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Abu Usamah At-Thahabi
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Bismillah Rahim

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Al hamdu Lillahi wa Meadowhall when a stain or when a star Pharaoh

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when I will be ly Himanshu Rudy and phocoena women say Dr. Dr. Molina May I think now of alarm of the Lella woman you didn't find the Hello Well hello

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in Lulla why the who last Jedi Killer what I shall do under Mohammed and I'm doing who was sudo who said Anwar to Allah he will send me one he Amma Baba when the halal Callum Karim Allah he will Haven Huda Huda rose rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or shuttle a more than 200 were called Desert in bed atan Wakulla B Dalton Dwolla to Coolock Galera to infinity, as it was announced, and advertised. Today's lecture is the end of the series, making things clear, dealing with these

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different issues that are connected to some of the confusion that our community we're dealing with these days is particularly important, especially for younger people went Ellis Lam, because if you grew up in LS them and you don't comprehend these types of important affairs, that confusion will be perpetual and be something that's not going to stop. So we want to take these opportunities in Shallotte. To explain and to clarify,

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so that we'll get a grip on this monster, this monster of Muslims being divided amongst themselves unnecessarily. The other day, one of the chefs who participated in the winter programs is first time coming. He was out of Kuwait to Sheikh Mohammed, the law we have here the low tide he gave a lecture before he did his talks about those Hadith that are in balloon moron. And he began his lecture by something that I thought was really important when he said that in enlist lamb we have what is known

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as the Douro react and Hamsa the five basic necessities that Islam came to protect, whether you're Muslim or you are now Muslim, but especially for the Islamic society. They are called the Douro Riyadh al Hamza

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and lets them came to protect your dean came to protect your life. It came to protect your wealth. It came to protect your intellect and Al Islam came to protect your honor. And here's why we have in this religion the legislation that we have hola me haram for an example, murdering people and Eliza Jim may different things halal and different things Whadjuk. So that these five things can be protected. They shall have federal law he mentioned that if it were permissible to add a another

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component to these five Deloria to ahimsa. If a person wanted to add, he can add on to it. It's them keen to safeguard and to take care of, and to foster unity amongst the Muslims and Islam Cain making it haram for us to be divided amongst ourselves. Unfortunately, division is something that is commonplace in his natural, even with all of the people were sitting in front of me. Were divided sometimes even with and amongst the people who are the closest people to us. We're divided from our

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relatives who are close, and some of us are divided from our relatives who are distant. We have ex wives who have children were divided from them. were divided in the masajid. This Masjid doesn't like that masjid, in every single Masjid. People in that same mistake are divided amongst themselves, this condition of our community, and it's something that comes from the color and the kava because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he prophesized it. But the point here is,

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anyone who wants to be a Muslim is trying to be a Muslim, he or she needs to understand that unity and LSM is an integral part of our religion. Being together is from the soul of this religion is from what some of the most important lessons that Al Islam wants us to take care of. We just pray so not an Asia salon is an integral part of our religion, as zakat and fast and hygiene all of those things are extremely important. Taking care of your parents and being respectful, very important.

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But one of the in addition to all of that stand united and not being a person who, because of you. Muslims are divided to many proofs Wallahi Prophet described the

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Liva sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he said about the believer and movement. Yeah, live for you love what I hate a female Allah, Allah, Allah you love. The believer is the person who he tries to connect to other people. He socializes, he goes to the women's, he goes there, he invites them, he tries to connect. He is a sociable person with what is moderate.

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He said the movement is a person who connects to people. And when they tried to connect to him, he accommodates them. And there is no good in the one who doesn't initiate connecting to others, or when they want to connect to him. They don't accommodate them. So that's one of the many Hadith that describe this is how the Muslim is some people are naturally

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introverted, and they're not sociable. So nothing wrong with that. You're an introverted person, you're quiet person. You have social anxiety. Well, you don't want to be in front of people, you get nervous about mixing people. This hadith is not talking about that. This hadith is talking about a person not wanting to be with people just because he wants to be by himself. And the person does whatever they can do in order to divide and disrupt the unity. So we have too many hellos and too

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many her arms about that. He told the peoples Allah what He was sending them Lisa Mina, Min hubub, Umrah Tamala Zoji. He is not from us, the individual who breaks the relationship between a man and his wife. So amongst our community members are those people who they seek to destroy marriages of their own relatives, not to mention the people not related. That's one of the many things and Allahu Taala is made haram and he's made many things haram so that we don't compromise this unity that

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we're going to explain what we're talking about. The Prophet mentioned sallallahu alayhi wa sallam improving the importance of unities call us Allah Allahu alayhi wa and it was setting them in Allah Ya Allah lecom filata Well, yes, hello to lecom Farah Eurodollar calm and taboo due to Shrek will be che

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when to test him will be humbling that Hey Jimmy, I'm waiting for Roku will enter NASA who man wala Allah who I'm going to come? Allah loves three things for this community. And he hates three things for this community. He loves, that you worship Him alone. And you don't worship any thing and anyone else along with Allah. And he loves that you people hold on all together to the rope of Allah and you're not divided amongst yourself. So after the Tawheed of Allah azza wa jal, Allah will die this

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Prophet mentioned SallAllahu Sallam that Allah loves, for people in this ummah, to be united amongst themselves, and not to be

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this united, and the last thing he loves, that you give advice to the one that Allah has put in charge of your affairs, and that's also a part of how unity is accomplished, that we have leadership in our religion. A man here is the husband, he's the Imam of his house, his wife has to know who's the Imam, the children have to know who's the Imam, if there is a mother or a wife in the house, and she's the Imam, there's going to be hallelujah, it's gonna be problems. The children, they're the

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ones who were talking to their parents telling their parents, Hey, Mom, you get in timeout. Hey, Dad, you go to timeout. And the children talk to the parents in the way that's disrespectful. There's going to be folder confusion in that situation. The Father, the husband is the Imam, it may be that the father's personality is that his wife, he's a weak person. So we have some women in our community, from our relatives, they are the ones who tell people what to do. You're going to marry

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who your auntie say is going to get and so forth. Now, that's not the Islamic way. And when it happens like that, there's going to be problems. So the fact that we have leadership, and the Imam, the leader of the Muslims, that's to keep things organized so that every group and everybody they don't go against doing what they want to do. One of the great books that Sheikh of Islam, Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab Rahmatullah he, I mean, he one of the great books that he taught on he wrote, and

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we're going to teach that book in this Masjid Inshallah, is he wrote a book called Messiah L. L. J. Helia. The issues of a J Leah, that the people were upon before the Prophet came to them SallAllahu and he was setting them. They used to do a lot of things before Rasulullah came to them, and it was common and was part of who they were. It helped to identify the non Muslims of Quraysh one of the issues that he mentioned, the people that are J havia they

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We're upon a different look, they laugh. They were disunited amongst themselves. So I look into the audience. And this one is Asian Pakistani. And this one over here is a push dome. And this one over here is a sumathi that went over here is from Cameroon. And that one he over here is from wherever he is a revert, this one is young, this one's Oh, if we left it like that, then everybody can just do his own thing. I'm African American, I have my own unique way of how I live where I come from. So

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I'm going to be divided from all of you, you'll be all divided for me. And then that's going to compromise the strength of our community, the ability of our community. And I'm absolutely baffled, baffled by the fact that there are people from all of these groups, selfies and climbing Sophie to bleakie, she, I, there are people from all of these groups who really believe that their way is the only way it's the only way and everybody else is a straight, when in fact, if you were to come

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close, and you were to look how the understanding religion and practicing religion is just his beer, that's all it is. And it's not what Allah wants. Allah does not want you to be an individual who exist and you hate the Muslims. This is the way of a ship and the people of a ship. Allow time I mentioned in the Quran, where lots of cool new men and Mushrikeen men are living in a federal coup Dena whom McConnell she called, who has been the man the day him 51, Muslim, Abdullah, you young

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people, everybody here, do not be from the polytheist. Those people who divide their religion into groups, and every single group is happy with what they have. So I sit here, and as I told you, just on the strength of being an African American Muslim, that alone can cause me to say, I don't want to be with any of you. Because none of you African Americans, and none of you come from where I come from. And this one was a push down, he says the same thing. And that went over. He has a new quarry.

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He says the same thing that went from doubt old he says, and on and on and on. And then as a result of that, our community will be in a situation where we find what's going on today. This community can't do anything in terms of their hands, as it relates to China and what's going on in China. I look community can do anything. As it relates to what's going on in Burma. Our community can't do anything, as it relates to what's going on in India. What I mean we can't do anything is we're so

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disunited that those people don't fear us, they don't care.

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They don't care. We can do some things like make dua, you know, things like that. And I'm not going to say making dua is a small thing. But what I'm talking about is, I have my family here with me right now, someone wants to come and harm one of my family members, they're gonna have to come through me, they're gonna have to come through all of us in order to get to that one person. That's the benefit of being together from the many benefits. But we sit in this mischief in this audience

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right now. And they are those of us who hate other Muslims. And we religiously hate them for no reason other than they are different than we are.

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So as from the affairs of a ship, and it's from the affairs of uncover, and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam brought her religion and he showed us practically speaking with his companions, a practical method of how he brought people together. You have to remember a colony that and Mecca in the Arabian Peninsula, those people were divided amongst themselves. They had a lot of problems. They found it very difficult to become united, even within one tribe.

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Even in within one tribe, they wouldn't stay united, although it was in their best interest. So the Prophet came with a group of people SallAllahu it was Senator

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Bilbao AB roba was from Ethiopia's black

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Abu Bakr and Omar first Abu Bakar Nirma from the Arabs from the best of the Arabs.

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Bilbao, he came from another place He's different from them. So haber Rumi came from Rome. He's different from all of them. Sandman and Pharisee he came from Persia He's different than all of them. This is what we found. We even found some of the Jews of Medina for example who are different. Abdullah even Salam, our mother Sophia been to 48 they were from the Jews. But Allah Allah subhana wa Tada mentioned in so many is of the Quran so many eyes low and Dr. Martin Arnoldi Jimmy ma left

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the Boehner cooked by Boehner whom low and fucked him up. Jimmy ahrma left the Boehner Colombian well

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activin Allah, Allah for being a home, if you Mohammed has spent everything that was in the earth in terms of wealth, money, or you diamonds, gold, if you would have paid each person so much money to say, be united, you never would have accomplished any unification like that. You give him 100,000 100,000 this one a million, just give them all of the wealth that's in the world. You go over there, you can have this big garden, it's going to give you all these produce, apples, oranges,

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dates, whatever, all of the money you could possibly think of and just distribute it, distribute it amongst the Muslims amongst it. That's not going to keep people united. That's because everybody is on a different program. Everybody is thinking a different way. A lot told them in that ayat sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah is the one who brought you people together. Allah brought your hearts together, brought your hands together with and by this salon, the salon that we just made one

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Eman, the leader. He reads the Quran we listen. We put our feet together which shows together he makes the different movements we follow Him. And the Prophet has to tell people don't pass me by law to cyber Cooney. Don't raise me in the movements wait until I moved. I want to take this opportunity. I was praying to two youngsters one was on my right. One was on my left. Whenever the Imam went into record. As soon as they said Allah, they're going to record as soon as he says the

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next thing we hear and we start moving. Prophet Muhammad said don't do that. Don't do that. Wait until the Imam takes his position. When he gets into record, that's when we all follow him and we get into record. When he comes up. We don't start to come up when we hear him say something and we start coming up. All of that slot is designed to make our hearts and our minds. Um, the heart and the mind is shall love one person.

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But to hear that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam called to this Quran, his sunnah, what he said do what he said don't do all of those issues are designed to keep this Muslim community together. So there are a number of is not one not two, not three, there are a number of ayat that commanders be together and that prohibit us from being divided. Like the statement of Allah Tala addressing the condition that the unsalted the sorrow upon and the mohajir clean water seems to be heavily Lehi,

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Jimmy and will add to for Rocco,

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hold on, all together, to the rope of Allah. And don't be divided. Everybody grab the rope of Allah and don't be divided. The Prophet said southern lady was said to them and Quran who are hablo lon must do to minister Man II in an Arab it will be the Quran is the rope of Allah that extends from the heavens to the earth. So hold on to it and take it. He's holding on you holding on you holding on and everybody's holding on. And this dan in this Quran the same way, the same way. And as a

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result of that, we're going to be together. But if I let the rope go, and you hold on, he lets it go and he holds on. He lets it go and he holds on. We're gonna have people who are not united to it. another ayat from the mini ayat of the Quran, and Olivia in a federal coup Dino whom were CANDU Shia, let's defeat him in shape. Allah told the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I mean, if this if this is the case with the Nibi of Islam, then it's the case with anybody who fits this

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description. Verily, those people who divide their religion up into schisms and groups and isms Salafi a whiny to bleepy, this is your group and you're not trying to hear anybody else. And it's just all about your group. It's not about the teachings of Islam, you have to be with me and my group said if he is included in that, and shifted beneath a mean, mentioned that issue, a group of people call themselves Salafi. And they're just amongst themselves loving themselves and hating

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everybody else. And then not even practicing the religion right? It's one of those many groups Call it what you want to call it.

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So the ayat said, Verily, those people who divide their religion into groups yeah Mohamed, you have nothing to do with them.

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Less than men who fish shade, it is not permissible. I say here to you without biting my tongue, without talking out of the side of my throat, my neck, it is not permissible for Muslim to be with any of these groups today. There is no group other than the Jamaat of the Muslims and the Imam that is with them and we'll come to that inshallah. So that's the second ayat and their meaning. Allah azza wa jal mentioned in the Quran, shutter Alaikum Mina Deen ma

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sabe he knew him well, levy Oh, hey, Na Na. Well am I was saying that be Brahim or Musa Issa and a chemo Dean, when I took the federal coup fee. So this is not something that is new to the religion that the Prophet brought Salah what he was selling them, unity, Lani is a, a naturally normal thing is naturally normal. You have a bunch of sons, you know our children have

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that rivalry between themselves. And they grow up. When they're young, they're fighting. They don't want to share things, and they're always at each other's throats. There's something we have to sit these kids down and make them understand, no, you got it wrong, and you have it twisted. You guys are supposed to be together, protecting each other and being gentle, there are going to be some misunderstandings that's naturally normal. But the thing that we have that's normal in this society

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that me myself and I in society, as the children grew up, what they're exposed to what they watch, every kid thinks, what his opinion is what should happen. So as a result of that, he doesn't want to allow the other brother or sister or sibling to do it before Him and to use it before him. Know you got to twist it. And if the children have it twisted, I will community avid twisted as well. Allah does not want this division between us. This is something that is normally natural, even with people

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who don't have religion, you know, criminals from the mafia,

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the mafia, wherever you go. Every family wants to protect his own interests. It's the people who have something wrong with them their intellect where they believe it's beneficial and conducive to be divided. I just give that as an example. I don't condone the mafia. I'm just saying if criminals like that have enough sense, then what about the people of Al Islam? So the I told us rarely it has been legislated for you people as it was legislated for nor.

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And as we reveal to you this book, yeah, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And we also told this to Ibrahim and Musa Issa, that they should establish the religion and don't have the life in the religion, not be divided amongst themselves in the religion. So this is not a Dawa, that is procured and specific to the Ummah Val Islam. It is something that is normal and natural, and any group of people on the face of the earth who are not looking at their United combine interests, they are

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messed up amongst themselves. There is a problem here. You are going against the fitrah which brings us to this issue of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa ala Ali was selling the Nubian showing practically

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teaching the people this thing and he used to talk in a way and teach in the way where people can see what he was saying so that they can comprehend what's the message. Abdullah minimus road may Allah be pleased with him said that the Prophet took a stick sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he drew a long line in the sand while the people will watch it. And he told the people have Sirata lol Mr. Team, this is the path of Allah that is straight. The religion of Allah Islam. No Hora fat, no

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bitter. No shake. No craziness is the Kitab and the Sunnah pure Islam the way it was given to the Companions. That's what he meant by that straight line. The straight line represents purest land. It doesn't represent the stuff that people put in a they may call it Islam, like the Molad like salata, neuralgia, like like like Shabad Bharat later to Baroque. None of that stuff has their Lazar, none of that stuff. Did he mean when he made that long mine, all of that stuff is out.

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I Serbian on seven year racism, women's liberation the way they want it.

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And I Cleany putting your intellect none of that is intended, the pure religion that he brought. He said this is the Sirata of Allah and he described it he said it is Musa Cain. Like we say, Dena Serato Musa Kane, we don't ask Allah to send us to the strong though the way that's wrong. Send us to the right way though the way of how Islam was first revealed. After that he wrote some lines to the drew some lines in the sand to the right short lines, and he drew short lines to the left. And

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then he told the people will have these Soobin on a colony rocks and Mina shaytaan Yeah, Drew ha ha. And these are short, divergent.

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paths. You want to be a Muslim and you want to take a shortcut. You don't want to sit off to Mr. Kane, you want to practice al Islam and the way in which the lady gives the hook but the Juma or the lady comes and she prays a lot with us, or I take 500 100 200 pounds, I give it to the pill, and he makes dua for me, and I don't pray, I don't pray. We want that short way. And there are many, many short ways of Islam.

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He said, on the top of every one of these lines is a shaytaan, calling the people to it, inviting the people to it. And then he read an ayat of the Quran to support that another ayat in addition to the ones that we have mentioned, and that's the statement of ALLAH, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada NIV Sarathi, Mr. Kenan for Tabby, oh, well at a table Subala Ferrara kabhi commensurability he did this illustration. And then he read the ayat. And this is my straight path that is Musa team. So follow

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it. And do not follow the Divergent Paths. Don't follow this group. Don't follow the T Janeen. Don't follow Sufism. Don't follow this don't follow that. Follow what the Prophet was upon. And as I mentioned, when a person can come and I think you all know that I am a call a to and a proponent of a selfie, a selfie Amina one, the Quran and the Sunnah, the way the Companions understood it, and any and everybody no matter what his color where she and he comes from, should and could be upon

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that. I'm not talking about be with green lane masjid, or be with Ray St. SP, or be with anybody for that matter. I'm talking about the concept and the theory.

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And this is my straight way, the way that came down to Abu Bakr and Roman men and ally and the rest of those companions, may Allah be pleased on them. So follow that way and do not be divided amongst yourselves. This is what Allah azza wa jal has told you to do. Which brings us to the issue of knowing that the divisions in this community they come as a result of the color of Allah is something that Allah has decreed. He told us companions, Allah, Allah while he was setting them out

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of the align him that our community was going to have the life and that we will be at each other's necks. And that that is the life will lead in some instances to killing and murdering Boko Haram. die ich Al Qaida, they killed more Muslims than they killed anybody else.

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They killed people who don't agree with them from the Muslims more than they killed anybody else. And they call that Islam, but put those extremists on the side. We still have murders taking place right here in the streets of

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Birmingham, and London, where Muslims are killing each other to design and find out who's going to be able to sell drugs in that area.

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That's what we have Muslims in Birmingham in London and other places are stabbing people with these nice knife crimes and many people getting killed a lot of times it is Muslim or Muslim stabbings and killings. So how can a Muslim in his right mind go out seeking to hurt someone find out this person is Muslim and he still stabbed you for no reason other than that's the culture that we are practicing with our children. So the Prophet that's the culture that we're practicing that it is

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prevalent prevalent in the society that our youngsters are living it. So look what he told us on the law who it was set it up. He said an authentic hadith if Terrica Talia hood, and Allah hit was Sabina forgotten with terracotta Nosara Allatheena team for cotton was the technical Almighty Allah Ratho Sabrina Farrakhan the Jews broke up into 71 sects. The Christians broke up into 72 sects and my ummah are going to break up into 73 sects. They didn't have all the * when the prophet's

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companions were here. Salallahu Alaihe Salam, we have people who came from Mecca, the first Muslims will call them hygiene because they made an Hijra. So you can say the kind of like a group and then we had from an Medina, the InSAR, who consisted of two tribes that were at each other's throats in Jamia the coverage and allows when the profit came, all three of those groups came together and they became one and that was the meaning of the is that we mentioned that we specifically revealed about

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this law and fuck them I fill out the Jimmy ama left the Baylor columbium Yamaha Muhammad. If you spent all of the money in the earth that cause the Mujahideen and the unsolved to be united amongst themselves, they would never do it.

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What I can

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Hola Hola. Verbenone but Allah brought their hearts together, brought their hearts together I told you in Tauheed when those people came from Mecca and they went to El Medina, Prophet Muhammad saying you from Mecca you live with this brother who's in Medina, you from Mecca, you live with his brother from Medina and not enough. So they practically learned the brotherhood of Al Islam. He started teaching them the do's and the don'ts of the Brotherhood of ls that they comprehended, and sometimes

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they were some issues. But the prophet always rectified with the community today, there is no rectification concerning these issues. No rectification. So those companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they were not divided. So this hadith clearly shows these are from the issues that we've been prohibited from following al Kitab. In them, the issue love and the life with the federal. And there's a strange thing that happened to them. And it happened to us as well. We

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can sit here and read these ayat about the impermissibility of being divided. We can tell about the Hadith that tell us about the impermissibility Everyone heard them before, but we still do it. So it shows that we have knowledge, but we still do it. And this is what happened to them. So Allah mentioned that in the Quran.

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Lavina O'Toole Kitab Ilam embody magia

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LM embody Murgia at home, Al begginer. They did not disagree amongst themselves and fight amongst themselves and split, except after knowledge came to them. They knew it was impermissible. They were enlightened to the harms and the evils of the life and the Federal being divided. And they still did it after knowledge.

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He mentioned another ayat of the Quran Omata federal Kool Aid lemon by the merger of whom

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al Mubarak and Boehner whom they did not make me laugh, except that the knowledge came between them and that's when they started hating each other and started fighting each other. That's our Ummah, let's be on as soon as a man can a couple of come Shivram be shiver. While we're on bedarra. This community is going to follow angle keytab, who came before us in the Christians the same way that they did, we're going to do this hadith that's on the table that we just mentioned, that this room

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is going to break up into 73 sects. There's no doubt for anyone who has common sense and anyone who has eyes and an intellect that there are more than 73 sects from our community.

00:32:42 --> 00:33:09

And I'm talking about people who are really Muslims. We're not talking about people who are outside of the fold of Islam, but they say that they're Muslims. Like the Kardashians, they say that they're Muslims, but outside the fold of Islam, not because I will say I'm who accepted Islam in 1986 excommunicated them, but because of what they say that caused the scale of Islam, to put them outside of the religion of Islam, we're not talking about the people outside of the religion. We're

00:33:09 --> 00:33:42

talking about the Muslims themselves have more than 73 sects. So how do we harmonize that the Prophet said SallAllahu Sallam the Ummah is going to split up into 73 sects, and they are way more than 73 sects. The way we understand that is that the Prophet told the truth, Psalm Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he didn't lie, my Allah, nor did he make a mistake, but the 72 sects that he was mentioning, all those other sects, they come from them. There are 73 different sects, and they're the main sects

00:33:42 --> 00:34:18

and each one of those sects have derivatives and they have furore branches, and the paths and over the winter vacation, when we read and taught and learn collectively, about the rip that of the two Imams Abu Zahra and Abu Hatem Razi Rahmatullah alayhi, WA, we heard about some groups and we kept hearing the names of these groups, and the beginning of Al Islam, from the time of the companions, may Allah be pleased with them, and even doing some of the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam one

00:34:18 --> 00:34:49

of the group sprouted his head up or began. The scholar said that the groups of Al Islam back then the soul of Al Bidda, the four main groups of innovation at the beginning, they were the people from the rwaf it those people who are Shiite, and they hate the Companions, May kirsta companions may Allah be pleased with them, but people will go overboard and they have Hulu and it will not be tolerated and Al bait and as it was mentioned, we don't have anything against animal bait and so

00:34:49 --> 00:35:00

forth and so on. But I rwaf it those people curse the Companions read the Alon the second group, were the Hawaii adage. Those people renegade again

00:35:00 --> 00:35:27

Instant Muslims in a fight that Muslims, the rwaf have different groups. They have different groups that Hawaiians have different groups, but they're the second one. The third one are the cadet even though people may problems with understanding and embracing Eman and the other, and they also don't like Tesla, you could call them the mark Tesla as well. And the fourth group is the group that is known as the Moto G. Those people who said that Le Man has nothing to do with actions, you will

00:35:27 --> 00:36:00

believe it, that's it. But now during this time, the group said our youngsters have to be careful about that every father who has children, he has to school his kids to these groups, and about these groups, the mother and the father have to be aware about who your children are hanging out with, so that your child doesn't become guilty of what happened in London three weeks ago, when that young man killed two innocent people to do what the prove what point to help all Islam in which way

00:36:01 --> 00:36:30

how was Ellis Lam helped by killing people on the London Bridge. And then two days later, after that, three days later, after that, there's a moment in silence, a moment of silence in London, by the politicians, and they all bow their heads. And all of them acting like it's a real bad thing. And it is, but while they're having their moment of silence, and while they're acting as if they have insomnia, and they're sorry for the murder of innocent people to two people. And it was bad.

00:36:31 --> 00:37:05

While they were doing that, Muslims are being murdered in Palestine, because of the foreign policy of American so forth and so on. Muslims are being murdered and raped in, in India, murdered and raped in China. So my point here is, when our kids are guilty of doing crimes like that, the media and the powers to be the people in control, they take that situation and make a narrative that cause the outer community, non Muslims to be against our religion, you and I, we have to be on top of

00:37:05 --> 00:37:33

what's going on with our kids. So from these groups that I say you all should avoid, the one Muslim mean, probably is one of the biggest group in the Muslim world. And some people may be people will connect it to the climate Smee mean, because they in every country with different names, Gematria Islam in Pakistan and whatever. And a person who gets upset by saying this, but the scholar of Islam and people of knowledge, they've looked into what these groups are saying and what they believe in

00:37:33 --> 00:38:00

their teachers and what their teachers are saying. And it's clear that they're one must be mean as a group that have a taller when they change colors as the wind goes, that's how they blow. Does that mean every person who's on the horn like that? No, that's one of some things people have some people with knowledge, no doubt about that. But the group itself is a group Muslim shouldn't be a part of Gematria to believe, is a Sufi group that doesn't have a lot of knowledge. Does that mean that the

00:38:00 --> 00:38:27

people are bad? And I'm here to say that they bad people, and they're no good? No, I'm not saying that. I'm saying that you can spend your whole lifetime making heroes with Jamaat too bleak and never learn about your religion. So when I'm saying you shouldn't be with the Jamaat to bleed, you can be a Muslim without being from any of these groups, the different Terokkar Sufia and there are many Shafilea tea journey, all of those Sufi groups, Sufi isms, not familiar Islam, the way that

00:38:27 --> 00:38:58

they're practicing it, what they're saying. Anybody, anybody who comes and says, if you will, with this Tanika Sophia, then you will get Muslim and not being enough. No, there's no proof of that, that says can I am these people were extreme, extreme Muslims today, his bow tie, he had all of these groups and really their branches from this one must be mean, you have to be aware, I'm here to say to you again akoni. You don't and you should not be a practitioner, a member of any of these

00:38:58 --> 00:39:24

groups, and we're going to open up the floor Inshallah, after the lesson we're almost done, because maybe someone is in the group and they're going to bring us proofs from the Quran and the Sunnah, the Abu Bakar mountrath. Man, Ali, may Allah be pleased with them. They started groups like this, the Imams that we love and respect the Lima admin and Imam, Malik Al Imam, Abu Hanifa. They were you don't find that stuff. And I have to mention this because I already mentioned it

00:39:25 --> 00:39:50

being with a group of people call themselves Setterfield al Hadith and you have to be with a group of people. You don't have to be with any group of people like that. As for the concept, I mean, Muslim who I want to understand the religion the correct way the Companions, that's from our religion, that's something that's watching. That's something that is a no brainer, there is no choice in that particular issue. So we have to avoid all of those groups. I'm here to tell the

00:39:50 --> 00:39:59

members of our community especially you youngsters, don't be with any of the groups that the Muslims have created for themselves. Can you be in

00:40:00 --> 00:40:30

ISAC in your university, Allahu Manam, be a part of the ISOC and help the ISOC in your 234 years in a university, so that when you inshallah graduate, you'd have helped to leave a leave a positive legacy and that university, that's not a group of such, that's an organized effort by some youngsters in the university, because once you use that, leave that university, you are not going to travel back to America call into your ISOC. But the people call to these groups, you young brothers,

00:40:30 --> 00:40:57

sisters, don't be with any of these groups. But what's the group that we have to be with? We have to be with the general Muslims, not any group with the general Muslims. One of the companions came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and asked him about this fitna that we're living in right now, with all of these groups. He said, Allah, so Allah, when that time happens, and it's all of these groups. What should I do? It's going to be all of these groups like we have right now.

00:40:58 --> 00:41:13

There's Salafi, SP Salafi that his be stuff, this one over here, Sufi, all of that, what should we do? jasola What should I do? He says stick with the Jamaat of the Muslims and the Imam

00:41:14 --> 00:41:45

he said what if they don't have any Imam yet? Also, there's no Eman, leading everybody he said, then it tells tell caliphate, Kula, avoid all of those groups Prophet Muhammad said, someone's gonna come and tell me now, I should be with a group Prophet Muhammad said, avoid all of those groups, and go and hang on to a tree if you have to eat the leaves of the tree height that you directly can vote until death comes to you. So what's the meaning of this hadith? Stay with the Imam of the Muslims

00:41:45 --> 00:42:13

and with the Jamaat, that means if there is a leader from amongst the Muslims, he may not necessarily be a person who's on the Sunnah as such. He may be having mistakes, but he's still the leader of the Muslims and the group of Muslims that are under his supervision and his authority you have to be with those people, giving them Dawa, living with them making Halal Halal haram haram. But when that Imam is gone, like what we have in the UK we don't have any Imam. We don't have any Imam.

00:42:14 --> 00:42:42

Not it's not talking about the Imam of the Masjid. It's not talking about the leader of a particular Masjid. It's talking about the lead of all of the Muslims in the Muslim world. What it says don't know mmm, then stay away from all of them. Abdullah Dyneema school he told the people may Allah be pleased with him that the Jamaat is the truth is even if you're by yourself, so when there is an Imam, the Muslims stay with the group that the Imam is under. We pray this a lot behind him and the

00:42:42 --> 00:43:01

people we put in authority, and so forth and so on. When that's not the case like it is right now. Don't be with any of those groups. Last thing that I want to mention, I have to make this clear, hope is clear. Inshallah. When I say we have to be united, the religion of Islam doesn't want us to be united and it's just Kedem rhetoric.

00:43:02 --> 00:43:24

Allah told the prophet about the non Muslims, the machete Khun sallallahu alayhi. Wa, it was seldom that several home, Jimmy were Kulu boom Schechter. Allah say, you think that the non Muslims are united, you think that you think they're all united? He said their hearts are divided.

00:43:26 --> 00:43:34

This election that's going to happen in America with the Democrats and the Republicans.

00:43:35 --> 00:43:41

And both parties, there's a lot of empty life amongst themselves. And both groups are against each other.

00:43:42 --> 00:44:18

And that's how it is in the West. Everybody is not on the same page. No country, in this world. everybody's on the same page. Everybody has his own agenda. So you can never look at the non Muslims and say look at them, they are united. Allah told his messenger SallAllahu wasallam. They may appear to you to make you think that they're united, but their hearts are apart. What's the unity? That unity we're talking about? Is what we mentioned earlier, the unity of holding on to the Quran and

00:44:18 --> 00:44:20

the Sunnah, that's the Unity

00:44:21 --> 00:44:46

Well, I test him will be humbling ly Jimmy I will add to Pharaoh cool. Hold on to the rope of Allah all together. And don't be divided. As for I'm holding on to the rope of Allah and you when you when you when you when you when you when you hold on to the rope of Allah and then someone from over here comes with a new rope. And I say now we don't want that. We don't want that rope of hula Mirza. We don't want that rope.

00:44:47 --> 00:45:00

We don't want someone coming, cursing the companions. We cannot be united with people like that. We can't be united with people who believe that shift is from this religion or innovation is

00:45:00 --> 00:45:29

From this religion, so when we say unity is not just an empty slogan, unity, it is the real actual application of unity already when he this is what we want to mention inshallah as if you brothers have any questions and if anyone here wants to prove to us that these groups are permissible, and we misunderstood the ayat, we would love to have that discussion and to hear that from you. So if you brothers have any questions, you can ask your questions. Hi, Linda kimchi

00:45:33 --> 00:45:39

Rahim smile in the country. You have a question. Little Man you have a question

00:45:41 --> 00:45:42

called the

00:45:43 --> 00:45:45

Sidama rock category.

00:45:58 --> 00:46:27

Yeah, the brothers asking an important question if we don't choose a meth lab, how do we prevent people and ourselves from looking for fatwas that, please us and they go along with our house and our desires. You don't have to have a metal hat. You don't have to belong to a photocopier. In order to not fit to a shop. A person can have a metal happening that's fun to shop in. Because in the middle of itself, there are different opinions and another him so he takes the one that he likes. So

00:46:27 --> 00:46:59

that is not a guarantee that a person won't have this thing where he shops for for twist. The person has to fear Allah and look for the truth it Tebbe uma Uzi La La Cumbre become when I Tabby woman Dooney Oleana can fit clearly my to the room follow what was revealed to you by your Lord, the truth that comes the truth that comes to you from your Lord. And the scholars can have different opinions and you take the opinion that makes the most sense to you. And maybe right it may be wrong, but you

00:46:59 --> 00:47:27

arrived at it, trying your best. And the way you understood it, it could be understood that way that's not being blamed. There's no blame worthy and that one of those shifts. I believe it was a two way journey. hifi the local dialect when he gave the rip that the Rauzein he had mentioned that the the life that happens between the people is something that's normal, that the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would ask questions, they would ask questions about a cover. And he would answer

00:47:27 --> 00:47:59

those questions that they needed to hear about other but when the Companions started arguing about a cover amongst themselves, which was from the soul of the religion, this is the the life that we're not supposed to have. And this is the the life that leads to what the federal So being on a mishap doesn't prevent a person from footwear shopping. What prevents them from footwear shopping is having sincerity and fearing Allah because a person can look for whatever he wants to do and that's just

00:47:59 --> 00:48:03

how it is. And Allah knows best. Any more questions and 20 Any more questions?

00:48:06 --> 00:48:07

But then welcome sir

00:48:15 --> 00:48:44

and that's a good point that the brother mentioned that when it comes to the last two things we should know and they a lot of things that we can mention alone time I mentioned in the Quran, realizar Luna mokhtari feed, will OSHA Rob bucola Jaya and the nurse Mattawa ADA when I came when I used Luna mokhtari Fein LM Rahima roadbook if Allah wanted to make everybody on the same thing, Allah would have done that. But people will not cease to have the life. This is why Allah created

00:48:44 --> 00:49:08

them. We cannot help having different opinions and how we understand things differently. It's no problem with that. When you have the life in the photo of the religion, those things happen. He says he says, When you come into the masjid is worship You must pray to hear to message. Another prayer says no sooner if you sit down in ascending. We're not going to hate each other over that issue because both sides have proofs.

00:49:09 --> 00:49:45

But when you have the life and the upheaval Islam, and then the suitable Islam, then this is the problem. That's the first issue. And the second thing is what this brother mentioned, when we do have empty life is something that we can do for internal czar to officiate and do it Allah. If you have any if the last misunderstanding and differences refer it to Allah and His Messenger, then it gives us an OTA Willa. That's better. That's better for you encounter mumineen if you're really true

00:49:45 --> 00:49:47

believers, and that's what the Companions used to do.

00:49:48 --> 00:50:00

Abdullah, I'm a Reverend Al ours may Allah be pleased with him. He said that the companions were arguing amongst themselves not arguing but everybody was saying rasool Allah loves me the most. No, he

00:50:00 --> 00:50:04

loves me more than anybody else. know he loves me because that's how he made everybody Phil.

00:50:07 --> 00:50:10

I'm going to be a little odd said, we said, Let's go ask him.

00:50:11 --> 00:50:44

Now let's keep fighting and arguing. Let's just go and ask them. You know, Scylla, who do you love the most? He said, I Isha. They say, No, we understand your wife from the men from us. He said her father, after that was said, Nobody said no, he loves me levels. Because he told them the answer. He made it clear. And there's another issue. That is really important, the etiquette of how to have dinner. And this guy was Islamic when he used to write books of the life, what issues the scholars

00:50:44 --> 00:50:58

have, if the laughing because once you know that, if they laugh, you won't be so rough, tough, mean and nasty. When someone is taking in another opinion. The man comes in and he has his bow, whatever he's wearing is below his ankle bone.

00:51:00 --> 00:51:09

You will not have that opinion. But you know, there's a different opinion in that. So take it easy. Give him down to what you're on. Maybe you'll convince you about what he's on. But don't

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