When You Feel Like Allah Doesn’t Listen

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You are revival by magic Mahmoud

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assalamu Aleikum This is your brother magic Mahmood recording for the day reminder, brothers and sisters I'm very excited about the series Dr. revival and I hope you're enjoying every moment of it. coming in with our second episode with information that is so crucial that every single Muslim should be aware of what is that information? I will tell you that through a story. In one of the cities that I lived in, there was a brother who was so committed to coming to the message. It was unbelievable. Mashallah tabarrok Allah, he's always in the first row, not second, not third. Always in the first row. He always makes it to the mustard regardless of the weather, tornado Blizzard,

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thunderstorm is always there. Mashallah about a cola. What makes it even more interesting is that he does not have a car, he does not use like a bus pass to go to the masjid. And he doesn't even have a bike or a scooter. He simply walks there. Now after some time, we noticed that that brother stopped coming to the masjid and I realized that brother must perhaps be the be very, very sick. So I immediately went to his house to go and see him and check on him as a brother is the beauty of a brother over a brother. So not on his house. And he opened the door, and I was happy to see him standing nice and healthy. And it's Santa Monica. And he said, What do you want? He crushed a big

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word. And I was really shocked. Why would you behave like that you should supposed to be you say well, I like Mr. Lamb. But the President What do you want? I came to check on you see, everything's fine with you. Because I haven't seen in the message for a few days. He's like, you know what? I'm nice and healthy. Right? Okay, good for you now move on and like move magic. The next to Panama. But brother What happened? Like how can I help? You know, you don't look like you're in the best shape What's going on? Anything that hurt you maybe can support you is like whatever man like, please. He's like, Okay, come Let me tell you what happened. So he takes him to the basement to the lower

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level of his house. And he starts explaining his liquidity for the past six months, I've been going to them praying first row and every support possible. No matter what the weather is like thunderstorm Blizzard, tornado. I'm always there. I got no car, no bike, no scooter, I simply walk all the way to the masjid. For six months, I've been making dua to Allah, all kinds of da that a single one of them has been responded to By Allah, why shall I worship and after all that work? I was so shocked to hear this. I was really sad to hear this and I told him brother, haven't you heard of hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam when he said that whenever a Muslim makes dua to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala one of three things happen is that what unlike when when you when you make those kind of what's our number one a lot of would make that drop which he asked for actually come to reality. So if you're always making dua to Allah, Allah Allah please help cure my friend who was very sick. Number one Allah with your your friend who is sick because of your job you've got it written on a log brings the cure down to your your friend or your brother. If a lot doesn't do number one to you, then number two will allow you to do a low will not accept your dog in terms of curing your friend. But number two, Allah will lift the hardship those about to fall upon you

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because if you're a law lifts that hardship number three from others give me number one or two the number three a lawyer will say the word of the DA and Allah subhanaw taala will allow you to taste the sweetness of the drop when on your piano when you see all these dogs that were not accepted in dunya transform into headset on Yamaha piano when the Prophet brothers and sisters when the Prophet said this does have a you know how does it have a felt they were thinking and he was so amazed by this and he said even then you will never stop thinking that it's a win win win situation when you think it was at INSEAD and don't forget this is alive Did he say also have an exaggerated don't ask

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a lot too many things know the Prophet set a low a low continue to give a low content to respond a low always give you whatever is best for you whenever you ask him. And you just keep asking. Allah loves Allahu Akbar. So this is our attitude From now on you make drugs Allah subhanaw taala and you know it's done it's over a lower respond to it. How which one of the three allow Allah Okay, which one of the three is the best thing the best one out of the three is what Allah sees is best for you. Baraka logical I hope this is of a great benefit. Please make sure you share this with your friends and family inspired rock revival in the Drop the act of worship the next level, feel free to like

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the video, click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Once again, what's most important is for you to share this video with your friends and family. Baraka la Sequim. wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.