Just think if this is the command when leaving each other

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Speaker 1 discusses the verse "will father Boehner come" and how it is meant to signal a divorce. They also mention the use of the "will" phrase to signal a desire to be kind towards one another. Speaker 1 then describes a scene where a couple is supposed to divorce, but the attraction is not yet established.

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Well, attendance I will father Boehner come, Allah says, And do not forget the kindness amongst yourself. Now this verse is directed towards couples that are about to divorce that apart in ways and things did not work out. Allah is saying at that time to not forget the common courtesy and the kindness amongst yourself. The Halima say, if this is the command at a time of divorce, imagine the kindness that we are supposed to uphold, when we are still married. The Quran is so beautiful, at a time of divorce also, the Quran is advising the couples to be kind towards one another. And kindness because that yes, things did not work out. But there were still good memories in your relationship.

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There were still good moments in your relationship. You had kids together or whatever it may be. There were definitely some good moments that you can still cherish after your pathways. So oh into all of that still be kind to one another. How beautiful is the Quran? Subhan Allah