Mohamad Baajour – Names of Allah #28 Al Razzak 1

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a Islamist gathering held for Muslims who have a lot of risk and are not the "its." The group discusses the risks of Subhanallah's actions and his relationship with Allah, as well as the importance of spending money in a fundraising process. The segment also touches on risk factors for risk-taking businesses, such as a family's health and the need for patience. The transcript ends with a mention of a book and a Salatin and coffee calm.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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Smilla Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Lama eliminate foreigner and finally Malian tena was it nine when your camera I mean, ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what you told us and increase us knowledge as Allah subhanaw taala put Barack in this gathering, and make us at the end of the gathering from the people who would be told Gumo MacFarlane Lacan cut booty let's say yeah Tikka Masala. I mean, I mean, today we have one of the

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all the names of Allah subhanaw taala are great. But today probably one of the names that we all could relate to and we all

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ask Allah subhanaw taala by this name and today's name, tonight's name is

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Al Razak, reserve and reserve

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as we mentioned once before, I don't know if you remember, but we mentioned before that reserve is mentioned how many times in the Quran

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many times

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Just once only and so that

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for that saw that there yet

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Allah subhanho wa Taala told us that he is a reserved word in Mateen when we were talking about the Mateen we mentioned that Allah subhanaw taala use those two names with each other are reserved and then Mateen only in this in this area and both are only mentioned once Allah subhanaw taala a result he is the provider he is the restore of sustenance

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he is the one who creates all means he is the one who creates all means of nourishment and provision Rezac provides for all of his slaves with sustenance no matter how many are they? Or how great is their need.

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Because sometimes, you know as a people, we have a limit give you this much only, or I give you till this period only, and then I'm gonna cut you off. But Allah subhana wa Tala, no limit no time when it comes to his to his risk. And the result comes from the root word raw, the raw the and cough linguistically reserved has the structure of intensification or was and I wasn't fine. So he does not he's not he gives you one time he constantly give you constantly provide subhanaw taala indicating a complete a complete way of providing and sustaining

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Allah subhanaw taala result Subhanallah

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from his meaning are reserved is that

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our disobedience does not stop his wrist.

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It will affect the wrist,

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it will affect the disobedience the sins will definitely affect the wrist. But Subhanallah he does not stop it. And the biggest delille look at the

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non believers there every day they say that Allah has a son and he's still providing for them they still wake up in the morning and they still

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have food and drink and health. But there are two different kinds of risk risk Qalam that is for everybody Muslim, non Muslim, even that includes

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the animals and the insects and everything and the plants and everything. And then there is risk cos there is the specific risk, which is the risk of Eman, the risk of Islam, the risk of a diarrhea, the risk of guidance, that is a risk that Allah subhanaw taala

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chooses to whom he gives me Allah subhanaw taala may come make us from these people in sha Allah. Allah subhanaw taala said in the grand when I'm in

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that field already in

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here is

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where you're almost

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Khanum fee keytar him

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Moving, when I mean dab, no creation, no creation on Earth, except Allah subhanho wa Taala have already

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decreed its result. Its provision.

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And Allah subhana wa ala Rasulillah Salam said Subhanallah beautiful Hadith in Allah halka Sana they you know, come, come, come,

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come, come,

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala have divided amongst you your akhlaq

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that's why some are generous, some are backheel, some of this some kind some or not. And just like he has divided your result, our risk is divided and decreed. When Allah Yachty dunya, when Allah your dunya, even your head will even lay your head

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and Allah gives dunya to whom He loves and to whom He does not love.

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That means having a lot of fluff is not a sign is not necessarily a sign that Allah loves you.

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It's not necessarily a sign that Allah loves you it could mean that but it's not necessarily automatically means Oh, Allah loves me. I have eight liquor stores

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and insha Allah I'm opening the ninth make dua for me. So this is not a sign of Allah's love. Okay, so whether you're out in Eman Ilam and herb Subhanallah you have to duniya him in your head when he gives duniya to whom He loves and whom He does not love. But he keeps he gives Dean he gives Iman to only the people he loves Allah Masha Allah Muhammad

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Rasul Allah had a set of levers from me Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala even though Arzak is only mentioned once but hired or was it clean hired or was your pin five eight and did with that? The one of them is the idea that our Imam just recited Surah to Juma how you will receive the best of us a clean Okay, so someone was asked why Allah subhanaw taala called himself hired or was it in the best of us clean? He said, Liana who either kufra Bihi Abdi let me actors who were who were careful on Bay. He said, Because if that if the slave did not believe he still get provision, even though he's not a believer. So who does that except higher? Or was it clean? Subhanallah how you are asking. And

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there was a very

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I remember the story maybe 10 years ago.

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That's what a man and his Salam, he saw an end.

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And he you know, we all know that Allah blessed him with the, he used to understand and talk to the ants communicate with the ants, right? So he asked the end

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how much provision do you need per year

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so the ant said, only two pieces of rice,

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only two grains of rice, that's enough sufficient for me for a year. So he took her and he put her in a in a cup or a glass or whatever, and she cannot cleave. And he gave her two pieces and he made places for her to breathe. And he came back after one year and he saw

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that she only ate one and she left one.

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So he talked to he spoke to her and said you told me that you need to per year and I give you two now I see you only ate one. Listen to the answer from the end. She said

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when I am open when I am free I can go whatever I want.

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I only need to put a year but when you put me and covered me and jailed me then I only ate one because now I'm under your I'm depending on you when I was dependent on Allah I needed to but when I was in depending on you I ate one and I thought maybe you will forget me so I kept one for the next year.

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But I know that if I was left alone Allah will never He knows that I need to he would provide two for me. But because now you put me here I cannot go anywhere. So I need one answer maybe he forgets INSEAD answer. Our name is called insan from NASA I forget. We forget Subhan Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala. When, you know if you think about anything, anything, anything you can think of. Look how many risks came from that thing. Let's say like now, let's say the weather is cold. How many things? How many businesses? How many people are getting risk just because it's cold? Let's start naming them below.

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Clothing. What else?

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Heating, right heating system. What else?

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Sucks wood.

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fireplaces, the people who cleaned the fireplaces, the heating the people who clean the heating, the people who installed the heat, all that stuff is stressful because of cold similarly of the heart, they are conditioned know what, just think about sickness, how many people are working because of something called sickness,

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doctors, medicine, insurance, lawyers, hospitals, nurses, right, just from sickness family, pharmacist every everybody's working because somebody got sick

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Subhanallah So, similarly anything you can think of education, colleges, schools, printing paper, all that stuff, all that look how many this is happening because of one thing Subhan Allah so Allah subhana wa Taala is hiring Rajiv teen. So there are Allah subhana wa Taala is hydro rasa clean you because he is the best who gives? And he is

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not only that, he knows the need of every single creation no matter where that creation is. So he knows also what to provide.

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Because I could ask you for something and you give me something else because that's all you have. No, Allah gives you what you need. And when you need it the most Subhanallah he is the one who can only bring the risk from nothing from scratch from nothing. Completely Allah subhanaw taala that's why he's called hydro or was clean. Allah subhana wa Taala

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told us in surah

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Allah one

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one and FAAC to minchie in for Who are you gleeful?

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Wow, you're rockin.

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I always use this in our fundraising. Because if this is entered your heart, if you really understand and believed in this area, Allah he will give everything you have. And Allah is saying, Allah, Allah, the result himself. The money himself. He's saying, whatever you spend, I will replace it.

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Wallahi this should be the statement for the fundraising. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah right. If you are believers in movement, if you are a movement, and Allah is telling you that whatever you spend, I will replace it what what else do you need? Why do we have to go to Hyatt Regency and Sheraton and book and and feed you shrimps and this and that in order to get money? All you have to know is whatever you spend, I will replace it done.

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But this is the case here one, no. You have to hire somebody to ask the people to give them money and keep quoting Hadith and Hadith and

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then please Jaquan who's gonna give me this? Just one if it enters your heart with dunya when Allah has done that's why you know, when it comes to these opportunities of spending Wallahi run race to them because ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada in the Quran. What did he say

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yeah, he you

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know, learn to learn he come new como Hola. Hola, como Vickery

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when he found Nick phone

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calls he Rouen and here was he a boon in

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comm Min cobbly A

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remote before somebody goes to death then your Allah if somebody dies what he's gonna say fail on Rob Biloela furutani Illa jelly Cory quarry your hola just give me a short period of time. What do you want to do if I give you a short period of time

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for Sadhak

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welcome minnows follow him

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he's not say on a good too harsh.

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That's a subject first then welcome and I saw the hint includes everything else hydrogen Salah tonight. But first he said that he saw the reward of South Africa. He heard about the reward of South Africa.

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And he kind of said don't go immediately 5000 No, no, that's not how could be $1 on your way out. Allah there are a couple of brothers May Allah bless them. I see them every single day donating a treasure swiping every single day. Allah may Allah bless them and accept from them. What's that? It's not gonna hurt you every single day and I'm sure they saw the fruit. That's why they you know, Captain, encouraging them to keep doing it. So hello. So

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Why did Allah subhana wa Tada and the Imam just recited Why did he end so

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Surah Al Jumeirah

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it's not a coincidence that he ended Surah Juma with wala Hallo Rosicky.

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Why? Because the main excuse for people not coming to Juma is

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right. So similar to Joomla and did by Wallah Who are you rockin, yeah, habibi. What are you saying? Are you crazy? That boss if he doesn't let you come to Joomla tell him Salam aleikum, Allahu ala rasa clean, he is not the result.

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As a matter of fact, his heart is between two fingers of the Rezac

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Allah has hailed as a king.

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Now, many times when we speak about risk, immediately our mind goes to money, wealth, this is part of his, but what is what is what is risk this one, this this business.

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You are sitting here right now listening to a lecture in the house of Allah azza wa jal is a risk. Having a son that is teenager and still listening to you is a risk. Having a good wife at home that takes care of you is that as my sister having a husband that always

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respect you and honor you is a risk. Having your mother loving you and caring for you is having a good brother that reminds you of Allah is there as breathing is a risk. Oh, that is risk.

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always there's always that risk from Allah azza wa jal. Oh, that is is ALLAH SubhanA wit that was Sahara tourism. We're Hogben nurseries, loving people loving you is the reason and your health is there as well even

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when Madeira hasn't risk and if your son is righteous, and that's the reason and if your boss is kind with you that says

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that's always

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Allah who hires you and Allah is the best of offers okay? But you know what, according to rasool Allah says, and let me see who's gonna guess this one. Give him some candy job to x.

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What is the best risk according to the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi. Salam, the best risk

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that is the best namah in the dunya is to have righteous wife but there's a hadith Carlos wa salam, ma Ruzicka Abdon higher wala men

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know that no slave have been blessed by anything better or more spacious or wide than

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something that you all need so much.

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Who said summer

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so Lhasa SLM said, and Jen and if you think about it seriously, Allah and Luca wises that,

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think about it,

00:17:53 --> 00:17:57

no matter what you're going through, what's the most thing you need? Sabra,

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And not only sub sub about, about the bad things sub i mean something about the pirate and some about the calamities, but also sub not to commit the sins that we are bombarded with all day long. Somebody that needs patience, your your assistant at work the your colleague at work, she comes half naked every single day, that is patients

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all that stuff that you go to supermarket, the magazines all everywhere you go internet everywhere, that needs patients not to commit the sins, everybody offers 1% interest by this house for free. And then these patients have to do these things.

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These patients so nothing one of the greatest thing ever that ALLAH blessed anyone is the net map of of southern now.

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I really want to give this name it's right in sha Allah Tada. We take another five minutes or you want to continue next week. It's up to you five minutes, okay. How, how to increase your risk.

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Exactly this is

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how to increase your risk, how to increase your risk Subhanallah I have many lectures on YouTube, many lectures. But one lecture the brother who put it to posit he said increase your income according to the Kitab and Sunnah. 50,000 views

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just because he mentioned money. Everybody wants to even when it comes to the deen, show me how to increase my money. So there's a hook that I have says how to increase your risk from the Kitab and Sunnah. So briefly, Allah told us how not me not a financial expert, Allah said in the Quran, how to increase your risk Subhanallah So yeah, if you want the real if you're suffering financially, if you're having problems at home, problem with children problem at work, problem everywhere problem with your health, because health is a risk, how to fix that risk, how to increase that risk, Allah

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subhanaw taala told us in the Quran number one, how to increase the risk is taqwa.

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My assistant May Allah bless him and give him a long life and good angle. I love him for the sake of Allah.

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When they yet tequila, what is the delille the taqwa increases when they yet tequila yadgir Allahu Mahajan. While you're Zoku min HIFU lie at a sip.

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I'm sure other fear. What's it because everything I say that Taqwa increases. What did you get that from? I cannot say from my head from the Quran.

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Allah said Surah Talaq whomsoever feel Allah and by the way, subhanAllah in that same Surah it's called the surah of divorce. It is in it. There's three times when you get tequila, tequila, that means you actually before you think of divorce fear Allah. It's not a coincidence that when you get tequila three times in similar to divorce.

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And every time to the spouse is just a small argument. But you're divorced. Yeah, he just the food is a little bit spicy. Take it easy on me. Carlos. You're divorced, go home. Now you have to come down. You cannot talk like that each other. This was not a joke. Divorce is not a joke. As soon as I said and said three things. The joking about them is serious and saying them seriously serious. Marriage Divorce and bringing her back. There's no joking about divorce. When you say you're talking to your wife and you're divorced. She's divorced.

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There's no joking about divorce.

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Okay, so when we had tequila Allahumma KROGEN whomsoever fear Allah and have Taqwa of Allah conscious of Allah azza wa jal, because the word Taqwa are often very hard to translate right? Our families, our Arabic teacher, masha Allah. So

00:21:51 --> 00:21:58

taqwa, we translate it fear conscious, but Allah He There's no word in the English language that gives you the real meaning of Taqwa.

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taqwa, like

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one of them. Raja Maha much main. He said when he was asked what is taqwa? He said as if you're walking on in a field, and there's lot of soreness on the floor. How do you move? How do you move one foot and the other foot he said the other man said I'd be very careful how to move my feet. He said this is taqwa.

00:22:21 --> 00:22:39

Every move you're making sure what you're doing this is Taco Subhanallah when my yet tequila, whosoever be conscious of Allah have Taqwa of Allah do the salah on time, he gives us zakat. He came to his wife kind to her husband, kind very kind to the to the parents.

00:22:41 --> 00:22:58

gives charity cares about his brothers cares about his sisters. Do not backbite that does not slander does not commit them. Ema does not do any of the Haram and tries his best to obey Allah, Allah Who will get him an exit from anything. And not only that bonus

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will come in

00:23:01 --> 00:23:08

sip and he will provide for him from sources he never ever expected. All the doors are closed.

00:23:10 --> 00:23:13

And Allah subhana wa Tada will get him there. Subhanallah

00:23:16 --> 00:23:16

one time,

00:23:18 --> 00:23:19

one time.

00:23:21 --> 00:23:30

Anybody have? I'm sure a lot of brothers you have cats, sisters, I'm sure have cats also. So this man had a cat. Okay.

00:23:31 --> 00:23:53

And he knows that this cat eats let's say this much everyday so he knows. So you notice that? You know, she's asking for more food. So he was surprised. So he gave her more food. And he watched her. He saw that she still eats only her portion, and she takes the rest and give it to another blind cat.

00:23:57 --> 00:24:02

Zuckermann haIf allow you to set your risk is going to come your risk

00:24:04 --> 00:24:07

Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said

00:24:09 --> 00:24:15

running away from risk or the meaning of it. It's not the exact word as if you're running away from death

00:24:21 --> 00:24:24

Have you ever heard anybody running away from death?

00:24:25 --> 00:24:26

No one.

00:24:27 --> 00:24:27


00:24:29 --> 00:24:30

is going to happen.

00:24:31 --> 00:24:39

The ship just decided calling in mountain lady Tefera rune I mean, feign Humala key

00:24:41 --> 00:24:50

you're running away from death Allah saying the death that you are running away from. You know when you run away from somebody who's behind you. Allah said the death that you are running away from his waiting for you

00:24:52 --> 00:24:53

will actually come he's waiting for you.

00:24:56 --> 00:24:59

So as soon as I said I'm said there is a similar to death.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:39

You will not die till you get the last penny the last penny that was written for you. And I repeated that many times but Allah one. This is one of the main reasons why you are not getting your risk is because you are rushing it. You want to get it through haram, your risk is written is done. It is already determined. It's you that decided to get it through haram. It's you that decided who gets to get it quicker by doing those crooked things. But it's still the same. That $500 You were going to get it whether you like it or not. They were coming to you, you decided to get it through haram

00:25:41 --> 00:25:54

but that 500 was coming. And we have many many stories about that. So for the first reason of, of increasing our risk is taqwa Taqwa of Allah azza wa jal, and there are many I heard about this when

00:25:55 --> 00:26:07

Allah subhanaw taala said if the people of the villages believed we and have Taqwa we would give them risk from under them from over them from the center from the from everywhere. Taqwa number one number two,

00:26:08 --> 00:26:20

if you continue the call Allah Allah the second means of increasing the risk having complete trust in Allah azza wa jal like I said, my risk is already decreed

00:26:21 --> 00:26:24

you know, one of the mischief I find that

00:26:34 --> 00:26:40

remember, Hassan bacillary himolla They asked him How come you're always happy and you're always content

00:26:41 --> 00:26:46

he said, I mean he's an Arabic so the brothers who understand that they can enjoy it call

00:26:47 --> 00:26:53

out about Asha for things and into Unreal Stelia who the Who the fuck man

00:26:54 --> 00:26:59

I knew that my risk no one else is going to take it so my heart is at peace

00:27:01 --> 00:27:13

second why I didn't do anomaly now you're cool movie Ray festival to be here and I know that my business my action my work no one else is going to do it for me so I got myself busy doing it

00:27:15 --> 00:27:20

well I didn't do and Allah hammock Talia en la festa here you do on your own Allah Marcia.

00:27:21 --> 00:27:26

And I knew that Allah is watching me. So I was very shy. He's gonna see me sending

00:27:29 --> 00:27:45

while him to another motor neurone zasada Lillico rugby. And I know that death is waiting for me. So I did. And I prepared everything for it. Those are the four things that always makes me happy and content.

00:27:46 --> 00:27:54

I know that my risk nobody else is going to take you know, sometimes somebody said, yucky, why are you Why did you open a store across the street from me? You're going to take my risk.

00:27:57 --> 00:28:02

Nobody's going to take your risk. No one. Even if he opens inside your business he's not going to take you to

00:28:07 --> 00:28:51

this is all decreed from Allah azza wa jal. Tawakkol Allah subhanaw taala he said, when they get our color and Allah for Hua has spa Wow. It's a very big word. We have to work Quran Allah, Allah is sufficient for him has to be Allah. That Allah Allahu alayhi wa Celt, horrible, Archie, loving SubhanAllah. So second is telecoil. You know what I'm going to I'm going to stop right here because I'm seeing some sleeping faces. And I want everybody to keep the energy. So we'll continue in sha Allah, Allah kept us alive and give us the risk of one more week of life in sha Allah Allah, we will continue what how can we increase our risk in sha Allah? So tomorrow is Friday May come out of

00:28:51 --> 00:29:01

Salatin, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam come to measure in Jamar 645 better coffee calm. So Anna Calamba. Behind, should Allah Allah hinda and let's start fuca on a two way like

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