Pillars of La Ilaha Illa Allah #2 Disbelieve in Al Taghout

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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long like monologue

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How do you

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How are you

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hey hang

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Nelsonville enough enough men who want to stain who want to stop through when we let him in Cerulean fusina on and say yeah Dr. Molina May the healer who Fela model when the yodeling fella heard you were shadowing in Hola. Hola Cherie Keller were shadow and Mohammed and other two who are solo and Ben Yehuda. subhanho wa Taala Vicky topical cream ale Helene men

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to call it 112 Muslim Moon Yeah, are you

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ready Hello Falcon mean FC Wahida wahala calm come in.

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Whether sending hamari John. Cassie, when he's

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gonna be

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Morocco Eva, you're a Latina man or

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do you sleep

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Why Oh?

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Come on me you're in

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for the first 1000 All the mom and dad thing nice local Hadith Kitab Allah or Phelan had you had you Mohammed bin, Salman Allahu alayhi wa sallam was shot.

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To her. We're calling them the 13 beta, but

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we're gonna let him finish from Ahmedabad, my dear beloved, respected brothers and sisters, I ask Allah azza wa jal to bless us with sincerity in all that we say and all that we do. I mean, you're blind I mean, in our last hopper and the people who have not attended the previous football, please go and watch it because today is a continuation of last week's cookbook. We discussed briefly about the idea after AYATUL kursi when Allah subhanho wa Taala said from a yak for a bit for hood, where you mean biller *er distance or cable or whatever? And he said that La ilaha illallah has to rockin has two pillars and both of them combined constitute La ilaha illallah I cannot have Cooper

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Tahoe alone and I cannot have Imen Billa Billa alone it has to be both together to constitute La ilaha illallah which is a local Woodcock a lot what was called is in a halal Allah five

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we ended last week by saying that what is

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a hoot and what does it mean? Go for the hood since it's a pillar of la ilaha illallah and without ilaha illallah the rest of the pillars do not mean anything. If my Allah Allah Allah has weak if minor Allah Hey Mama has not established what does my salah and my cm and my husband my schedule, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada told us that whosoever commit shirk his the Elohim Allah has not established

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all the other zero.

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So it's imperative for the Muslim in order to protect his La ilaha illallah to know what does a town mean and what does it go for be mean.

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Linguistically the word Taha

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Tolkien Tahu is from the word Tanga. Tanga. Tanga means to transgress to go beyond the limit. Allah says in the Quran in lemma Hamelech Winfield geria when the man on the water went beyond limits, we put new Halle Islam and its people in the floating boat.

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When Allah spoke to Musa is the hub Isla Farah owner in Tahoe go to frowned because frowned has transgressed to this is the word linguistically. What does it mean to Tolkien and tahu

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our Imams? Our scholars have explained the meaning of the hood in the Sharia meaning, Imam Malik Rahim Allah He said, fatherhood is everything that is worshipped other than Allah subhanho wa taala. Emmanuel, according to be Rahim, Allah said, everything that is worship besides Allah, such as the Shaitan, the SU Sayers, the idols and everyone that calls to misguidance. All these are power hit him, don't call him Rahim Allah He said, That which is exceeded by the servant, beyond its limits, whether it is the respect, whether it is with respect to following worshipping, or obedience to other and then even on camera him Allah, He said, a power heat are many, but their heads are five,

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for heat, or many, and their heads are five, number one on the top of alto, who is Iblees. Second, the one who is worship, and is pleased with that worship.

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Third, the one who claims anything from the knowledge of the Unseen is a thought Hoot, the one who calls people to worship him as a thought hood and the one who judges by other than that which Allah revealed, thinking that it is equal or better than the Hukam of Allah. He's a major thought hoot. I repeat the last one, whosoever rule

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or judge by anything other than Allah thinking and believing that his hokum is equal or better than the Hukm of Allah, he's a major thought.

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What does it go for be that gopher be means. Number one. It means to disbelieve in all that,

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to this belief that the soothsayers are truthful, to this belief that any rule other than the rule of Allah is fake and not valid.

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We have some people, especially in our countries, back home, they go

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To the soothsayers, and they believe what they, what they say to them. And the Silversides tell them he said, whosoever believes them, * the carabiner on Zillow, Allah Muhammad, he has left Islam

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to shun that believe, to hate that believe, to hate that poor hood. This is what it means to cover the hood. This believing in the hood is not just uttering I disbelieve in the hood, it's a way of life. It's a way of life this believing in the fatherhood is a way of life.

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Now, somebody might say, we are forced sometimes to go by rulings that are not according to the ruling of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Listen to this carefully. f1 A and number 60 In Surah Nisa

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LM Tara Isla Levine is the homeowner and will be on Zillow in Acre warmer on Zillow, public URI Duna yet a hard

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worker the only route a yet photo

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Don't you see me Muhammad gods who claim that they are Muslims, they claim that they they believe in in the Quran. And they claim that they believe in everything that was revealed before you, but they prefer they like to go to the How come of the bow hood to the rule other than the rule of Allah was the only rule and they were commanded by Allah to commit kufr with it, to shun it to reject it. When you read a chiffon or you belong God and either it's a fantasy if you go to court you get more money

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where you need to shave on a you belong under either. And the shaytaan wants him to go away out

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of the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala Bluecoat you had the stuff that Allah for stuff you don't know for Rahim

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Salam wa salatu salam ala manana via

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Allah subhanho wa Taala told us Ilam and olkaria were called Mohammed Menon, Bill Eman. Sometimes you are forced to follow a rule that other than the rule of Allah. Allah said, if you were forced, but your heart

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but your heart is firm and Eman, it's okay.

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how about not hating it at all? How about supporting the poor who would

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listen to this. If I tell you, this guy is very, very strong and this guy is strong. This guy is weak, and this guy is the weakest. That means after this guy, there's nobody. Masala, say Selim told us change with your hand.

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Then he said, change with your tongue.

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And then he said hate it with your heart. And then he said extremely important statement you have one and that is the weakest of inand. When we say this is the weakest of Eman. What does it mean right after that? There's no Amen.

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So how about I'm not even hating it? In my heart. I'm not even I'm pleased with it. I'm supporting it.

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The least we kissed off in and after that there's nothing else.

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And this is my advice to my brothers and sisters who go

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and interfaith interfaith is extremely important, especially for us living in the West. But be very careful. Some people fall into that statement. Oh, you call him Jesus. You call him YAHWAH. You call him Buddha. And we call him Allah. We are all the same. You're out of the slum.

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You're out. You're supposed to hate. You're supposed to hate not the non believer to hate his belief. You're supposed to hate his belief in Brahmin come when we met I will do it I mean dune Allah can become well being

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other than HUD took me no biller here. So

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we are innocent from what you worship other than Allah and California because we just believe in what you believe. And we have shown enmity and hatred to what you believe that it has to be clear that you hate anyone, but hate him personally hate his belief that he says that Allah has

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Listen, you hate it. You don't hate the person because the person could be your father. You're a Muslim and your father's not Muslim. And Allah ordered us to be friends with them. It could be your wife, you're gonna hate your wife, you hate and she knows that you hate that belief. She must bet it's clear. They must know that you hate that belief, but you respect them and you treat them like a lot of us learn how come Allah and Allah

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Allah did not prevent us to treat them with respect and honor. But they must know that I cannot stand that you are claiming that Allah has a son Lukka digit che and it occurred to similar to yet

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what unshackle of water

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and that will arise

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when you say that Allah has a son. Allah is telling us not me. Anytime I say something from my mind come and attack me. But when I say it's called Allahu kala soon go back to Quran and Sunnah. Allah says in surah Maryam, you have claimed that Allah has a son. The mountains are shaking. The Earth is a Sundering

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just because you said Allah has a son. They have to know that I hate that belief. I'm against that belief. Maybe that person have given something great invented something great for humanity. I respect him. I like him for that a lot. But he has to know that I hate that belief.

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May Allah subhanaw taala make us understand that our deen the topic is very huge and then trauma we will continue you Allah subhanaw taala Make a slip on that Allah and Allah and die on that in our hand Allah Allah ma Fernando de Nova Noah slough and FEMA Nina with a bit of damage on certain I will call me Catherine Allah ma Malema to headwater la Allahumma one NFE Hyderabad Yara Brian Amin alumna

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Dr. hamre he mean, alarm everything was slimming if he couldn't be McCann yarrabilba alameen in Allah home and Erica saloon and maybe you're somebody who was selling with a steamer Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Allah Ali Muhammad wa ala Salah tickle

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long like

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a shadow

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a shadow one number

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all hang on a solid

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Palma de sala alogue

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Elson during here have been learning rathna And your Rafi. Maliki only thing he can do though he kind of styrene

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it you know sweet autonomous stuffing

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Serato leadin and Lee him are you really know

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him well on clean

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call in O'Meara two and

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Haemophilus on level Dean O'Meara tullian Hakuna one Muslim in gold in a thoughtful in Nasai Torah being a woman of the golden

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fleece on level Jeanne Fabu Dumas she

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Dooney call in Aloha serine and Lady nakasu foster home Le me a woman

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Luca whole

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movie in the home millions healthy him look

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at him

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the holy cow you're away from Allah who be here.

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You're a defector on one levena Gitana boo

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boo boo Illa Bushra for the Sheree bird Allah

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DNA istemi owner Luca Tebbe, owner Sena owner you can let in

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more when

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you go home Oh

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send me Allah Honeyman Hamidah

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Allah hi hello

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hola hola como

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en North McCullum?

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Al handling here have been lemme

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our rock man you're rocking man Maliki will make the mean he cannot avoid any kind of Stein, Idina swear autonomous stuffing spirit on letting

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him or you ready now do we have him on the screen? In

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bullhorn Allahu

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Allahu Samad let me lead you on a meal while I'm here color who foreign

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semi Allah Who naman Hamidah

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hola hola como

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hola hola como

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Ascena Alikum warahmatu.

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Hello, just before we leave Inshallah, the mother in law of our brothers some testimony, and also the Father for brother, Muhammad Nasir Dean Siddiqui also passed away and then we have few brothers and sisters that are sick in the community. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive their sins. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant them the highest