Ebrahim Bham – Importance of Knowledge in Islam

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of learning in Islam, particularly in various fields like medicine, business, and school education. They stress the need for individuals to acquire knowledge and support it, as well as the importance of practicing and bringing expertise to the public. The history and success of women's health programs in India and the importance of educating children on the topic are also discussed. The segment emphasizes the need for parents to see to it and not "by the way" for political reasons, as well as the importance of bringing up the idea of "by the way" for risk. The segment also touches on the difficulties of learning Islam and the importance of men acquiring it for risk.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam wa salam ala Nabi Avada. Amara Ruffalo Mila Hamina Shea corner Wajima Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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Bismillah beacon Livia Haluk Sara kala who nauseum? My dear respected elders and brothers,

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we are aware that it is the beginning of the educational year in our country. So this year this week, we saw the beginning of schools, and many educational institutes start off the educational year with the beginning of the calendar, or at least the Gregorian calendar. And I thought it would be most appropriate that we speak on the importance of knowledge and the different categories of knowledge. And what does Islam tell us about knowledge? To show us the importance of knowledge? What can we say other than to see the first worry that was revealed? That Allah subhanho wa taala. Will Amma have written that the greatest period between ambientali mu Salatu was Salam was the period

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between essentially salat wa salam and our beloved nivia cream sauce and lie in the Holy Quran in the six Supatra in the six Jews in Surah, ma ADA has made mention of it as a term for trata ye that for a long period of time, there was no way that came down from Almighty Allah. He Salim Salam and Nivea cream sauce last time they were over 650 years now working and when the first word he that came after 600 years, over 600 years was Accra read an indication towards knowledge, knowledge, he correct bismi Arabic read in the name of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. I will towards the end inshallah give you an indication with regard to Why did Allah say read in the name of Almighty Allah

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read, but in the name of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. This shows us the importance of

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knowledge in Islam, Italia mi Sol, KP Dion, or Amina Omnicell chalky agar who Sula Imperva ki Jai Ito Manasa Olga subset Pelagia, we're here to Islam may Allah subhanahu wa Tada new Tara yeah wahi Ilam ki a mere poetry subset energy away and Usool eight mu cactus Ferizaj Nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has set the level of Farina tune Allah Kula Muslim. The acquiring of knowledge is a for us. It's a compulsion upon each and every believer to acquire knowledge is a compulsion and further support each and every believer. Now when you say that Islamic said acquiring of knowledge is for us and compulsory upon every believer, then if you say an ignorant Muslim, how can it be

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possible? How is it possible to say an ignorant Muslim when the acquiring of knowledge is for us? He we're not supposed to have it's a must know more to say an ignorant Muslim. And yeah who Soulier eliminate mocha test for his ice cream sauce alumna her musalman to prefers gas. Or Ferro Yaquina K Jha Hill musalman Yeah. Islamize Kimata homenaje da neki acetate cake Jaya, muscle mana jotka Islam net? Who Sula Remko first crowd. Now the one point that does come into what is for us, it's not far as upon each and every one to become an MA and a BA and a Ph. D. What is for us? What is compulsory, very important

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for us, constantly Elon for us. Will Am I have written it's not for us that will be coming each and every one becomes an alarma each and every one becomes an expert in medicine. Although in today's time everyone is an expert in everything. In social media today, everyone is an expert in everything. So if a person who is a doctor, a person who is a Allium he is now giving giving fatwas and is giving medical opinion. Today this is a situation unfortunately, but Islam itself Falola forum in Cooley Farah kata minimum 30 Fotolia, taka houfy Deen, what a beautiful verse and it opens up vistas of knowledge for us. Allah says in every community, it should be a group of people die for

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to Leah de facto for deed, they must have in depth knowledge of Deen

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What does it say not everyone is going to become an alum, not everyone is going to become an Allama. Perhaps it is not even the system of Allah Tada. We need people in different fields. So if everyone is only going to go in one field what happens to the other fields? So Allah Allah says, try to lead the photography in one group of people who will gain in depth knowledge of Dean. So this tells us that it's not compulsory for everyone to become an alum to become an alumna to become a PhD, or Lama have written what is for us that every first everything that is compulsory in Islam, to know about that for us is compulsory.

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To know about that for us is compulsory if for example Salat is upon you, it is compulsory for you to know how to read Salat. If Hajj becomes compulsory and you are going for Hajj, it is compulsory for you to know the basic method of how to perform fudge. If you are opening up a business, it is compulsory for us at Cooper to know what is halal and haram in business. Yes, there are certain times when you find certain things that are extra ordinary things that are complicated and you can ask the allium but the basic messiah of digital era it's compulsory for you to know what is halal and what is haram. As an Emirati Allah Allah nice time used to send people out in the bazaars,

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anyone who did not know the Messiah of business, he should go and learn it first and then open up a business. So that is something that is compulsory. Now that is with regard to what is compulsory, her yet gaffers chip Nivea cream sauce limnic ik hula

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hula Monica has Sharia Kihara Sharkey Limca was sold for as an alien for ice car Jana Surya for ICEcat Jana Surya Joe for us. Hey, Omar Hooper. Who's got Jana? Yeah, yes, Rudy. Yeah, yeah, for us. And then, of course, it tells us the importance of mcta It tells us the importance of madressa now Alhamdulillah South Africa has got a system that by and large people have always throughout the world, the speaker automatically says our syllabus, our madressa syllabus is used throughout the world. Alhamdulillah so this is compulsory. This mucked up is so important. Has it Mahna Mahna Mahna Mahna Rahmatullah Lee has written, make, make arrangements for the primary education, Islamic

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education of your children.

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Otherwise rest them to become rooted.

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make proper arrangements for the Islamic education of your children, otherwise risk that they will become mortal. This is so important today we don't give importance to madrasah education. This is the primary education which is for us upon each and every Muslim as a Mormon. So now Menominee Lika qiaprep chokyi Tarbiat K was the object of jihad, correct? We're gonna we're not gonna Oh, satire. Kawamata Raja Allama. Iqbal went to Spain in 1932. And when he came back, he said and he came back and he right he said, I now tell you to not regard as insignificant this modality switch our Alma teaching it because I have seen the result when there is no mattresses. I have seen the result that

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there is no remnant of Islam left in Spain, because we didn't give enough and sufficient importance with regard to mucked up and Islamic education. He said what will happen in India, at the time there was there was no partition what will happen if you do not pay attention towards our Islamic education, other than the red four, there will be no other legacy or evidence of Islam in India. So, this is very important with the primary madressa is most important I cannot overemphasize this particular regard. Parents we must see to it, our children, they partake and we must see to it they do so with enthusiasm in the Makati

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in the madrasahs today we also have a situation with regard to what we know as a Sri Ohlone contemporary knowledge or sometimes you call it worldly knowledge. There is no worldly knowledge in Islam, everything is deed as long as you do it with a proper intention. Now in this is not haram for us to acquire it. I made mention of it previously, that Imam Ghazali Rahmatullah Allah has written that any branch of knowledge which is indispensable for the welfare of mankind, it is first a key fire for the Omar to acquire that knowledge for a certifier.

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And then he writes in his room, he will hisab like, like medicine and accounting. He says it is for a certifier for the woman to have people who are doctors have people who have medical knowledge so that if people are ill, they can turn towards them. People need accountants, they can tend to watch them. They need people who know the law, they can turn towards them. Any branch of knowledge

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which is indispensable for the welfare of mankind. It is for the key fire for the Muslim to acquire it and Muslims were in the forefront with regard to it. Skill our Assyria, who's actually has a

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visa roja gioca haram Nia, bulky Imam Ghazali chemotactic here for occupy your first occupied fire Musa mancha Chaya care Hum hum cheese may argue or musalman year bought, say whom K jarred carnamah subsea Hargitay Muslims were in the forefront with regard to the inception and expertise in different branches of knowledge. There are so many examples with regard to it, that we can make mention of it. I'll just give you an example. That

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it near Haytham he was the one who taught and the first person who wrote about the Milky Way galaxy. That's a time when people didn't even know about the Milky Way galaxy Imam he he did work in optics, which made possible the world of the media and communication and he even led to the cataract operation. The first person who brought about the cataract operation was evening.

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He spoke about how the button drop which led to the methods of communication that we use today. The social media etc. Hypno Haysom Rama Tulare was amongst those who was in the forefront with regard to it. Evening affise was a first person to to discover the parliamentary blood circulation in the body. The first person to see how the blood circulates in the body was given in a visceral Now, this particular thing in today modern medicine. It is attributed to William Harvey, William Harvey came 300 years after Newfies are in office. We were in the forefront with regard to it. If Messina was a physician at the age of 18. He wrote 450 treaties on education 240 survive. His most famous book the

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book of healing was a standard medical texts and partially translated in English. He is regarded to be the father of early modern medicine. He discovered the contagious nature of infectious diseases.

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He was the one who showed the world that there is something like a contagious disease disease. So this is something that we have the first medical peer review was written by Aranui. To review everyone talks about peer reviews. In the academic circles. It was Muslims who brought it out the Muslims who introduced peer review, it was Muslims who first discovered inoculation, what we today call a vaccination, not agenda and testier to treat cow pox. The West just brought it from Turkey. I'm just giving you examples with regard to this, that we were in the forefront of all of that. And we have gone in the background we have receded. Today we talk about you know this and this one is

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doing so Big Pharma is doing so this one is doing so why are they doing so because you have left the vacuum. If you had been in the forefront, you would have been doing it. You have you have four or 500 years ago you were doing it in Spain, we were in the forefront, we were the one who are giving solutions to the

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the diseases of the world. We have receded we are not there in the forefront. Someone else took it over. You can blame someone else they after. And this are the future lies in our hands. But our future with regard to our future is with with together with spirituality. Together with the budget, together with turning towards Almighty Allah lies in education. We haven't regrets learning, he loses the past. And he doesn't have any particular plan for the future. This is very important. And even so with regard to ours even go a step further and say even with regard to female education. When we look at our history, we find that female scholars were very prominent in our history. From

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the time I was in Asia to the Allahu TA has it have sat at the Allahu ta who made that data the Allahu ta there were so many great scholars. Today people talk about nursing. And when they talk about nursing, they talk about Florence Nightingale there was a post that was recently very prominent in social media that the first person who was an expert in terms of nursing was a Muslim woman. I think her name was Amara she was the one and was so so great amount of posts that came about Fatima Alfieri in in Morocco, founded the Tehran University. She established for Kara one university, the first Masjid in South Africa, that was established the material over the land was

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made work of by a Muslim woman. So if our Muslim woman today show any particular enthusiasm towards a particular career that is beneficial, we must encourage them and give them terbium and see to it they do it in the correct manner with the proper regulations and the proper conditions.

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Has it mana Tamarama coolala in his Kitab and fossa isa had said contemporary knowledge must be acquired with certain conditions. One of the conditions he has written is when you are acquiring contemporary knowledge, keep in Taluk with Islamic books and Islamic Calama so if there was Tommy Palama must be the older man must be in the forefront of guiding those students. This is what hasn't Matan rampolla is written in his Kitab and fossa. So contemporary knowledge we must be in the forefront right. However, after making mention of the importance of our Makati where we must be in terms of our our, you know, education what we known as contemporary Megatokyo Johanna was may or may

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argue but Natalia? i Sorry. oluwo may or may argue but Natasha, or hamara Batchelder was McCoy. They'll just be like a donkey? He might have Zachary or on Ketopia Correct. K usco adakah Orosco hustle curry, look at his showcase at what Mark is at Albuquerque or Islam or hamari Deen case at Albuquerque, then of course, the important point is that our knowledge is very important that there is a basis for our knowledge. These are maksud hamari Ilam, Kibera.

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KPJ said what is the objective otherwise will become like you know, they say there's a very interesting incident I read and I heard somewhere that you know, a student was studying a student was studying. So he wrote to his father, to see when a student the greatest reason with regard to concern for a Muslim student, or student anyway I started outside I know, he is when he has no money.

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So they say they used to say that the parent if you want a reply, for his letters, the time they used to send letters or communication to his son, if he wants a reply, he must send an envelope and say I'm sending money in this envelope and he must not send the money you will see how quickly the sun will reply. So one particular some he wrote to his father he sent a message to his father

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no man a short for money no man no fun your son. What is it? No man no fun your son

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father was also very clever to bed so said you're dead.

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So what you said no man no fun your son. So the by a father replied, What did he reply to bed so said you're dead. So what is the objective with regard to the what why do we gain knowledge? process this is very important. We do not gain knowledge in Islam to earn risk. The biggest mistake we make.

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I find it very, very difficult to understand this. People say, you know, learn this there's a lot of money in it. Are you going to acquire knowledge for money? Knowledge which is sacred knowledge that you are supposed to earn to come closer towards Almighty Allah knowledge which you earn to serve humanity? Have you reduced it only to make few coppers money? Do you make Do you earn knowledge? Reduce something so noble? into something so ordinary? We don't earn we don't we don't learn to earn. We learn to come closer to one mile to Almighty Allah, we learn to serve

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this particular aspect Nivea cream sauce, lamb sought protection

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that we never get him Salah when he said I'm short Allah's protection that actually dunya Akbar Amina wala mobile Naga elimina Allah don't let me learn knowledge for the sake of dunya. Today everyone is learning knowledge for the sake of dunya. What is it Ali? What is a learned person who is a learned person? A learned person is he who comes closer towards Almighty Allah, who has good luck, who shows it in his dealings with people in the Maya Shala I mean everybody here Allah, that Allah ma are those who turn and who fear Allah subhana wa Tada. Every branch of knowledge must take us towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. And if it doesn't take us towards Almighty Allah, then

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we must question that particular knowledge. If a knowledge does not bring you closer towards Almighty Allah, and knowledge does not make you great in your o'clock, where at knowledge does not make, you know, humble, then that particular knowledge is not not not the real objective of knowledge in Islam. Imam Malik Rama Kohli, someone came from North Africa to Medina to meet Imam Malik, right to Lolly, and he said, My village people have sent me. They said Imam Malik is the greatest alum of the time go and ask him this particular Islam. This particular question. Imam Malik thought thought thought is I don't know the answer

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is I don't know the answer. He said what I'm going to tell my people in their knowledge of them they sent me all the way from there to ask you, he said go and tell them I don't know the answer. Such great humanities people asked him one statistics questions. 22 He said, I agree. I don't know.

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knowledge does not make you arrogant. Knowledge brings you closer to Allah makes you, you know, makes you humble.

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Mantella Well, let me just conclude with this Mantella well, you Jerry B Hill Alama Will you marry his sofa? Oh yes Leafa b He will Johannes e at Hello hula hula Nivea cream sauce Lim said whoever learns knowledge to debate whether Allah MA and whoever learns knowledge to impress and to argue with the foolish and to impress the Allama or to attract the people's attention towards him, Allah would put him in the fire of Jana.

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So my dear respected alums and hula MA and our elders and our scholars, and our our brothers, this is the importance of knowledge, I gave you the importance of Makati, which is first, I gave you the example with regard to contemporary knowledge, how we must acquire it, we must be in the forefront, but with certain conditions. And I also gave you one or two examples with regard to obviously they don't have time to make mention with regard to it, and the importance of the goal of knowledge to come closer towards Almighty Allah. May Allah give us a terrific work

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