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a Latina who understand and who want to start Philip when he went to LA when I met him in shallowly and phocoena women sejahtera Marina De La Villa villa. Villa hajela. When Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, when a shadow Mohammed Abdullah he was solo Allahu Allahu taala. Buddha didn't have the O'Hara who led Nicola de Vaca fabula he shahida pasa La la la la he was seldom at the Sleeman, kathira and kathira about in that stuck on DC de la vida de Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, initial moody Masato however in Nicola monda 13, beta, Allah, Allah Allah,

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Allah Allah azza wa jal

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Nakula arrows below him initiate ontology

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piala hatena, Brahim alfalah who can be rowhome hada fissara. Home inconveniente. Home for Raja Illa unfussy him for call in a commando Bala moon. So monokey swayambhu. See him la casa Linda ha Maha la a young a phone. But after that, we'll do Amendola Himalayan federal CompTIA Well, I have overcome orfila calm when he met me, Daniela, a fella

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called hobbico who wants to come in quantum filing rubbish. So they were silly MD Dr. melissani. Kali.

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Hold on the seventh and the multi biller La la la la Medina. Mina Latina, Amina Mohammed Ali has also been happy with

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me. Today I will continue speaking with you about the exchange, Ibrahim Alayhi Salam had with his people after he took that provocative action of destroying the idols in the temple while they were all away, and they come back to the shocking scene. And they say who could there could have done this? How could somebody have done this to our gods? And somebody did say, this is what I left off with last time.

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God knows me right now for 10 years Kuru homeo cannula who Ibrahim design number 60. They said there's a young man we've heard about we've heard a young man that was talking, talking about them. And it's interesting you call doula home? Yes, Guru whom you call him. He was mentioning them as if he can't stop talking about them. He's constantly bringing them up. And he's called Ibrahim. So we've overheard His name is Ibrahim qualified to be here on our unit now, so they said Bring him before the eyes of the people. So they want to have a town hearing. And they want to have basically a lynching if you will. Right. They want to put him in front in public. And this is the one who

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blasphemed against our gods. This is the one who has desecrated the temple and the entire collective anger. The you know, the mob anger is against this one person.

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And so they put him before and he's young, he's young kid, and then they've all ganged up in the entire town is ganged up call to enter for ultra high W. Ali hatena. Ibrahim, they said you

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did you actually do this with our gods, Ibrahim. So the anta and undefiled again valtor has entered in it as you in it. And the antis before it also. And this is out of shock. How could you do this? You really you did this? And it's also like when you're yelling at someone, and you're pointing at them, you it was you? You did this, didn't you? It's like that. And so the rage of the crowd is captured inside under fire and Tada. You did this? And it's not even what they could have said, Did you break the idols? Did you destroy? Did you desecrate any of the verbs that describe the act could have been used? The word thought Allah is just to do and that's as if to say they can't even get

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themselves to verbalize, it's so bad for them. And this, this is what you did. So it's there's this disgust and there's this overwhelming rage that renders them almost in eloquent, they're not able to express themselves properly out of that anger. And so they say this Ibrahim Rahim, Allah He said, By Allah, for Allah who kabiru actually, but is it Paul? They say no, actually, the fact of the matter is the Kabuto. Whom has this this big one of theirs, he did it.

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He did it. Now we know prophets Don't lie. And you've heard the story from, you know, childhood. And it's, you know, sounds like he's not telling the truth.

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But, you know, sometimes if I if you ask me a question,

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and I answer you, knowing that you know what I'm saying is wrong.

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Right, you already know what I'm saying isn't the truth. And I say it anyway.

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Why are you late? Well, what you know or what, why didn't you do that home?

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work, or why didn't you Why didn't you call me?

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You know what asked at&t as the cell phone carrier, why didn't call you?

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They must have done it. It's like, you already know you're being sarcastic. You're giving a smart answer. And he's saying, Oh, so are you're mad at what I did? Oh, it's not me, obviously this big one. I mean, he's the only one the only suspect here that survived. Is there a big one? Right. So I think you should be paying your attention to them. And he's basically turned this around. And he's keeping his cool. They're losing their minds. And you have to understand before they tried to intimidate him, and that failed. And now he's flipping, turning it around. They're trying to intimidate him again with rage. And he's acting completely cool. And he's saying no, you know, make

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sense rages. That's the big one. Right? Right. Isn't that what you want to do?

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Come you ask him for everything else in your life. You ask these idols for everything else. So he says, Now look at this foreigner who can be your home, the big one of theirs, did it first a new home? Then ask them? Who's them? Those gods? I mean, clearly, those Gods you didn't worship those gods, they were just in my field, right? There were just representations. Those Gods didn't die, according to you. Their statue, they're offended. Those gods are offended that you broke their statues, but the gods aren't dead, right? Well, if they're not dead, why don't you ask them? They'll tell you. And they're so mad there should be speaking with you and telling you exactly who did what.

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So for a new home in Canada at home, if they can still speak, if they're able to talk? Why don't you go to the pieces of the statue left and say, Who did this to you?

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You know, and this is an interesting comment that Ibrahim Elisa made it's not just a sarcastic comment, or a cynical comment. There's something behind it. If you study different religions that have multiple gods, right, whether it's Greek mythology, Norse mythology, Hindu mythology, doesn't matter. When you have multiple gods, there are conflicts between the gods, they create a story about Gods that are insecure, that want to mark their territory, that are constantly looking at the advances being made by another god, and making sure they stay in their place you stay in Hades, I'm gonna stay over here, if you know. And there's there's constant wars between them, killings between

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them, so and they use human beings as their pawns in their games against each other. So when gods are at war against each other constantly, in every mythology, this is the case that they don't get along with each other, because not any one of them has all the power. So they have the power share. And whenever you have to power share, there's conflict, right? And where did they get this idea from? Well, they got this idea from human beings, when human beings have to share power, there's a problem. When siblings have to share a room, there's going to be fights. When business partners have to share responsibilities and profits, there's going to be arguments, right? When different parties

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are, you know, a conglomerate government of different political parties, there's going to be arguments and clashes and territorial markings. That's that's what happens. And so they create a religious story, that's more a reflection of who they themselves are. You understand like it's, they're projecting their own behaviors onto those gods, and then back towards themselves. And Ibraheem alehissalaam has been very well acquainted with what they believe from childhood. And he's using that entire story of all these gods and how they're all against each other. And well, eventually, they just had enough of each other. And the big one just had enough of all these smaller

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players that are trying to get at him, and he just got rid of all of them. That must have happened. I mean, from the stories you tell me, this isn't all that far fetched. So you should ask, or you should ask them, they'll probably tell you, you know, from the other side of it schicke, by definition, is to believe in weak gods, by definition, because whenever you don't believe in Allah alone, the Supreme Being the Supreme Master, and creator of all there, there is alone. Whenever you have multiple gods, then not one has all the power, there have to be there has to be shared. And what that does then is I'm going to ask God, number one, and if I don't get what I want, I'll just

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go to number two.

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Right? By the way, it's an interesting example. schilke happens in households with children and parents. I'm going to go as dad, but if he says, No, my backup plan is mom. And then sometimes I'll use mom against dad or dad against mom and watch the show in the back and make sure I get what I want and you can pit one against the other and get what you want and slip by or you're the one in trouble, but you stir them up against each other and their focus is off of you and now they're too focused on each other.

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With this silliness that happens inside of a household with this kind of thing in mind, if you study a lot of mythology and a lot of what happened between suppose the gods and their stories, you'll find that it's a lot of what's happening in the kitchen, and what's happening in the living room every day. Right? So when he says, Go after a big one, or go ask them, they'll tell you who the perpetrator was inconveniente own if in fact, there have been speaking, because you know, you go to them and ask them all kinds of things, this is a pretty big thing to ask them. For a general law enforcement. This is where the Quran tells us something a historian cannot tell us. If somebody was

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watching this story take place, they'd be able to see Ibrahim alayhis salaam, break the idols, they'd be able to see the rage of the crowd. If you had a video camera, you'd see the rage of the crowd, you'd see vehemently some standing tall and responding, you can see all of that a camera can capture it, and a microphone can capture their their sounds in the conversation. But you know what, what a camera cannot capture. And a historian cannot capture what's coming next photo, Ella and footsy him, they retreated, they went back deep inside their own selves.

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So they journeyed into their own minds for life saying these people when they heard Abraham say this, for a moment, it hit them so much that they went inside of themselves, they returned within the literal languages they returned within themselves, is as if Allah is describing that each one of us, there's a world inside us. There's an entire world inside of our thoughts, right. And we have certain assumptions in that in that world. And we see the world outside, based on the assumptions we have inside those assumptions create a filter or lens on our eyes. And because of that filter, we see the world as it is, when Ibrahim alayhis salaam said that they have to go back and check some of

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the assumptions on which their entire worldview was built. They have to go inside themselves in question. But that thought process or that moment of, you know, aha moment that they're having. Nobody knows they're having it.

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They're not saying it. You can't tell what somebody's thinking. You know, some people believe they know what somebody is thinking, Oh, I know. It's on your face from your face. I can tell what you think. No, you can't. They're just scratching their face. No, they're just thinking about breakfast, you know, sometimes between husband and wife or family member? Hey, I know what you're thinking. No, you know, Yeah, I do. I know exactly what you're thinking, Oh, I was just thinking that I'm hungry. No, no, you're not telling me what you're thinking.

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Right? The idea being like, somehow you have the psychic ability to read a face and tell exactly what's going on in somebody's brain. And you could get lucky and get right get it right. But the world inside is pretty big. In your mind can be in any any place. Ally is capturing in his history in the Quran, things that human beings cannot capture what's happening in deep inside the mind and the soul of a person, but rajala and foresee him. And so when they go deep inside themselves, and they said in a coma and to move on the moon in acoem. anthem, you no doubt you, you're the ones that are wrong.

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Now they're talking to themselves. And they you know, when someone talks to themselves, and and says, I'm wrong, they would use the word I right, I'm wrong. But what are they saying you You're wrong. As if you are having a conversation with yourself outside of yourself.

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You know, like you're having a talk with yourself as if you split away from yourself and are looking at yourself in the mirror and having a conversation. This is the this is the epitome of self talk. And deep inside them. They said you're the ones that are wrong, you know that you're wrong. In the ultimate volume. What Allah is teaching us here is sometimes people are very angry on the outside.

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And when they hear the truth, it makes them even angrier. It makes them really angry. And for a split moment, they look inside themselves and realize that their anger is misplaced. And the one that they're angry with is actually right.

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Now, here's the crazy part. Two people are having an argument one person's right, one person's wrong.

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And the person who's right says something to point out how wrong you are.

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And instead of accepting what's right, that's far from what happens or even acknowledging what's right. If you were being offensive before. The only you figure you have two options, either I should accept that they're right. But that would be a kind of defeat. And defeat hurts my ego.

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Or I should become even more offensive than I ever was before. Even though I know they're right. Because the best defense is offense. Right? So if they got me, then I should get even more aggressive than I was before.

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Because I don't want to you know what that is, a person is running away from what they just found inside themselves. They can't face it. They can face it, they become even more aggressive. So what was happening inside that nobody saw in nakum. And to move on even you yourselves are the ones that are wrong. So my new kids who are allowed to see him, then they turn back their heads and this is an expression for arrogance. They lifted What did you just say?

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Did you just

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oh, no, he didn't.

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This is dumb. Did you just cross that line? You better not. And now when they get this mad, you know what that shows that shows that they're trying to make Ibrahima. Listen, feel like he said something terribly wrong. Because if you're talking to somebody and they say,

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what just came out of your mouth? pseudo good.

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What did you just say? When somebody talks like that? You know what they're saying? They're saying what you have said is completely outrageous. You're completely wrong.

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And I'm so offended at how vile what you came out of your mouth is while the truth is, they looked inside themselves and they found the vile ugliness inside themselves. And they want to cover that up and make you feel what they're actually feeling inside. The projecting it onto you. And this, they study this in psychology, they call it projection. They call it projection. And how someone who has deep hatred for themselves exhibits hatred towards others, they won't even realize it themselves. Because looking inside hurts too much. You know, and hear Allah in such brief language highlights something that's so deeply studied in the world of psychology. So my new kisana Lucien Nakata,

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lymphoma, how can I learn to

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stop playing games with us? You already know they don't talk these don't talk Maha ltq on this, they don't talk at all. You know that already. We're not playing games right now.

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Hurry up and tell us what you did. You put her admit what you did. So they, they're, they're losing it in front of them and he says Carla Amendola. So then you worship other than Allah, Allah and for someone who doesn't benefit you in any way, shape or form. When I upload Roku man doesn't harm you.

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Because if you're saying I did this, they should have destroyed me. Who am I compared to Gods of yours? How can I get away with that?

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And so you're, you're you're telling me they can't even speak? You're telling me that they don't speak?

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Well, why do you speak to them?

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Right. And so when he says this offender come and then you're mad, or you think you're mad, and I'm gonna back down because you're angry? No, I'm mad back at you. Oh, Phil.

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Ah, you people. That's the translation of illegal

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of has come out of classical Arabic into many other cultures of Muslims. This ironic word became famous and I believe people that speak Farsi user ugly people in Bahasa language use it or do speakers use it.

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Right. But the original sense of it is I can't believe you people.

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They're saying to him, I can't believe you and his second exit. No, actually, I can't believe all of you are feeling

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well, Mata buena de la Motta Bula, Missoula.

00:18:31--> 00:18:35

And whatever it is that you worship other than Allah, whatever this nonsense is that you worship.

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I can't believe you people and this nonsense that you worship a final document, don't you then think you don't use your heads. So now he's solid. He's making them. He's questioning them as people that are acting stupidly.

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He's putting them in that place.

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All Now. Now. See, at this point, this has escalated where it couldn't possibly escalate anymore. And they could now if there was ever a time to show him to defeat him. There's two options that you can take, you can either, you know, disprove

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him and everything he's saying you can show him how ridiculous his worldview is, how those gods are actually real. You can show it to him, you can prove it to him. And you can humiliate him before you kill him.

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Because if you kill him without doing that, then there will be people in the audience that even though quite openly, they don't say it. Deep inside many of them Raja Ola and fusi him, they'll go deep inside themselves, and only some of the loud ones came back and became more arrogant, but some others might be influenced by what he's saying. So if you kill him right now, he actually wins. He actually wins because you didn't respond. You didn't have a response. So if you had a response, this was the time to give it.

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You see with little little loss and a lot more to celebrate.

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He, he was delivering the Quran to the Quran.

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And for some of my students inshallah, eventually we'll get there, we're going to look at how beautiful and how creative Arabic poetry was. Before Islam, it was really creative. And it was pretty, pretty epic. And they pride themselves on it.

00:20:23--> 00:20:34

And when he started preaching the Quran and saying that this is the word of Allah, and nothing is like it. Well, these are people who are so proud of the words that come out of their mouth.

00:20:36--> 00:20:42

They're so proud of their artistic language. And now you're telling them, No words can match the Quran.

00:20:44--> 00:20:48

Somebody should stand up, please bring it I take your challenge.

00:20:49--> 00:21:04

I take your challenge, I'll produce something like it is not easy. It's not even expected. That's expected, right? If a culture is known nowadays, if a if a city is known for and their parks are known for the best basketball players, and some guy comes along, says nobody can beat me.

00:21:05--> 00:21:22

You think everybody will just sit down and just watch it? Or people are gonna put him in his place? They'll take that challenge because they pride themselves over being the best players, isn't it? in any field in any realm? When somebody comes along and opens a challenge, then you put them in their place?

00:21:24--> 00:21:54

You think about it, is it easier for the college to spend money to try to torture and beat their own to eventually go to multiple wars? Is that the easier road or to respond to the Quran and just say, hey, look, we produce something and it's way more popular than the Quran is it's way more appreciated. It has way more wow factor than the Quran ever had. There we go challenge Matt, can you now know your place? Which is an easier option just coming up with words or going to war? And they chose going to war? Why? Because there was no answer a

00:21:55--> 00:22:11

long time ago, Ibraheem alehissalaam, a young boy posed this question to his entire society, there are elders that have been at the temple that lead people in their false worship. There are people that teach these stories, and they have gray hair, their elders among them, they should be able to come up with answers, right?

00:22:12--> 00:22:18

They, they're dealing with this and they're they're teaching that religion for years and years and years, they should be able to put it right here in this place.

00:22:20--> 00:22:22

But none of them have an answer.

00:22:23--> 00:22:28

And the only answer, they have his 100 coal, burn him, burn him alive.

00:22:29--> 00:22:32

burn him alive, set him on fire.

00:22:33--> 00:22:35

Why set him on fire. Because

00:22:37--> 00:22:49

when you come across someone who is right, and you know that you're wrong, then again, you have a choice. Your choices are either you admit that you're wrong, but that's a kind of defeat,

00:22:51--> 00:22:58

or you become more aggressive. And there's another thing that happens now you have a hatred for someone who showed you how wrong you are.

00:22:59--> 00:23:11

You don't just want it's not even about right and wrong anymore. Now you hate this person who's right. And you want to see them destroyed for making you look inside yourself. Because it wasn't a pretty picture inside.

00:23:12--> 00:23:20

You developed spike for them because they said something right? Unless teaching has a profound reality about people who speak the truth.

00:23:21--> 00:23:33

They get hated, deeply hated, like the people who hate them. Don't just dislike them, they despise them. They hate them. They hate them for nothing they've ever done to them except speak the truth.

00:23:34--> 00:24:00

And the level of hatred will be intense. Absolutely intense. And so he says they say as a town they say burn him alive. And then they proved his point. They said they didn't just say burn him alive. They said one Sulu, Leah taco, and aid your Gods help your Gods by burning him alive. It's almost like saying Avenger gods. Also your Gods aren't capable of even doing that.

00:24:01--> 00:24:23

Like you guys see, when this God attack that God He fought back and destroyed him with this and then they fought back and they engaged in these epic wars. And that's where the storms come from. And that's where this comes from. And that's where the thunder comes from. And that's where the earthquake comes from, etc etc. Right? You guys talk about these mighty gods that have power over the forces of nature, and yet they're not powerful enough to avenge this one boy, you must help them

00:24:25--> 00:24:47

so your entire religion was they will these gods will help us and now this religion is about you helping your Gods one pseudo taco in contempt for I mean if there's anything you're going to do, that's what you better do. And the same condo filing also is a suggestion stop thinking just do it. Just do it. This is the only thing we can do. We have to please the gods. We have to make it right with them. We have to help them we've they've been hurt.

00:24:48--> 00:24:58

So once you do all you have to come in come to fighting. This is the exchange and by the end of this exchange, what do you realize, you realize that a time comes where people cannot be reasoned with

00:24:59--> 00:25:00


00:25:00--> 00:25:05

cannot be reasoned with. And if the if the conversation goes far enough, then you'll find that just want to destroy you.

00:25:06--> 00:25:43

There's nothing else you can do at this point was reached between those who lost or stolen and the courage. This point was reached between lusardi salaam and his nation, this point was reached between Musashi Salaam and around, the same point is being reached now between Ibrahim alayhis salam and his people. This is the same point where this is basically a point of no return. There's no point in reasoning, and Alhamdulillah. We're not living in times where nations get destroyed, for disagreement, but what we have to learn from this as other things, we do have to learn from this, that there are people in our life, that you have to be smart enough to recognize that a point comes

00:25:43--> 00:25:46

in the conversation. But there's no point further in the conversation.

00:25:47--> 00:25:48

There's nothing left to be said.

00:25:49--> 00:25:52

The only thing that this does is increase them in more spite and hatred.

00:25:53--> 00:26:03

So you saying something is not even being heard anymore. They can't even hear it. What they had to hear, they took deep inside themselves, they found it to be true. And they hated the fact that it was true.

00:26:05--> 00:26:27

Because that's really what what gopher is you find it to be true, and you want to bury it because you can face it, or you find it to be or you find it to be true, and you accept it and you humble yourself for a lot. Because accepting the truth is not losing to somebody accepting the truth is winning before we submit ourselves to the truth because we're servants of Allah. Because we allow somebody winning an argument. You know,

00:26:28--> 00:26:53

there's lots of factors at play here. How can we listen to a boy, a child? Who's heated tell us? How could all of us be wrong? And he's right, there's lots of reasons to think that he can't be right. But none of those reasons have to do with thinking they have to do with Oh, the majority is always right. How can you get go against everybody? Which is an argument you'll hear in life? When you say why are we doing this? Everybody does it? What do you mean?

00:26:55--> 00:27:10

What do you mean? You're gonna question everybody now? That's this crowd. They think like this, Hey, why are we doing this, but your family does it and we've been doing it for generations. Or you think you're better than everybody you think you're better than Grandpa, this is the same people.

00:27:11--> 00:27:15

You know what you keep at this and you are gonna get kicked out of this house.

00:27:16--> 00:27:20

You watch what I do with you. If you ever bring this up again, that's this people.

00:27:21--> 00:28:02

These people again, burn him, right? can stand it can't stand it. So this kind of intolerance, Ally's describing this to us. Again, I remind you Allah keep saying we are the religion of our father, Ibrahim alayhis salaam, and a lot put him through experiences, because he knew that Ibrahim Alayhi Salam is going to father the fate you know, it's going to be the spiritual father of this oma and so many of them even before us, all the way through until Judgment Day and we're gonna need to be figured out how to face those situations. We're going to face the same situation because we're in the religion of Ibrahim alayhi salam, they were going to have to relive some droplets of his life

00:28:02--> 00:28:14

here, there and everywhere, right? realize what can make us more like Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam, more and more like Him and less than less like his people. barakallahu li walakum filco came when finally we

00:28:19--> 00:28:27

have to realize wa salatu salam ala Latinos Taka ko Salah funny Mahatma Nabina Muhammad Ali he was a marine calamari

00:28:28--> 00:28:35

Nicola alto below him in a condo in Oklahoma eketahuna saloon Allenby Armando Sanjana, he was

00:28:36--> 00:28:53

Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Ibrahim Ibrahim al al amin in the Camino Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Omar Abdullah Ibrahim Ibrahim, Mohammed Majeed about Allah. Allahu taala in La Jolla, San

00:28:54--> 00:28:58

Juan hanifa Sharif will incur What are they called La la

00:28:59--> 00:29:02

sala in the salata, Canada alimony Nikita makuta