Majed Mahmoud – The Best Day To Make Dua – #09

Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the importance of showing respect and admiration for Allah's mercy and blessings during the day. They encourage viewers to fast and avoid food and drink to obtain the best days to be. The conversation ends with a promise to respond to issues and rewards for those who do not respond.
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Only one time one time does God Allah descend to the first heaven during the day and that is on the day of our offer. So we should show a lot of love, respect and honor from Allah's mercy and blessings. He is offering us two years, two full years of forgiveness, if we fast and they fall off at the year before and the year that would come in sha Allah. And if you're watching this video on the day of alpha and you forgot or you did not know about it, and you have not eaten yet, then no problem. Continue fasting. Continue avoiding food and drink until May Allah reward you and brothers and sisters, the best days to ever make doc to Allah is on the day of alpha. This is one of the

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strongest connections you can ever have. vent to Allah. Tell Allah about your problems tell Allah what you need, and Allah will answer will law he will answer if we do things that is right. Allah promised, Allah promised if you call upon me I answer but we need to put the effort in certain make dua trust Allah and believe Allah will respond. May Allah bless you and forgive you all. I mean

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