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AI: Summary © The characteristics of Islam are discussed, including the use of the term "bay," and the importance of "naughty names" in the context of the title. The use of "naughty names" is also discussed, as well as the physical appearance of individuals. The importance of following rules and avoiding embarrassment is emphasized, as well as the use of "arrogance" and "istic" to describe individuals. The transcript also includes a video of a man who is "immediate" and gives examples of how he has been struggling with the situation.
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Allah Subhan Allah to Allah.

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When He created us and He put us on this earth, He did not tell us go figure out what I want from you.

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Allah azza wa jal send us messengers after messengers, books after books. And in our book, the final revelation, Allah subhanaw taala told us that we're not allowed to Jinnah well insert Illa Leah Budo Allah subhanaw taala created Jin kind and mankind for one reason only, and that reason is to worship Him.

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Now when we say the word the bad

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when we say the word de vida, that does not mean you spend 24 hours in the masjid. No, your work could be a bad day your education could be a bad or your treatment to your spouse is very bad that you're raising your children is very bad. The way you do business is very bad. The way you walk is very bad, as we will see.

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And the word dubbed in the Quran

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or the word abd in general have two plurals

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a bad end.

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a beat. A bad and a bead are both plural of the word Abbot. In the Arabic language, there are some words that have two different plurals like for example imra plural is nice and

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Nissa Nissa Anissa are plural of woman Okay, so here has a bad and Abby ABBY Oh all over the Quran is mentioned with one

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statement which is that Allah is not the lamb lil added all over the Quran, which is five times the word that deed is mentioned that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala never oppress, never do injustice to his IB. IB is all human beings, Muslim and non Muslim. You have no choice not to be from the abit everybody is abd everybody when collude man fill out the letter Rahmani Abacha everybody's going to come on the Day of Judgment everybody Muslim or non Muslim. So we are all in one way we are all added to Allah in which way for example, I did not choose my color I did not choose my height I did not choose my parents. I cannot say I'm not gonna get sick I cannot say I'm not gonna die. I have no

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control I am abd I cannot even tell my heart the thing that the closest thing to me I cannot tell anyone of you can you make your heart stop right now two seconds only. Even though you own if you try there, you are ABD. So this is under IB. Now in the IB there are people who are called a bad now a bad is a

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is mentioned in the Quran. In most of the places many people think and I heard it many of you saying that a bad is always good and I read is not good. No, that's not true. A bad is mentioned in the Quran all many times and appraisee a praiseworthy manner.

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Allah subhanaw taala share a bed

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in the bed the laser like led him sometime. So it's mentioned in many places in a praise worthy manner. But Allah subhanaw taala still, he said, Yeah, has certain Adela a bad worker, you don't mean a bad idea? Sure. Cool. Well, we know that Allah who did a bad labor, they risked lebohang Phil. So as mentioned in other places, and another good, not a good way. So it's not all the time good. But most of the time in the Quran is mentioned in a praiseworthy manner. So this is all an introduction, because today in sha Allah Tala, we're going to start the series every other day when it's my turn my turn to talk.

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Who are the bad of the ramen?

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Allah from all of you say bad, Allah selected the group and associated them with his name or ramen. And he described in the last page, or the last ayat of Surah Furqan. Who are these a bad that Allah chose? What are there characteristics for them to be honored by this name, a Bible run? So in the last year to Surah Furqan Allah subhanaw taala said, why don't we run

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a lady Nyan schoon. A lady named Shona oral the homeowner were either for taba homeowners here on

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and so on. Today, we're going to take those two as the first characteristic of a bad run and I beg your Allah to make us all from a better run. Now, when something is attached to the name of Allah azza wa jal or when something is attached next to one of them

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Names of Allah azza wa jal, it could be one of two things, either attached to it because it belongs to Allah or something separate from Allah azza wa jal

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if it is attached to Allah from from Allah subhanaw taala, for example, Qlm Allah, Yet Allah, I know Allah, the words of ALLAH, the Hand of Allah, the eye of Allah, this is something from the attributes of Allah. And when we say the Hand of Allah, do not let cross your mind that is one of our hands and all when we send when we mentioned any of the attributes of Allah do not say Hand of Allah and point to your hand, it is a hand, but how does it look like no one on earth knows, it is an AI but how does it look like no one on earth knows, this is beyond this brain that we have in this earth. And may Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who see him on the day of judgment.

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So this is if something belongs to Allah, that means it's one of the attributes of Allah, but it's something is not not part of Allah, that means it's an honor for that person or that thing mentioned attached to Allah. For example, when we say a bad man, this is an honor for this a bad when we say Baitullah, the house of Allah it's an honor for this house. When we say for example,

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what else give me another example. Something not attached to Allah subhanaw taala about Allah bait Allah. Rasool Allah say salam said, for example, shahada, Allah Hill Muharram he said about the month of Muharram shahada Allah the month of Allah so this is honored for that month. Clear. Okay, now a Bible ramen from the beginning they are being honored because they are attached not only to one of the attributes of Allah, one of the best attributes of Allah that Allah subhanaw taala anytime mentioned his huge his biggest creation, which is the arch, it only came in the Quran when he mentioned the ash it came with the name ramen, ramen, and a lot of she still always never you

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never see him Al Jabbar, I'm

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loving him and she still are always a ramen and an artist ustoa So Allah subhana wa Tada associated these people with one of the greatest names of Allah, Allah right, man, what does the right man mean? I'm gonna go really concrete details about the Iron Man is an Arabic language and anything on the verb Fallon or wasn't Fallon. That means it is full of that attribute. You are full of whatever is mentioned. For example, Ironman, that means Allah is full of Rama. When we say somebody is a bong. He is full of Adam, when we say someone Juwan is full of you of hunger. Someone is Farhan, somebody's name is Farhan. He's full of Farah of happiness is so you are fooled when you see Alif

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noon at the end of a name that means you are full of that attribute. Allah azza wa jal is full of Rama Rahman, a bad ramen

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Subhanallah when you look at the characteristics

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of this a bad

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you will wonder

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you will think that Allah subhanaw taala will start the first characteristic. The ones who pray Allah the ones who go to Hajj every year the one who pray treasure in Jamal, the one who has a big beard

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Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala starts with the characteristics of a better runner. A Levine am Shuna out of the house owner. They walk on Earth with humility.

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But that's the first characteristic of a battle right man. And then the rest of them are forget about it's very strong. But he started with the one who walk on Earth with a humility Honan is from hanging hanging is easy they at ease. What is the hotcopper? Humble J Luna? cardhu salam and when the Xiao Han when the ignorant person

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Miss speak to them, they say Salaam Alaikum. Let's explain that first two characteristics are one of them.

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A lady named Shuna and the other the homeowner, they walk.

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The Walk look at the first characteristic is how they walk. That means the walk is a form of worship. The end when I first see you, or when you first see me, I have no clue. If you're fasting if you donated $5 million yesterday, if you just prayed Korean, I'm looking at the way you carry yourself. This is what attracts me first, the way you walk the way you talk. So Allah subhanaw taala started these characteristics by the one who walk the walk and he Subhan Allah, there is a difference between rocks Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Sahaba said he used to walk neither fast nor slow, but still we cannot catch up with him.

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And when we say they are made, they are walking with the humility that does not mean that you know some people pretend that they are you know, perfectly you

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Back to one time or the ALLAH and he saw somebody praying like this. He said the shooter is not in the neck the shooter is in the heart.

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So when you walk does not mean when we say they are walking on Earth with the humility that does not mean

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not happy. They are walking upright. They are very proud to be Muslim but they are not walking with arrogance they're not looking down on others when I tell her she fell out of the Mara in Naka lenta Creek out of the way then Tableau algebra Allah Tala in Allah La La Boca la motel in for hood. Allah subhana wa Tada does not like everybody who's walking with arrogance and arrogance destroys, destroys

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people on the day of judgment,

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but soloists I seldom said Listen carefully f1 Because sometimes we fall into that mustard seed that was excellent said a mustard seed, go to your pantry at home and look at the spices. Look at the mustard seed. You have to be very close to see one Mustard Seed also was excellent said if one if a person have a mustard seed

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of arrogance in his heart.

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He will not smell Janna.

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When you walk into the masjid and you feel like you're better than somebody,

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when you come to measure few days, and then you start making fun of the guy who did not come to measure, all of a sudden, you've never been to the masjid for a year. And then you came for two days and you start making fun of the guy who did not come.

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You feel like you're better. You're richer. You're no no, no.

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This is arrogance when you start looking down on others.

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So, these people, they walk on Earth upright. They walk beautifully, but they have no arrogance in Shuna all of the

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when Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the Lord Earth, that means not only in the masjid, not only

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in the market, not on everywhere they go, they walk with ease. They act with ease at home, at school, in the masjid everywhere, they walk at ease, already everywhere, not in front of the Masjid. They are very like, you know, Mottaki and then when they go home Subhanallah they start yelling and screaming and they are everywhere. With their parents, with their spouses with their children. They're always at ease. You know, sometimes they have any Subhanallah they are people

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how many times it's happened to you that you meet somebody and you Say Subhan Allah and he has if they know you for such a long time. You feel like you want to be with them. He's very easygoing. And some people Yeah honey, you say Allah I hate you.

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I don't know why you never did anything to me without like you.

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This is normal. By the way, it's nothing wrong with it. But to something any, this is all from Allah subhanho wa Taala the person himself how many times there are people that you know, when you talk to them? You have to think 100 times before you say a word because they analyze every single word. What did he mean by how you doing? Did he mean how you doing? Or did He mean? How are you doing?

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You start talking Oh yeah. Subhanallah Yeah, what am I gonna say to this guy? You know, people like that or No, I know a lot, unfortunately. So you have to think about every single word. No, no, not this guy. Not a bad Ramen. Ramen is hanging. Laying easygoing, easygoing, and the salah Salem gave so many

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glad tidings for the people who are easygoing ensuring I'll have the homeowner so they walk at ease on Earth. Were either Hopper Homer J loon.

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And one of the if any, or when

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I arrogant speak to them.

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And gel here

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is not the opposite of knowledge.

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here because yeah, in in general. Jehan means ignorant opposite of knowledgeable here does not mean his jaw Hill. He does not have any LM. He could be having seven PhDs. No, no, no, that's not the here Jay Hill means. Like, for example, when Musa alayhis salam was asked

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how can we find out who killed that man? What did he say? slaughter a cow.

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They said that he's gonna Who are you mocking us? I'm telling you who killed this man. You tell me go slaughter a cow. On our own. We'll be lucky and Hakuna manager healing.

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So that's Musa Hill saying

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I am Jay Hill. Oh, he is the Muhammad of his time. Soleimani Islam, right. He's the he's the most knowledgeable one of the most knowledgeable people

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All right so he's not saying here I'm in jail I do not know anything. No, how could I do something ignorant, something ignorant not I am ignorant. So when somebody and this will happen by the way brothers and sisters, this will definitely happen. Some people like we say in they're going to push your buttons

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and some people know you so well that they know which buttons to push to make you get angry to make you respond in an awful manner.

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They will be it will happen but a bad rap man. They do not respond.

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They do not respond because what is the easy thing to do? You curse me was the easy thing to do. I can see back

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you get angry at me. I get angry at you back. You know you're talking to New York.

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You start this is the easy way this is the easy way to respond is to get angry at the person but a better Rama No.

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Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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I don't have time for this. I'm not gonna stoop that low.

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And when

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you answer you could answer Listen,

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we are in front of people here now.

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Please, let's not discuss this. You can say that that does not have to be necessarily that you have to say a Salam aleikum, action salaam, you have to leave indignity. This is a battle right man.

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They are always thinking that Allah is watching me. What does Allah love me to do when this ignorant man is talking to me in this manner in front of everybody?

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So where is the $1,000 I gave you two years ago?

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I told you I'm I'm gonna give it to you. And you don't have to tell me in front of everybody.

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And he is pushing that you want he wants you to get angry. But a better man. They leave in peace and dignified. And they do not let someone like this ignorant person. Get to them. Even though it will happen. Yeah, one. So in sha Allah Tala. Every other day we'll take one of the characteristics mentioned by the man who is his a bed. So when we mentioned these have a checklist. Yeah, I have this one. This one I need to work on. This one. Maybe? I've been struggling with this one. Because there are a lot of them and they are all amazing. May Allah make us all from a better life man. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make our last deeds, our best deeds. May Allah protect our children. May

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Allah protect our children from any harm. May Allah fill all our homes with love and peace with some Allah Allah and Amina Muhammad Ali Hill, savage marine Subhana Colombo, Michigander Hilah and Mr. Rocha on a Tumeric

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you in LA Mussolini now almost Lima D one meaning me 91 quantity now look on it the more saw the pain I was slaw the bond the one slob eating I was sobbing a lot the one before she you know

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what unfortunately no one was watching I think one downside BP now one downside the party was slow on me now was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentleman one half of what the was that good enough? Guess

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what the guilt or? I don't know hula?

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nauseam Eileen.