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AI: Summary © The importance of reforming one's values and values in order to become a successful Islamist is emphasized, including the solution to problems like men's privacy and fear of Islam. The speakers emphasize the importance of promoting awareness of the legal rule and teaching others the laws of Islam, as well as the historical significance of the " northern most" in the region and the " northern most" in the world. The segment also touches on the spread of Islam beyond borders and the language of the Quran, which is different from the legal system in the region. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning the meaning of "has" and "hasn't" to understand the context of the message, as well as the historical significance of the " northern most" in the region and the " northern most" in the world.
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So the link was explained by national rahamallah. He said that, well, there's two very clear things here. Allah subhanaw taala described him as being a kudos the absolutely immensely pure one. And so he sends a prophet to do what? What is akin to purify the people's hearts, from Kufa from shared from all of their backward ideologies and their backward traditions. A second very obvious link is that Allah subhanaw taala said he's attacking the old wise. And so he sends a prophet to leave behind al hikma, his sunnah. And so you can see two very clear links there. The other two are not that clear. And that is the Allah subhanaw. Taala is an Melek the king and the king is the one who

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has authority of the people. How does he exercise authority by laying down the commands and the laws? And that is why the person was sent to why you Ali Muhammad Kitab, to teach them the book to teach them the laws, how do you live by the laws of the king? And then you might be thinking, What about Aziz almighty? How does that fit in? Well, he the Prophet Islam was sent to what type of people, good people, bad people, backward people. Well, the people were Omiya when they were unlettered uneducated, and they've been Tamer hemella added to that they will Miyun min Cooley watch from many different angles, they were backward. So though that task was very tough, in fact, you may

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be thinking, they're never going to change, it's not going to happen. It's not possible, look at how bad they are, look at how backward they are. No recognize who sent the processor. And lousy is the almighty one. And the almighty one, his will will never be resisted by anyone. And there's no nation out there bad enough or too bad, which the you know, the might of Allah isn't stronger, to reform them. And that is why Allah mentioned that he is Allah's is Allah. And this is a interesting way to actually piece together, verse number one, and verse number two,

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there is a very important lesson that we learned from verse number two, and that is how to reform ourselves and become stronger Muslims, and also how to reform the people around us. You see the issue of what do we teach people what is more important, the laws of Islam, or the values of Islam, many of us when we want to educate our family members, members of our family that aren't as practicing as us, we want to get them to, you know, pray more, we want to get them to fast, we want them to get them to wear hijab, if their sisters want them to, you know, not have free mixing events and you know, casually talking to one another, those members of the family that aren't supposed to

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these are all common problems that many of us face. But what is the solution? Well, we are being taught part of the solution here, which is those people that are very far away from Allah, they can appreciate the law, they can appreciate why men and women are not supposed to casually speak to one or they can appreciate why sometimes women need to wear the hijab, they can appreciate why men need to lower their gaze upon appreciate, you know, why do I need to pray five times a day even? Yeah, there are some people out there why? Why can we engage in interest in labor? This is a problem. Now you come at it in many ways you come out and say, Look, if you engage in Riba, then you know, you're

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liable to go into war with Allah subhanaw taala. If you don't want to hedge up sister, then you know, that is something you'll be punished for. You have to it is a fun upon you, etcetera, etcetera, all you could come at another angle, which is to say, well, they don't appreciate many things, they don't appreciate the values behind these commands. So let me work on trying to foster those values in their hearts, like appreciating the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala. If someone really felt that Allah is the Greatest, greater than anything else in their life, then for sure, they'll find it a little bit easier to listen to what he has to say now. If they loved Allah truly

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with their hearts, then for sure they would find it, maybe even something that they want to do to adhere to what he wants them to do to adhere to His laws and His commands out of a sense of love for Allah. What about fear of Allah? That's another value that you know, when someone fears Allah, then they think twice about disobeying Ilana. When they face punishment, they fear you know, disobeying Him and doing those things that he will become displeased with if they do.

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Now you have helped them foster these bad

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Using their hearts, you've helped purify their hearts, then there comes a time where you need to tell them now brother, you know, you need to lower your gaze, you know, because this is something that will corrupt your heart to something that will make you impure. And already you've told him that one of the values of Islam is that people should be pure, upright, decent, and not in decent, not shameless people rather than should people have shamed people of purity, pure hearts, so he's already wanting to be a pure person. And then you come along and you said, one way to keep yourself pure. When you see attractive women out there, don't look twice in fact law your case that will make

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you become even more pure. And so he may even say, You know what,

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I was actually looking for ways to become pure. And this is fantastic. You just told me one way and it's difficult, but you know, I'll try and I can see why Allah would want us to do that too. Do you see the benefit here? My brothers and sisters, this is the role of the province of Saddam who will lead the birth of Amina Rasulullah minim yet yet you will use a key him while you are live on your keypad, teaching them the laws came after purifying the hearts. The next verse, What else hurry and I mean homeland mail how Kobe will who will Azizullah Hakeem and our hurryin not our Haroon hurryin meaning that the process certain was sent to those people in Makkah that time

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and he passed away to La cinema at the age of 63. But did his role and they know it continued on to hurry meaning that he was going to recite yet through Allah. Allah is a harbinger, and it is extending to a Haroon to become a hurry. That is the grammar there. So his role to recite the book of Allah and to purify people's hearts and to teach them the laws and to give them his sunnah his tradition

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was going to extend to others who are these others, it is being told to us In another Hadith, as he became rahamallah explains that the Tafseer of our honeyed was given to us by the person himself. And this amazing Hadith when the President recites this verse, what does he some one of the companions, he says, And who are these hurryin? Who are these other people he wants to know. And he wants to know, because he can't really imagine that Islam would spread to other empires, like the Byzantine Empire like the Persian Empire, he can't see that happening. So when he hears that lie, saying that this role that you have will extend to beyond Arabia, he wants to know, is that really

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the right understanding? So he says, Man, homie, Arasu, are those other people and the person doesn't reply,

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they asked him again, another ration three times, and then the person sees who said, Man and Pharisee, sir man, the Persian one sitting there amongst the Companions, he gets up and he placed his hand on him. And he says to him, that had this Iman in other narration, this is another issue this Dean been and a thorough been located in a cluster of stars, somewhere out there now to space Lana Allahu region on her hula, then for sure it would end up reaching people, even from where this one is from. Meaning that Subhanallah you doubt that Islam was spread beyond the borders of Arabia? Let me tell you something, if Islam wasn't in Arabia, it was in those stores out there, for sure it

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will reach the people out there. And here as a boy, how ya know him Allah said, the President given us an example. It's not that Islam was spread to the Persians and Persians only. Rather he's given an example, that Arabs first and then non Arabs are Sunni refers to the non Arabs, that they will all one day be touched by my message, you know, that teaches so many things that teaches us for example, that the Quran

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would remain until Yom Okayama for if the Quran didn't remain, then how exactly would this verse be true? How exactly when other people find out about it, and moreover, not just the Quran, but the language of the Quran? For sure if the Quran remained but after 1000 years, like now 14 136 years, the language of Arabic changed so much that it was very different to the Quran, the language of the Quran, then for sure, we wouldn't even be able to understand the Quran. Which what purpose would it serve them? Well, it means that Panama not only would the Quran be protected and preserved and to Yamanaka, Yama, but then the language of the Quran as well. And on top of that, maybe you can

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understand the language of the Quran and learn it now. But you can't piece together the meanings of the Quran, because this vital information missing that vital information is given to us by the process alone. But you know what? We need to know what the person had to say in order to understand it. Well, if there's

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going to be everybody else. Outside Arabia reaching this this message the President means that his sunnah must always survive, and someone must also be preserved. So this one verse where our heart in a minimum, teaching us so many, many, so many things about this amazing religion of ours, that it is amazing when it came, and it will continue to be amazing and touch the lives of every single person until you have a piano. So the Tsar, ALLAH SubhanA, WA says we are in a minimum, meaning others also not ours will be touched by your message. Lung mail help will be well who will Azeez will Hakeem lamb male who will be meaning, though right now it might not be the case that the Persian, the

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Byzantine, and everybody else has heard about Islam, but it's going to happen, maybe not now, but later on. And that's very interesting, because we're going to be talking about similar to Joomla. later on. So we already been taught in the beginning that this religion is going to spread. And then we're being told about something that will help it spread, which is the Joomla. And that really gives us a sense of what Joomla is supposed to be about. It's not supposed to be some dry ritual, you go and listen to the Imam saying things you don't understand for like five minutes and then leave as if nothing ever even happened. No, is supposed to be something that impacts you in a real

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way, and not just you but the whole community. And Joomla. And establishment of Joomla is one of the key ways in which Islam would spread to everybody else in the world after the Arabs.

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So all of a sudden say Well hold on a minute, Allah May Allah help Kobe and Manuel Aziz and Hakeem and then he ends by declaring that he and he alone is Allah Aziz, the Almighty. And all wise, the Almighty, you can learn to appreciate while I would mention it here, for he's talking about the expansion of Islam. And the, you know, the fact that Islam would spread, not just at that time geographically, but over the years to come and continue to spread as part of this is what we find. I mean, I just, I read in the BBC about a new mystery that was assumption 2010, called the northern most Masjid in the world, somewhere up near in Canada, where there's a small community of 1000

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Muslims, and this village, if you like, had around 1000 Muslims, and they had no masjid. And it's so cold up there as well that very few people live there. So what they did is they decided to build a masjid and this masjid, they couldn't build it where they were because of the weather conditions. So they had to build it somewhere further down south. And then it was shipped up through the river, for across 40,000 kilometers to that destination. And when it reached there became the northern most Masjid in the world today. Subhanallah that way, as far as you go, now, even far up north, the least likely place people live, you find some Muslims there, and also you find the house of Allah subhanaw

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taala. So we are seeing the reality of, you know, what arena minimum in our own lives, you know, we can appreciate Subhanallah this verse maybe better than some of the companions in that we can see the reality of this manifesting. And that shows us that Allah is the Almighty, that he's allowing this to happen making this happen facilitating this. And that's why Allah ended the verse one will Aziz and Hakeem meaning the wise and it's all going to unravel in a very wise and magnificent place in a magnificent way rather, okay, all of this Vertica federal law, the next verse, Allah subhanaw taala summarizes what you said by saying there Lika all of this, the sending of the process of

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taking the Arabs, ancient Arabs out on Bala lima bean, and then making it spread to the rest of the world is all from the fuddle of Allah, it is all from the favor and the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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you tee me your shirt and he gives it to who ever he so wishes will law who will follow the law them and he is the one who possesses all favor. And the one who is the greatest and alim, the magnificent one. So he Allah subhanaw taala teaching us that there's many things that we value in our lives. We value education, we value money, value our children. The reality is that the greatest blessing we have in our life is not our children is not our education is not our job. It is our religion, that this religion is the greatest Father, that Allah subhanaw taala could bless anyone this guidance that Allah gives. It is the greatest of all blessing that anyone could ever have. And that is why

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when we read Veronica fun, this is the father of Allah subhanho wa Taala it should make us call out to Allah to keep us on guidance. Man, it would also make us cry out to Allah protect us from misguidance and it would also make us up

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appreciative that Allah you guided me and to thank Allah subhanaw taala that he guided you and never left you like he left operation but I've been before the coming of the messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam. And this brings us to the end of the first part of this zero so the Juma in sha Allah in the second part we will cover the rest of this great Surah how there was a loss and Amanda and venum Herman while early he was so heavy as rain. So now while you can rock the light he will go to