Mohamad Baajour – JAR #02 The Two Pillars Of Shahada

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The importance of remembering the history and strengthens one's religion is emphasized, along with the need to be known as a movement and believe in Islam. The speakers emphasize the importance of disbelief and rejecting power in achieving Islam, and discuss the history and meaning of "has been" in the Bible. The speakers also mention the difficulty of building something without "has been" in Islam.
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Well that Gator fan in

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the Quran

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Pharaoh, meaning well now holla gene, now one

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and Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi over get Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allama aluminum and fauna on fine lantana Elman Yahama Rahimi, ask Allah azza wa jal teach us what benefit us benefit from matalas and increase us in knowledge. My dear, beloved, respectful brothers and sisters, ask Allah azza wa jal to make us from the people who were that benefit from the reminder in sha Allah.

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So we started this beautiful series, just a reminder, and I thank you again for all your suggestions for topics to be discussed. We mentioned in our last episode about the most important reminder and that is what are we doing here to remind ourselves about the reason for our existence, and we, Allah subhanaw taala told us that we are here to worship Allah azza wa jal today in sha Allah Tala.

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Today's reminder is as important after we knew that our reason for existence is to worship Allah azza wa jal, we have to know how to worship Allah subhanaw taala so we'll taking the the reminders before I I remind myself and I remind you about the importance of Salah and the importance of fasting and, and charity and parents and this and that and we have so many topics to discuss in sha Allah, we have to make sure that our our aqidah our Aqeedah our creed is intact it is strong, we have a strong foundation, because

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if the foundation is weak, no matter how much Amell do we do, they will not be accepted. If we are for example, committing shirk, committing shirk without knowing no matter what we do, then all our annual multiplied by zero so we have to strengthen the foundation and that is the main reason for for this series is to be reminded of what Allah subhanho wa Taala loves and what pleases him right. So we have established first that we are here to worship Allah today in sha Allah Tala, we will be discussing the pillars of la ilaha illAllah. I mentioned them in the hotbar a few weeks ago, but since this topic is a reminder and this is one of the most important reminders is what are the

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pillars of la ilaha illAllah.

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Every rockin every record of their kind of Islam has conditions and had pillars solid as pillars. For example, I cannot pray without Fatiha I cannot pray without Sousou without Rocco these are pillars of the our regular five daily Salawat right?

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The pillar of fasting is not to eat and drink from Maghreb to Asia, a pillar of hygiene is going being an alpha every rockin has pillars and have conditions also shrewd Okay, similarly La Ilaha illa Allah have pillars and has two pillars. What are these pillars

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right after

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the most are the best A and the Quran she's a little could see a number 255 In Surah Al Baqarah look at the eye right after that.

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That area in that area, there are the two pillars of la ilaha illAllah. Allah subhanaw taala said Let it crawl her feet Dean katavi in a rush to mineral away from a yak for a bit taller hood, where you mean Billa fucka distant second we'll order what he was caught lengthy Psalm Allah, Allah who sent me on aalim Allah subhanaw taala said the closest translation there shall be no compulsion in religion. The right way has been distinct from the wrong way and in the right way is clear and there are the wrong way is clear. Whoever renounced his thought Hold on, he will explain what it means and believes in Allah.

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renounce his thought

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and believes in Allah. Then he has grasped the most trustworthy handle, which does not break an old will with count we will explain that also. And Allah is on hearing and all

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on knowing my brothers and sisters, the most important thing is to be known to Allah as a movement does not matter what the people know about you here in this dunya we want to be registered with Allah as believers. This is this is our goal, what Allah knows about us. So the two pillars of la ilaha illallah is disbelieving in Tao and believing in Allah subhanho wa taala.

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a lot of will was

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also other believe this belief in fatherhood, and believe in Allah, he had held tight, he had held tight What is this Ottawa and we've got even our best. Even our best the Tanjung Tojo, Man of the Quran, the one whom Allah subhanaw taala may do out for ya Allah give him knowledge of the deen. Yeah been our best, what is a loaded word of God, he said La ilaha illAllah. Similarly, say the visual Bayer and Huck, they all said larval Rosca is La ilaha illAllah. So in order to be firm on La Ilaha illa Allah, you have to disbelieve in thought, and believe in Allah. We hear so many lectures about believing in Allah, but we hardly hear anything about this believing and thought Subhanallah

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What is Allah subhanaw taala sang in the above in the verse we said that a Muslim is the true Muslim is the one who rejects the hood and believes in Allah subhanaw taala. So we have to know what is the hood. In order to reject it, we have to know what target is in order to reject it. The hood has been defined by the classical scholars as anything,

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anything or anyone who is worshipped or obeyed or submitted to

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or followed other than Allah subhanaw taala.

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In other words, farhood is anyone or anything that is worshipped other than Allah subhanaw taala anyone that claims that he knows the Unseen, he is a toehold. Anyone that claims that his hokum his ruling is better than the ruling of Allah subhanho wa Taala installed?

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Anyone that thinks is the law, his legislation is better than the legislation of Allah has to hold.

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Anyone who asked people to worship him is to hold Okay, and we as believers as means we have to reject all kinds of toehold. Shaitan is a big toad. And if you look at the translation, and many of the translations they translate tahu as Evil Shadow, okay. Shaitan is the hood. Okay, so we have to disbelieve and reject all kinds of power who would

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sincerely from the bottom of our heart not just by verbalizing it, no, no believing that the hood is to be rejected, no one is worthy of worship other than Allah subhana wa Taala Okay, so we have to reject the toad and believe in Allah in order to be a Muslim, Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran in surah tunnel, what I call the Basner if he could only imagine Rasul and, and Allah was 10, he would pout and we have verily sent among every nation, a messenger to do what worship Allah and is Danny boo, remember we spoke about each tenable, avoid the town, the word is tenable, the word is tenable. When it comes in the Quran, it is the highest level of haram, it was used for worshipping

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idols, it was used to stay is tenable

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alcohol gambling, cold zone, false testimony, all these things, the word is tenable was before them. Similarly, the word is tenable is used for Tao hood. Okay, so, Allah subhanaw taala said that every prophet who came, told his people worship Allah and stay away from from Thorvald

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even the word La Ilaha, Illa Allah, it is Nephi. And is that La Ilaha. That mean there's no one word worthy of worship other than Allah. And this is by the way, the second reason, the first token is disbelief and thought we explain what it is. Second is Iman and Allah, right, believe in Allah, from a Yellow Toad, where you're in Billa Faqad. And if I say whomsoever, stay away from eating and drinking, and stay away from approaching their spouses, then they are fasting. I cannot just say only away from the eating and drinking, that he's fasting and then he can go and have relationship with his wife, not both.

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Together they then he will be fasting similarly from a yet for the town where you've been biller for the stem circle or whatever with Scotland formula then he is from the people who are steadfast on on La ilaha illAllah. So, there ilaha illallah consists both La ilaha illAllah La ilaha means there is none worthy of worship

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other than Allah subhanho wa Taala negates the existence of anything that is worthy of worship and Illa Allah and that except ALLAH, which is that it is affirmation that Allah that all worship is due to Allah alone, alone, both together make Lila Illallah yak for the Toad is negate the Kafir. And when Billa is too bad, that is Allah subhanaw taala is the only one worthy of worship that consists Eman biller that he is the only creator he is the only provider only sustainer and he is the only one worthy of worship and his names and attributes are all perfect and free from any deficiency. So my brothers and sisters today's reminders extremely extremely important. Sit down with your with

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your children sit down with your spouse and sit down with your brothers and sisters forward this because many people they do so many a Baghdad and so many actions and De La Ilaha illa Allah is not already established. And this is the main record. This is what make us Muslims. The first record is shahada then comes the salad and the CRM and there's a carrot and the hash and everything else but without La ilaha illallah we cannot build this is the foundation and on top of it we can have all our A Baghdad so we have to strengthen our La ilaha illallah understand what the stronghold mean. And this believe in it, reject it and understand what does Eman and Allah mean and then both

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together will make me and you a believer in Sharma May Allah subhanaw taala make us live on Layla Hill Allah and die on Layla Hill Allah and your Ilana asked her the rest of your names to make our last statement. La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I love you all for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, masha Allah Allahu Allah and the stuff you want to be like. You

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feel flooded. He got out on

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minoli to

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the lobby was he on meaning

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