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So without him the loss of someone suggested I'm Ali Khan Academy

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from Allah the Yakama welcome back to my bad and I'm sure come with a two minute GMAT Missourah ask Allah Subhana Allah Tada to accept your fasting and to accept you're a badass robot. How are you doing today?

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TK and hungry

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today the chef recited we started handing out from slots Do you have an idea what's Why did we start today? salata Nisa, today is salata, Nisa, women is the solitary shell and

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is all suddenly said but there is no sort of region. So that the nisa you may know that Subhanallah for the for the for your for the for the hafod, it is the most difficult song to memorize. When

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says you can tell, it is actually Allah Subhana Allah Allah, you can ask any chef, any habit, they find it really difficult to memorize solids. And he said, Because Subhan Allah embeds lots of legislations, lots of Afghan especially can have the memory of the inheritance. So so that an exam, it is number four, so number 445, and 645 and six, it is considered to be or in terms of its regulation, it is number 89, in terms of its regulation, right after Sadat, and montavilla. This is in terms of when it was actually an agreement. It is a metaphor. It is a meta Nisour, which means the solar in its entirety was revealed in Medina. So you have two types of sores or chapters, mucky

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and muddy. And there are some that are in fact, some sores would be maybe, let's say, Mediterranean for us, but in it there would be maybe some area that are revealed in Makkah, whatnot. But this particular sort of sort of Nisa in its entirety, it has been revealed in Medina Solak Nisa, it has 176 176 verses. So it is considered to be from the server, they were right from the several long ones. Remember, those of you who've been with us the four categories of chapters in the Quran, a seven by one of the seven month ones, those are the seven first falls. And then you have the in those that are 100 or above the bid, and then you have less than 100 With they're called MF NE And

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then the short ones are called the Casa. These are four categories of swans. So often Lisa, the theme of the solar is about Tabia is about empowering meaning with the EMA.

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There's lots of which goes on in the South for this mere reason. There's 47 reasons as to why the oil was revealed. Some reasons are pertinent to a lot of

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family affairs, such as marriage, divorce, lots of legislation, lots of law. There's some reasons pertinent to dialogue with the Jews and Christians. There are some that talk about MLA, the mean of the inheritance. So it's a very busy very heavy sore. So that Aneesa it starts were sort of avant ended. So as long as we Yeah, you had Latina

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Yeah, are you Hallerin Northville wasabi libido what up all na what what's up Allahu Allah calm to the moon. So remember, ends with taco Allah Salatin, he said as starts with the format, yeah.

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Well, I mean, has

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a semi automatic cutting one.

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Who's married?

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You see for this, this jump?

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If you remember in your Nikka

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what I was, you know the shift when he performed your Nika. Do you remember some of you may say, Please don't remind me of that. May Allah forgive you?

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The chef who performed the Nikesh, he decided this is

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this is the ayah that is reciting in organic Asya you have

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a lot coming up in my head all you who believe in Allah who greeted you from this one. So what I mean has OSHA so he's talking about the spouses and marriage

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insalata Nisa The beginning of an app to verse number 3536. It's all about women

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and the affairs.

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There is this very misunderstood idea in the Quran.

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In sort of,

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says,

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willingness to follow him while at the heart phone and who shows up on

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what daddy to her phone and who shows up on those who you fear rebellion from was talking about, let's say your spouse's those that you feel rebellion from what should you do to them

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501 Number 1501 was the Jordan one FL Nagaraja what the label one is one talk. This is why I say this is the most misunderstood I end up or maybe you may say the most abused I in Japan and those that you feel rebellion from Allah comes in, give them a donation Faisal. I was in the way and when I was in Dubai, there was this a marriage officer. Sometimes people come in for their marital problems and affairs. So sometimes they get involved. This guy, this woman she came to her dad and her that came to us heard that his daughter she has marks bite marks all over her body.

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her husband used to bite her. So we want to talk to his guy who was his wife. You Strong says I'm doing what Allah told me to do.

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What is Allah told you to do to bite your wife is yes. Where

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were you when that into her phone? She was on the phone.

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Instead of saying the beauty of Arabic and how Arabic is so powerful, one accent change the meaning of the entire the entire word. Allah said fine, we'll give them a donation talk to them. The guy ready

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in Africa bite. So he was biting her bike in her every time he got into argument he wouldn't bite her. Now. This is wrong. Don't go and bite your wife.

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As I'm saying this guy's wrong, right because the AI doesn't say to bite the ACS give them admiration. And then Allah is saying Barcelona then Jani

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forsaken them in the beds and the last resort will be suddenly move on strike that

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strike that means what? To hit them to beat them. This is why again I'm saying this is the most misunderstood either Quran. Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is the

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one when

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you have to look back on the life of the prophet Muhammad Ali has a lot to say.

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What did he demonstrate it has a lot to say when it comes to the stages facing Prophet Muhammad Ali's awesome has never stood in his wife's never never put his hand on any of his wife Mary being his wife's, some of my wife. Some of them I say that this is symbolic district you know this striking is symbolic striking. You know, so we don't want again, this is why we need to understand the plan and the meanings of the plan. And then Allah subhanho wa Tada inside the set as well. You know, there's so many ideas, so many beautiful things here. But Allah subhanho wa Taala also talks in fluffiness. About

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he revealed the legislation of an activist movement, the story of admission of yellow Hannah Obama with the Prophet Muhammad Ali's them when they were traveling. They were traveling to Nick they were coming back from expedition and the National yellow Hannah has she loves her necklace. So they were looking into the necklace or the for the necklace of the actual of the Elana they ran out of water. And then came the tap of Salah and they have not wanted to liquido from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada defeat the I have to warn you not to strike your hand against the dust. You know and then you know what you handed in your face. This happened you know in this expedition and Allah azza wa jal talks about it

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in sort of a new set. Also ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada in the same sort of talks about something very important. Allah subhana wa Tada says, What? Dr. Lowe forsaken? In Namaha Carnaby, Khumba, Hema, and do not get yourselves young, I was talking about suicide, committing suicide. In order to live in San Francisco. I grew up there. And then in San Francisco, there's this Hallmark called Golden Gate Bridge, you may have heard of Golden Gate Bridge, maybe some of you may have visited San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. It is a place where a lot of people go and visit it is also a place known where people they go and commit suicide. They go and they jump from Golden Gate Bridge, you may think that

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people are happy people are content, but Subhan Allah, you know, over a guy who actually just graduated from Harvard, one of the most prominent schools in the US that after graduation, he went and he jumped from, from Golden Gate Bridge. Why are people committing suicide, the highest rate of suicide in Sweden and then Japan and the US why no people are looking for happiness, aren't you? Everybody's looking for happiness. People are looking for contentment. And some people they think that contentment is in maybe drugs or is in you know something that would displease Allah subhanaw taala but

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content, this is why they want to commit suicide after all, because you may look at them and say they have everything. They have everything. Why are they killing themselves? And people understand that sometimes with mental disorder or mental health problems, you know, such as people, women or men go into depression and anxiety and whatnot. Yes, sometimes some people, they may want to commit suicide, Muslims, they want to commit suicide of ISIS, do not no matter what, do not commit to what is up to and who succumb in the wagon.

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And that Allah azza wa jal also talks about this or that of Sarah.

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And don't say to those who say set out from the non believers, less than one minute, less than one minute, sometimes he will hear, and you may hear someone say set up Monico. And they say, Oh, he's not a believer, don't reply, sit down, tell him. Why are you saying this?

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And the Prophet Muhammad is awesome, also says, you know, one of the signs of the Hereafter one of the sins of the AMA, is when your reply sent to people that you'd like only that, you know, off. And if you don't know me, let me say, sometimes I'm sitting right there, I'm standing right there. And people may come around with some, let's say, what some brothers, a man would come, for instance, and he would say, set up to the people, you know, and then he would just jump you because he doesn't know he doesn't make sense to you. This is from the science of the way the US will be facing for sure you guys let me know, I will do have also sold any cell, you know, read you know, when somebody

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says to you, the person and the one who's better is the one who starts selling first somebody

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and now I am with the idea that will change your life.

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And I that will change your life.

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Remember what I said yesterday, the day before yesterday with us Prophet Muhammad

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A man came to the Prophet Muhammad Ali's opposite.

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And he was crying.

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He came to the sofa crying. The Prophet told him why you're crying. He says yes, Allah, I thought of an idea. I thought of the Quran I thought of Zelda in the Day of Judgment when you are injured. You see when I Miss You, I come and visit you. I know where you live. I come and visit you I come to the masjid and I see you there. But we're in Jana, you will be in a higher level than all of us. If I were to make it in Jenna, would I be able to see you and then he started crying. He is long for profit department. He's missing him. Not only in this donation can also when we go to him now am I going to be able to see you. I'm not going to be able to be with you. Prophet Mohammed didn't have

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the answer. Allah has the answers on the surface number 69. Allah subhana wa Tada says,

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Why may you obey law how also the Sahaba love desire, they love it. They give give them so much for what made you Bella how

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and those who obey Allah and the prophets, they would be restricted with Whom would I come

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up with the opinion?

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He was solidly what has now

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If you want to be with the Prophet Muhammad in Jannah, this is obey Allah and His Prophet Allah has promised that you shall be resurrected with the Prophets with the solid King with the righteous with us. And this is the best companionship what is the best companionship is to be in the company of profit to handle Legion. May Allah make you and your loved ones and your children and your spouse's and your parents we shot at the hotel with the company Prophet Muhammad Jana does that Kamala hair welcome welcome my dear brothers I was told to remind you that as you know the Ramadan dimension and there goes lots and lots of expenses please please for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala help your

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mission. Your mission is like Lahab Salaam Alaikum.