Mohamad Baajour – Lessons from the Hadith of the 3 MEN IN THE CAVE

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the struggles of women in a cave and their fear of giving money. They emphasize the importance of balance and respect between mother and children, and emphasize the need to give a gift to one's parents for their dreams. The segment also touches on the misunderstandings of men and women in the church, including the belief that men should take care of their women and that women should not invest in anything. The segment ends with a discussion of the potential for men to become criminal offenses.
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ceremony Curatola era get

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smaller hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah.

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Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim story that we all know and I spoke about it before, but just like Allah subhanaw taala told us with a killer thing that the Quran meaning remind them because the reminder will benefit the believers May Allah make us all from the believers.

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So allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said

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there were three people from the people before you, three men.

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They were traveling

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and all of a sudden started raining heavy.

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So in order to protect themselves from the rain, they found the cave

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they got inside the cave, the weather gets really bad. All of a sudden a huge rock came and blocked the door of the cave.

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So they cannot exit anymore.

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So you could imagine they're sitting inside a cave, no fire, no light, no nothing and you cannot see anything. And huge rock black, the cave so any, something is very, very serious.

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So they told each other

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let's ask Allah

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with a hammer with an action that we have done

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only for his sake. So he can remove us from this grief that we are in. So the first man said

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Yeah, Allah

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you know,

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my parents used to live with me.

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And I had a habit or I made a rule that no one in the house eats before my parents.

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One night they Allah I came very late and my parents have slept already. So I held the food in my hand

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and waited by them sleeping till Fisher.

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my kids are crying on my feet hungry.

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Yeah, Allah, I waited till they woke up. And then I fed them and then I fed my family. Yeah, Allah. If I did that, for your sake, yeah, Allah removed the rock. And the rock was moved, but it's not enough for them to exit.

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Then the second man

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said, Yeah, Allah, I used to have a cousin. And I used to love her more than anything, or anyone in this dunya

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she came to me one day, and she is in dire need of money.

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And I told her, the only way I will give you the money

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is that if I can do the fascia with you, she refused and she left.

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Then things got really bad with her and she came back again. And I gave her the same offer. And she agreed.

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Yeah, Allah when I was with her, the position of her husband with his wife, she told me it tequila. Well at Coyle, hartham Illa we have

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fear Allah and the term means do not do this. Except with hallelujah and with marriage.

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So yeah, Allah I stopped immediately

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and I gave her the money and let her go

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Yeah, Allah if I did that, for your sake, yeah, Allah remove the rock and the rock moved, but still not enough for them to exit. Now the third person said, Yeah, Allah.

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I hired people to do a job.

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In my field, they were all done and paid and the last person came and there was an argument about the payment and he left without taking his pay. Ya Allah I invested it for him.

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I invested that money for him. And after a long time, the man came and he said, Give me what you owe me.

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So I told him Look at that valley full of camels and cows and sheep that is all yours. So the man said at a standstill will be Are you mocking me? Then imagine somebody tells you where's my $100 You tell him you see all these Andrews villas

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are you mocking me? Just give me the $100 said no I'm not mocking you all this is yours. Yeah Allah.

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Welcome, yet rock

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shade. Yeah Allah He took everything he did not leave anything. Yeah Allah if I did that for your sake, remove the rock and the rock was moved, and they were all able to exit and the Hadith ended here Subhanallah there are so many lessons. Let's take a couple insha Allah first

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the first guy showed the ultimate there

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the ultimate obedience and respect and honor to the parents.

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without answering ask yourself everyone

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if you were asked to rate your relationship with your parents, Now someone might say but my parents died, your included also

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what have you done for them, even if they died? If you forgot them, your children gonna forget you.

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How's your relationship with your parents

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is see

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the parents have rights.

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The wife have rights.

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And the children have rights. And the smartest man is the one who can balance between all both of these

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lot of issues happened between the wife and the and the mother in law. And the husband is in the middle. And this is the worst situation you could ever put a man in is to make him choose between his wife and his mother, the mother of his children and his mother.

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But if that man stand with the HAC, he will be saved.

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The mother has a right to huge right and we all know the right of the mother but if she's committing alone, she's committing haram.

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Similarly, the wife has a lot of rights. But if she's committing volume, she's committing haram and she has to be stopped also.

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Allah subhana wa Taala when it came to the parents

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were will well he they need a Santa. You mentioned that before we will well he they need a Santa.

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Look at this. Like and the parents treat them with SN

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what kind of Estonia Allah,

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any kind of Sn all kinds of Sn the way you speak with SN, that gift that you want to give has to be the best. The speech you're talking it has to be the best.

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Sometimes, especially our

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new generation Subhan Allah,

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do not appreciate the parents

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as they're supposed to.

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And that is because

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of many factors. One of them is they've never seen their father or their mother treat their parents because maybe the parents are overseas or their parents have passed. You know the kid imitate. If he sees how you treat your parents, he's going to treat you the same. Remember the there was a commercial and debate. You know a guy a kid was drawing a house. And then when he finished a beautiful house and then he drew a small house on the side. Like it what we call here a shed.

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So far this beautiful house. Where's my room? Said No, Baba, you're there in the shed said Why isn't that where you put my grandfather?

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Isn't that where you put my grandfather outside. So there's going to be the same. So because of the time if the parents are still alive, make sure make sure any one frame your mother will make your life or destroy it will lie one dot make sure they are very pleased with you make sure you go out of your way. Like I told him one time, the kids the young man was telling them and even if you're coming back from college and she tells you Are you still at the supermarket that and you left already said yes I am still there. What do you need? What do you want? Go out of your way to make sure that they are pleased. Do not roll your eyes do not shake your head do not complain Subhanallah

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any? Like one of the brothers one of the Sheoak said one time he said

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if your father reached the point that he's going to ask you for financial help that means you are

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because your father reached the point that he is in financial need and you did not know about it.

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A man called the mother a man called the Sheikh and said the chef,

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my mother lived with us. And he must ask a question, to repeat the question. So the chef, my mother, live with us, he said, repeat the question. So they shall not even ask the question yet. So because you started wrong, you live with your mother.

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What do I mean my mother lives with us? Where are you without your mother?

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Who are you without your mother

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and so on Jaquan and especially for the brothers I know many of you have their parents have departed, may Allah make them from the people of Jannah Allah he still can give us other call on their behalf, we get so busy and we forget, give us other con there'll be have Allah here, I was so touched when one of our brothers, you know, subhanAllah without anyone knowing he

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built a beautiful masjid, for his parents. Overseas image it cost you know how much cost between 15 to $25,000. You build the message that people are praying in the name of Allah is being raised Subhan Allah on behalf of your parents, or you could do well, seven $800 $2,000 Whatever. What is that? What is that compared to what they have done to us. I always repeat if your mother called you from Bangladesh or from Pakistan, or from Egypt, or from Syria, and and she was still alive, and she said I want to visit you

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send me the ticket

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as $2,000 between the ticket and coming here, take the $2,000 every year and spend it on behalf of your mother or your father.

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And you will have children do the same to you. Just because of the time that go to the second guy. The second guy was in a position Allahu Akbar. And he the other night when they studied the three the three men they said this guy is the toughest guy.

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She was there and not only she was just there in front of him, she's the most beloved to his heart. Now we have fear people addicted to see a lot of kids here. Haram things on the screen and the moon in the pit the person has not even they're

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and that ruin their marriage and ruin their Salah and ruin their day by that.

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Tequila boo Xena don't come even close to anything that might lead to Xena. One of the main things that lead to Xena and we take it very light is the free mixing between the genders.

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She's like my sister.

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He's like my brother.

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The only sister you have is your sister.

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And the only brother my sister you have is your brother. No one's like your brother.

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The treatment

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alone for that file confer

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when you become a leaf with another the opposite gender that a couple of leaves

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the first day you walked into the work you saw

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a woman working

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good morning.

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Next day

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a good morning.

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Thursday. Hey what's up Good morning. I was everything.

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Day after day, day after day. Let's go to lunch, touch smile, text.

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That's why Allah ordered lower your gaze

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very easy to fall into that stuff. And especially if you have an issue at home and you go to the office.

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And Christina is always like laughing and joking and you know it's coming with a miniskirt. And you're you know that's why we always tell the wife make sure you please the husband, your and the husband take care of your wife. Make sure there's a good environment at home.

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Because these things will not bother you at all. If you have someone at home waiting for you. You know you will tell yourself this is nothing I have the millions of dollars at home waiting for me is this

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third guy

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third guy did something.

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The ultimate the ultimate in honesty. Exactly the opposite. We treat each other these days exactly the opposite.

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We take money to invest and we take them away. We don't invest in even give me a $10,000 to invest it for you. I take it away. Now this guy invested for someone who did not ask him to invest

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doesn't does he have to do that?

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Would he be sinful when the guy comes back and says, Where's my $100? Here you go. Is that Allah here? Thank you. So is that is that haram? No, he did what he's supposed to do right?

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What does he have to go through the investment? Do you know what you're talking about? providing help for all any providing

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provision for all these camels and cows and why? Why?

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Another thing which is unfortunately, very common overseas, is that people work.

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And their bosses delay the payment.

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Even here if it happens to you, yeah. You ask for someone to do a job for you and the job is finished. Make sure

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make sure you pay them like I said, I've said before the sweat dry.

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Before the sweat dry

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It's too sad ethos or scary symbol Kratie

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fed alpha and customer home young Malkia.

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Three kinds of people, I am Allah, Allah, I am their opponent on the day of judgment.

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And if Allah is your opponent on the Day of Judgment, what do you have?

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Lamb of Harlem Inca Lake

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one of them is a person that hired someone and he performed the job and he did not pay him.

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Allahu Akbar Be careful Jaquan

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and another thing we take advantage of I told the brother react come over he's a very handy man. How much do you want? He said $75 an hour? I said okay, I want a b c to be done. When he finished the ABC I said brother, my brother, there is E F G also.

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And when you finish them I will give you the 75

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that is haram. Yeah.

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You agreed on something and you immediately changed and the guy finished his job. And subhanAllah you know what the funny part is, we will not do that with non Muslims.

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We only do this to each other

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this hadith was under the chapter of sincerity

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now the question is if I was the fourth guy

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if I was with them, or any of us was with them in the cave

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and I was the last one to say something in order for the rock to move.

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Do I have the Iman only known to Allah that I can ask Allah with it to remove this rock

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only known to Allah did you notice that the way ya Allah you know I did this nobody knows what they did. Nobody seen the guy invest. Nobody seen the guy with the woman. Nobody.

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Do you have Amel? Only known to Allah? Not on Facebook? Not on Twitter, not on Instagram and everyone know about it? Do you have Amel only known to Allah because this hadith gave us the permission to make tawassul with the Atmel saleha you are allowed to ask Allah with your Amazon right? Yeah, Allah with that donation that I gave and only you know about it Yeah, Allah killed my mother.

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Yeah, Allah with that. Yeah team I sponsored the orphan ya Allah with that. Allah

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is my pain. Give me a job. You can you can do that. Obviously from this hadith do we have Amel only known to Allah? Not so much as salam said if one of you can do ml without anyone knowing about it, let them do it.

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Let them do it.

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Sincerity in our man without anybody without caring if anyone knows or did not know. With the social media right now everybody knows about everything. Try as much as you can. Yeah. Okay. To hide the Armelle and make it only known to Allah azza wa jal and beg ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala to bless you with a floss with sincerity because this is the only way

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The man to be accepted Allah Allah Allah, a dino Carlis to Allah belong the pure, all sincere, then the atman the Allah make all our ML sincerely for his sake, may Allah subhanaw taala forgive all our sins, may Allah make our last deeds over this deeds. And our last words

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in the law is a criminal offense

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by the

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a levena V sala de force your own one levena umani love we weren't born. Well levena Homeless Zanka de lune Wallasey now whose only 4g him have your own Illa Allah

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as Why do you a woman and get Amen?

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Now whom will you marry me

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