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Mohamad Baajour
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Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah La Molina main found now and finally my lamp Tana. Was it nine men?

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what you told us and increase us knowledge. May Allah bless this gathering Charlotta Anna and make us from the people who will be told como florala con Cabo de la sejati compassionate, I mean horrible enemy.

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Tonight in sha Allah to Allah We continue studying the names of Allah. And we will discuss today the name of Helene weatherable Helene will be happy today to know what that Haleem means.

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And Helene.

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The closest translation is the Most Forbearing

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the most

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kind, the most gentle.

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It occurs in the Quran 11 times 11 times

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and he's the one

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who keeps

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bestowing blessings, both visible and hidden. Even though we disobey Him

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and Haleem he can punish us instantly.

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Yet, how often he grants us

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respite in amid

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in a mild manner, giving us the chance to come back to him again.

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The Haleem

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Subhana is the one

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can easily punish anyone at any time. He has the power and the ability to do that. But he keeps giving chances. Not only that

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the thief while he is stealing,

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his heart is beating

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the one who's committing adultery while he's doing it. Allah is keeping his heart going.

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The one who's signing riba contract as he's signing them and declaring war on Allah. His hand is moving while he could have Subhanallah stopped it at any second. This is Allah Haleem This is what the Haleem means.

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Like we mentioned it meant it was mentioned in the Quran 11 times

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in the Bacara twice while Mo and Allah Hi yah Nemo Murphy and for cecum follow, while Mo and Allah are fooled on Haleem

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kallgren Maru fun Amalfi rotten Heilmann sadhaka tea at Val wala who Rani Yan Haleem Hola Hola. Hola me mafia Kenobi come where can Allah Who Alim and Halima in another Surah At least in the whole Kana Halle Amanda forum. So Helene came over for Helene came with Ali.

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Now, Allah subhanho wa Taala UMX Hill, you Hill means he gives chances.

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He gives chance. You inhale first.

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You inhale, allow see.

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First we're gonna take the LM hull of the Assad, he gives chances to the one to the people who disobey Him. When He said,

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whenever you ask Allah Who nurse Sabina kissable, maraca Isla Avari ha mean dab. Wala ki you hear him in a dream Muslim faith.

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Genuine for in Allah can be arriba de basura it means if Allah wants to punish people for what they have earned, he would not leave a single living creature on a surface, but he defers them until a stated time. Then, when their time has arrived. Allah subhana wa Taala is observant over all his creation and the other AI Subhanallah what we need every single Friday

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what a book Allah for

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Little Rock.

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Low you

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Bina kiss. Jelena

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Bella who don't lay G dunya. Dhoni he mo in

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one of Bucha la for the Rama. Now you are here Don't be Marchesa boo Allah subhanaw taala a fool and Rahim if he wants to punish us, every time we sin, every time we sin, then we will be destroyed like a gentleman other than the other will take place instantly. You lie. Imagine you lie, lightning would hit you strike you, you stole you cheat you, whatever you did you backbite immediately you get punished. That will be Allahu Akbar, no one will survive, no one will survive. Or imagine that every time you send you get a red spot on your face. Every time you send me a red spot, you see the brothers wearing niqab, but the sisters the brothers will wear niqab because everything will be

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exposed Subhanallah but Allah from his mercy, this is what the Halle means. Maybe he will come back maybe he will come back Subhanallah then you have the M Hal of the kuffaar

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then there is the non believers who are being given chance also what Allah subhanaw taala say in the Hadith I'll concede your call Allah shatter many many no Adam one I am very low and yesterday money

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what what occurs 71 I am Barilla I'm shut Moo Falco who in Leu valid tech zebu Falco, who let you say your E Dooney. Can

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Allah subhanaw taala say in the hadith of God, see

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the son of Adam

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have cursed me.

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And he should have not done that.

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And he disbelieves in me, and he should have not done that. He cursed me when he said that I have a son.

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He cursed me when he attributed his son to me. And he disbelieved in me when I said that I can recreate him from scratch.

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That's why you're one

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one of the worst.

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Or the most hated thing to Allah azza wa jal is saying that he has a son.

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The worst thing ever. We'll call it a

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valid Leica DG Tom Shea and it occurred to summer to eff up Thorin I mean, we're 10 Shaco. Org water Hill roll G Bell who had and Tao Little Rock Nine. One I am very little money a year tequila Allah Subhan Allah.

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So this is

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the non believer all day long. They say the worst thing that Allah subhanaw taala hates

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all day long. And they wake up in the morning they find food in the fridge, and they still can move and see and eat. This is what the Haleem does.

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You you're male,

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he gives chances. Then there is the inhale of the rolana Somebody might say but yeah Allah How come? Allah subhana wa Taala is keeping all these

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oppressors. octoberat Valley mean how come they are still alive and they are still pressing their people? How come

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Subhan Allah

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Allah subhana wa taala.

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From his justice

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he will reward everybody for their actions,

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Muslim and non Muslim,

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the non Muslim or the non believer, they will get the reward only in the dunya

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and the Muslim will get the reward in the dunya and in the area.

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Now, Allah subhanaw taala

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he could have easily easily destroy any of these thought

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of these oppressors. And the second be and it will be but we never heard that frown head and headache.

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We never heard that frown as even a headache. How come

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because the punishment in the era

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is so severe.

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Now Allah could have burned them in this dunya but the fire of the Accra 70 times more. So you when you see the punishment of the accurate we say

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I wish Allah did not punish him in this dunya

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This is how severe

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there is a story mentioned in a book called The reveal abroad.

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He said a man said I left my house in the morning and the days of that judge a judge was a very tough man.

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I arrived at the main

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someone who already in

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the world sir,

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the main shooter has

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the square Yeah, the main square of the building of the of the city.

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I found,

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say Eden Maluma and Matt Doman, I found a very good man, my doom and he hand killed. For that I thought we had the London I was so touched

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to the scene.

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So I raised my head to the sky and said, you're up

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in the hill makalah very mean quite adorable Muslimeen he said, I lifted my head to the sky and I said the statement without thinking and I said, Yeah, Allah your helm, you are so Haleem on the volley mean, that this is harming the muslimeen

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that this is harming these people that are does not do anything

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with you lately, and at night, I saw earlier

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the Russia at an earlier very high levels of society in on cathedra and many, many gardens. I was shocked and I said the call to Isla Haldeman had said Allah who's this for what?

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I saw a man he said Do you know me? I said no. He said I'm the one who saw hanged. In the square wine the severe to assault Amina Sana unity help me out avoid him in a halal monochloramine fee Allah Allah de

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la luck. He said, The voice said my helmet

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on does it mean let the muslimeen get to Allah lean to the highest place in allein my forbearance on the valley mean, let this guy that was long that you were so sorry about because Jaquan Wanda, the agenda many Daraja many levels. One Daraja from one village to another is the difference between the heavens and the earth

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and everything.

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And they keep getting superior and superior as you go till you get to the for those who Allah.

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So this man is patience and being Malone because Allah subhanaw taala does not accept Vaughn in the haram to Walmart NFC, but you also who Boehner come Mahama now what's the difference between the hill our health

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and the health of Allah azza wa jal, the health of people

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might be affected by sickness. If I'm very sick, maybe my health would decrease. It might be affected by anger. If I'm very angry, I'm not going to be Haleem on you. I'm not gonna forgive you. I'm not gonna give you another chance. It might be affected by

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let's say you owe me money and I'm supposed to be honeymoon you because of extreme hardship. I did not have any help on you. And of course the home will be stopped by death. But the home of Allah azza wa jal, none of that stuff affect the health of Allah azza wa jal, no sickness, no death. No, Allah is how you lay a mood. Allah subhanaw taala is always Helene, always Helene. Now, the health of the people also is selective. I can be Helene, and Rosie but not Halima Mohammed. I can pick and choose who I want to be halimun Allah subhanho wa Taala is the Helene and his helm is beyond beyond our belief, and the biggest evidence is his helm on the on the non believers. Now how to be like we

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say at the end, how to practice this attribute in our life, how can I use this attribute and become a Rabbani use this attribute Jaquan

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BE YOURSELF had him on others.

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So allah sallallahu sallam, he saw a man one time and he said fika kiloton. He said

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to the church, you have two qualities which Allah loves, and him will enact forbearance and steadiness I'll help well entered. So this is a characteristic that Allah loves. And

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the more we have held

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on each

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other, the more we will get the hill from the Haleem himself.

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Now, the hill, let's let me ask you a question. What's the difference between or what's better hill or government live hill

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or controlling anger,

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controlling anger

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very good. Help is better. Why? Because he will not reach the government.

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He will not reach that. To use it. He saw Haleem Hareem when I have the power to harm you,

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there was a sister. She's a doctor.

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And she's a from a very, very rich family. Even her family, nobody can talk to her. She's very smart, very stubborn.

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Everybody knows in the family, no one talks to her. Whatever she wants, takes place happens. Even in the hospital where she works. Everybody knows that this sister, this woman doesn't come close to her. She's very smart, very respectful. But at the same time, you know, she knows what she's doing.

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So one time, she was supposed to visit an older lady sick lady in the hospital. She missed her room by mistake or something. She did not visit her. So when the lady said her shoulder the next day, she starts screaming and yelling at her. Where are you? How could you miss me yesterday? Why don't you check up on me? Everybody, the employees said that this girl, this woman that I use, the old woman has gotten cuts, she's messing up with this woman.

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This is where the * is the woman started apologizing from the old lady, even though she was saying very bad words to her. So please forgive me. And I get so busy and I get distracted. And this is held. When you have the power to fire someone and you forgive them. This is *.

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Not the helm that you know you go to the to someone that you have no control whatsoever.

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no control whatsoever. And you know that if you don't say something, you're gonna be jailed and, you know, you have to be Halima that have no choice but to leave. So that is when you have the power. Allah subhanaw taala has all the power. He could destroy all the people. Anyone who oppresses anyone who harms Muslims. Allah could have destroyed them in a second and a flash of a second. But from his hikma from his wisdom, he delays them, even us when we sin. When we sit and we sit down, and we close the doors and we close the curtains and we turn off the lights and we think that nobody is watching us and we are disobeying Allah Allah could have that second

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Allah could add that second

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rule and everything

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but from his helm laleham Yoji own maybe they would come back. Maybe you would you would notice one day Imagine. Imagine Yeah, one that

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your boss or the CEO of the company that you work for? So you with his own eyes, stealing something from the office.

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And then he came to you and he put his hand on his back. He said it's okay. Just don't do it again. How do you feel?

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You will never do it again.

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Allah is watching us all the time. And we disobey him while he's watching us. And the hands are still moving and the eyes are still seeing and the ears are still hearing. This is a Helene. This is what Al Halim means. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told us that if we want Allah to overlook our mistakes we need to be we need to be able to overlook other people's mistakes

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earlier the hola Juan He said he'll mocha Allah Sufi, you capture unsalted Oka la Hill, mocha Allah Sufi, you capture unsolved sadaqa ally, when you have held on a on a foolish person, then you will get more supporters. You have more supporters against him. But when you stoop down to his level and you start answering him back and you know lowering your your level to his level, you lose every all the support but when someone starts you know saying things about you and you say May Allah forgive you may Allah does this and you'll reward them And subhanAllah people will respect you more and they will support you against that that person and finally are one or two things

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do not take advantage of the help of Allah.

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You know, when you hear all these things, you say you know what, tell us Allah is Helene

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him Allah Allah for Allah is Rahim let me do whatever No no no no. Now, Arabic Al Karim ma raka Rob Big Al Karim. Allah subhana wa Taala is very highly but when he in a butcher of beaker, Russia did

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XYZ is in Moqtada.

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So we cannot afford

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to take advantage of that help Allah subhanaw taala. Just like we may give the example where Allah Allah, Allah, we give example of the CEO, you will never do it again in front of him. You'll never do it again. You think a million times. Allah subhanaw taala is watching us 24/7

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one of the DUA

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we always end by saying the DUA that we could use this name, Allah subhanho wa sallam said

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a dua call and they'll come when you are in distress when you are sad when you are depressed.

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Or Salah Salem taught us this to the ilaha IL Allah Rubble, Archie Levine

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ilaha illallah Alavi mill Haleem Ilaha illa Allah and all the will Haleem La ilaha illallah Rob Bhullar Sheila de la ilaha illallah Rabu Sana Lottie wearable, wearable AR shall carry. This dua is when you are so Salam Taurus to say that it has the word Al Halim in it, and Hasan Basri Rahim Allah He used to say this beautiful Allah Houma listen how beautiful is this?

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Hola Humala can handle Isla he'll make bad or Ill make.

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Yeah. Hola. Thank you for your help. After you know, that's what I have done. Imagine your son. You told her to do this. Don't do that. And he did it. And you know that he did it and you forgive him? And I forgive him and you forgive him? Allahumma Alhamdulillah il MC ba l mc. Well that can handle quick by the quadratic

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well I can have a laugh week for forgiving me after you have the ability to destroy me. Instantly. Allah Mala can hamdulillah Helmick bad I'll make one that can handle other Affleck. Bad quadratic. Allah subhanaw taala said in Mala young SQL similar to you when out of the Anthozoa whether in zebra in UNSECO Houma Minh Adam inbody in Hokkaido Halima Naga forum. Allah holds the heavens and the earth that they fall apart and were they to fall apart. There is none to hold them together. Except he he is the most Helene and the most forgiving

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