Mohamad Baajour – Maintain this EXTREMELY rewarding Ibadah after Ramadan

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The upcoming evening is likely colder than normal, and staying late is crucial to survival. Prayer for happiness and maintaining a sense of pleasure is essential, as is staying healthy to avoid getting rushed to work. The fight between deeds and desire, men and women, and God and men is important, and praying for the return of Jesus Christ is crucial. The segment ends with a recap of the importance of praying for the upcoming return of Christ.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Smilla hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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for a start the Hydra

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even version rahamallah One of the greatest scholars,

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he said

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but before that let me ask you a question is tonight the night that's coming up? Is it an odd night or an even night?

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Are you sure?

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Anything else special about that night

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so when Russia Allah He said

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if the odd night

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coincide with a Friday night, that is the most probably night will be a little colder.

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And that is tonight. The night that's coming up. Now

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there is no Hadith

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that says it is

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the night of Friday if it's odd, it will become late because we all know it varies from one year to another. But his he had

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imam in Russia position he had is that

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the last 10 nights are the best time nights. And in general the best night of the week is the night of Friday. And this

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here there's only one Friday. So we are supposed to make it hard and strive the whole nights. But this night in sha Allah Tala let's make it extra, hoping that it will be a little quieter.

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We all know my brothers and sisters that

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purpose in this dunya is to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala well now halacha Jinnah will insert Ilya Boon our main purpose is to worship Allah as diligent and Ramadan comes once a year

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to remind us that me and you are abd

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Ramadan comes once a year to remind me I am apt

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anybody super for

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anyone? $500 1000

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COME ON 1000

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Why not?

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I am abd

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the order came from the master.

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When failure comes, you stop eating.

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When Maghrib comes, you start eating

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my rib 812 Right.

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Now imagine somebody in the crowd he's sick and he has excused brother. I'll do it for 200

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So when it comes at 812, right, if I come to you, and I say can you say 10 nulla for the rain. You've been fasting for 12 hours. That's a big deal. Two minutes. Is that okay? Carrie? Why not? Two minutes. 12 hours? No, the order from the master did not come yet.

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Allahu Akbar. So this is what Ramadan trains you

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stop Samia now Allah Tada we listen and we will be go summit in our Atlanta.

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So we can after Ramadan. Don't do this. Don't get with riba salmonella foreigner. Do not back bite, do not spy. Do not do this do not do that salmonella Tana, do this do that Samir, no foreigner This is the whole purpose of Ramadan. This is the whole purpose of every a better

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this is the whole purpose of every single ADA. Now, I'm going to remind myself and remind you of a bad on a daily basis. It reminds us that we are slaves. What is the bed on a daily basis? It reminds us that we are a bead

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Salat al Fajr feature now.

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On a daily basis, artificial in general, before we get to the Mr. Fisher in general, Fisher is the first slot and all over the world. Most of the people at that time they are sleeping

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Right, they are sleeping and

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need to sleep to be able to survive for the rest of the day.

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At that moment,

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at that moment, there's an addition in the event of Salah to hydro mininum salad is better than sleeping. This is the only time you don't hear this anywhere in any other

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salad or in anything else better than better than anything else. Allah has not saying door Salah to better than work. No no no only in fashion was added. So there was there is a battle that takes place every morning. There is a battle that takes place for every single one of us. A battle between my deen and my desire. My deen is telling me get up and pray and my desire is telling me air conditioned sleeping comfortable bed where you going? Sleep

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sleep Sleep and then sing a Salah to Cairo min unknown. So the battle takes place. Whatever you do after that this is who you are.

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Whatever you do after that decides what who you are. Are you able to or no? Are you following what Allah ordered or are you following your desire

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if you get up and pray Subhana wa Tada

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if you continue sleeping

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that means you are from the people who are following their desire.

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So Fisher comes on a daily basis to remind us you have no choice get up and pray the master said now unfortunately when Allah He it's really very sad.

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When you see many many parents pray for leisure when they wake up. Whatever time they wake up. That is special time. They wake up at eight treasures at eight o'clock but nine finishes at nine and that kid grew up in a house that pray when they wake up

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when he asked one time a seven year old I told him what time is treasure he said when my father wake up

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he's not say that early no no he said my father when my father wake up to go to work. This is when this is when Fisher is when we go to school this is when Fisher is no we have to train our children that treasure is treasure at the time of treasure. Now believe it or not that's not even my topic

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yeah when every year we say that

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one of the signs that my Ramadan was accepted is that if I maintain a bad after Ramadan

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and I would love myself and you to please look at this beautiful faces to maintain pleasure in Jamar after Ramadan please I beg you I love you maintain vigil and Jamar after Ramadan you have

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proved to yourself that you can do it for 30 days you have proven it to yourself, nobody pushed you, nobody pushed you to come today you have proven that I can do it I can come to measure every single day. So the question is why do we stop that Allah subhanaw taala say in the last iron circle? Did he say why Buddha Rebecca Tahi Ramadan

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that Allah say worship your Lord until Ramadan is over. Or what did he say? Why would drop back a Hatha

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Yoga tear Kelly akin until death comes we do not want to be Ramadan he Yun we want to be Rabbani Yun. We don't want to be from the people of Ramadan. Why?

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I am a Muslim 24/7 365 days not only in Ramadan, who said the rub of Ramadan is the same leboff Chawan of Muharram have the same knob and the rewards of praying fisherton Gemma are Subhan Allah, I will mention a few just to encourage myself a new please

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February can am assured

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that is sufficient. The Quran recitation of the imam in the Fraser prayer is witnessed by the angels. The angels are attending the salaat Allahu Akbar second man Simon Fraser fee Gemma for who if he didn't Mathilde, Allah

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whoever profession Jamar under the protection of Allah under the protection of Allah, one of the unimat said, What does that mean is that it is haram

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It is haram to harm somebody who prayed measure in Jamar

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you're committing a sin If you harm someone, if somebody harm you today, in any form, you have committed a sin he has to repent. Because you pray treasure in Jamal, look at that honor. You're under the protection of Allah, full coverage. You know one of our brothers who's graduating tonight in health school,

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but Dr. Hisham here.

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The clinician son is graduating tonight inshallah.

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10 days ago, him and his brother.

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They trade vision Allen, and they're coming back home.

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The car, he showed me the car, and let me see if I can bring it to us here the picture show tonight.

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The car, you look at the car, you'd say there's no way no way someone came alive from this car. It was him and his brother Muhammad at 19 years of driving

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Subhan Allah they came out just Ashraf broke his arm and hammered has just a couple of stitches on the face. They prayed Fisher in JAMA Subhan Allah and they were coming home. They'll protect all our children. And I can tell you so many stories that happened to me personally, I do not travel without paying federal in Jamaica first, because we have the royal treatment at the airport. So, before you go, you have to provision Jamaica and then you go and then the royal treatment becomes nothing Subhanallah so you are under the protection of Allah Basha and Misha interfere vollum been no return me on welcome. Give the glad tidings to the people who walked to the masajid in the darkness with

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complete light, complete light on the Day of Judgment. Man some girl birthday in the huddle Jana whosoever pray but then he will enter Jana. What are the better Dania rasool Allah Fisher and also in Jamal

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linearly Jana Raju, Salah Cobla tolerations you a couple of Aruba, he will not enter the Hellfire we were just talking the other day about people who do not enter the Hellfire he will not enter the hellfire. A person who prayed a Salah before sunrise and before sunset, the whole I mean treasure and acid again.

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You want more? regatta al Fajr? Pharaoh minute dunya wa mafia

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Subhan Allah I gave this example before if we announced

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we sent an email to the community. Whomsoever prefetcher in JAMA, the management brother Samir brother Imran they're gonna gather $500 each.

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You will sleep here attic F 365 No more attic F Ramadan attic F 365 $500 Every time you come to measure

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the assigned brothers of ACARA door 500 500 Everybody who would miss Fisher among us.

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Nobody, nobody would miss measure. You would call your cousin's in Houston Move.

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Move not Houston. He will New York Alaska move. 500 You don't have to do anything anymore. You're done. You said $500 a day 30 days $15,000 Quit your job. Comes Allah

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Subhan Allah. Allah when Mr. matassa Salim said like I tell Fraser Hey, you're on. Mina. Dunya, not $500 better than the whole dunya and everything in it.

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What's in the dunya the gold, the silver, the diamond? The wealth, the money, the oceans, the mountains? Better not equal better. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. This is endometrioid this to version two rica or the Sunnah? These are the Sunnah, not the photo. So this is the summer Can you imagine the photo

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SubhanAllah. So and there are so many just because of the time there are so many Hadith that will give us the reward and immense reward of praying treasure in Jamal. And the last one is Hannover and this is also strictly for pleasure. The one that we practice me and my beloved brothers in the gym every single day during Ramadan, and every Sunday during the year,

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whosoever prefecture in Jamaica, stay in the same Masjid remembering Allah. Wait for the sun to rise. 15 minutes later, pray to raka Allahu Akbar, the Azure of Hajj and Umrah, Tam, Tam, Tam, complete halogen Andrea one and hamdulillah most of you are doing this hamdulillah whether you're sitting with me or you're sitting alone, hydrogen ombre hydrogen Homra. Again, how much is hedging longer the cheapest package 8000 So imagine that $8,000 Every single day

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And then not only that, you won't have halogen homeowner you won't be without leaving your city without leaving your your family without spending a penny without going through the hardship without the laugh without salary without it same measure. But you still have to go to Hajj like a brother told me Listen Hamdulillah 300,000 last year

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have you been Oh know, you still have to perform.

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You know, this is the measure of hygiene that you would hash, but you still afford it physically and financially. You have to go and perform and Wallahi there are so many more so please make a promise Ya Allah. Allah make me from the people of pleasure. Yeah, Allah keep me from the people of pleasure till the day I meet you. And ask yourself one question.

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Because the people who pray Fudger every day, I don't want to name them so they will be upset.

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Say to yourself,

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are they better than me?

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If they can do it, I can do it. It's not like the people who pray Fisher Jamar they are jobless. They have no job. They are homeless. And they have nothing to do. Allah I know them one by one. They are all professionals, amazing people, great people, masha Allah, the smart, bright every aspect of life.

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And one of the reason they reach that level, is the fissure in Gemma because of Salah Salem and I will enter this. He made to ask for these people he said, Allah medallic Ah, who knows that?

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I buy some

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directly Almighty feeble Korea give baraka to the people who start their day early.

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And is there anything better than to start your day by being in the house of Allah? Allah was unknown and Fisher. Allah Magellan and Fisher Illa young nellcor Chiara Bananaman Allah make it a habit in our life. Yeah Allah get our children used to this habit you're behind me. Yeah, Allah make our last words Leila Illallah and make our last do our best these Subhanallah Calamba Masha Allah Allah Hill and the stock fuca autobody

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