Taraweeh at home or in the masjid? – The essence of Ramadan

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For the free or if you plan the most you get the more reward but every other player soon enough, let Ravi when you play at home, you get more reward. Why? The reason Allah wants a Muslim to spend more time at home for the come, then they can be in the company of the children a voice at home when they're praying even still during presence of the family family is more important to foster as a dad why companies used to pray to Ravi at home because that's a more reward.

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Kamata, the believers, he lists every prayer that Mr. mamani has to do the prayer. But he never left Ravi.

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Ravi has to play at home on his own, like allow two people to play in the most because sometimes people don't have space at home to come and play Moschino house of Allah in His time, so many period things Ravi on their own and everybody playing loudly. The history if you people do the same thing, and you're not using your home, get behind what he meant. He made one EMA on a particular kind of preference behind them. The man was from among them, he didn't become a mom, to people in the masjid. That's fine, that's allowed. But those who put at home, always they get more reward even normal. cardinalities Corona, but you know in Oracle, every condition for at home is always had more

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reward than the prayer in the most except for the prayer. Father zohore magari Belisha for the prayer if you do machine, you get more reward every other player. When you do at home, you get the more reward data disable data, why companies like Walmart and all these people they used to refer to Ravi, I told companies don't never want to lose the reward. You know, they want to have more reward. to that. Keep in mind read it very clear. The prayer increase Ravi at home has a much more reward than praying it in the most except for the prayer.