Mohamad Baajour – Names of Allah #25 Al Barr

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a Islamist's story, including a woman who asked for water and gives it to her. The segment uses various examples and references, including a woman named Elaina who is crying and a woman named Barbara who is facing punishment for being honest. The segment also touches on the importance of belief in promises and the need for people to make them successful. The segment ends with a discussion of a "has been" meaning in Arabic and a "has been" meaning in Arabic, as well as a "has been" meaning in Arabic for a "has been" meaning in English.
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This word and Allah subhanaw taala as a matter of fact, there is an AI in the Quran called

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a attleborough

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Masha Allah shiksha Lacell there is called a tilbyr in which Surah chef

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Bukhara laser humble here we have a young half as mashallah les Salaberry ran to the loo haccombe Tibetan machine Okay.

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In this area, Allah said well Kinal Bella, and then Allah subhanho wa Taala explained what is better when a kin nelder Man and belay while young women aircon when Malaika while keytab when Naveen will tell man,

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Allahu Akbar here they will call you back while your term wellness Akina wellness Sabine was saline with your record. All this has been Wakayama Sunnah wa Zakka when musona Either I do was sobbing in I feel bad say what the era we're in Aldous Ola it

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will occur homo and we're talkin look all these Imams Allah Allah catabolism in Accra wanna be in establishing salah, zakat,

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giving charity, all kinds of the groups of charity, all that is built. And Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is Al Bara. Yeah and he is the source of all

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the goodness and the things that will help us

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to better

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even harder. He said, Albert is a unique word that entails all acts of righteousness and good conduct. And he said l bar is the source of all righteousness. The one from whom every good deed comes about is the one who does not stop his son because of the sins of His disobedient servants. This is a man called Toby and mmrrc. He said he's the one who is kind to the wrongdoers pardons the transgressors, forgives the sinners, turns to the one who returns to Him accepts the plea of those who asked him

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he has turned to his slaves with praiseworthy actions and good expectations while he is most deserving of them Subhanallah

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in the Sunnah, we have seen this name or the definition of bearer was mentioned in the Sunnah. And

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in the Hadith

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A man came asking Rasulillah Salam about righteousness about and if

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so, Salah Salem answered, He said Albert,

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is good behavior.

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And listen, listen carefully, if you want to know something is evil or not. How do I know if something is within

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the definition by a samosa insulin and FM

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is what fluctuates in your chest. And you would hate

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that people know about it

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if him or heck if he satiric it is what fluctuates in your heart and you hate people to know about it. You're always trying to hide it.

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That is something sinful

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and better, as all kinds of goodness. Now what is the meaning? I gathered seven meanings we'll go through them quickly of L bar. Okay. First, L bar is the one who bestows without limits. He gives without limits. His love is without limits, His mercy is without limits. His risk is without limits.

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His goodness is without limits. It could be the smallest thing or the largest thing. Allah subhanaw taala is L bar, no limits to whatever he gives the Sahaba used to ask for a shoelace.

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And Allah granted them victory. And Dean, because they always asked, and Allah subhanaw taala has no limit to what he gives. There's a story I mentioned before, and I mentioned it again, because it's suitable now. story of

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how to blossom Herman

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Psalm was a very well known, rich, generous person. And one time he wanted to go to Hajj. So his family told them, you know, Hajj is not prescribed on you because if you go to Hajj

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you don't have enough support for us. You know, stay when you when you leave. So he said, That's why I'm asking you if you permit me, I will go and we have enough for for a week or so. So anyway, long story short.

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They approved and awarded, and they did not really want to except one daughter. She could go My Father, don't worry, Allah will take care of us.

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He left.

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Week, 10 days,

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all the supplies finished.

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And they were starving, and they were looking at the girl. Why you encouraged your father to leave. What should we do right now? Subhanallah and the girl every night, she raised her hand she asked the bar

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for help. Subhanallah one next day, one of the princes Amir's

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He was passing by that village, and he got very thirsty.

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So he asked his guards, he has like 10 guards with him. He asked one of them said, go to this house and see if they have some water. We finished our water. So he went. And that girl opened the door. He said, Do you have some water for the Emir? She said absolutely. Even though any, that's all they have. So she gave him some delicious pure water. The man drank the water. And he felt like you know, it was a huge favor from a poor family. So he put his hand in his pocket and took his small bag of gold coins and gave it to the girl.

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And he told the guards whomsoever loves me does the same.

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So the girl starts crying.

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The girl started crying.

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So they asked her why are you crying? She said, Mother Elaina ma look faster. Nina, for k for either another Elaine alcoholic.

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She said, Emma, look at creation looked at us with mercy. And we became rich. How about if the rich looked at us with mercy?

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So hang on Allah. So yeah, why not bar?

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Ask Allah or ask him to grant you whatever you want. He gives without limits.

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Second name second meaning L bar is the one who is truthful. Assad

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is the one who's truthful with his promise, whatever he promised is all true.

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His promises in the dunya are provision, victory and more. And his promises in the aft era are Genet turgid, even tacky * and hot. This is his promise. Allah has promised now believing listen carefully everyone, believing in His promises is our responsibility.

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Believing in these promises,

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what do I mean?

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What do I mean? This is extremely important.

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Do you really believe that every time you Say Subhan Allah Who behind the hotel tree in Jannah and you are quiet?

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Do you believe that every time you fast Monday or Thursday, you get 70 years away from Jahannam and you're not fasting? Do you believe that if you stay tuned to rock, you will get halogen camera if you pay to rock out and you're not doing it every day. Do you believe that right now we are surrounded by the angels and you standing outside and talking

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Do you believe that if you leave something for the sake of Allah, Allah will replace it and you still not doing it. We have weakness in our belief.

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These are all promises.

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These are all promises. What are the what are the MaHA Nadine

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sorry Hatem income, they are stuck with unknown Phil. What do you do

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when you get Dylan Nam Minh daddy how for him Amna.

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Allah promised that if you do righteous deeds and believe Allah will make us conquer this earth. This is the Promise of Allah Surah to Nora and he will transform change switch our fear into peace and security. And He will make us with a napkin on Earth, dominant strong.

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This is the promises of Allah azza wa jal.

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Allah one of his name is Al Bara, one of the meaning is that he keeps his promise Subhan Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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promised us Jaquan promised us please Subhanallah This isn't

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It happened in the same occasion promised us that everything you give I will multiply it that why don't we give you

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I don't personally we have one of two things either we don't have

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or we have some doubt

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that is going to come back Is there anything else please help me

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Allah is saying I will multiply it many folds

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what could be any other reason that I'm not spending what is it

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Rasulillah that we love dearly we do anything he asks us for our will do is according to his sunnah our walking our talking our Salah everything to what he said. But when he said that your sadaqa will not decrease your income will not decrease when you give sadaqa

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Yeah, I should have sown Allah Allah know about this hadith

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isn't that isn't that? Isn't that really weird? When it comes to Subhan? Allah sadaqa sadaqa sadaqa Allah subhanho wa Taala and call to hipbone Allah, Allah hubungi

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we love wealth. That's why he said again, our topic learning today and only bill lentinan under learn never just like when TourRadar and kelia who do Asara they will never be pleased with you similarly you will not attain them until what you're Allah had tuned

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me ma mimma to hipbone which mean that Accra Hoon

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until you spend from what you love from what you love, sources real love money, and I want better because I want to imitate the bar to the best of my ability as a human being. So I have to spend

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so new right out here actually, we have an opportunity

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$20 to help a brother

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that could have been me

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those are Syrian brothers when they left the country they were very successful business people doctors everything's not like they decided to migrate here. Nobody would love to leave their country nobody none of us here, if we have the opportunity of a safe

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not corrupt

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country, we will all go back and stay next to our unconcern Berenson,

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environment and culture. So whether true or not.

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So the second meaning is L bar, a saw the B word is the one who fulfill his promise. Third, the one who does not reject the one who asks him

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he does not reject the bar does not reject knowing he is L bar will constantly make us make dua and they said in the

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inner kin inner corner near the room in Kabul. We used to make a lot of dua when you hear in this dunya so what was the result? Feminine Allahu Allah, You know what we're calling some because of our continuous Allah favor this and saved us from the

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punishment of some *. What was the dua of our of my mother? I shall have the Allahu Ana

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Allahumma Muna Elena

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will walk in the same room in Tel burrow right

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from the area.

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Allah Allah Ya Allah favor us

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and save us from the punishment of *. And she used this name and that da

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in Tel Bara, Orion just take the I put the i in front of you that I had. I don't have the numbers. Oh yeah, it's the 27th and 28th sort of tool and ask Allah just like the dua of our mother Aisha forth.

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The one who accepts as bar is the one who accepts our ADA that when we come back from Hajj, what do we say? Hi John brule right, and he has shown backbone, so as bar a lady attackable.

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Apart, the one who accepts the SIR a force meaning has shown abroad, he is the one who accepts that's another meaning. Fifth,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala His goodness is consistent.

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It's consistent and overwhelming. Quickly listen to this hadith. Yet Allah. Mel. Letter V.

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Sahara will lay wanting to have arrived to man soccer men

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will say no, let me know if he

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will be ready.

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Elisa and

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Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, The Bukhari, Allah Xande is full, and his fullness is not affected by the continuous spending that he does night and day. His spell is the fullness does not get affected. He also said, Do you see what he Subhana has spent since he has created the heavens and the earth? Nevertheless, what's in his hand did not decrease from the day that Allah subhanaw taala created the heavens and the earth, till the Day of Judgment with all that he gives, nothing has decreased. This is one of the names the meanings of the names of Allah and BB six, the one who does not stop his good

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the one who does not stop his goodness

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because of the sins of His slaves

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like I mentioned yesterday,

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while you are stealing your heart is pumping

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while you're cursing your tongue is moving.

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Oh these are blessings Subhanallah look how great is Allah azza wa jal yeah one and last one is the one L bar is the one al matar here, the one who purify the sense in the Allah subhanaw taala said,

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Paradise is inhabited by abroad are hearing they are purified from from since purified from diseases of the heart, pure result purified from hate from jealousy from all kinds of, of diseases. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who made them abroad, how to gain the barrier one how to gain the spirit have better between each other, have goodness between each other, and especially the birth our parents, the real validate scope, the real validate, especially to our parents, like I always repeat and you've heard me many, many times if your parents are still alive, please do your best. Do your best to please them any form any form. And if they have passed away, again on your way out,

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this is 20 on behalf of my mother,

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Allah here when the one that me and you will love so much he told us that it will get to her the Azure, we'll get to her the Azure we'll get to him.

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Do as much as you can, doesn't have to be today anytime, anywhere. And he goodness and goodness. So if you want to

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emulate that

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characteristic in our life, we wonder let's have beer with each other, be good with one another. Speak good about each other cover conceal each other since when you hear something about your brother don't go and why they spread it you actually hide it. Allah will hide your sins in the dunya and akhira.

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anything good about your brother spread it. Be very happy for your brother. Be very happy for your sister.

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When they get promoted feel it's happened to you. When they get married and blessed by a righteous husband righteous wife. You feel that you are so happy for them from your heart you want to go and give them a gift and make dua of baraka for them. This is how we can acquire the bit in in our in our life. May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who listen and apply. May Allah I asked the bar I asked the bar Subhana with his name L bar to grant us all the highest place in Jannah and to save us from others some alumni are behind me with Lima Taheebo turbo Rabbana have done I mean as far as you know whether yet in acaba de Janeiro Tokina Imam Allah Hama

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were in Tierra del Thielen was machina your up your foot nama to hit boo Watauga Allama Faulkner Lima Taheebo Tada Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad wa ala Muhammad kanessa later on Ebrahim, but earlier, Ibrahim in Naka Homido Majeed alumna barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed camera Barak Talia Brahim early Ibrahim in Nikka Hamidah Majeed as I remind myself every Thursday, please make another salat on Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, please come to measure. It is the most beloved Psalm out in the sight of Allah tomorrow Fraser in Jamar fishers at 630 Cinema

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