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The conversation covers the history and meaning of Islam, including the use of Mr. Olympia's name in various media coverage, events, and events. The "hasith" is often referred to as the "bringing stone" of Islam, and is used to describe a person who is the source of malice. Representatives to achieve something should show respect for Islam's leaders and show value for their actions. The importance of showing respect for Islam's founder and being humble is emphasized, along with the need to show respect for Islam's sister and show value for their book.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah who are gonna get

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salon 100 Allah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah alumni alumni main foreigner on foreigner Mr. Olympia now, was it not Elman Hamra? I mean,

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that's Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us. Benefit astrometry tourists and increase us in knowledge. Ask Allah azza wa jal to bless this gathering and make us from the people at the end of the gathering they will be taught como formula calm. But let's say your article has an amenable Alameen

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sha Allah Tala we will continue with the names of Allah azza wa jal. And today we have an aim. Very special name. Just like the rest of the names. Allah subhanaw taala. He calls himself though Jalali. Well, it Crom Ville Jalali. Well it kromm de Janerio the crown is one of the names of Allah azza wa jal, and it's mentioned in the Quran only twice. And they are both in surah.

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Rahman. They are both in Surah Rahman. And the first one, Allah subhanaw taala said

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Coloman Ali Have

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we ever called Rob Baker don't join Ernie when it comes.

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And the last idea

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that our customer a big

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deal generally will equal. So

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two times in the Quran both in the same Surah Surah Rahman. What does it mean?

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Well, Jalon he is

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the owner of Jalon, the owner of glory, the general

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well, it Crom and he is also the owner of all kinds of honor. So he's the owner of glory and honor, gold Jannali. While a crumb,

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the Lord of Majesty and generosity.

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He is the one who owns each attribute and manner of glory, majesty, superiority, generosity, and honor and honor. They'll Jannetty while a crumb is the source of great splendor and abundance, both, they are both the both times it's mentioned in surah. Trotman, like Like we said,

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Now, when Allah Subhana Allah Allah

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said khulumani Allah you have fun way up webcom Europe DECA

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those generally will occur from the angel said

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the angel said everybody on top of this earth is going to perish.

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They said that all Benny Adam are going to die.

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Then Allah subhana wa Tada said Kulu che in Halle con Allah what watch her then the angels know that they are included. There's a clear when he said couldn't lumen Allah ha ha ha goes back to a fish. Earth right fan. So the angel said we are not.

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We are wrapping the heavens. They said we are not fun. We're gonna stay. Then Allah subhanaw taala in which Surah Kenosha in Halle, Connie Lohja, which Surah

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cosas Excellent. Then when that idea was revealed, then the angels knew that they are also included in

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everything being terminated, except Allah azza wa jal. So, what does the word Jaleel means? Let me give you an example. Because when we give an example Subhanallah it clarifies the meaning

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when someone

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is the Jaleel human being if he's a jelly bean, he is Jelly because of something

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like this person is Julian because of his knowledge, you say Alleman Jerrell right ILM jelly because of his knowledge, this person is very

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famous person, he is jelly. This person is well connected his Jaleel this person

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is the

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eldest in the family and he is very wise he's jelly.

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But when that President or

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the authority is taken away from him,

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the shanann has gone.

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And we've seen it with some presidents.

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Some president is to call themselves molecule Moloch.

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And the last time we saw him he was in a sewage. Right? So

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they are Jaleel because of something that made them jelly. If that thing goes, they're not Jaleel anymore. Allah is the Janelle himself.

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He is the Chanel. He is the honor. He is the gelato himself. He does not need something to make him jelly because he is the Jalon He is perfect in every attribute. And he has no he has no deficiency whatsoever. There's nothing that because of this, Allah is Julian, Allah is Jaleel himself. He is don't generally wear a crown. Allah is don't generally wear a crown. Until he come means what does the crime mean? The Jenelle is the one with honor, that a crime means that he is the source of every Karim. He is the source of every fire. Allah is the source of every hire. That's why when someone gets you a gift of a present, when someone does you a favor, you thank Allah first then you thank

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him or her.

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We sometimes forget about the one who sent that person to me. You know, I am in so much in dire need of something. And then all of a sudden, the brother came and helped me that was very nice of him. But I have to remember who sent him.

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Remember the example I gave and he sent me a gift by mail. Don't forget

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about he sent me a gift by mail. So when the mailman gave me the gift, I hugged the gay mailman and I kissed the mailman and authentic mailman and I did not call a rally

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right when in my head methylene Anna and Tama belong is the best example. When someone does me a favor when someone do something to me, I thank him which is also from the Sunnah, but I do not forget the one who sent him I thank Allah first and we have to Jaquan

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train our children to do that. My son when you want something and it's it took place it happened, thank Allah, then you thank me because I brought it to you. But thank Allah first because Allah is the One who gave me the power and the will to get it through you. So this is the generic will it come every Karim every person that who who is generous, it's because of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada who made him generous.

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Allah subhanaw taala is the Jaleel you know in human nature in general, in general, human nature when they do something, they're expecting something in return. Right? When you do something when you when you even when you give money, you're expecting something in return when you buy something, you get something in return. You do somebody a favor, and if he does, if he doesn't do anything back in return, you get upset, oh he forgot what I have done to him. We always in human nature by nature, we want something in return

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the Jalon will a crumb, no.

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He does not need anything in return.

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Whatever we do, does not benefit him or harm him at all. If all mankind gathered, they will not harm or benefit Allah azza wa jal so he does because he is the general Electrum he does not need anything in return. Whatever we do, from a Baghdad or Muhammad Allah or anything, this is for our own benefit to bring us close to the Jalali will it come?

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Allah subhana wa Tada

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he says

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vilja or let's go back to like every week we we say that the root word of Electrum is from rock meme and Jalil.

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Jeem lamb lamb Jeem lamb lamb type

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how can we use this name in our

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daily life

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and benefit from this name?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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he describes his noble face as being the Jalali hologram.

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So we know you're one. I ask Allah azza wa jal

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with the best of His Names

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He, just like he gathered us here together from the day of judgment with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, and I asked him with the best of his names to make us from the people who see the face of Allah azza wa jal Allahumma led to him now let that another illogical Kareem I mean your Blarney say I mean yeah one.

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So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada saying, you know that his is Elijah, the July they will a crown. So what is it? That Rasulullah sallallahu Tell me something, that if I do constantly, I will be from the people who look at Allah azza wa jal?

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Yes, the answer is yes. But what is that Iman that was almost as salam told us to do constantly that will give us the privilege and the honor of looking at Allah azza wa jal

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anybody knows

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I mentioned this hadith a lot, usually by the middle of the History Month.

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Now we're going to come to that inshallah. What is an action that will avert a suicide Salam said, if you do it constantly, you will see Allah azza wa jal, just like you are seeing this moon in the middle of the month

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everybody's mind I'm gonna say Smash.

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Make everybody smile.

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No, this is a good thing to smile, though.

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We mentioned that many times. I guess you're not concentrating

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, one time he Subhanallah he was with the Sahaba and it was the middle of the month. And in the middle of the month, we all know that the moon is full and shining moon beautiful moon. So he looked at the moon and he said Cetara will not come you will see Allah azza wa jal as clear as we see the small now. Allahu Akbar everybody was so excited from this hub, but

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you have to be constant on two things salad cobbler. Cobbler toleration see we're cobbler grovia Be consistent and to salata and Jana Fraser and acid

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fetcher and acid, that everybody is sleeping and everybody's busy. When you leave everything and you come and pray those two salawat and Jana SubhanAllah. You get that honor for the people who would be looking at Allah azza wa jal so keep in mind they are one Salat al Fajr fee Jamar and Surat Lhasa fee Jana Andrus Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said In another Hadith, mon Salah al but again, the Hala

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agenda on Sunday the day in the huddle, Jana said Rasul Allah, what are the Bourdain? They said Fajr and Asif. Whoever prays those to Salawat constantly all the time. He would be from the people of Jana Allama Jana, or from Elgin Barbara Alameen. Now

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Rasulillah Salam, just like brother Nidal, reminded us, he said, in a hadith ELive. Though, this word is usually not coming in the Arabic language. You ever hear us say this word? Elif Elif Lam, shut the

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Elif lamb and shut down the VOC Elif who was a wall

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a live though Dr. Jalali will a crumb

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recite frequently Allah as much as you can hear the Jalali will come

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or Sula Salam, of course the Hadith he said mentioned say a lot. Yeah, they'll generally when a Crom you're going through hardship you're you're you're relief from a hardship. Yeah.

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You want to make a dua

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by the way. The first Gianelli when they come in surah. Rama is mentioned with zoo and the last one is mentioned with V. But when I make two neither I say Yeah, that. The first is do the second is D but when I make dua to becomes Yeah, then generally when a crown Yeah. Elif

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Elif, yeah they'll generally when a crown a crimini Yeah, they'll generally when a crown and you ask whatever you want. So as soon as I leave though, say a lot. Yeah, they'll generally when they come as a matter of fact, there was a brother who sent us a video a while ago, and he said and he

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he sounded authentic. And he said

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a couple were not able to have children for a long time. And somebody gave them this prescription yeah they'll generic label a crumb acrimony.

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Keep repeating it, keep repeating it constantly. Yeah, the generic when a crime occurred.

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Me, you know, so I couldn't even well, you know, bless me honor me or give me the courage of a child. He said Wallahi, three, four or five months the woman got pregnant. So we Yeah, the Janelle Yoli column is the name that Chris Wallace SLM said, mentioned it a lot. This is a

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reminder from Rasulullah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam.

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when we since we're talking about this thing of the provision of having a child there, one, I just want to,

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you know, sometimes we ask Allah azza wa jal, and I want to please your full concentration. Sometimes we ask Allah azza wa jal for something

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and we

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persist on it,

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then we get some kind of upset. If Allah did not give it to us,

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we get some kind of upset if Allah did not give it to us.

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when your son is

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two years old,

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and he is very sick.

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And you have

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a bottle

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of juice,

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and a bottle of medicine, that is very

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What do you think the child is going to pick?

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The juice, right? He wants juice the kid. But what do you want to give him

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you want to give him the medicine.

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And the child

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is crying wants the juice.

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But the juice is not going to benefit. This is what's gonna benefit you right now. This medicine is going to benefit you even though it's sour.

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Even though you don't like it,

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even though you're the father, take his son, and he hold him very tight to get the shot. And the son is wondering why my father is who loves me so much.

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is holding me tight for that man to give me the shot. He cannot understand.

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But that's the best thing that could ever happen to you right now. But you do not recognize because you're only two.

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So when you that's the Father. Question. Do the father love the child? Oh, no. He loves him so much.

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He loves him so much. And that's why he's doing that.

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That's why he's telling him take this medicine but this now there's not time for this. And you want this similar layer when? When Allah al methanol, Anna, I always am asking for the juice and I want the juice now. And Allah is telling me no, this could be a very hard stage in your life. It could be a sickness, it could be a loss of someone that you love. It could be a loss of a job. It could be some hardship, it could be anything and you're complaining. Why am I getting this but Allah Hakim knows that this is the best thing for you right now. This is not good. Now.

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This is not good right now.

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Is it clear? It's not good right now, I have to put my trust in Dell Jalali with a crown. He is so clean, he will not deprive me for no reason. There is a huge, amazing wisdom for him not giving me what I'm asking for. It's not time for it. It's not the time for it. Just be patient. I know when it's good for you. Keep in mind that, that example. It will make you you know, feel at ease when you're deprived from something that you've been asking for for such a long, long time.

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Now, again, how to use this, this name Subhanallah

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in the mean is law, the law.

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Enough mean is law the law hit a crumb, the Shaybah a little Muslim, Muhammad Allah Quran, Gregory law li

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Subhan Allah. He said I can Salatu was Salam. It is from the reverence to Allah is you want to make his Lal to Allah, respect an aged Muslim,

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the one with Shaybah the one who became with Whitehair give him utmost respect. By doing that you are honoring Allah azza wa jal SubhanAllah.

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Your grandmother, your grandfather

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An older brother that comes to the masjid

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show respect. Show honor, by that you're getting Hasselblad and you are showing reverence to Allah azza wa jal and who else

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show respect to the person who is half his of the Qur'an. But without Hello without half his, you know, he goes around telling everybody I'm a half is, you know you're talking two and a half is Subhanallah he is the Quran made him so humble.

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so humble. I told you, I have a friend in New York. I know him for 18 years till now I don't know if he's a harvest or not. And every time he leaves a site, he needs a different surah. And every time you ask him, How has he changed the topic? He goes something else. He doesn't want to tell anybody. I don't know if he's others or not. Then I noticed I stopped asking of course, he asked and you notice somebody doesn't want to say so he's very humble. That person if you honor him, you respect him. Subhanallah as if you're saying he learned of you're doing Islam to Allah azza wa jal. Another thing when that

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you know what we can do to show that Israel of Allah azza wa jal, Allah subhanaw taala said in the Hadith and could see al Maha goon Fe generally, la manera Theremin Nora Jung Bhutto, NaVi Yun, or shahada nama Jana Nomura Bill Alameen.

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The one who love one another,

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the one who love one another, just to make each level to Allah azza wa jal I only love you for the sake of Allah. I don't want nothing from you nothing whatsoever. And the closer you are to Allah, the more I love you,

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the closer you are to Allah, the more I love you, these, Allah subhanaw taala said, they will be sitting on pulpits of a flight on the day of judgment. And the A and the Prophet of the prophets and martyrs will wonder Who are these people?

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So Carmela just because they love one another, for the sake of Allah as diligent, and of course, the DUA that we all know after I finish a stock for Allah stock for Allah stuff for Allah when I finished my salah and by the way, yeah, when it is stuck for Allah, I hear a lot of brothers are stuck for Allah and I've even had

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a stuck for Allah and I think, Oh, this is great, but after a salad stuck for Allah

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stuck for Allah. This was a suicide Salam said. He told us someone else say a start from LA the medulla Illa. Hello, and

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but after Satya Rasulillah what should we say? iStockphoto. Allah don't add. I'm not telling you. It's haram McLuhan's but stick to the Sunday. Stick to what Rasulullah sallallahu said start with Allah.

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Allah. Okay, so when we finished that, what do we say? Hola. Hola. Anta Salam? Wa Minca Salam Tada. rakta Yeah, they generally will it chrome SubhanAllah. You've been saying this

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all the time. And now you know that it is one of the names of Allah azza wa jal, the director, Jalali will a club and I will end with this Subhan Allah. One of the Sahaba said come to my Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Jellison

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Why don't you don't call him on your Sunday phenom maraca was such a Delta shahada da for cod a few Amma whom you in the LUCA the Anala can La ilaha illa Talma Nan, buddy or summer wa T will ya the Jalali will a crown? Yeah. Hi, you yaka young in me as a look

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for Carla Rasulullah Hassan son Allah Allah wa salam Yes. Javi Tarun

00:23:59--> 00:24:13

Carlu Allahu wa rasuluh Allah called Our Lady in fcbd laka diabetes Mila hill of him, a lady durian is a dual AB a jab where either so in Abbey artha,

00:24:15--> 00:24:48

Allahu Akbar. So Sahaba was sitting, and one man was praying. And when he finished his Riku answer, shoot, and he did this, the shahada and everything, he said this dua, Allah Herman Yes, the whole thing, yeah. Then generally when the Crimea in the look, and then he said, whatever he wanted, so as soon as I saw him, he looked at the sahaba. And he asked him, Do you know what kind of died this man this man made? He made the DUA with the Greatest Name of Allah azza wa jal, the name which Allah if he's asked by he will definitely answer.

00:24:52--> 00:24:59

The door at a job, the DUA that Allah was asked by he would answer when he there so in the APA when he

00:25:00--> 00:25:36

He asked he will give Allahu Akbar Subhan Allah. So why can't I memorize this? And make it the beginning of I need to add it I want to make it has their jewelry with a crown and it has their height, which is another Hadith that said, how you yaka you is that the name of Allah azza wa jal because you know there are many Hadith that said which is the name of Allah azza wa jal and of them and this one is including them all. So, inshallah Tada when anybody wants this with this inshallah Tada after the lecture, Charla $25

00:25:38--> 00:26:04

in Charlotte, I will give it to you with the letter Allah and on one condition Shama that you will include me in your diet Inshallah, me and my family, may Allah unite our hearts may Allah subhanaw taala strengthen our love to one another, the Allah increase as an amen Allah for Allah the woman herself and if he Emelina with them and I want someone added calming caffeine Allama Faulkner Lima to Robben Island I mean, as far as you know, whether yet in Italian, but Jana tequila Imam Allahumma

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motiva were in unbelted tienen zoek now she never was on the line. You know, Muhammad ran earlier Sofia Jemaine. Don't forget to make them out of summit on Rasulillah I sell them on the night of Friday. Tonight is the night of Friday la masala Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad Rahim Allah Ali Ibrahim indica Hamidah Majeed along the Darrick Muhammad Ali Muhammad cannot direct and Ebrahim earlier Ibrahim indica Hamidah Majeed and don't forget to come to measure tomorrow morning in Charlotte at 630 is Robin photography Gemma, the most beloved Salah to Allah is the pleasure of Juma in Jamar I will be giving the first cup of tomorrow Zachman lucky so Hungama we should have

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a stockbroker when a to Like