Tom Facchine – Obsession With The Modern Self

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how the physical world is a frenzy of passion and desire, with the materialist believing their self is their body and the person of faith realizing their true self is their soul. The speaker also explains that consciousness is different from consciousness, and that the physical world is a result of a " act of consciousness" that involves the body and soul.
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One of the most fundamental differences between somebody who's a materialist and somebody who is a person of faith is their sense of self. So the materialist thinks that their self is their body. And that starts a frenzy or motivates a frenzy of activity when it comes to trying to prolong life indefinitely when it comes to avoiding disease when it comes to perfecting, you know, different things in the physical world, maximizing pleasure maximizing freedom, all these sorts of obsessions with the modern self, they come from this materialism. But the person of faith realizes that their true self is not their body, that their true self as their soul. And one of the most important sort

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of junctures or, you know, gates that we're going to walk through is the gate of death, that's going to expose the difference between the two, because the person who is there just a materialist, I think that them that their self is their body, once you die, it's all over. And for the person of faith, we know that's not true. We know that consciousness, not to equate consciousness with the soul because they're slightly different things. But consciousness goes on, and the soul goes on, and the body will be back for resurrection. And so the moment of death, that's the true test, right? Somebody is going to be in for a rude awakening and a big surprise. They thought that their

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consciousness was just synapses right at the brain neurons firing stuff like that. That's what they thought their conscious was. And they thought that as soon as the system got shut down, right, and the body starts working, then the conscious would turn off as well. A person of faith knows it's not going to happen like that, that what the body deteriorates and the body goes away and the soul is still is still alive. And the conscious is still aware, aware and waiting for the resurrection and for the judgment.

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