Maintaining Love Between Muslims

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This short clip is an explanation of verses 10-11 from Surah Al-Hujurat.

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Why do you have to do this because all of you are brothers, all of your sisters.

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This is why you have to do this.

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And this, honestly, this verse is so super.

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I've explained this particular verse numerous times. And every single time I sponsor it, there's so much benefit to be taken from this verse in them. And we know that, and I'm not talking about the whole content. I'm not gonna bore you with that you already know about all of that. Right? The whole what Islamia Muslim Brotherhood is not you know all about that. But I just want you to look at the verse and how much a lot how much emphasis Allah subhanho wa Taala has put in this verse linguistically, Allah says in NEMA, in NEMA is an article which emphasizes whatever is proceeding at the inclusion, exclusion of any other possibility.

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So whatever is being said, is being established and affirmed and there's no other possible understandings.

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So that's one way of emphasizing whatever is being said, that's it. There's no more to the story anymore. I mean,

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and Islam, when it enters upon a plural noun, meaning, it makes it general that's amongst the ways of finding generality within the notes also Sure, within the passages of Sharia

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in them and me no guarantee all believers without any exceptions.

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So nobody make an exception, please.

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Sometimes there's people that will tell you, you know, what, there's an exception to the rule that innovator down there, you don't talk to him see that, that that error, the Paki over there? We're not going to talk to him. There's an exception to that rule. There's no exceptions. Every single believer who look only Adam, every single one of you is from Adam. Well, Adam intro that's for racism, but I'm seeing now there's a racism in terms of theology as well.

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There's none of that. And every single believer without exception, or loss of handle data establishes who who work for them brotherhood. But check this out. A lot of them say just any brotherhood. If you know anything about Arabic, you know, the word f means brother. And the word has numerous plurals. You can say. You can say Juan, you could say it what you can say a hoon. All those are plurals of the word.

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A one is not that popular. The popular ones are the one and

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so a lot particularly picked out the strongest possibility. The word one means like, you know, you're my only one. You know, we're all brothers, right?

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We're all brothers. Isn't that so?

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That's what it means blood brothers.

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As the majority of

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the famous lithographer mentioned that equal means Blood Brothers so alive, saying your Brotherhood is so strong, it should be so strong. And that's how I want it to be that you guys are like blood brothers.

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He didn't even use the word. He uses the word in.

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Verily, now let's translate the whole verse, just these few words, words. Verily,

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all Muslims are like blood brothers. And there's no other possibility. So don't tell me. That guy. He's from that group. He's not my brother, that sister, she's, where's her job wrong. She's not from my sisters. She's your sister, and he's your brother. get with the program, so long as you remain within the folds of Emacs. And I include in that really, with all due honesty, in terms of the brother, to a certain degree, even Shia are included within that.

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Because the longest does Shia Islam hasn't led them to a degree where they've left Islam, they are still considered meaning.

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They're still considered what meaning they're still considered believers. So there is a certain degree of brotherhood that's even there within that row, every single sec, every single group, so long as they have enough within the fold of Islam, their movements, they're believers. So they fall under the generality of this verse, and I showed you how accurate the verses because of the fact that a lot brought the article in NEMA, which establishes everything to come with the excluded the exclusion of any other possibilities, and I showed you the fact that unless an element Milan, which has every single believer they're in so there's no excuses for us to say this person, not our

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brother, you know, but get with the program. Allah is telling you you guys are all brothers and mean mini Colonia. He should do Babu Baba, I believe her for another is like it's like a wall

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is like a structure. Every single portion of the structure emphasizes the other structure this structure shouldn't be pulling itself so that all of it falls down. That's not what's supposed to be done. Every single person is supposed to reinforce the structure of Islam.

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First, then if you have any problems, then fix

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The problems between your brother's Good idea, turn them on,

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but also do better.

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So fix the problems between your brothers

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with the pillow and

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fear Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So that you may be given mercy. This verse that we're just about to read is now, the third time or the fourth time Allah subhana wa tada saying, get you into the diamond. Remember I said all of the verses, in the surah, you'll find a lot of them are addresses to the believers. He's addressing you again, oh, believers. Oh, who you believe.

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Do not laugh that is harmful. Don't let a people laugh

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from another people.

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Don't let a group of people laughing or other people

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in your corner, Hiraman perhaps the people that are being lost about they're better than the ones that are laughing.

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But hold on, he says phone.

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And then after that he says whether or not women to women? Why does he say at home in the first one and Nyssa in the second one? Because the word own essentially doesn't mean people. It means men.

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Whether everyone has to agree upon

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I'm not sure. And I How am I supposed to be sure whether Addison are men or women. That's what the person was saying. He was trying to make fun of them. By saying, I'm not sure if they're men or women, when a man calls another man or a woman. He's making fun of them, right? You say you're weak, physically. So that's why men use that term within one another. So the word own essentially does not mean people it's used in the Quran oftentimes to mean people. But over here, it's very clear that it's not being referred to people or not being referred to over the word essentially, means

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The reason why the word home is used for men is because of the fact that it comes from allamah.

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From sort of, not retaliation, Parliament give me a word for an English resistance.

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That's where it comes from. Because usually, when a war breaks out, or something like that happens, who's supposed to be the one resisting, it's supposed to be men. That's why the word phone is used for men.

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And some people have speculated that it is the plural format of the word PA, which is also possible. But anyways, the phone that is being referred to over here are men. Oh, who you believe, Do not laugh.

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Let not the men from amongst who laugh at other men.

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And the translation says people that's why I corrected it.

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I said,

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perhaps that these men that are being laughed about they're better than the ones that are laughing.

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We're learning salmonicida and not the woman for woman. Don't let the woman laugh for women as well. But look, Allah subhanaw taala didn't say laugh when he spoke about women.

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He didn't say mark, don't let the woman mock he just said and not the woman from the woman as well. The verb is already mentioned. Right? So it's understood. But there's always a reason nothing is understood every single time Allah subhana wa Tada. mentions or, you know, doesn't slight manipulation, the wording, which is normally not people are not used to it. There is always a reason why did he say when he said, Well, that is cognisable minister, and not let Don't let the woman life for women as well. He just said not only for women,

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because he wants you to stay so far away from mockery that he said, since I've already mentioned it once. I'm not going to talk about it again. Anyway, so how do you know that?

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Because look at the rest of the verse. Didn't you say that?

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Perhaps they're better. Isn't that also understood?

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When it comes to women, but you mentioned that again, because perhaps the other women that are being laughed about are better? That is the reasoning why you're not supposed to luck? So the reasoning he gave it twice. But he only gave it once the ruling he only gave it once. Because the reasoning is what's gonna make you stop. But the hokum he doesn't even want to make mention of that word again. Whether

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or not woman for a woman, perhaps those women that are being asked to vote are better than the ones that are ones that are locking.

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And unlocking this code. Why did they say the job?

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Didn't we say resistance? Because it takes not too long.

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It takes someone that can resist

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that's why he uses the word poem and not.

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Not the other words for men.

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Did Why does he say this?

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There's other ways of saying it to the Kulina, male and female. Why does he say this? Because the word nissar comes from the word Next one.

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And this one means to leave off action. So alive implying that that woman that's sitting at home bored, she's gonna laugh, be careful be doing something.

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nesara comes from the word nest y which means circle, I'm leaving off actions, not doing not indulging in something, the man who uses the word

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come because he needs to resist it takes a man it takes some strength, some mental strength for you to be able to not laugh at people. Because your next is telling you a thought is telling you, your How are your desires are telling you every single direction is pointing at laughing. When you sit at gatherings, what happens, people are laughing, you have to laugh, you either get up or stop laughing.

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And for the woman, he says, Look, if you are not indulged in the thought of Allah and the obedience of Allah, you don't have things to do. That's why he uses the word and he said, that's what we're dealing with action. If you don't have things to do on your plate, watch, you're gonna call some of your friends and say, You know her notice she wasn't too long, you're going to do that. But that's if you're not doing anything. If you're busy and you're engulfed in the thought of Allah as origin. In the obedience of Allah zones, you don't have to do that. We're not enemies

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and full circle.

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And do not find faults with your own people.

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Look a lot says and do not find faults within yourselves.

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Does anybody go and find faults within themselves? So have you ever done that? Did you ever sit down to yourself until you look very ugly? Your nose is bigger than it should be? your mustache is not trimmed. You're here along with Stan, does anybody do that? Why does the law say don't find find faults within yourselves. Because the lie is telling you that if you find faults within people, you will find they will find faults within you.

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It will be

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the result of you finding fault with faults within people. And he's also reminding us that all of us

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are yourselves as unbelievers should always be together, that enemies will come if you're marking another believer, if you're making fun of another believer, then you're the one that's poking a hole in that wall, that you're not supposed to be poking a hole in that that means to infosec

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when I cannot

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and do not

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call each other with nicknames. You notice every single verb that Allah subhanaw taala used over here, he used the regular tense. But when it came to xR, booze he used another tense which implies mutually mutual action.

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That that

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so if I do it, you're gonna do it back to me, the cartoon people are fighting mutually not one person, what they're while solving. So

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go ahead and give mutual advice to one another, right? What else hold us up and go ahead and get mutual. That tense has this connotation of the action being done mutually.

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So Allah says whether the numbers will be on par because as soon as you start seeing names to somebody else, what happens they start calling you names back.

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Right away. As soon as you give somebody a name, what happens right away, they go back to you and do the same thing.

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So he knew that that's gonna happen. People will call each other names when you call somebody and then he'll call you right back.

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And also because a lie saying even if someone is calling your name, try not to do that.

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Even if somebody ends up calling your name, let it go, just let it pass. Because that is meant for so that amazing verse. Allah says, how that

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is and how evil is the name. The Wu time Allah subhanho wa Taala is speaking about the tongue Don't mock.

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Allah says, Don't give names. Don't find faults. Whenever you're finding faults and You're mocking people, usually you're calling each other names, right? So Allah says, If you end up doing this, and you have a name for yourself, what's that name? Said is Lucas WA, how bad is and how evil is the name of after you were a believer at first? How bad is that name and that theme of being assassin.

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After you used to be a woman, after used to be a true believer,

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even after you were a believer, women and whoever doesn't go ahead and make their way to Allah. Remember ecohome avoid mo DS

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The people that without a government body, these are the people who will be the transgressors.