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The speakers discuss Subhanoss' work during the pandemic, including managing the situation without previous experience and providing free meals. They also talk about giving and being part of a team, including the value of giving and being part of a team. They share two stories about Subhanoss's work in providing food and the struggles of conversions to Islam. They emphasize the importance of being aware of one's own situation and not just seeing things.

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was started by the board themselves to be honest with you they got they came up with that idea of their hotline and they put a hotline and Subhanallah Annie we are so blessed with this border I have to be understanding, masha Allah Masha Allah Annie, Allah azza wa jal choose the right people for the right time. I don't know if really to be honest with you, and the other one could have handled the situation that we are in one, one, not like small problem after the other one huge

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pandemic, which is never a hit before then the storm never heard before. All these things are so huge, and they were able to handle them instantly without previous experience, who had experience with pandemic none. Well, he experienced with the snowstorm and our plans and deliveries, none. So to be able to manage these things by itself, that needs a lot of dedication, a lot of conviction, a lot of pure intention. And number one, a lot of help from Allah subhanaw taala. So they came up and then Samir contacted me that let's do you handle the ordering of the food?

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So Subhan Allah, He did not know it's going to be that hard. Because as we all know, the people rushed to the restaurants and rushed to the grocery stores and literally empty them. As a matter of fact, I went to Walmart myself, literally, it was I took a video empty the Produce Section, the milk, the bread was totally empty. So similarly, our brothers who has the halal stores, they will also empty so I thought was just as like a free cause me we need some 100 meals this I thought it was gonna be that easy. Just one phone call for that to be many, many phone calls and many trips a little bit, probably a little bit from there. But candelabra I mean, we were able to get the meals

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from Green vine, may Allah reward them he did not charge.

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Medina, he did not eat any I asked him for the bill three, four days ago and he never sent me he sent it to me. And I'm thinking also he's donated the money the food also because I heard that he told everybody already to come get three meals, so I don't think he's going to charge us. So any that spirit by itself, how did the people immediately start giving for free as a matter of fact, such times, this is the time to make money, this is a time to be greedy. So by that just that idea of giving at that time, that shows you that the nature of that person, how how pure they are Subhanallah they are looking really for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala and they took advantage

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of that opportunity because that Allah Allah if it's gonna ever gonna come again, only, but taking advantage of the opportunity that by itself is that is a smart way of dealing with Allah subhanho wa Taala

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100 Allah. This is probably the most important thing I'm going to tell you.

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There's no way I have three Semia Yeah, Brian could have done it by ourselves. That the Teamwork was so amazing. Amazing that it was the only way to go the only way Emraan could have done it not done it by himself. Why? He is taking the calls. Okay. He is giving me the addresses. I am taking the addresses and I ordered the food already. I'm having the addresses with me. And I'm looking at 20 volunteers waiting for my son to go wherever I want them to go. Allahu Akbar, and

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sisters jazzy. Doctors. It's not like that was amazing to Dr. Salma so about Dr. Animal, Dr. Tara Vora does not like you know guys that just want to come and have fun that families that really they want to get from their heart. They were lining up the youth everybody was there. Okay, you go there you go. There you go. There you go there. Everybody was ready. So the team, for example, severe.

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They were found out that the shortage of food, they drove in that weather from one place to another one place to another to get the food system, a friend arranged the sisters that are going to cook they delivered the material to them, they cook they picked up the food. It was amazing teamwork, amazing. Any one link broken, we could have had a problem. If everyone has something happened with his phone, he's not getting the phone calls. Or if he was not able to distribute the, the the routes or there was no enough drivers or there's not enough food or is nobody to pick up the food. So it was amazing teamwork. Amazing. Amazing. And I'm so honored and blessed to be part of this Wallahi

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because you know say whatever you want to say about me but I can tell you 100% I could have not done nothing without them. Nothing at all. Nothing. They have a lot of value. I mean, that is one thing number two

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to is that when they all came to, to volunteer, it happened to be the whole time. And after we prayed the GEMA, I stood up, and I told everybody to purify your intention, because sometimes you get excited because of the adventure driving in the snow, which is not easy, nothing wrong with it. I'm a New Yorker, all my life dropping in this.

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So I'm gonna let everybody purify their intention. And I told them and I reminded them that Hamdulillah we are a people that are giving, not receiving that by itself is Subhanallah Annie, you know, that is a huge, there's a huge difference. Like, as soon as I said, I've said a little earlier, kind of in the middle, Sofia, the upper hand is better than the lower hand Subhanallah and I asked him to all purify your intention. And you're doing this for the sake of Allah azza wa jal and Hamdulillah. I mean, everybody was very happy. And

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they started going to places that are getting very far really far and Frisco in a normally is far now with this kind of weather. It's very far.

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Serving as far with this kind of weather is extremely far, you know? So lambda, nobody, nobody complained. Some people took 234 deliveries at the same time. And it was amazing. Teamwork. Now, the story is our first story is SubhanAllah.

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One time I'm wrong, you can add this in Ulus.

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And I, to be honest with you, I said I called them up so useless to the Quran useless in this in this whether any, please don't take these addresses. We cannot. It's too it's too far. It's too dangerous. And then Subhan Allah and he

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he texted me

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the sister told him that

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she has six kids have not eaten in three days.

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So I said, you said how can I tell her? No, your stairs to do you know what, please forgive me. I said, please forgive me at all. Don't worry about us. I'll take anything because of you. And especially us so to have kids and we know I can stay fasting forever. No problem. But when I see my kid asking for food, which is the the smallest thing,

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the most available thing ever. That is very touching. And it's your child. You know, we all know how, what does the child mean? So as a matter of fact, I send my child I send their yard to Eunice.

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I used to see

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it you see how when he came back and I said well, how do you feel? He said Baba, thank you so much. It was unbelievable. Feeling Baba unbelievable. You know, Subhan Allah and he was so touched that he was able to help somebody. And by the way, subhanAllah in order to make it easy, I made them. The people were unbelievable. I called the sister in. In Irving. I told her listen, we are very short of food here. She immediately arranged her food Riyadh one picked up the food from her and took it to the uterus. Anyhow, everybody helped me Subhanallah and it was amazing. That was the first story. The second story is that Imran you know, he was getting the phone calls, and he got a sister that

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speaks Arabic. So he he merged me into the phone call. And I told the fried the funny part of the story, but I'm gonna, I'm gonna mention the

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the nice part of the story, even though it was nice, but let me tell you the serious part. So when she called, and she was complaining that I don't need any food. I just, I'm freezing. I have no firewood and I'm alone. I'm in my 60s. I'm a cancer patient. I just came out of the hospital. Subhanallah so I said, What's your address? She gave me an address again. 3540 minutes and it was 10pm Already 10pm as he's looking at this sister, as he's talking to me, I a guy called that I called up earlier in the morning. He called me back at that time. Now as you're speaking to me. I put on hold and I went to him. Okay. i He was telling me that I'm sorry. I missed your call and this

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and that. And then Tom, how you doing this weather? He said Wallahi I had to leave my house because no power, no heat. And I came to my son in law's house.

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I said what is your? I came to my son in law's house and he gave me the town. It is the same exact town as the sister. I said you know what? Allahu Akbar. Can you please put this address on your Google and tell me how far is it?

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He put it he said it's five minutes away.

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and this guy comes from

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where did this guy come from? At that time at 10pm? How can I find somebody number one? How can they find firewood? Number two and who's gonna go there? Subhanallah and the weather was so bad so I said please do you have firewood he call this seminar he said we have a lot to please go to this ad is five minutes away. And there's a sister and turned out the guy who called this also RB cuz she doesn't understand English.

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Short Subhanallah he went to her, he delivered the firewood, he lit up the firewood. And he said, Thank you so much for stairs Wallah he, she was alone, very old cancer patient, she cannot even get up from her chair. So thank you so much for making me do that. And those are like unbelievable stories. You know, subhanAllah that we just Allah for giving us the permission to experience them alive. I'm so grateful that and it makes us also so grateful for this for the for the luxuries that we are drowning in not just one drowning in luxuries Wallahi drowning, drowning, every single one of us is a king and a queen we've had in this period of time. And finally, there are so many I'm just

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going to mention one more, one of the youth and may Allah reward also sister a friend's kids Mashallah. MashAllah misophonia seen

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anywhere you look, you'll find them in any kind of volunteering about less than or protected. One of the youth he came, and after he made a delivery. And this shows you something else. Subhan Allah to show you how, how, how many lessons you learned from this.

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He said this, I want to ask you something, but I'm really shy. So what's what's going on? He said, Are you like vetting? Are you like, me checking the people were delivering to the need? Or they need the or, or not? That's what he meant? I said, No, no, we're not checking anybody who's a who's gonna have time to check if they said why you're asking. He said, to be honest with you check that the last house you sent me is a $1.5 million house with all kinds of Mercedes is outside and all that. I said, listen carefully. This time, has nothing to do with money.

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It has nothing to do with money. It's just the idea of having the food delivered to you being available to have food to under that this woman has an older husband, he is wealthy. But she wouldn't she wouldn't let him to go drive in the snow. Number One Number two, he does not know how to drive is no reason Texan all his life. He never drove there drove driven in the snow. And he is already also any and he has some sicknesses and stuff like that. So that's another thing is that it's not about the money. It was not about the money. And by the way, that guy by himself, he sent me a donation

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the stories are Subhan Allah God, it's like, all this is done in 48 hours, not like to six years. This is and there's more born as luck, Moriarty, you know, sometimes that shows us also, that doesn't matter. The Money does not really matter. It's just about the idea that the thought the thought that we were instantly like, Yes, I said in his in his video, he said, How can we a person that have never done something, to do it perfect. For the first time 1500 meals, it's not like we've had five people. This is unheard of. And, and literally literally, it's only the topic of Allah azza wa jal because you could have 10,000 people without a trophy of Allah, you will not be able to do

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nothing at all. Allah saw something in someone in us that is pure, and Allah put Barack and that person and made it easy for everybody. We could have had sisters that are sick, we could have have all the stores closed, we could have had nobody to come and deliver. We could have had our disconnected, we could have so many things, but all of that to come together and be able to be able to be successful. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, and Subhan Allah and he, we saw, we saw the result after we put the video

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over $30,000 Allahu Akbar, you know, subhanAllah I mean, this is, this is only from Allah azza wa jal, and we beg Allah subhanaw taala. To and to accept.

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The feeling

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that you get when you help others is priceless.

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If somebody has a million dollars, and he pays someone who says, Please, can you please make me feel that feeling? Impossible. You have to go and do it yourself. You have to be in it, to feel it. You have to be in it. And I'm so grateful to Allah that made me one of the people I could have been still my COVID

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I'm telling you see, we have to have that Yaqeen that it's only Allah Who permitted me I could have been I could have slipped in the snow. So Allah azza wa jal to make us part of this. We have to remember that

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Always always, I always remind myself, it's not me. It's him. You permitted me to do that? Because sometimes you get that feeling of pride a feeling. Yeah, I did it. I Bajau I am no no, no, I am nobody without his permission and hamdulillah Bellamy

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that's not when you when you free write this down, I'm 100% sure you will not get the

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the feeling that when you see it actually, you know, like when if

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any, I don't know if you're going to replace this video or anything, but when you when you when you read it when you see the feeling of the people that you interacted with, is completely different than reading it. Because you know how it is. Everything is different than living it and seeing it Subhanallah when that guy walked in, and he said that I many people came and picked up Subhanallah many, and one of them was like, you know,

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he said that I have a family of four. And then when we gave him extra, he said, Oh, can I have one meal to eat right here? I said absolutely sure. He said I'm gonna eat it and my car said no, while your car is freezing outside come in the kitchen. We have some of the volunteers to come to the kitchen, get some water and sat him down. And then when he came out he said thank you I haven't eaten in three days.

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Aska free we are looking at the food. We have abundance of food and somebody's here telling me I have not eaten three days. And he why why? What did I do to deserve to be favored? What did I do? Why? You know

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all of us in Chihuahua are not your intention only for was taken as visual in trouble. I mean