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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the Hush message in shaping one's behavior and behavior. They also mention the lessons learned from the Day of Judgment and the importance of acknowledging the importance of the Hush message in shaping one's behavior. The speaker emphasizes the need for everyone to take action to avoid harming their health and financial well-being.
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harlequins lover kit, smuggler handle allow salatu salam ala Rasulillah.

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We will still discussing the importance or what are the lessons we get from Hush. We said that one of the main lessons we get from Hajj is that it reminds us of the Day of Judgment. And the second lesson we get from Ash is that it teaches us to say Samina Wattana. We listen and we obey without asking any questions. These are orders from Allah azza wa jal, we take them and we obey them. And we said that also Hajj teaches us how to be patient. Today inshallah Allah will take a couple more Inshallah, one of the main lessons of Hajj is the unity of the Ummah, in the heavy metal come

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on Allah subhanaw taala has told us in Surah cambia, that this amount of Islam is one OMA and I am your lord shall worship Me, Allah He there's nothing better than going to hash and seeing that, you see the Bernie next to the Indonesian next to the Turkish next to the German, next to the American next to the Chinese, all this to the same thing, performing the same rituals worshiping the same Allah SubhanAllah. So when we come back,

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you know every one of those lessons too when we come back to our countries we apply them. So when I see this unity over there, when I come back to the States for example, I do not say this is a Pakistani masjid. And this is a Bengali masjid. And this is a Arabi Masjid. This is what he teaches us every single year not to come back and name the misogyny imagine that Rasulullah Salallahu Salam is visiting you

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and time for solid Balkans and you come to the service I send them and you say you have a soul Allah? Would you like to pray in the Turkish masjid or in the Bengali Masjid?

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How would those Salam feel? He came to stop that one time and I'm sorry? One of them done. So I'm going from a hygiene. They had an argument. So the answer he said, Yeah, answer. And he said, Yeah, no hygiene. Everybody caught his people. But it was almost I said, I'm saying

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that to her in her Montina leave this kind of stuff. This is disgusting. This is filthy Subhanallah so the hash comes every single year and teaches us that we are

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also the hash comes and teaches us that a chroma Kuma and Allah he at kakum the best in the sight of Allah is not the Adobe, Adobe, the best in the sight of Allah is the one with more Taqwa. You see the the poor guy next to the President. Or maybe that does not happen.

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These days. You see the doctor next to the President, you see the poor, the rich man next to the poor man, you see Subhan Allah all kinds of people performing the same thing with one heart with one goal, the pleasure of Allah subhana wa taala. Another lesson with Hajj is Subhanallah that it teaches us the meaning of sacrifice. You sacrifice your time you sacrificed your wealth, you sacrifice your comfort that you used to in your in your hometown. And when you come back to your state, to your country, to your to your community, you start sacrificing some of your time and give to the masjid to volunteer. You sacrifice some time and you spend it with your family of one. The

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wives are complaining. The children are complaining Yeah, when they say that, you know, the husbands are not sitting with us, they're not giving us enough time. So when we come back from Hajj inshallah Tada, this is what he teaches us. And that by the way, the hash is not only for the JD, because like I said before, every everybody, every one of us either is going to hash or know somebody who's going to ash and when we come back, we tell each other what happened to the whole community living the essence of of hygiene. And the last one is Rohan Allah, Allah has teaches us and remind us that you have we all have one common enemy, which is the shaitan.

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And this shaytaan Subhanallah you know, when you hire somebody, it tells you they have 10 years experience 20 years experience 30 years experience, the more experience they have the higher possibility to be hired, right? The Shaitan have experienced since the days of Adam, of how tricking How can he trick people and deviate them and take them to the to the hellfire. So we get reminded every single year when we go to Hajj that we have an enemy we have a common enemy, the shaitan that one to come and separate between us to to create fitna in our communities to create fitna in our homes to separate between me and my wife to separate between me and my children. This is what the

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shaitan is, this is what the shaitan does, so the Hajj comes every single year and remind us so you have one the you know when I when I started this talk, I said you know, how come hash that is takes seven days of my lifetime, seven days of my lifetime is a pillar of the deen. That's why Subhanallah there are so many segments of the hash. And finally, when the topic of hash if this

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Think carefully. If you can afford it physically and financially, financially and you keep delaying it, you are committing a major sin.

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I have to tell you,

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if you are able to go to harsh physically, mashallah you're healthy and financially you are capable, and you keep delaying next year, next year next year, and you had happen that Allah subhanaw taala took your soul in that here. You have committed a major sin. As a matter of fact, there's a hadith someone said it's weak. He said, It does not matter if you die.

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An idol worshiper or a Christian or a Jew.

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Allahu Akbar. So Jaquan make the intention. Allah He that says that would be the beauty of our deen make the real intention. If your Allah after hearing this ya Allah if you kept me alive to next year ya Allah you are my witness. I'm going to hash make the intention it is this is the least we can do in sha Allah Tala May Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for all of us to perform Hajj. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from the brothers and sisters that are going this year. I mean your anatomy from Allah Subhana Allah the Huntik Mashallah. The stuff you took out on October Nick