Following Islam or The -isms

Tom Facchine


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The speaker discusses the importance of following Islam's guidance and not seeking out ideology or other interests. They stress the need to be oriented towards reality and not just focus on what is happening. The focus should be on what Allah wants from the individual rather than what the movement thinks of them.

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How can you tell that you're following Islam and not some sort of other ism, some ideology, right? Something manmade. Because at the end of the day, there's guidance from a loss found with data. And then there's people, and there's the systems of thought, or the ideologies or the movements that people come up with. And obviously, the guidance from the last panel to artists categorically different, it's foolproof, it's 100%. Correct. Whereas people's interpretations, people's curation, right, their selection of or emphasis even right there, or their platform, or their projects, they can all be not just like, right or wrong, 100% 0%. But you know, like, 6040 7030 8020, or they can

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be a mix, there's going to be mistakes. And so one of the safeguards, you can ask yourself a question, how do I safeguard myself from this? How do I make sure or at least take reasonable precautions to try to make sure that I'm following my Creator? and not something else? It has to do with where you're oriented? Are you oriented towards a lot on his pleasure? Or are your Are you oriented towards reacting to other people, whether it's history, whether it's politics, whether it's philosophy, whether it's something else, if you're caught in the reaction game, you're gonna get swept up in antagonism, you're going to construct your identity and your practice and your beliefs

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in opposition to whatever you're in opposition to, and some of it's going to be right and some of it's going to be wrong. But if you tie yourself to the fundamental question, what does Allah want from me? That's the question. And that's the focus of your attention that will keep you straight, because then it's not going to matter whether the answer to that question it comes out sometimes on the left or on the right, are aligned with this party are aligned with that party are aligned with that movement are aligned with that movement. You don't care, because you're only focused on what Allah wants from you. You're not focused about what will the people say? Well, that sounds a lot

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like what party X says, Well, that sounds a lot like or it looks a lot like what this movement says you're not going to care because you're focused on what really matters and that's what Allah thinks.