Mohamad Baajour – Funerals – Signs of a GOOD end

Mohamad Baajour
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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Smilo hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah alumina aluminum iron fauna on fan of Mr. Langton was at nine min Dr. hamre. Ask Allah subhanho wa taala.

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To help us understand what we are learning and implemented and benefit us from everything that we have learned

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and benefit others with it in sha Allah, may Allah Baraka in this gathering in sha Allah and Nick us from the people who will be forgiven all their sins at the end of the gathering and in your Brandon.

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We finished all before we move to the next chapter, like I told you, the sheikh at the end of every chapter, he put

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actions that are done by people that are not from the Sunnah, they are done,

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which are very common in many cultures. So since we were talking about grieving and mourning,

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he mentioned a

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few of the innovations

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that are dealing the deal with first

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when we are

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taking care of the body, some of those innovations is

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lighting candle for the diseased.

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This is not from the Sunnah, lighting candles is not from the Sunnah.

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Tying the jaw to the head. You've seen some people do that sometimes. I don't know if you have seen it right? They thought the jaw to the head. This is not from the Sunnah.

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This is not from the sun.

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Putting a green branch in the room where the body is, now we know that we're still not talking about very nothing. You might have heard of some of these things, or you might have never heard of them. But some people

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do that. During the process, or before the the body is being moved to the washing or burial

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putting dust in the diseased eyes

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placing your Quran, on his chest or on her chest.

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Or these are innovations.

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The innovations

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in the announcement of death is announcing it from a very high minaret because this person was someone very special.

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One of the very common

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mistakes that people use when someone dies

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is that they call him already him or whom

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they already considered him have got drama of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala

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we hope we ask Allah We begged Allah to have mercy on the person but to confirm that he is already at home but whom in Arabic means how does he got the Rama? And this is something only known to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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some innovations in the grieving and mourning

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some people they restrained from doing any work or going to their job for seven days. This is nothing to do with with the Sunnah.

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Some people abstain from eating until the body is varied. This has nothing to do with the sun

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this is very common

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the one week and the 40 days and the one year

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nothing to do with the sun not very common, other than about indo Pak also, in other words is very common. urbane Sano, Kulu. Hella Fishman. All of that from there's not from the Sunnah. It's all cultural things that people have came up with.

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The chef mentioned something I'm personally I've never heard of turning the carpet upside down and covering the mirrors. Anybody heard that when someone dies? Anybody? No. No, which country is that?

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Putting a black ribbon I've seen that putting black ribbon around the picture of the deceased in the house. This is also had nothing to do with the sinner.

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Hiring professional whalers, we discussed that professional way there's the screen.

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This is very common hiring recitals of Quran

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to recite and someone told me that we have to get this very famous chef

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to recite for my father to my alley everybody in village got him glow and he takes money and he takes money

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$300 an hour

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so hiring someone to recite Quran yeah one where does this come from money Subhan Allah, this has nothing to do with the Sunnah. And especially if someone is very dear to you, you want them to leave this dunya with everything on the Sun none shall not come up with with things that are not mentioned in the Quran or somos assalamu the Sahaba never did it. And then the chef mentioned also the black closing which we mentioned last time, the clothing wearing a black when someone dies is not from the Sunnah

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also Okay, let me discuss this issue.

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reading Quran

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on behalf of the deceased

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on a mat said

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that it will get to him but the majority said no.

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Allah says in the Quran, where Allah said in sunny in masa, WA alayhi salam in sunny inland Mercer and to the person every human being he only gets what he has done.

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And Rasulullah saw Selim told us that only three things will benefit the dead right

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sadaqa jariya while MoonJune tuffa they were what that saw

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yet your hola

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okay, we all know that the man stop and the sorcerer Salam made it only three things that will benefit the dead sadaqa jariya or L he left L I can distribute some books on behalf of my father my grandfather, my mother or

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son whether the Saudi a righteous child making dua from time where does the Quran go and here

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I have a source SLM and he mentioned he did not mention and Quran read by somebody we never heard in the Sunnah. That was suicide Salam when one of the Sahaba died. Yeah, Abu Bakr. Omar, sit down and read some Quran. Have you ever heard that one? Please? If you have seen it, bring it to yourself one. We never heard that before. Never.

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So that means we're adding something new to the dean. Now where does that count? Listen carefully.

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I can use Amazon for Waseda.

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Like the three people in the cave. Yeah Allah because I did this, do that. Or please do that right?

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I can read the whole Quran and say to myself, or ask Allah Ya Allah with the reward of reading the whole Quran. Ya Allah forgive my father. This is permitted

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because you're getting reward for reading the Quran. Right? Yeah, Allah with this reward. Have mercy on me.

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My mother

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yeah Allah with this reward and ask whatever you want just like the three people in the cave yeah Allah because have done this to my parents relieves the rock.

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So this is in this manner yes it is allowed as Amazon you're using it to ask Allah to do something for you and that prospective yes but to sit down and everybody gets a one and read we have never seen this in the in our delete you know delete on this one and let's stick to the to the Sunnah it's much much better inshallah Tada

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the brothers asking, can you make hash on behalf of your parents? Absolutely. But you have to have performed hash yourself first. And then you can perform hash on behalf of your father or your mother. And this is one of the greatest forms of birth you could ever do. Especially if your father was capable of doing the Hajj and he did not do it.

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Especially if he can he was able to do it and for one reason or another he did not do it and he passed away and you have performed Hajj you can in sha Allah Allah go and perform hash on behalf of your father or your mother condolences.

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The family members

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we mentioned that last week, limiting the days

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Okay, let me think the days of receiving condolences to three don't confuse you could receive condolences all the time. Not like after one week. I have never seen you since your father died and if I offering condolences don't tell brother three days are over not uncertain talk to me. The home the offering condolences is different than you screaming and yelling and crying for more than three days. Okay, there's difference between those two things mourning and offering condolences Okay.

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Wearing black you mentioned again

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ah, this is very common.

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l 30.

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Let me just say one thing. All our dean and Leona are committed to law come Dina come to our lane commonality our deen is complete. It's done, sealed, finished. I cannot come up with something new. So anything that we have to do, we have to have proof from the Kitab or from the Sunnah, or otherwise, we are accusing Rasulillah Salam that we know something he did not know or the Sahaba of the Allahu unknown did not know.

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And we thought of it and we came up with it.

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Have we ever heard any Hadith, any Hadith, even if it's weak even if it's fabricated, that says anytime you gather in a an offering condolences and as someone has from the Sahaba said Al Fatiha and everybody reads the Fatiha.

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Allah What if you have seen something like this or anything? Please inform me so I can start reading the Fatiha.

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But we never heard of this. We never heard of these things. So as I said it made it very clear. There's nothing more beautiful than that to us, Pamela, there's nothing more beautiful than sticking to the Sunnah. You want to give sadaqa on behalf of that person, Allahu Akbar, you want to distribute books and opening my head center on behalf of that person, Allahu Akbar.

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You are his son and you want to make a lot of dua, Allahu Akbar, but don't come up with new things that did not exist.

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now we come to the topic of today in sha Allah, signs of good ends and evil ends. What are some of the signs of personal Khartoum and some of the signs of soil hajima May Allah make all our Fatima I asked you this, and this blessing that night, in this blessing place with all these blessing faces y'all Allah I ask you to make our last deeds our best GG Allah. Allah Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala the old ways, designates clear signs associated with a person's death, revealing or indicating his status after death. Before I start mentioning some of those signs, these are just signs

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is a clear these are just signs. I cannot confirm at 100% that this person if he had any of these signs, we cannot say 100% He's going to Jannah or 100% is going to *. We do not know these are some of the signs that we hope if our beloved person have him have them before they die in sha Allah, their abode will be Jana. Okay.

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The first and

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most important one that we all know is that are some loss I said and said, Man Can, can can amo La ilaha illa de Haan Jana, and

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whomsoever, whose last words are La ilaha illa. Allah will enter gender and another narration, which is an even manager, ma'am in nucynta moot where he attrition Allah ilaha illallah wa ennemi rasool Allah jada jada Anika in our colbyn Mukhin. In refer Allahu La, no so dies while testifying that there is no God except Allah, and that I am the messenger of Allah, with that issuing from the believing heart, but Allah subhanho wa Taala will forgive that person. This is we all know that second Subhanallah and just any question, even though like I always remind myself and remind you, even though it is very easy to say it right now, but on the time of death facut al Masakadza tofield

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mean Allah Tofik me Allah Valley caffeic Lula hee hee Mejia sharp wala hudl fugly loves him. This is only a favor from Allah that He grants to whomsoever he loves.

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May Allah make our last word that Allah and Allah, this is something Gani, amazing. Allah talk about politics, but remember when Saddam died of Saddam Hussein died, and forget about he has done many things right? But for Allah subhanho wa taala, to make every human being on Earth, witness his shahada, something is different.

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Allah made everybody everyone Muslim and non Muslim. See that this man died and his last words with Ilaha illa Allah who made him say that Allah and Allah Allahu Akbar. So we just like I said, we say that this is a sign of a good end. You know?

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Allah subhanaw taala he said in the Quran, I forgive everything except shirk.

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So our last words being like Hey Mama, this is Sophia from Allah subhanaw taala. And like I mentioned before, one of our she'll he's a he's a chef Mashallah. And he's an ER doctor at the same time. He said from 36 people he begged to say that you know him Allah one person. On his deathbed one person was able to say, and the rest were not able to say it.

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Couldn't say

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subhanallah another sign so the first sign last words Allah Allah Allah second sign.

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Moulton Walkman, the art of kinship in

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a believer dies with perspiring forehead, the sweat on the forehead.

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And he when he's dying, after he died, you see some

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sweat on the forehead. This is a sign that this man was a believer from Rasulullah sallallahu. So that is a good, that's a good sign.

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Now, this hadith, even though the chef here is very

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cautious of using very only authentic hadith, but there's difference. Some people said Hassan, some people said weak man and Muslim Yeah, Motoman Juma, I will a little Juma Kohala fifth nettle Kabul, no one no Muslim who dies on the day or the night of Juma except they are protected from Allah by Allah from the punishment of the grave.

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So dying on the night of Jamar on Thursday night what we call it or during the day of Friday is also a sign that this person will be saved from the punishment of the grave.

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Dying in the

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battlefield. As a Shaheed we all know that is also a good sign. A great sign called Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is Shaheed

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is awarded seven favors from Allah. When someone dies as a Shaheed he gets seven favors from Allah subhanho wa taala. Pamela, what's the first one who remembers

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Excellent. With the first drop of blood, all his sins are forgiven.

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The first drop of blood on his sins are forgiven. Second, he's shown his position in Jannah. He will be shown immediately his position and gender if you notice sometimes you see in on WhatsApp or on YouTube, they send a video of somebody who died and smiling right as a Shaheed and

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You see a smiling, clear smiling face Subhanallah and he must have seen something beautiful, the smile. So second, he would be shown his position and Jana third, he would be protected from the punishment of the grave. He will be saved from the great fear of the Day of Judgment. And he wouldn't be a door with the adornments of iman. He will be married to a holy name and allowed to intercede to 70 of his relatives.

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He will be allowed to intercede for 70 of his relatives.

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Now someone might say, Where's the battlefield these days? I would like to die as a shahid

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Allah one listen to this hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu when Salah shahada Mansa, Allah has shahada be so

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this is underlined the million lines man said Allah ma his shahada be so?

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Beloved Omar Jimenez in shahada when our Mata Allah

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Allah Marzano shahada tafisa beauty, care of anatomy.

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Whosoever ask Allah the shahada sincerely, truly, not the Allah take me as a Shaheed sincerely. He knew about the reward of the shahada, he said Villa and he begged Allah sincerely

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Where did Calvary die? Which Monica which battle

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which Belen Calvary die

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on his bed, right? Law who was here was your head the word

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SubhanAllah. So if sincerely We ask Allah for shahada was Salah Salem, you will be granted that same mannerisms, same level of shahada even if you die on your bed.

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I'm 100% sure that you really would love to die as a Shaheed, right? He was singing

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Subhanallah Bucha he did.

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But he died on his bed Subhanallah so when Salah whomsoever sincerely ask Allah for shahada, Allah will grant him the level of the shahada, even if he dies on his his bed now

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if someone died, defending his property

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man Murata, men or either man who did it

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for cotton for cotton for our Shaheen

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whomsoever was property is endangered

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and endangered without trade theory

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and he was killed defending it. You will be considered a Shaheed

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you'd be considered a shahid not someone who's trying to take your property for without any reason. Allah He I'm a very peaceful person, take whatever you want.

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If you can defend your family, you defend your property.

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Then and you die your Shaheed

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Subhan Allah

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Reeboks young when ala que you don't even see me Sharon wa Kiana. We're in Mata Jarrah and he will lead he can a metal wire oh god I lay here is what I mean. fitted. Well, I mean, in fact 10

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Guarding FISA Billa

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guarding FISA vilella

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You know that remind me mashallah brothers in Ramadan, even though you might consider it something simple. But this in sha Allah and sha Allah will apply to them. They were guarding us while you were praying and they were standing outside and making sure nobody comes in you know unharmed. Any of the Muslims in sha Allah this will apply to them. Guarding standing in guard for one day and night is better than fasting the day and praying the night for an entire month. And if the God dies, this is you hardly hear this in any Hadith. If the die the guard dies, his armor that he used to do will continue till the Day of Judgment. Have you ever heard this hadith is clear

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when someone dies, or is it a man stop?

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This is an exception, the Godfrey sebelah. He is to come to measure which will be recorded that he came to measure to the Day of Judgment. read Quran whatever Amel saw that he used to do all the time. It will be recorded for him.

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This is the god

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Subhanallah I don't think you will find this to my knowledge Allahu Allah. This is the own he's the only one that that Amelie will continue after his, his death, whatever, wherever he used to do.

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Another great thing Subhanallah

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Mankad Allah Ilaha illa Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, the hoochie Mala who will be the final agenda man saw a young man if to watch him Allah Who will be the halogen woman to some dark abyss evocative Jihad Sheila Hootie mother who will be the halogen

00:25:53 --> 00:26:00

whosoever we said about Claire Ilaha illa Allah has the last word but these probably the other two things you do not know about.

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Whomsoever fasted one day if he Sabine Allah, His fasting one day if he's Avila and put him under hope, yeah. And he died.

00:26:15 --> 00:26:24

Remember, if you eat last year, may Allah have mercy, our brother, Brahim Malik, he passed away in Ramadan, passing away in Ramadan. There's nothing special about it.

00:26:25 --> 00:26:52

There's nothing in the Hadith that if you pass on madonn You go to Jana. But there's this hadith that if you pass away, and your last thing you have done your fasting, Tamil father, the halogen Allahu Akbar, you were doing Amman saw that, even though he said the last one was I was giving sadaqa I was giving sadaqa but the secret here are the word that it has to be underlined is Hootie Mala, who will be here that says the last thing is he did

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the collagen, he will enter John. So the shepherd this dying doing a good deed and he used that as a Kaos

00:27:04 --> 00:27:12

resource Hassan gave CIN and sadaqa but it could be dying in a Hanukkah. This is a good deed right? Dying teaching someone Qur'an

00:27:16 --> 00:27:24

dying why you are doing a good deed in sha Allah Tala is a sign of good and

00:27:26 --> 00:27:28

I will finish with this in sha Allah

00:27:30 --> 00:27:33

praise by righteous Muslims.

00:27:35 --> 00:27:36

is a good sign.

00:27:38 --> 00:27:43

Man as named to Miley Hush, hey, you're on? What's your bet? Jana

00:27:45 --> 00:27:46

Allahu Akbar.

00:27:47 --> 00:27:51

Woman is made from Allah He shall run, worship at Lenore.

00:27:53 --> 00:27:56

And Mala shahada, Allah is some

00:27:57 --> 00:28:00

tongue shahada, Allah, Finn OD

00:28:01 --> 00:28:05

and untung shahada loft and three times

00:28:08 --> 00:28:10

that the person who died

00:28:12 --> 00:28:27

and you the people praise if you praise a person, Allah Hassan so Masha Allah He was this he was that he was they kept on praising him, was also a Salam said, If righteous people are praising him.

00:28:28 --> 00:28:34

This man is from the people of genuine and if a person people were cursing him

00:28:36 --> 00:28:38

Hamdulillah He is gone.

00:28:41 --> 00:28:50

The people are rested from him, the trees are rested, even the animals are rested from him. This person because of that shahada, he will go to *.

00:28:52 --> 00:29:08

Then he said the angels are the witnesses of Allah in the skies, and you three times he repeated it. And you are the witnesses of Allah on an Earth. A human Muslim Shahadat, Shaheed Hello.

00:29:12 --> 00:29:17

What should I do for four people to say that rather casual was a good person?

00:29:18 --> 00:29:20

Tell me from now I'm ready.

00:29:22 --> 00:29:23

For people we have four people here.

00:29:24 --> 00:29:25

That's enough

00:29:26 --> 00:29:32

by the colors. So Suzanne Salah Bucha other four Muslims testify on behalf

00:29:34 --> 00:29:38

of a dead Muslim. Allah will let him into Jana.

00:29:39 --> 00:29:51

Allahu Akbar. Is there any more mercy than this year one? When I hear about such a merciful Illa How can we miss Allah Salah to disobey Him and do things that are not pleasing to Him? Yeah, one.

00:29:53 --> 00:29:59

Allah who we should be day and night thinking of how to please Him. For people just to say good thing about me. I go to Jana.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:01

Jana, what did I do to deserve?

00:30:03 --> 00:30:04

What did we do to deserve

00:30:05 --> 00:30:23

this few things that we are doing? Allah if we compare how much time we spent for dunya and how much time we we spent for akhira, you would see that that's the time we spent for Asha is so insignificant, any one of us calculate, very simple calculation, how much time for dunya? And how much time for Allah

00:30:25 --> 00:30:26

Subhan Allah.

00:30:28 --> 00:30:45

May Allah make us from the people of Akkad and sha Allah? May Allah make our last words La Ilaha illa Allah, may Allah subhana wa Taala make us from the people who listen and apply. May Allah make me from the people who practice what they preach. May Allah forgive my sins and forgive all your sins in sha Allah. And

00:30:46 --> 00:31:04

I mean challenge Allah we have a couple of more days, be praying for tomorrow and the day after. But in case I don't see, I promise you that you are all my daughter in sha Allah Tala and I'm doing it for two reasons First, because I love you second because I have an angel. He will tell me you got the same me.

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You have to be selfish a little bit. Right? Exactly.

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So how

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are Toby like?

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