you cannot force me.

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So people misuse this area. As a Muslim you do not use this area. Somebody asked you Brother why you're not fasting. It's Ramadan. No, no, no. nanocraft Dean, no, you cannot use that. You are a Muslim. You said that Allah Allah Allah you have to abide by Allah's laws.

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Lake Rafi dim cut TV and a Russian Mina Loy.

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A Russian means the path

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to salvation.

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And lie is the path to destruction. And Allah is saying this is clear. And that is clear. They are both clear.

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Russian leads you to Jana and he leads you to hellfire.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala which is the topic of my football, the pillars of la ilaha illa Allah we finished all the conditions of la ilaha illa Allah. Now we are discussing the pillars of la ilaha illallah Salah as pillars, right? Cin has pillars has just pillars without the pillar what does the pillar mean? A pillar means that a bad without that pillar is void. For example, if I stand up right now want to pray, and I say Allahu Akbar and I said and if Nam mean all the way to middle Jeanette evenness and I did not read the fattier the Salah is void even though I read the whole Quran

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Fatiha is the rockin is a pillar. I go to Hajj I did everything 100 times but I did not go to herefor

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has just gone right similarly La Ilaha illa Allah has spinners without them you are not a Muslim.

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And those pillars are too and they are in the area. Lake Rafi deemed to be in a rush to mineral re femora yet for a bit for hood where you mean biller? focal distance aka Bill coil and fee formula, a lot of thought

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it means there ilaha illallah

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another scholar said it leaves Islam another said Amen. All of them go under ilaha illallah it means I have to do one kosher the Torah hoot to Eman Allah then I am with a Sikh I'm holding very tight to La Ilaha illa Allah I cannot have come from the hood alone and I cannot have in me let alone and this is the problem you have one if I ask you. When was the last time you heard the hotbar that mentioned the hood.

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And till now I'm 100% sure that many of us do not know what a hoot means, even though it's a wrinkle of Allah.

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I have to have a hoot first Allah put it first then Eman Billa. All we know about is Imam Billa. Eman Billa and Malika obey Allah pray fast. But have you ever discussed from a thought?

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It's a pillar of la ilaha illa Allah both of them together constitute La Ilaha illa Allah

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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he told us in another area what occurred Daphna, what is the delille that these are pillars of Lila and Walla Walla? Fie

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rasuna we have sent to every nation in Messenger

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listen how clear in your Arabic is simple. We have sent to every Amma a messenger why Ya Allah?

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And yeah good Allah was Danny buta hoot.

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This is the secondary the first delete the area with discussing the second allele. The second evidence that they both come together is this area here. Welaka bafna. We have sent to every nation of messenger to do what? Worship Allah do a word of Allah and was Danny boo. The word is Danny Boo is the biggest form of haram. The highest level of Haram is when you see is tenable. What's the evidence Allah uses tenable for worshipping items. Allah uses tenable for drinking alcohol. Allah use the stonybrook CONUS zoo for false testimony. Very big sins Allah used with them is Danny boo. Shun, avoid, stay away from

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he used the same verb for thought. So both of these constitute the Ilaha illa Allah full of stuff for Allah stuff in our whole

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Smilla salatu salam ala Mala Anna via bad La Ilaha illa Allah it constitutes of Nephi wife that Nephi law

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is that confirmation Illa Allah like I said before, you have to have both. If you say let alone you're an atheist, if you say il Allah alone that means that could be possibly somebody else other than Allah, it has to be both together La Ilaha yet for the for hood, il Allah human biller.

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For example, I have just recited I just want to build this so you know how deep the topic is. And unfortunately, hardly hardly anybody discusses

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when the UK Allah wa Sula, who funfairs efos and Aviva

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I'm sorry, but obey Allah and His Prophet, then he is he has reached the ultimate success.

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If somebody says, I want to obey Allah alone, I don't want to be the Messiah seldom, he's out. If somebody wants to say I want to be 100 only other one obey Allah, he's out. Similarly.

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Go from the hood and Eman Billa both both

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have to be established in order to be a Muslim. What is the culture buta hood that will be the topic of our next football alumni Amica liberal colored fabric kolomela allergenic Allahumma Yama sorrowful, follow some of kuruva illogic ya allah mica slipped by La Ilaha illa Allah and make us die by Allah in our hidden Allah Ya Allah make our last words in Allah Ya Allah make our last deeds our best deeds. Yeah Allah bless our children and protect them from any harm. Yeah Allah Karim Johanna Rahimi, just like you gathered us here gathers with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa Salam on the Day of Judgment, me and your bill Alameen in Allahumma that you can focus on knowing that and

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maybe you had somebody who was dealing with a slimmer Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Allah Allah Allah Muhammad can isolate that Ebrahim

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Rahim in Naka Hamidah Majid along with Eric Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad

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Ibrahim while Ernie Ibrahim in Amina Majeed la sala de

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la like

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a shadow of

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a headwind

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all Oh, how y'all are solid they

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Oh, to tell you

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Allah Hi Kevin

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Ellison Doolin here have been

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Rocky rocking Maliki Omi Dean.

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He can Anbu doy he kind of stirring

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is you know sweet all told him was stepping sit Alton levena and him are you ready now do we

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go on

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last three in Santa Fe who's

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in the lady in

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soybeans healthy soul this solemn

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sunny hola hola lemon honey

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hola hola como

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hola Hi Kannada

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hola hola como

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Elson dude in here have been around me

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a lot now rakhna and you're rocking Maliki only getting ear canal boy he kind of staying is you know sweet all told him stepping said Otto lady you know Lena and in warrior in our movie

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on Allah Sana lemme le Duan Mu lead while Aamir Khan Khufu and

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send me Allahu naman Hamidah

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Allahu icon

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said I'm Anil Kumar

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Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.

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wa barakato please remain seated until your row comes. In the meantime, inshallah Tada. We have few announcements.

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There is a very Brother, brother Amir Askari, his wife is in serious condition in the ICU with a brain tumor.

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And we have an entire family of seven that was Subhanallah tested with COVID and the whole family is suffering severely so please do not take this as a joke the numbers are going up unbelievable