Mohamad Baajour – Names of Allah #23 Al Wadood

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history of Islam, including the use of love and acceptance in religion. It also touches on the importance of showing one's love to others and gaining their love for Islam. The segment highlights the value of strong relationships and gaining love for Islam, as well as a book called "The Work of the Holy Spirit" that will help people learn to be strong and strong in Islam. Additionally, a woman with a toilet that had a problem was mentioned.
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So I got a lot smaller hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main foreigner. And finally my limp Tana was an old man your hammer Rahimi. Ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us, benefit us from our tutorials and increase us knowledge. And Allah put Baraka in this gathering and make us from the people at the end of the gathering will be told como McAllen, Macomb Cabo de Rossi, Atacama Santa Hamdulillah, by enemy

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ship solid homeowners did, Allah He said, he said, I'm gonna just quote him, he said, Love of Allah. Love of Allah is life itself and to be deprived of it entails a terrible death. It is the light without which one would sail in a sea of darkness. It is the cure, without which one's heart will be overwhelmed by a multitude of diseases. It is the joy without which one will remain in permanent grief. It is the essence of faith and deeds without which they become like a soulless soul less buddy Subhan Allah, this is the love of Allah as the origin talking about the love of Allah. Tonight's name is Al we're dude. We're dude, alpha dude

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has been mentioned the Quran in many places.

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I don't expect it to guess what the

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only two, only two places and we're dude as the name of Allah azza wa jal is only mentioned twice. One in a surah that we all know by heart Surah borouge Yep, so a little bruise on Allah subhanaw taala said in now, who are you to do while you're eat? Well who Allahu Allah do and the second is in surah Hood. We're still feeling robbed back home from Matobo LA, in Nairobi Raman, what would make a stuffer to Allah and repent to Him? Allah is Rahim. And he is what would Allah subhanaw taala do it. The closest translation is the affectionate, the most loving the beloved.

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The affectionate, He, Allah subhana wa Taala has a special love for His righteous people. May Allah make us all amongst them in sha Allah, who loves him because

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He loves them because they love him because they know him. knowing Allah azza wa jal will increase the love to him. You know, sometimes they ask you who you love the most you say my mother, because you know her, you know what pleases her you know what upsets her and you stay away from what upsets her and you do what pleases her and you bring her what make with what makes her happy. But actually the most one we love in our life is Allah azza wa jal. So you have to know who is Allah Who what kind of attributes does he have Subhanallah what Allah

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Allah subhanaw taala is the affectionate and the beloved, the beloved, that will do it comes from the root root word. Wow, dal dal

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because would Dan has a shirt that sweats to does? Well then that which

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like we said, It comes in many

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It comes in many ways in the Quran, even though the name is only twice but what the ladina Cafaro

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Giada at here, and Carla Carla Coleman and foster comm as well. My word is from a dude right from what now I love what they would do Latina Cafaro the non believers would love that you live your deen they would love it, that you live your deen Allah so the the verbs derived from this name are so many, many times mentioned in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala said for example, yeah, what do you love? We have Teddy mean either beyond me even Bernie Subhanallah Yeah, what? Now? What's the difference? This is very important point. Because anytime you ask somebody what does love mean in Arabic whether they answer

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a crumb

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help, right. You always say you say I will say the brother basil saying habibi. Yeah Javi is my beloved. So how is love so what's the difference between hope and would

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help? Is love what is love? What

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What's the difference? Because we know in the Arabic language is always difference, right? How isn't the heart?

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How isn't the heart what is in the heart and in the actions? You know how it sounds sometimes your kids tell you, Baba I love you mama I love you tell them show me.

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Just say it only by the tongue show me help me stop doing this fix your room show me that you love me. This is what Allah subhanho wa Taala he shows us that He loves us. He keeps giving us name after name after name after noun and he does not need us.

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Abraham Allah He said, The love of the added to the to Allah is natural is normal because he gave him Allah gave us everything that's natural to love him. But Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to make what to us? Why?

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He doesn't need anything from us. Even our data, he does not need it. All we're doing it for our own sake. So he is this is what Allah dude means. Even though he does not need our love. He does not need our API that he does not need it. But he still gives us and gives us and gives us so he can bring us closer to him. Subhan Allah, this is alpha Dude, this is an alpha dude.

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You're cool. Well, first off by that hook, we will and they'll hook Mr. Cobra Phil, well would never have had a stroke would isn't the heart and hope isn't the heart and wood isn't the slug is in? In the actions? Where do it is from?

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The word from the root foul, you know, far out of our own file file. So he's from the word foul. What does that mean? That means in Arabic grammar, it points to intensity and continue with it.

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You know, there's somebody who is fine, he did something. So will he did it with intensity and continuously. So Allah subhanaw taala dude, he loves you intensely and continuously, not once. Subhanallah not only, but only once. Now.

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How can we

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come close to the to the dude.

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Tell them a dude.

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About your concerns.

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You know, usually,

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you open up to someone that you love.

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Usually you open up to someone that you know that they love you and they care about you. Right? Allah here when no one cares about me, or you more than ever, dude, no one. And like I always repeat, we spend so much time talking to people. But the one who loves me the most and have the solution for all my problems. I hardly talk to him or when I talk. I'm not all there. Even though when I'm talking to my brother, or my sister, and I'm expressing my emotions to my friend in the masjid. I give it all my heart and when it comes to Allah,

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so weak that no life in it, even though Subhanallah I'm talking to the dude, I'm talking to the one who has given me everything. And he knows what I'm going through. Especially in the last part of the night. When he comes down and he asked what do you want so I can give you what do you want? Can you imagine? Oh my god, I love this hadith. You know what because I feel like

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we're not taking advantage of this hadith.

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Rasool Allah SallAllahu sallam said, that Allah descends to the first heaven in a way that befits His Majesty, in a way that Allah only knows Don't ask why in this creation. Allah knows how.

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And he asks the last third of the night, and if you do the calculation is between three and six these days.

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And he asked, What do you want? So I can give you he didn't say what do you want? He said Helmand sir in

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Helmand sir Elon Thea is that anyone asking so I can give him that just listen to him.

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Okay, yeah, you want this? No, no, no for our Tia

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Hellman care even is that anybody wants to repent from a sin so I can forgive him. Allah here one, we all know we are Hamdulillah you are on my family, big family Hamdulillah. If I tell you or you tell me what stars there is somebody coming from three to six to the masjid? Whatever you want, whatever you want, you name it. He will give it to you. We will be here or not. Honestly.

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I want greencard I want citizenship. I want

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to be here to sell

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if not three, maybe there's traffic

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from from maybe this truck, you know what we slip here?

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What if something happens stomach? Not happy I'm sleeping here.

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No parking allowed.

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Right to How come when the King of Kings Tell me whatever you want, please yeah. And listen

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six o'clock to 615 and up to 615 The call is still valid. And what else do you want? Ask for the New Dawn from New York hour. In New York, that option is up to five only.

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So you have to really wake up but now most of us are up by that time and you know, very close Subhanallah so up to 615 You can still make that call Allahu Akbar. Give that request Subhanallah to the dude himself.

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When Allah subhanho wa Taala

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now how can we gain the love of Allah azza wa jal listen to this beautiful Hadith that you all know by heart. When Allah loves somebody, he tells you really as you real, I love so and so. low IQ what a conversation. I love so and so. So yeah, you really love him. Allahu Akbar. You know what? Let me ask you a question. That wasn't enough that Allah loves me. Why do I want Gibreel to love me? Isn't the half that he loves me? Allahu Akbar. Look at the Quran. This is different when you're dealing with a much different

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when he loves you, He will ask Gibreel you as you breathe will love him Jabril will love you and Jabril will call all the angels Allah and love so and so. So love them to my yoga from my yoga Hola. Hola. kobold Phil org. Then

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all of a sudden, you see everywhere you go. People love you people care about you people welcome you. Allah will put love in people's heart, your love in people's hearts. This is a sign of everywhere you go people love you and care about you and respect you. That's a sign that Allah loves you.

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How to get in the love of Allah azza wa jal quickly because I want you to come all the time and listen to these things that could benefit in sha Allah Tala.

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Khan in contrast to hipbone Allah factory only your common law straightforward no doesn't need experts in Arabic nothing. If tell them Yeah, Muhammad salallahu Salam in contempt Redbone Allah if you love Allah, follow me Febi oni Allah will love you. So the first step is following Rasul Allah is seldom to the best of our ability we will gain the love of Allah azza wa jal second

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above the hola Han the reason for salsa Salam said that Allah said manana deli when en en tu who will herb whomsoever

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fight or become an enemy to one of my earlier I declare war against him and the Lord Hadith and then the point that we need when I say Allah at the curb

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and my slave keeps coming closer to me with the optional a Baghdad till I love him. We go back again TM TM is optional. It's not a must if you don't get up you're not going to be sinful. Again, TM again, is from the Nawab Phil, today was Thursday where you're fasting okay.

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There was a Janessa did you go to the janazah? Did you pray the Janessa? Did you go see visit the sick person? All these unaware fill, you know, and my habit keeps making no effort until I love him. Imagine Yeah, when Allah will love us. If we do so many in our field sadaqat you know, all these unaware fill Allah who will love us. Third Hacket Maha Betty

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Hakata Mohabbat he Lily moto have been a faith. Allahu Akbar, my loves is an obligation it becomes an obligation to who we are Allah to the ones who love one another for my sake.

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I make Allah my witness, that I love you all for the sake of Allah. Allahu Allah is my witness that I love you for the sake of Allah. And I asked him with this love to gain his love for all of us in sha Allah Tala. I mean you're a big island

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have become a heavy man, my love.

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How to gain his love, love or become of what he loves. He said, Well, no, your head was Sabreen Allah loves the patient one become patient. Well, no. Are you talking? Become a motorcade, Wallah. You see Nene, become a sin. You know,

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Allah you've been in Allah you've been where your Hibou will Mutata hearin

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He likes the one every time they commit a sin. He constantly they always repent to Allah. Allah loves them because they repented, repent,

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repent, constantly repent to Allah He Jamia, you helped me know what to Allah He, Jimmy, can you help me know? And how can we gain the love of Allah azza wa jal by asking for his love, there's a beautiful da Allah Mendez Iluka book will help boom in your head book will help beaucoup Amylin your Karibuni Allah big, I can give it to you after the year Allah, I ask you your love, and the love of whomsoever loves you, and the love of every animal that will bring me closer to you. Beautiful.

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I was with a

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He's not here. He was telling me when I when we were going to the Janaza he told me what's the name today? I told him I'll do it. He said I want to ask you something shift.

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He said I got a message.

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if you say alpha dude, I'll have something for names in front of somebody and

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you blow in his face. If he becomes ugly, that means he doesn't love you. If he becomes beautiful, that means they love you. Is this authentic?

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Let me ask you what do you think?

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Come come close.

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Yeah, when all these things that you get by whatsapp and all that stuff, these are the guy who has lost his job.

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And sitting board, he has nothing to do you know what, let me come up with a hadith or something amusing. Subhanallah so be very careful about sending these things. And those stuff, you know, sometimes your instinct immediately by yourself you notice that something is wrong. Any because all our Sharia or our deen concerned or Salah Salem, right? Would you imagine yourself standing in front of anybody and saying 100 times and then blowing his face and all that stuff? No, this does not be fit by by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and finally, when Allah subhanaw taala he said in Larina airmen who I'm you know, Sony,

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say a giant hula hoop or rotten wood

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Allahu Akbar

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the ones who believe and do righteous deeds Allah will make people love them. Say he I don't know him. He didn't say says Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Say a

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man. Say he Adela home ramen would Surah Maryam last page Subhan Allah so Jaquan you everybody loves to be loved and especially by Allah azza wa jal Eman and Amazon will lead us in sha Allah, Allah, Allah to gain the love of Allah. And one of the best analysis. I'm very happy to see some brothers that sat down today, you know, because some of the other brothers are regulars. But Allah when those 15 minutes, we have no clue. They could be the reason for you to enter Jana. We have no idea. What is the angle that led us to Jana? It could be this low alum. It could be this because of the tremendous promises from the Saudi himself. The old truthful about all these promises if we just sit

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down and listen Subhanallah what did it take one, please make it a habit. Whether it's me, or anyone who's giving you advice, reminding you of Allah, these are the people you should be hanging out with all the time. The people who remind you of Allah azza wa jal, necessarily, dude, as long as he is Rahim, Rama and Allah for us and we'll be coolly and the Agile Kuhlmann hudl young man added for those who Allah, Allah Muffuletta the rubella but a Seraph NFE Amina with a bit of them and when sadhana Alcon will caffeine, Allah more fitna, Lima Taheebo, Turbo Robinette hablan I mean, as far as you know, was already Yeah, Tina Kurata yo,

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clean. Aloha. My daddy can Effie Dean in Allama Mediclinic here as well as you know, alumni better cleaner.

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Among the better cleaner. I'm wearing alumni better, cleaner, cleaner, but some of them are gonna be and I'm gonna do it early. He was like the main please come to measure tomorrow. 630 they come out of Salon Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Subhana Allah insha Allah Allah Allah, Allah and the staff Heruka on a toilet

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