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Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The use of the nickname " handyman" in Islam is discussed, as it relates to the title of Islam. The transcript also highlights a former president who used his name as he's the king and owns everything. Hadith Muslim discusses the importance of showing the greatness of Allah azza wa jal and the "hasith" in the name, as well as the discovery of Earth size planets and the Goldilocks Milky Way. The segment also touches on the meaning of a "monster" meaning "monster" in Arabic, and a "monster" meaning "monster" in French.
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Maybe because

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maybe because you're using this

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just pick them up

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just do something with this

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I didn't ever think

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just one minute video.

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So now alikom

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Smilla Al Hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda and founder and finally my LinkedIn hours at 9am and Dr. hamre I mean,

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I ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless this gathering and make us from the people at the end of the gathering we told como forum Netcom get up all your sins are forgiven. I mean, you're blind I mean, so hamdulillah Brian, I mean, we are

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learning the names of Allah azza wa jal May Allah make us from the people who listen and apply in sha Allah, Allah, masha Allah when they asked me on COLA to Verona escena I mean, so that's Monday, we discussed the names al Malik, while Malik and Malik and Malik and Malik and Al Malik. And we mentioned that they are all coming from the root word mean lamb calf. And

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we said that Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran. He used the beautiful name, Korean

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family can Mulk tootin Monica.

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came in touch?

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Why toys zona? Tasha.

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Why to the Luna Tasha

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be a deacon Holly in Konishi in Cody Subhan. Allah, Allah told us that he is Malik al Mulk. And he said, this is such a beautiful area, you know, to recite before you make any, if you want to make a DUA, you know, praise Allah with this area. Yeah, Malik al Malik. Tim, welcome, and Tasha with 10 01, cattleman Tasha, and notice something here, when Allah subhanaw taala came to giving the Malky said duty to give. But when he came to say about taking the milk out, taking the milk back from somebody, he used the word.

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You know, when you lend somebody money, very easy, he loves you. But when you ask for the money back,

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he didn't

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let us do a tenza. Does he have to really take it back very hard. When he said, Good, he said it. But when he said take it back, sit down, we'll come with you. When we get the wealth in our hands. It's extremely hard to take it back. So we mentioned

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that Allah subhanaw taala. He is the owner and the king. Sometimes there's somebody who is a king, and he owns something for a limited time. Then he dies or somebody he is an owner, but he's not a king, but Allah subhanaw taala is the owner and the king and forever SubhanAllah. So, and we mentioned a few examples, and you know how frown, he said, and a Sally milk muscle behind the hill and her surgeon even tatty FL atomsphere known for and said, I am the king I own Egypt and look at the rivers running beneath me. Don't you see that? And where is what happened to him? He died with this with these rivers. He was drowned in these in these rivers. And we said oh this is just a

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review from last time and we said it is not

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permitted to call yourself give yourself a name or a nickname medical MLOK. Medical or

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Sultana seraphim. These names are not recommended to be used for for human beings. This name medical Murdock is for Allah as Virgil. And we all know the story of mourn.

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When he was on his deathbed, he put his head on the ground. And he said, Yeah, I'm and lay Azula, Malko, Monza and amalco or Yemen UAM and lay a mood or harmony Mo. He put his head on the ground, and he said, Oh, the one whom his bounty does not expire. Have mercy on the one who his bounty just expired. And oh, the one who does not die. Have mercy on the one who is about to die SubhanAllah. So, this is a term that many of the Khilafat used to do.

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on their deathbed, and there was a tabby. His name is Sharpie l belfry. Once when he was asked, how did he repent? How did he came back to Allah azza wa jal, he said, my repentance began a year and the year of drought and famine. I saw a boy playing joyfully while all people were deeply depressed. I approached him angrily or every you're playing happily while everybody is sad? Aren't you ashamed? Don't you see how miserable people are? The boy replied, Why should I be unhappy? And my master owns and he the one who owns him, he's talking about the master regular master owns the whole Bustan with garden with all kinds of fruits. He said that statement from that young boy, that he is so happy

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because his master owns over Stan. So I said to myself, My master is Allah subhanho wa Taala What am I worried about? And that was the reason for me to come back to to Allah azza wa jal And subhanAllah

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one of the very beautiful Hadith Yeah, one, you know,

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to show us the greatness of Allah azza wa jal, and the greatness of this name, Al Malik,

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this hadith in Sahih Muslim and we know the Hadith when I when I saw as I said, I'm told us that Allah said so he could see Yeah, buddy. Hello and welcome.

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We're in second Virginia Nico, camo, FISA Aiden

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why? Looney fatale color insane Miss Elata Marina Casa de le can remain the L camera young Kosal make it up either adrenal bar, Yeah, buddy in NEMA here and now you can see Halochem some ofii Come here feminine whether the hyaluron Philea medulla, woman worship the IRA Dalek fella, your woman Elana sir Subhanallah, very beautiful Hadith he said, Allah subhanaw taala is telling us said oh my slaves, all my servants, even if the first amongst you, and the last amongst you, and the whole human race, if all mankind and all Jin kind all gather in one playground, and they all asked me all their needs, all their wishes, whatever they want. And if I gave every single person of them,

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whatever they asked for, that, in no way will cause any loss to me to me. Just like if you put

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a needle if you dip it dip and Edom in the ocean, and you take it back out

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how much water was taken out from the ocean Subhanallah when, you know if let's forget about the ocean, if this room is full of water, just this room only, and you put a needle in it, and you take it out how much water is missing from this room? Allah subhanaw taala said if I gave every human being every human being whatever they asked for, and evision everything they asked for my bounty will not decrease at all. Subhanallah and then he ended it by saying oh my slaves, this for you.

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All I'm doing is recording your deeds.

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So whoever find good on the Day of Judgment, let him be grateful to Allah azza wa jal and whomsoever find otherwise, let him only blame himself. Let him only blame himself. When you hear why am I mentioning this hadith when you hear this hadith? Yeah, one.

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How big is your problem?

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How big are your worries?

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How many things do you need?

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So why don't we just

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You know,

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take our time and express whenever we want to Allah azza wa jal, you are asking medical Mulu man to kill Moloch Subhan Allah, such a heavy, beautiful deep name. I asked whether bossier May Allah reward him to show you this clip this clip is only one minute and many of you probably have seen this clip before, but I just want you to

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to see

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a portion a very small portion of what

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is the milk of Allah azza wa jal says maybe 0.0001 of what I can turn off the light who's on the next to the light brother Salman

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it's just one minute inshallah don't be scared it's one of the

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first one Yep, okay.

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So just look at this inshallah Tada and look at this Can you turn off the other one

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so look at the size of these planets and keep your eye on

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on Earth where we are living and all these wars that are happening we are all fighting for a small piece of land and

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nearly can Mulk covering

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memory can MOOC taught in Moodle can Tasha what

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was the earth

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hola hola

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Do you notice names in Arabic

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the remain the brand in Arabic.

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Allahu Akbar.

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Subhanallah when all this is in one Milky Way, and there are millions of Milky Way's

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Allahu Akbar,

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Allahu Akbar. So Subhan Allah. Now,

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of course, this is very, maybe bring it close to our mind. But Allah smoke is beyond all that but this is what we probably can relate to. Because we this is where we live are supposed to give examples of the camel and and the desert and the palm tree. This is what we could relate to Earth. Right. So this size of Earth at the end of the clip the size of Earth you cannot see it anymore disappeared. And how many you know how rich is this word and oceans and gold and silver and you know mountains Subhan Allah and Allah subhanaw taala is Malakal. Mulkey owns all that. And they, they constantly discovering planets and planets. And they discovered something called I don't know, I'm

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sure some of you are into that. The scope the Goldilocks, anybody heard about the Goldilocks?

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This is they found out that there are around 10 million

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Earth size planets around the Earth. It's called the Goldilocks Milky Way or whatever. Subhan Allah 10 million Earth size planets Allahu Akbar. So I did that on purpose. So in sha Allah Tala, when when when we are making dua and asking Allah Subhana Allah for something, remember, that nothing is beyond Allah azza wa jal, you feel that million dollar debt or that $50,000 debt is huge. Or you feel that curing this person from a tumor is something major. You know, when you see all these things, con, a con, con, say a con, so Allah Allah, see when, when we that's one of my main reason for studying the names of Allah azza wa jal, so we can completely change the way we make dua

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completely change the way we make the certainty when it increases in the heart, the DA coming out will completely change will be deeper with Allah one to morclean on each other. Ask Allah when you have your clean, it's going to be it's going to be answered.

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Really was this was all

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introduction because I have a new name for you today.

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I will just mention the name because I always promised you they're going to be 15 minutes till the time of Asia goes back again. So today is I'm going to mention the name and few meaning of it and then we will explain it next week inshallah from look at this Hello, today's name is Alka dose. I'm going in order Malik.

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Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola, hola, and Mexico and condos. And cudos is from the root word cough de se seen cough dal sin, which has two linguistic meanings I'll produce have two linguistic meanings. The first meaning

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is mi casa cleansiness taharah. Pure and cudos means pure, clean. And the verb Codesa is from the same root and it is used for the movement of the bucket. That the the movement of the bucket when you use it to purify yourself. That's called Codesa. So it is from that word, start any cleansiness or pureness This is the first meaning and this word this name in the Quran is mentioned how many times

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how many times could those

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who said One, two which sort of salad

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Excellent. MashAllah Juma. The first area is the holy La

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Romana, the first area and the famous one in surah. So touches mentioned only twice. But we have the verb mentioned a few times like when Allah subhanaw taala when the angel said we're not no, no sub beho behind DECA when the SU luck when occurred this whole luck here, what does it mean? This isn't so little Bukhara according to the automat they said that means or when occurred this will occur means no Tahu and Fuson halacha we purify ourselves to you your Allah The angels are saying we purify ourselves to you yet Allah the second meaning of this word anybody knows

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you should be able to have the Mocha Salah does it mean

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yeah but

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it's muscle Kadeem.

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About the second meaning of

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Codesa means Mobarak Mobarak. So the first one is the hood. And the second one is Mobarak. And it means a lot of goodness of the land that is pure and Mubaraka also means an Mubaraka the land that is blessed Allah subhanho wa Taala he told us in the first ayah and Surah

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Surah Subhana Allah the Srbije de la Yunnan min and mercy that haram and Masjid Al Aqsa, Allah the the Rachna Hola, hola the Rachna Hola. So that land is a land that is mobile. So the two meanings of this word

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pure and Mobarak

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Allah He said I'll produce means the one who is free from and above any evil Subhanallah repeat beautiful beautiful from no camera Hamamatsu they'll produce me is the one who is free from from an above any shadow, any evil and knocks his free from any deficiency and any IBE from any fault. In other words, he is high above what does not be fit him. He is the pure one. He does not have any deficiency or or fault he is Alka dose. Even kefir. Rahim Allah said and produce means the one free from any deficiencies. He also says.

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He also says I'll produce refers to the one who is attributed with the attributes of perfection. And I'll be happy Rahim Allah says Allah produce is one of the is the one who is pure, and aloo and he comes from it, pureness and highness, the one who is pure from having any children or any partners. To summarize, he is the one who is far from any imperfection, error, fault and shortcoming and far from everything that is wrong or has any kind of evil in it. So Ciao.

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Matera Allah subhanaw taala kept us alive it will detail this beautiful name and produce on Monday in sha Allah Tala, I remind you that tonight is the night of of Joomla please make a lot of salad and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and please come to salata, Fisher and Jana, it is the most beloved salatu Allah Salat and phygital Juma in Joomla. And solid tomorrow is still at five theory Zachman luckier than a coffee calm so Hannah Colombo the handshake, I shouldn't lie Allah hinda and stuff Heruka wanted to go

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