Mohamad Baajour – Names of Allah #06 Al Malik, Malek Maleek

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the origins of various names and their origins, including Rahim, Moherd, and Kadi. They emphasize the importance of showing one's true intentions to be the king and mention Maruka as the woman with authority. The conversation also touches on the success of Islam, including a man who took a job and a woman who lost a job, and the need for people to know their own rights. They suggest starting small and focusing on family members, and suggest asking Jesus for help.
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I just like a request to Allah if it comes to me I will stay with the word that with the name Rahim for another few weeks but because you want to move we're gonna move on Subhan Allah

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we ended

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last Halaqaat by mentioning where

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are the word drama how it came in different meaning and it came as the meaning of Islam at came meaning of Nobu came the meaning of agenda, many different meanings. And quickly in sha Allah Tala, if we just go, how can we gain

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you know, I make sure this is being recorded. First for people to go back to it in the future in sha Allah Tala and we'll be hustling sadaqa jariya inshallah second last week after I finished brother texted me you know how brother has he said, I'm watching you from Bangkok says ways to be

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Hola Hola, Bangkok.

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so, how to gain the Rockmount of Allah azza wa jal was going to be Marcus quickly let's go through it in Java number one

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refer to others to be manual and lay your hand who does not have Rama to others will not get the rest of Allah's

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forgiveness and being except

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for four before also

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waking up your spouse the middle of the night, Rahim Allah Who green karma middle lane firecuda Xhosa what else?

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He said

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ask for right?

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Because without drama, we will not be able to go anywhere. So knowing that it is the only ticket to agenda we should seek it from every every time we have an opportunity to do that. We should jump on it in Charlotte. Today, three names that come from one master from one source and that source is meme lamb calf. From that from those three letters came three names what are they?

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Al Malik

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Malik, no names names of Allah and Malik,

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Al Malik, Malik, and Malik.

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Five times in the Quran mentioned five times. Malik Kiyomi Dean Cole Allahumma medical.

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No, no. Malik is twice Malik is five. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

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Malik twice. Malik. Malik came many times. Tyler Marvin medical, Huck.

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Hello, Hola. Hola, de la ilaha illa al Malik al for those came five times in the Quran and Malik came twice and Malik came once. Malik came once when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada he said in Alberta Kena Fijian Matin when I had female cardi Septin and Mary Kay Moqtada, this is in Surah Surah. So to cover

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what what do they what do they need

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and Malik means the Sovereign Lord Malik

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in regular language in the Arabic language Malik means the owner

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means king Malik was also king. But what's the difference between

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a Melek a king that we know

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and Melaka himself Subhanallah the millet the king

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could be a king

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Malik could be a Malik and could be a Malik he could be a king and he could be an owner right. But his milk

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that King his milk is limited to a city state country

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and limited to a time

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someone could be a Malik

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but not a king, but many Melek but Allah is Malik and Malik of everything all the time forever.

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Okay, the Malik could be limited in a certain time or place. Malik could be an ally but not a Malik. But Allah subhanaw taala is the Malik and Malik and Malik

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Look, always and forever. We have to You see, we have to understand these names because like I always remind myself and remind you when I know these names my dua will completely change. Yeah man he killed me Look, you know what, if you like so strong you asking the King of kings and by the way I was I was gonna leave it at the end but adventure now since we're talking Rasulullah told us in the Hadith that is the worst nickname you could ever have, which will be a humiliation on the Day of Judgment is to be called

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Medical Group

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to be called Medical Group because sometimes I think

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somebody named himself here Qaddafi or somebody named himself Maliki other know somebody was Qaddafi, right? He named himself Moluccan, Luke, when he was

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Malik, Malik, Africa, the King of the Kings of Africa.

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Subhanallah This is a name that is haram to name or to have it as a nickname to you in this dunya no matter who you are, no matter who you are.

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The one who is king of all beings, the one who is the owner and the ruler of this dunya the one who has the supreme authority all this is under the name Al Malik and Malik the one who has own ruling power over all beings and is ruled by none.

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That King,

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no matter how much powerful he is he still need food to survive. He still need the drink, he still need to sleep he still need people around him. But molecule does not need anybody. Medical Maruka does not need anyone. Now

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Allah Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Like I mentioned it this one is mentioned two times and five times in this in the Hadith. Also, these couple of names are mentioned in some of that hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, in the Hadith that we all know, and one of my favorites in New Zealand, ma sma dunya facility as he gave me the label for your code, and then Malik and Malik

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Allah descends into first heaven, first sky

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at the last third of the night, in a way that befits His Majesty, in a way that we do not understand how. And he says, I am the King, I am the king and allelic al Malik men, the lady had her own any that own infested Ebola man, the lady? Yes, I don't leave out here, then the lady yesterday?

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Who is the one?

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Who's asking me so I can answer him? Who is the one who's asking for help or anything? So I can give him who's asking for forgiveness so I can forgive him.

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And I mentioned that before many times and I mentioned it again, because of its importance. And because no one takes the statement I'm about to say very seriously. Listen carefully. FYI, my brothers and my sisters.

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If you have any problem, financial problem, marital problem, health problem, any issue that you're going that's going on in your life right now. And you are

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seriously looking for a solution, seriously looking for a solution. And you do not perform TM and ask Allah in the middle of the night. You are not seeing yes for a solution.

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You're not serious. You're just saying

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you're lying.

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You could cry next to me for half an hour. 45 minutes. What am I going to do to you? The best I can do to you is be the middleman I'm gonna go ask him. Why don't you cut the middleman goes straight. Yeah, Allah Yahama rocky mean, really. Sometimes we go through really real hardship. A major divorce, loss of a year 13534 Or five months without a job. He or she has been separated for

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medical Baluk.

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King of Kings is asking what do you want so I can give you at that time. So you sleep at that time and you get up after dark and you come up with a human being to a human being and you start begging him.

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go to the king. If you were working in a palace

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you are working in a palace

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and that palace has a king, and that King has cooks, drivers, landscapers, you name it, maids

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and you need something

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you go to the landscaper please

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strengthen your relationship with the king

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and beg him Yo Ma I am addicted to smoking ya Allah helped me quit. Ya Allah I'm addicted to drinking. Yeah Allah I am looking for a wife. Yeah Allah, anything whatever. Ask Allah azza wa jal at that time.

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But where's the problem?

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People get up one night and they come back. I tried

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in Nico, it happened to

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somebody came to me and said yeah so Allah Tao can understandably, I asked many times nothing happened in Coleman

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what he said on the stage you don't you rush. You rush, don't rush. Just ask and wait Subhan Allah. So this is the where we have the need medic mentioned. Malik, Malik and Al Malik. Another place yeah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told wife said yeah, my wife

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to Adobe, whether we can earn a commission Jabin Mina, Dane D'Amato.

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Oh my God, should I teach you how to do

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that if you have the mountain, a mountain of debt, and you say it, Allah will take care of it.

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While said yes.

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He said, Say Allah hum manera. And he can see that's what I'm using this. This is how I'm reminding myself that I'm teaching you how to use those names on a daily basis. Illuminati can vote to kill will come into sharp weapons, they will come in mentorship. But to resume and Tasha, what within lumen Tasha be ethical Hi, in

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this post we know from the AME now here comes the

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man in dunya when

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you are the runner of dunya to Hoonah, then Tasha you give dunya to so ever you want and you give to whomsoever you want what have now been human Tasha and you prevent them you hold them back from whoever you you want a honey Rama to Nene, Bihar and Ramadan. Minsi. Well, Allah, this combined both Malik and Malik and Rahim Subhan Allah at the end it ended he said, Your Allah have Rama, give me a Rama from you that it will make me not need the Rama of any human being. I don't want to go to this guy and beg him to help me pay the debt. Please I know that your list I want to come to you. You make him come to me and help you. Allah he will.

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If our workload is so strong,

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you bet Allah, Allah will subjugate us to serve you.

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He will send you people to serve you.

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How many times you have you saved yourself?

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How did what did this guy call me from where did this come from? I have no clue. I forgot about this.

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And all of a sudden,

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that person came. And you know you got a phone call. Oh, you know what? The guy that's supposed to take that job. Got sick. It's yours now.

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Allah subhanaw taala. So this is the way we use this is that

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Allah subhanaw taala is in need of nothing.

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But all things need Him.

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Allah subhanaw taala the Day of Judgment. It's very famous statement he says, limit the level.

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Limit the Volkl young age and then Melek Aw, can

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I have the king? Where are the kings of Earth? Where are they? liminal? Volkl Young. To Whom belongs the bulk today Lilla Hindware. He didn't. So the coffee Beautiful, beautiful.

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But I know a lot. He said something beautiful. Five, four minutes. He said the Federation will cover for

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By Joker was it the Salim bin Abdullah he shoved up the Malik enter to the Kaaba, he was Khalifa. He saw one of the greatest colors. His name is Salim bin Abdullah.

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So he asked salah, send me a hijab

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asked me whatever you want.

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Asked me, whatever you want.

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Simon said in the study Allah and SLFP, VT over you're

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very shy

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that I'm in the house of Allah. And he asked anyone other than him? How can I ask you? Who do you think you are? I'm in the cabinet and make them to love. So he shouldn't wait for him to get up to the Capitol. To leave the house. Leave the McCleary Hara for Hello Joe

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lands Ellison behind you. So now we are out. Ask me your head. So Sam said from hi from Hawaii, if you don't yet on Ashira

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you want me to ask you from dunya can eat and eat and not have no control about the error. Of course dunya needs listen to this and this is why

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I was in the house of the one who owns the dunya and I did not ask him you think I'm going to ask you

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I was just in the house of the one who owns the dunya and I did not ask him to dunya matters. You think I'm going to ask you about dunya law.

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Now if rich men come to us ask you have to our let me tell you what,

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Allah the hearts was so attached to Allah azza wa jal they were so attached to Allah that nothing nothing will you know make them you know be tempted Subhan Allah ask you for doing it. I was just with it with the one who owns the dunya like somebody was the one who owns apple and the other guy would you like me to buy you an Apple phone? Yeah was just this guy cook in asking ask you.

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You know,

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we have to understand from these names that

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all we have, all we have belongs to Allah azza wa jal

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one time a bad way. So in Arabi

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Katya Amina lemon has a con, he had Illa Fear Day.

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A bit when was asked about his herd of cattle. He said, Who is this for? He said, This is for Allah. But it's between my hands. Now I'm running it, but it is for Allah similar.

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My house, my car, my business, my family, all belongs to Allah azza wa jal. And there's a very simple formula which I'll end with because our 15 minutes are up

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memorize this formula. Lo, Bucky ugly rhetoric lemma was

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it was going to stay or remain was someone else it would have never made it to you

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was the fluffiness here.

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If it was going to be mean for somebody else was going to live forever? How you were going to get it? Now you're going to die. And those kids is going to take the house they die. The other kids take the house, take the business side, take that money.

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That president that King, how did he get that kingdom because his father died or is other king died? They got it. Right. If it stayed for someone remain, they will never be will never got it. So everything we have is temporary. And

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in reality, it all belongs to Allah azza wa jal. We are only temporary custodians to be tested. What are we going to do with that money? What are we going to do with that health with that wealth with whatever Allah subhanaw taala just us with? So yeah, Malik and Malik, Malik and Tim will come into the shop with us. We'll come in man, Tasha, Tasha, but to the lumen Tasha beard he can hide in a Gadda condition and career and you know what, then see? Then say you're doing what was about bout debt. But can I stay? Can I start my day out with this statement? Yes. Why not? Because I think it is worth to start with what praising Allah basic isn't a more beautiful phrase that this young lady

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can work under totally.

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If you're praising Allah then you ask kewley Ya Allah this Yama that Yama this, praise Allah first then then we ask Allah Allah will continue with this name. A few things left in sha Allah. If Allah kept us alive we will continue on Thursday is that Moroccan letter from Africa Subhan Allah, masha Allah Allah him and stuff Utica Manitoba

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