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AI: Summary © The upcoming return of Islam's Zia Ziedrliya is discussed, including the importance of gaining the booster shot and visiting sick people. The speakers also discuss the history and use of drugs in the title of Islam, including the use of drugs to kill people and the use of drugs to retaliate. The transcript provides humorous retaliations of various words and phrases related to the title.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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spill out hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Malema and found one fan lantana was ignited when your camera

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ask Allah subhanaw taala But Barack and this beautiful gathering in sha Allah Tada and make us at the end of the gathering from the people who are told get up all your sins are are forgiven, I mean, me. So inshallah Allah will continue with the names of Allah and we are still discussing the most beautiful one of the most beautiful names of Allah azza wa jal or names Allah azza wa jal Rahman Rahim and we discussed the difference between a Ratna Rahim and then we spoke how merciful Allah azza wa jal mentioned a few stories. And we started the week before or the last time before that, we started discussing how can we gain the Wrath of Allah azza wa jal? How can we get that Rama? Since

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it's the only ticket to Ghana, we have to know how to gain it. And we said the first way to get the Rama

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or humaneness to have Rama on on others have run that on others. Second.

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have relationships with the Quran, when unnecessarily male anima Hua Rama Rama Tollymore meaning what else we said

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for before us for Raka before Asad Rahim Allah hum rain, some of the last three are Abba. And

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looks like the last one which is you did not practice it.

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Wake up your spouse.

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Obviously did not do it if you forgot it. So I have a long written column the lady who I've covered Xhosa Hala would have run out on the person who get up in the middle of the night and wake up his spouse so they could pray clear.

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There's a couple more inshallah to Allah we will discuss them and then I will mention that the word Rama in the Quran had so many different meanings and we will go there Inshallah, before we start,

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sometimes we have a person or we one of us is have sinned so much have committed so many sins have done maybe adultery, maybe alcohol, maybe riba maybe Allahu Alem many sins and

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usually this kind of people, the shaytaan

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plays on them, many many tricks, trying to dispel them from the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal, you are a major center. You are this you are that Allah is not gonna forgive you anymore. You know, continue to enjoy your life.

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For these people, we tell them what Allah subhanaw taala said, Kalia either the lady in Surah foo

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foo see him

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not in

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in a more healthier zone or the journey in

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awful Rocky. Yeah, Mohamed Salah liason, tell my slaves and Medina as sort of who, you know, Allah said in the Quran, when he was telling us about food could overshadow whether 234

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Allahu Allah you Hibou mostly Finn, Allah, eat and drink. But do not exaggerate, do not waste do not go beyond the limit. It's rough. It's not the same. Yeah, do not do his rough. Allah does not like the apostrophe. Here Allah saying all my slaves who have transgressed. Yanni you name the sin. You name it, this person did it master that. Allah is talking to him to her

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if that applies to you, Allah is saying, yeah Muhammad tell these people that have went so far. Do not ever give up on the mercy of Allah.

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Do not give up on my mercy because the shaitaan wants you to despair from the mercy and give up and Halcyon Allah. I'm going to hell. Allah I heard this with my own ears. I'm going to hell anyway.

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A person can you imagine a person mature sane person who tells you I'm going to hell to hell anyway. What did Allah subhanaw taala say and that is of course an end vana Abdi Lee. I am what my slave think of me. You think Allah is taking you to hell? You're going to hell?

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Right? Subhan Allah you think Allah subhana wa Tada is taking you to Gendun Shama you're going to Jana, because there's no one who's doing there are none of Jana he's think he's going to hell.

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And the person who is going to amount of Jahannam he's almost putting himself down and saying, you know, I'm going to hell anyway. So this area, don't ever give up on the mercy of Allah and then listen to this. In Allah yo Feroz zuba Jamia, Allah forgives all the sins, all the sins, I was going to leave this one out when I come to the, to the name of a foreigner afar refer them

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this hadith, but I will throw it in and just quickly remember the Hadith of the person who killed 99 People 99.

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So you tell that person who tells you, Allah is not gonna forgive me, tell him how many people have you killed?

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You did not kill anybody and ALLAH forgive the person who killed 99 People Subhanallah in India, who who will have a fool of writing Subhan Allah, Allah is all forgiving, All Merciful. So we mentioned a few things that will get The Rime of Allah, another one is, which is handled out of bad I mean, many of our brothers here, practice it, may Allah reward but in the same brother, share all the brothers always practice this one which is visiting the sick. You want the runoff Allah, constantly visit the sick, where's the sick person, go and visit them. On Tuesday, I went to the brother Salahuddin

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to visit the sister and anybody who would like to go please let me know. The sister is three years old.

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I know it's not our topic, but this message is for any brother or sister in the crowd that is depressed or they're having problem or they think that they have some issues in their life. Please if you're feeling like this, I would like you to go and visit the system.

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You would feel that you are the richest person on earth. Not just in wealth

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in health in everything.

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Three years old, normal.

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Just like any any child, all of a sudden the babysitter called the mother. I feel like her stomach is bloated.

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Dr. Rose is here. So she took her

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she thought you ate something Subhanallah three years old. cancer stage four in the lungs.

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Use see her I told somebody and I was I was trying trying so much not to cry.

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The mother has been in the hospital for six months, you only left two days. The mother left the hospital only two days. And she's sleeping, eating drinking all in the hospital. And Allah He all you see on the mother's tongue Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah the girl of course lost her hair. And she she was telling me every time she takes the chemo, forget about it. She's gone for two days, three years old. And we know the chemo and what it does to our people in our age. It knocks them out how can you imagine three years old, it's probably killing everything inside SubhanAllah.

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And on top of all that, she got that baby after 13 years of trying.

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Like when it's so hard not to not to cry when you were there and you've seen that model, handling, handling, handling Subhanallah so let's go back to our topic, you know when you visit the sick was almost I sent him said you are immersed in the Wrath of Allah till you leave.

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You are in the Rama you are swimming, you're submerged you know how the submarine is under the water? You are covered, drowning with the ram of Allah that He said until you leave that visit. So any what does that mean? If Allah took your soul why you will that visit you have died in the realm of Allah azza wa jal

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just like we say here, if Allah subhana wa Tada took any of one soul during the Halacha said and the mercies showering them

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So the person is descending right now and they always ask Allah Allah Allah take my soul and halacha while I'm giving a class that would be a great ending Charla So here let me read the Hadith manera de Maria de la Mirza Leah hood the Rama had ageless fader Janessa, eternal Sofia.

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When a person goes to visit the sick he is under the realm of Allah and when he is sitting in during the visit he is drowning in it or he is immersed in it in that in that regard

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in surah

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a Tober

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when Nina Nina Bardot whom only

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yet more owner in moto VOA and how nanny more cattle while your team guna saw that you do not Zeca while your three own Allah rasuna owner

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owner ek say or hammelmann

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Lockwood and the believing men and believing woman or Alia they are like to transfer to translate earlier into friends or it's it's when he called us you know they weren't really they are

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guardians supporters of one another okay. What in order to be supporters? What does that mean? Number one, they order good and forbid evil. I see you doing something wrong. I have to tell you. I don't say he's going to be upset with me. Yeah, I'm gonna build model for your uncle and you'll pay more salata, tuna zakat, where your own Allah Surah This is why I'm using this obeying Allah and His Prophet and another place and so at the end I'm gonna while to Allah, Allah rasool Allah, Allah Allah con, to Hammoud so you can get drama, obey Allah and obey His Prophet so you can receive the Rama, obedience of Allah and His Prophet, the best way to get the Wrath of Allah azza wa jal in Soto

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by said, Allah, say are humble who will not definitely Allah will give them his Rama.

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Order God forbid even established Salah give the Zakat and obey Allah and obey His Prophet Yanni obey Allah and obey His prophet of course, it's a halacha by itself, but you know, we simply obeying what Allah ordered and stay away from it he has prohibited and trying to apply your hammock Allah trying to apply from the Sunnah as much as you can try to apply from the Sunnah as much as you can. Because Allah said in the Quran, when a UTI Rasul Allah, Allah, Allah everytime I mentioned this area, I say what kind of great huge honor that a suicide Salem was blessed that Allah would say if you obey Him, you obey me.

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This is great another may Allah goddess, allah sallallahu Yes, well your title soon. Allah you have obeyed Allah azza wa jal Thank you. I'm trying to finish the rabbit topic today so we can move to a new name next week.

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Rama in the Quran comes in different meanings. One way, one meaning of the word Rama comes in the meaning of Jana

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Jana Rama comes came in one place in the meeting agenda anybody knows which is

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why I'm Melina BIA. Dato Jo Fetty rhosneigr

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homefree her Holly dune and the people whom their faces are bright on the Day of Judgment. They are in the Rama of Allah here Dynamat say remember, Toby, he said Rama here means Jana Ratna, here means Jana. Another place Rama means a Naboo.

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The prophethood when Allah subhanaw taala said yes will be rahmati he may ye sha Allah and will give his Rama to whomsoever he wants.

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Imam call to the island with Nick Ethier Walburga. We all three of them said Rama here means a Naboo Allah choose from whoever he wants to make him. An OB. Rama can also come in the meaning as Quran. It came as Quran when Allah Subhana Allah said Can Be Fugly. Lay what? Naughty Fabbi Delica Leah fro with the father of Allah and His Rama here means Quran can be very careful. And Hassan What the hell?

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They all said Rama here means Al Quran. Rama could come also in the meaning of

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an AMA when Allah subhanaw taala said con lo and TomTom Licona Huzzah. Rama Terra be Rahmatullah be either lensectomy Hospital in fact, Allah said, if you own the vaults of the ram of Allah, which He had means the result of Allah then you will be backheel. You might think of should I give this

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gotcha, they give that guy and this was

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this also was by Imam and

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then he said Rama, it comes also as the meaning of Islam. Rama could mean Islam and the Quran and came whatever sha Allah Who ledger Allah whom are met and where he that we're lacking Yukito Mejia SHA FIRA Amity, Allah who would have made us all as one nation, but he puts whosoever he wants and in his Rama here and us are the Allahu Anhu Allah and diplomatic or the Allah and said here, that means Islam, Allah could have made us all as one Ummah and he will enter into His Rama into Islam, whomsoever he wants. My 15 minutes are up. I know you want more but I want to keep it 15 minutes because I want to keep my word inshallah to Allah. And by the way, one more thing if to gain Rama.

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Ask for it.

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As quick Allah Mohammed erotica airblown me, what did the people of gaff? What's the diet of the people of cave the cave

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Robina Tina Mila DUMKA

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wa Hey, Leonard Emelina Basha

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you want drama from law school? Or hammer? Rahimi harmony. Right. And this Robina attina Milan Khurana halen Amory, natural Russia is my topic of the Hapa tomorrow the first cup of chocolate Allah you could join us shortly toward Insha Allah, I'll be giving the first cookbook and my son Bo will be giving the second cookbook that could be

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in China is that Allah Subhana Allah, masha Allah Allahu Allah and stuff. When I told really

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don't forget the Salatu was Salam and the frigid in German channels.