Steadfastness After Ramadan

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Friday Khutbah


AI: Summary © The importance of guidance from Allah during worship is discussed, emphasizing the need for staying firm and steadfast in worshiping the Lord of the month of-tag until you die. The worship provides a framework for individuals to set a standard for their worship and gives them the opportunity to practice their worship. The worship also provides guidance on showing faith and avoiding mistakes.
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Illa Illa Allah who either moolah Shadi color, or shadow Anna Mohammad Abdu, humara sudo

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Johan Sutopo como la the Halacha comin nafcillin Wahida Mahalo caminhadas o Jaha or betheme in Houma de Geralyn cathedra one is

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what duckula haliaeetus A Luna b1 on ham in Allah Ghana Alikum Raptiva

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your Lavina mono taco la have got Ducati while at the moon Illa one two Muslim Moon

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your Lavina Takala it Takala how to go to Poland study that it was lack of

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feedback on Sunova calm or many operate la hora Sula, home for call the affairs of Hosanna Lima for my mobile phone now stuff al Hadith he Kitab Allah insha Allah Allah will head on had you had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in a short run to her. What does a team Bidda Aquila be Dalton Bala Akula Bala team Finnair Ajay Ronnie Lahore, El Camino Nell from Ahmedabad. All Praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanahu wa taala. And may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon His servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as to what follows My dear respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam.

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We praise and we thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for the great fever and blessing that he has bestowed upon each and every single one of us. And that is that Allah azza wa jal allowed us to complete the month of Ramadan. We say Alhamdulillah for the opportunity that Allah azza wa jal gave us to first 30 days of Ramadan. And we say and hamdulillah for the opportunity that Allah azza wa jal gave us to pray the nights of Ramadan 30 Nights, we also praise and think Allah subhanho wa Taala for the opportunity of the good deeds and the righteous deeds that we enable us to do during the day and during the night of Ramadan of reading the Quran. And remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala via the

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words of a thicket and giving us the ability to make a DUA and to donate and give insalata and to do matters that are pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala and of course, most importantly, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept from us, we say your banner cobalamin in canta Samir alim, what to Ballina in the wobbel Rahim this was a dua that Ibrahim alayhi salam made, after finishing building the Kaaba. Imagine, Ibrahim Al Khalil Ibrahim, the friend of Allah subhanho wa taala. builds a GABA, a GABA, by the instruction of Allah.

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He's the friend of Allah, building Aqaba by the command and in the destruction of Allah. And even then, afterwards, he says a lot better at the football Mina in the canta semi or dalim. So the idea is if Allah azza wa jal has selected you, and he has chosen you, so that you join the rest of the believers and the rest of the Muslims around the globe to fast this month, and pray its nights and engage in righteous deeds, then you two need to worry that this deed could be rejected, that this deed is full of shortcomings, and it is full of faults and flaws. So you need to rush to the prophetic or you need to rush to the Quranic dua on a burner Taco Bell Mina, indica Anta semi on

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Aleem, what to Bala in in the wobble Rahim very important because if Allah subhanahu wa Donna was to accept from you. Then this is a good sign that you from the moon clean because Allah subhanho wa Taala he says in MA at the cup but Allah Who Minamata pin, Allah azza wa jal only accepts from the righteous only accept from the righteous. This is why it is important that you and I are concerned by Allah for Allah's acceptance. Why are we concerned? Why are we concerned that Allah accepts our deeds or some of our deeds, because if he accepts them, then he SubhanaHu wa Tada says, I only accept from the righteous therefore you have been labeled as a righteous and the ending of the

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righteous is in the Paradise in the little mattina in the lobby him Jannetty nine as Allah subhanho wa Taala says, My Brothers and Sisters in Islam at the end of this blog

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Last month of Ramadan, we remember call Allah He to Allah and Hamdulillah He loved he had an early Heather Wilma canal in the Alola and Hidin Allah, this is what we are remembering at the end of Ramadan. And these are words that are in the Quran. And these are the words of the people of the paradise as they enter the Paradise, you know there are words that you will be seeing you and I will be seeing as we enter the paradise and that is from these words Alhamdulillah he loves the Hidin early however, we will be seeing all praise and thanks belongs to Allah, the One who guided us to this, the one who guided us to this Islam and to this Eman and to all these noble righteous deeds

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that you and I engage in throughout our life. You're going to remember Allah as you're entering the paradise Alhamdulillah he loves you you heard earlier Heather and we're going to add and say one that couldn't nail in the Lola and Hidin Allah impossible. We would have never ever been guided had not been that Allah azza wa jal granted us guidance.

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You and I are sitting here now because Allah has guided us to attend Salah to Juma. we fasted 30 days of Ramadan, because Allah guided us through that. Otherwise, what's the difference between people that engaged in the blessed month of Ramadan and worship Allah in its nights and during its days? What's the difference between those people and people that did not first Ramadan? Nor did they pray it's night? What is the difference? The only difference is that Allah granted you guidance, and he did not choose guidance for others. We ask Allah azza wa jal to keep us guided and firm and steadfast upon the deen of Allah until the day we meet him when I couldn't earlier Teddy, Lola and

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Hidin Allah, my brothers and sisters in Islam, it is therefore important to continue to ask Allah for guidance. This is what you learn at the end of Ramadan.

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You learn the importance of continuing to ask Allah for guidance. And this is how steadfastness is achieved after Ramadan by continuing to ask Allah to bless you and to grant you with guidance.

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And this is why the abundant dua of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was to say, Allah who may live on Kulu, Feb it will be Aladeen IC, O Turner of the hearts. You see, the heart is called a club called means to turn something because it very quickly turns it could go from righteousness to rebellion in a matter of a day. It could happen. Therefore, you ask Allah through the fact that he's the one who turns the hearts a bit Calbee Allah Denecke keep my heart firm and steadfast upon your deen and this is a dua of guidance in the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam was very, very concerned to ask Allah azza wa jal always for guidance. And that who also allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the

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one who Allah has said about him when Ola answered but neck laka keep that are going to LA him che I'm kalila Do you know anything about the guidance of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in this area in Salt Lake so Allah said, had we not granted you firmness, you would have inclined towards the disbelievers. And as a result, Allah azza wa jal would have sent upon him punishment.

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But the fact

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that is mentioned or is supposed to be highlighted from the ayah is the fact when hola unsurpassed neck, had we not granted you steadfastness.

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If an even in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa salam would have not been able to remain steadfast if it wasn't for Allah granting him that. So imagine you and I,

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and that's him. Allah is saying one only answer but the neck, meaning we've given you steadfastness, we've given you guidance. But even then he continues to ask Allah to guide him. And not only that, it is His abundant dua of the day and the night. Now you understand why most of the majority of our dua during the day and the night comes in our prayers, dinner sloppily. Mooster theme 17 At least 17 times a day. The greatest that the believer would make is to ask Allah azza wa jal for firmness and guidance and steadfastness and nothing is better than asking Allah for guidance from his own word that he taught us. A dinner sloppily Mr. Kim, guide us to the straight path, otherwise, otherwise,

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and nobody sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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But Allah azza wa jal said, Yeah daddy could look on burn 11 Hideto.

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This is what Allah said. He said, Oh my sleeves, all of you are misguided.

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That's the default. Everyone is misguided. Good look on

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the one who prayed the entire night night ball.

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And the one who fasted all the days ball

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11 Hideto except who I have guided. So the one that is standing and praying the nights and fasting the days, that's because Allah guided him. Otherwise, if the guidance of Allah is lifted from him one moment, he goes into the position of ball

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of misguided and the ending of the misguided is horrible.

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So you understand and you learn from this the importance of Allah's guidance that he continues that upon you. You know, a lot of people at the end of Ramadan ask, how do we remain steadfast upon the worship of Allah? I say to you something, you know this question, this is a new question. The Companions never used to ask this. Their companions, they never used together at the feet of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after Ramadan. And Citymeals Rasul Allah charged us up with a lecture about how to remain firm and steadfast after Ramadan if he just asked this question, because they knew that the Lord of Ramadan is the very same Lord of the month that come after and come

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before the very same Lord. And since he's the very same Lord, in Salah till hedger, Allah azza wa jal said, why Buddha Allah Baca had directly again, worship your Lord, until certainty gets to you and that is death because there's nothing more certain than death. worship your Lord. He didn't say why Buddha Rebecca field Ramadan had the Acharya team, he did not say worship your Lord during Ramadan until you die. Worship your loved ones Sahaba lovely Allahu Allah. No, no. Allah azza wa jal is the Lord of the month of Ramadan, and the Lord of the month that come after him before so they continue in their worship. This was the state of the companions, and this was in the the sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam as well. firm and steadfast upon the worship of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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You imagine in the beast from Allahu alayhi wa sallam would say she yeah but me Who would that the Sunnah of Hood, which is in the Quran surah Hood. He said it made my hair go white and gray shade in the hood. Rolla mo Mala they say, which is specifically in the solar made his head of white and gray.

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It was called Allah He died, for stuck in coma omit remain steadfast, and remain committed upon the worship of Allah in the manner you have been ordered to do so.

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pensionnat This is the area that made him go white and gray. Because the challenge my brothers and sisters in Islam is not to end Ramadan. And then and Hamdulillah I done the most of what I can do, and I'm done. That's not the challenge. The challenge and the achievement is to remain upon the worship of Allah until you die. This is the real challenge. What Ramadan is only a proof that you are able to continue to worship Allah azza wa jal, who expected that he could fast 30 days straight and pray the nights 30 days straight and read the Quran at least once and make dua every single day who expect that he could do that. You see, you just prove to yourself in Ramadan. We just prove to

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ourselves that we are able to worship Allah azza wa jal. So now of course, you're not going to be in your worship after Ramadan like you are in Ramadan, or something to happen. But at least at least a believer doesn't close the door on the night prayers, and only visits the night prayers once again in the next Ramadan nah. And he doesn't close the door on fasting and say I'm done with fasting until next week, and I'm done with reciting the Quran until next week, and I'm done with the many worships I used to do until next year. This is not the state of the believer, this is not steadfastness upon Ramadan, upon the worship of Allah.

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Rather I give you a solution. I give you a practical solution in how each and every single one of us can remain firm and committed upon Allah subhanho wa Taala this worship Allah Allah Allah hammer home Allah they said, and the principle I want to share with you it's derived from the words of Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah, very beautiful, he said

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Like if he could limit Marian subcon be heat up that woman hold on bullock. What la heat that would.

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Excellent standard and a principle when it comes to the worship of Allah azza wa jal after Ramadan. He said,

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set a standard for yourself from every type and form of worship, I'll explain to you and I'll give you an example. set a standard for yourself for every type of worship.

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Once you set the standard, then take off from that standard. And go back to that standard. Let me explain through an example. If we were to look at the worship of the night praise or worship, that's something we did 30 nights.

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The idea is this set for yourself a standard, a bare minimum, meaning, you will agree with yourself that after Ramadan, I am going to pray at least to like God at night, every single night, that's the minimum. And in addition to this one blackout with her, so that's my three record. It could be one record, it could be anything, no problems wonder like, Ah, okay, that's your standard. On certain nights that you feel in your find energy within you do more than that. Pre a pre 910, but like I had no problems. But on the DS in where you're lazy, and you're tired, and you're bored, and you're fatigued and drained, then at least don't go underneath your standard. Pray that Well, I can't go to

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sleep. This is what he's meant. And this is the best way to remain stable and firm in your worship. And don't belittle this thing. Rather this is a matter if you are ready to is beloved to Allah azza wa jal because the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, I have good Amelie in Allah Eduardo, however, in the most beloved deeds to Allah are those that are consistent, even if they were small.

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And then you look at the fasting, the worship of fasting, he set a standard for yourself,

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one day, a week, one day a month. But problems set a minimum standard. If you find energy within you, during that month, and you can do more than that, do more than that. Go ahead, utilize and take advantage of that energy that you have, because it's gonna die soon. And when that dies, and it settles, then you don't go under your standard and go back to doing one day a month. No problems. And we learn this. We don't fall into the same mistakes as others. And it was so heavy His name is Abdullah have an envelope then I'll slowly Allah one. He said the other soul Allah told me what should I fast. He was fasting three days a month. And the reason I sell them sitting three days a

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month he says I can do more than that. He said to Monday, Thursday he goes I can do more than that. He goes do one day on one day off he said I can do more than this or be quiet for I mean, Delic Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him, this is the best trusting the first thing of their would one day on one day off. So he said I did this. And then after Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam died. Our beloved Ahmed reached an old age he said, I wish I had taken by the advice of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now he's old, he's finding it difficult to fast one day, one day off one day on one day off, but a lot of the Allahu Anhu he continued that until the end of his

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life, because how was he going to leave something that interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam approved him off before his death. So he felt embarrassed, but it was very difficult and draining for him. So the idea is learn, learn and apply for yourself. Take a minimum standard for every worship and commit to it. Because the commitment upon the worship will always remind you of Allah azza wa jal, it will keep you on that path in where you are ready to meet Allah subhanho wa taala. Look at the worship of Allah subhana Messiah, the remembrance of Allah and in the day and in the night, set a standard for yourself, the bare minimum could be I will have to read a little kursi

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every morning, and every evening, that's the minimum. Don't drop. If you find energy and time during that morning or the afternoon, increase on that, maybe say all 2425 of them. But if you find that you had no time, your rush, then you go back to your standard and read the AYATUL kursi and move on. I call my brothers and sisters in Islam in this way. You feel comfortable. You feel that you are connected with worship, you feel that you are active, you're alive, that you haven't disconnected I haven't withdrawn and moved far away. This is what the worship does. This is the kind of peace and tranquility that the worship offers by the permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala We ask Allah azza

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wa jal to grant us acceptance to ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to keep us firm upon La Ilaha illa Allah upon

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on the right path until we meet Hola Hola. Hola Heather are still for hola hola. Welcome. First of all we know more of a forward Rahim

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Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Milena V Abba, Heather. Also lucidly Maura Hammacher Mala Hala played in Berea who was killed by Sharia Mohammed Abdullah who saw him and hold your Shiva for the amount of time Allahu Allah be humble enough saying within NaVi Mala nicotine was a battle you could see why you have become a Johan manana for Paula has given coil in Allahu wa Mala Katha who also Luna Hala NaVi yeah you have Lavina Amman or solo Allah He was a limitless Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad gamma Selita Allah Ibrahim Ali Ali Ibrahim nica hamidou machine America Muhammad Ali Muhammad gamma like to Allah Ibrahim Allah Allah Allah Allah Hema in naka hamidou Majid

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Allah Marina nativa Annabelle bella bella bella bella notice openers they never been out of football Mina in the Qantas semi or on Ali Matoba Elena in the counter to wobble Rahim Allah in Allah Hammurabi, Latvia and Estonia is incredible and handy for sure it will move very well very welcome to the Coronavirus guru Allah Allah Lehmann gelila of cuckoo mush karuma Allah near me he has it come on ethical Allahu Akbar. Allahu Allah momento Snowland known