Hamza Yusuf – Men And Women – Part 1

Hamza Yusuf
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss cultural differences between men and women in America, with men playing basketball as a competitive environment and women playing sport as a competitive environment. They also touch on the history of Islam and the importance of wokening by the spiritual realm. The discussion delves into manhood, where women are put into situations where they feel like they're poised to be in a compromised position of weakness, and how this can affect behavior.
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Before I talk about what I want to talk about, I just want to dispel a myth that I'm sure most of you are aware that it's a myth, but some of you might not be. And that is the idea somehow that has crept into Muslim culture, that boys are better than girls are actually more preferable. And I think part of the problems that we have in our Muslim communities have to do with cultural problems. And I would say that they're universalized, they just manifest differently according to different cultures. The United States, is also a country that suffers from that same problem, in its view, and attitudes towards women. And in fact, Dr. Kim winter wrote a paper that is really worth reading,

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called boys will be boys. And in that paper, he describes the fact that it's actually Islam, that prevents this very insidious idea from taking over. Because if you look outwardly, at the situation that we have, the vast majority of men have certain qualities that are superior to the vast majority of women in the outward, and most of them have to do with basic physical qualities. And in fact, the physiology of women's design is it's not designed for rough sports. And one of the major problems that's occurring in America, because young girls are beginning to play, contact sports and rough sports is the increase in the number of sports related injuries that actually relate to physical

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structures, the difference between the knees of men and these women, the difference between the hips, female hips are very different. The shoulder blades, if you look at the basic bone structure of a woman, and you look at basic bones, for for men, they are different. So there's a physical difference. Now, obviously, there are certain women that are very strong, and then there are certain men that are very weak. And so it's something that is more of a bell curve, type of understanding. But one of the things that Dr. Winter points out in that paper is that when you have a society that begins to create a culture of this outward over achievement, that basically he says that it is the

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women who will eventually suffer greatly, because they are compelled to compete with men in areas that there was never meant to be any competition. And this is why there's this attempt now to reach this threshold where females can actually compete in male sports categories. So there's this idea of finally getting a woman who can actually make it to pro basketball in the men's league. Now, as of now, it was a great historical event, when this poor woman dumped a basketball in a basketball game recently, it was considered like this immense event that she was able to do this dunk that occurs every single day all over the country, by men playing basketball, is this what we want our women to

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be doing and competing in. And what Islam does is it creates a competition not in the outward, but in the inward, and in that it is the men who are disadvantaged.

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Which is really interesting. So the opposite happens. If you look in a sports track, you have you watch an Olympic sport or even in high school, you have the people in the outward lap, are given a head start, because the people in the inward lap have a shorter run on that first lap by the second lab, because we can all move into the N word lab, it will equal out but they put the the runner who's in that outward lab, they give him a head start, because in the end is going to equal out and the same is true. You see for the inward spirituality. Men are given this headstart so that it equals out. And that's why men are given things that they're to do spiritually, like have a kolomna

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z men are there to maintain women. That is that little headstart

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that they get and that's why Allah subhana wa Adana mentioned that in the Koran, that giving men the infarct was something that he gave a follow there, a formula is an excess, because men need that, in a relationship in which the woman is raising children. A woman is having childbirth. A woman has a Jihad according to the Hadith, which is Sahil

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In her house that is ongoing, and many men will never get the opportunity to actually be involved in a jihad, which is one of the highest Muslims in Islam. And so a lot gives men a head start spiritually, because when they reach on the normal piano, it's basically equaled out in a lot of things. One of the other things is that one of the greatest qualities of the human heart is read

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is a type of brittleness and the prominence of the Lyceum phrase, the Yemenis because he said

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that they are more brittle hearted than other people. In other words, they wept easier. And that was better for them in terms of their relationship with Allah Subhana without it because one of the descriptions that Allah gives about people that love Allah is that they weep easily. Now, spiritually, women have a total advantage over men in that area, because most men have a very difficult time we've been and the prophets allies that I'm actually said, If you can't do it, then at least fake it.

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You see, but women don't need to fake it, they can actually weep very easily. And when they take a spiritual path,

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it's something that comes completely natural to them to actually have that ability to weep because the heart has this softness, this, this Rama. And then if you look at the description that Allah uses when he says Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, the word Rama, he said shut up to ministry erwachsenen Allah Hamelin Ishmael Ratna, from Allah papa, papa papa, I have

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derived my name, alright, man from the womb, the word for Arabic for wounds is derived from the name, alright, man, the womb. Now men do not have wounds. In fact, a woman is a man that has a womb, men don't have that. That is a spiritual disadvantage.

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They don't have the source of Rama, because the source of erotica in the world is the womb. And the thing that is closest to a lot of animals out in the world is Rama.

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So if you remove the spiritual realm,

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then what you've done is you've given man a complete advantage

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against a woman in terms of the dunya, the vast majority of women will lose out to the men.

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But if you bring in the spiritual realm, the women actually have an advantage over men if they choose to take that path.

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And this is because ally is just

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and Allah has created a deck of widows. And if you look at the first human being the first human being has both male and female. They're both there. And then from that comes the Docker, and in other words, pure differentiation. But the first human being who is called Adam, contains the whole thing, and from Adam and he said, I'm Tom's Adam and Hawa.

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And that's something a lot of Muslims don't understand that the first human being contains both realities. And from that first human being come the differentiation of Becker. And under.

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There's a verse in the Koran. When Mary Ann's mother,

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she gave Marian she gave what was in her stomach as another and another is an oath that you make with Allah subhana wa Adana that you give something to Allah subhana wa Tada. You do something for the sake of Allah and she gave what was in her stomach, to Allah Subhana was that it was in her womb.

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Now she was an era Knight, and the era Knights are the ancestors of huddling. They said them and the era Knights had the honor of being the caretakers of the temples. And what she wanted was that her son would become a caretaker of the temple.

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When she gave birth to many of them, what did she say? She said, it's not a male, it's a female. And unless you had a daughter responded, and Allah says, Allah knows what it was, a man knows what she gave birth to. And then there's an expression what he said, can own them.

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And the male is not like the female. Now, when Muslims hear that, you know, the Muslim men, you know, they get that puffed up thing like the peacock

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You know, laser Becquerel can. We're not like, women, part of the problem is that men don't understand the idea.

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Because the idea was actually the opposite of what people think. They said, let go and let each amendments rule. Own Marian, can oza. And let's see what is,

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the better the male that she desired is not

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like the female that she gave birth to, because many of them was better than any male she could have given birth to. Because many of them would give birth to Isa.

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But there's another thing about medicine that's really important to note. And that is that many young is not just Omen Isa, Isa is even old.

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See, people forget that. They think Madame is only Lisa that her shut off. Her honor is being the mother of Jesus, but part of the honor of Isa is being the son of money. And that's why Allah subhanho data all through the barn calls him an ISA, if at all, Marian, Isa, and it's one of the few times in the Arabic language, you you don't use the editor. When you have an EpiPen between two between beta alanine you say Mohammed bin or de la and you just write by noon, you don't like that edit. You look in the Koran and it's Isa Imaginarium. And it has the editor that is retained. And part of the retention there is that Isa, his name is Isa, the son of Miriam.

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So nadiem was made a sign for people and she was a Pooja and Islam. And in her was an example for the people of glutes which is obedience to Allah subhana wa tada that my mom is the Machame of profits, she was given them a poem that prophets are given and that is why many of our scholars including Mohammed Bahati,

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even if a husband and I celerity and several other scholars and in the monetary tradition even at the zero plateau, Ani was absolutely convinced that Maryam was actually a prophet. Now the majority of them and the dominant opinion is that prophets come from the men. That's something that Allah subhana wa tada gave to prophecy in the same way that when angels even though angels are neither male nor female, when they enter into a human form, they take the form of men but they are not male or female. One of the things that jack little saga said is that there were four Messiah or bow Messiah is

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the is the dignity of that was still a type of room and Zul is a situation that forces humanity.

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Now one of them is

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what our Merriam Jaffa saw that said, A Dane would odana with an event What are Maryam and watch it to Willow Layla was to add wood, okay, but

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that those are types of situations that

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even though they're dignified, they still put you into a compromised situation.

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This is very important. The first was debt, there's nothing wrong with being in debt, the format of a lot was in debt. But that puts you into a compromised situation when you go to your debt or you're in a compromised situation, whether you like it or not, also a woman even if it was money, that a woman by her nature now one of the things that we know in sociology, is that women unconsciously will smile at men, when they see them. Like if they're walking, they actually smile unconsciously. Part of the reason for that is to create a friendly atmosphere because of a fear that is inherent in being in a compromised position of weakness, which is physical weakness. And I'll tell you something

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about being tall and I've noticed is that I have a lot of tall friends. tall people do not have problems in airplanes where people are getting a little upset and things like that big people don't have problems. Because when they see how tall they are, they suddenly they're nice and they're smiling and, you know, go ahead. I'm sorry, and this is the truth. You see, and that's why Allah says he honored those who were given height in the dunya is part of having an honor to be tall because it puts you automatically in a situation in which

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When the other person is compromised, why? Because you're looking up, and he's looking down, and that created a superior inferior situation, whether you like it or not. And most of us middle stature or short people, we don't like it. You know, that's like Wilt Chamberlain, people always used to say to him, how's the weather out there? And he'd spit and say it's raining.

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Now, what are you gonna do to Wilt Chamberlain, and he spits on you.

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Because if you try to duke it out with him, you basically be hitting his kneecaps.

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So that's one of the things about human beings. I mean, we have these inherent psychological conditions, whether we like it or not. And we unwittingly go through life in these situations without really reflecting on why it's so but I've seen many cases where somebody will be angry at somebody, and when the person stands up, and they see how tall they are, they change completely.

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Don't worry about it, man. It's okay.

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But if he was a smaller person, you know, he'd be puffing up. So what's your problem? Why are you doing that? And this is why if you go to gyms, you will often notice that these people that are pumping weights vigorously are about five, six.

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I mean, it's, you know, this is a phenomenon. And then a lot of these poor people have to wear tank tops in winter when it's freezing cold outside, because they need to show that work that they've been doing in the gym, and

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they're just real human condition, people are put into compromises by their physical stature. intellectually, people are put into compromises. Many women are intimidated by men naturally, in the classroom, I believe it was called to stone study, when they did a study of the most successful women in the United States, in terms of economics, in terms of politics, in terms of social endeavor, they found that the overwhelming majority had gone to all girls schools,

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including Hillary Clinton.

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Because they were in environments in which they were not intimidated by male students, because men get up and they'll shout out the answer. And they'll they're boisterous. And they don't have words, women have natural Edda they have a type of courtesy, where they'll be silent, there'll be more contained as natural, and that is actually a spiritual state. They're more modest, generally, they tend to boast less than men. And this is one of the things that they found also in doing studies on men and women that women would often actually do the opposite. They would underplay their achievements in interviews and things like that, and men would overplay them.

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Very common phenomenon. And so when you look at these types of situations, I've noticed that we are dealing with very different phenomena when we're dealing with the male and the female. nature that is true. They're not the same. They are different. But in this case, the phone was much better than what she was desiring. And that's important.

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