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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of carrying the Janaza and burying the body with a casket in burial, but this is not allowed in many states. The speakers also discuss burying with a casket and touching the body, which is recognized as a reward. They stress the importance of following rules and regulations, following rules and regulations, and following the bus and privacy laws. The speakers also mention the use of music for burials and the importance of privacy in funeral music.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi over a cat

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so are they como la Hey, I'm gonna get

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sulla the Rila salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main fauna on fan of Mr. Olympia Anna. Wasn't that in mind? Yeah. hammerlock me. Ask Allah subhana wa Tada. Teachers would benefit us from a few tourists and increase us knowledge as Allah subhanaw taala to bless this gathering and make us from the people are at the end of the gathering, they will be told como MK four and let them get up all your sins are forgiven?

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Can you please close that door so people don't want to bother people praying

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in our discussion about the funerals, we reached the chapter about carrying the Janaza carrying the Janaza carrying the Janaza or two parts carrying the body from the place where he died to the washing

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area and then carrying him

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after the prayer sort of janazah to the

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graveyard, okay. Sometimes

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the washing and the prayer, a lot of times happen at the same place, right. If the masjid is equipped with an area for muscle succeed, it will be happening or it will take place there and the body will be taken upstairs or to the main with Salah and they may it will be prayed on surat al Janessa which will be our main discussion next week and Shawn

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details of throttle Janessa know why this is doing this.

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So allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said how can Muslim or non Muslim comes? Read the Sadam the marine Workiva and Jana is Jabba to Dawa British meatal artists are Salah Salem, he told us that the right of a Muslim

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the right of a Muslim on his brother

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was his Muslim brother are five to

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reply the salam and he gives the salam saying the Salam is a sunnah replying the Salam is is a

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sin okay

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three weeks

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No, but you can turn it up. Okay.

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So the right on his Muslim brother or sister

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cheers. She's

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replying to them

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visiting him when he's sick

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and I

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Follow his janazah and

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his invitation. And the last one is when he sneeze. And it says Hamdulillah you answer by saying, your hammock, Allah. So this following of the janazah

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so the following Janessa is a right of a Muslim guy when you are

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replying the salam, you're not doing me a favor, you're doing yourself a favor, you're doing you're right. This is a right. When I get sick, it's my right for you to visit me.

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When I sneeze, I said hamdulillah it's my right for you to send me your hammock Allah. So this is the right of a Muslim upon his fellow Muslim. So this is the chef, of course, use this hadith because of following the Janessa. Now carrying the janazah This is the part that we want to discuss today, the most frequent practice in our time is to transport the Janessa. From the home to the graveyard in a closed coffin or casket. In some areas, it is for further even required to bury with the casket, which is the case that we have here. Maybe you don't have it in Dallas, but in many states, you're not allowed to bury the body

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with a coffin, you have to bury the body with the casket. Like in New York, for example, when I was in the burial, you have to put the whole casket in the concrete thing that they dig, and then they put the casket and then you cover the whole concrete with a big huge concrete block. And then you put you put the sand, but this is not the Islamic way, we will come and discuss that in details when we come to the burial.

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Now some

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caskets that are used by non Muslims, I don't know if you have ever seen them, they are extremely expensive. They are like made of brass and inside is velvet and very, very expensive. Ours London a lot of but I mean, very simple, few pieces of wood, and you're done. And sometimes you don't have to do that. You can just put the body on the beer, and you carry it. That's it. You know, that's what we see in overseas in our countries. But here due to the laws of the land, which they do not contradict to the with our shirt, so we could put it in a casket and transform the body to the to the graveyard.

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Now that Janessa should be carried by a number of strong men

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who have the ability to maintain a swift pace. Okay, it's not running. It's short of running, but it's a little bit fast. Keep in mind we are discussing

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like when we carry the janazah from the car for example, usually the masjid over there is very close to the graveyard so they carry the the body from the from the masjid straight to the graveyard without any car if there is a car needed. Absolutely. There's no no harm in that. But usually the norm is you carry the Janessa to the graveyard and it is recommended from the Sunnah not to run with the janazah and not to walk slowly, just with a little bit fast pace. Okay, it's clear, okay. Now

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there is a

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practice which I did not see here, but the chef mentioned that it's not from the Sunnah, that some people do. I don't know if anybody saw it, just raise your hand. You the the people carrying the body, they move 10 steps and they start switching around. And when you've seen that,

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you saw that Subhanallah so this has nothing to do with the Sunnah every 10 steps you change with the guy before they keep circulating. Some brothers raise their hands, but this is not from the Sunnah. This has nothing to do with with the Sunnah. Now there is another practice that we see even sometimes it happens here in our Masjid. Let me just clarify before we explain it, it is rewarding to carry the body. There's nothing in the Hadith to say the reward of carrying the body is this but you are honoring the body you are doing a hitman to the deceased by carrying the body this is rewarding. But what we do what we see sometimes of the brothers just rushing and running to the

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people carrying the body and just touching.

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We see that a lot right just touching the maggot or the casket. This has nothing to do with the sun them. You want to pass or you want to walk by the people

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carrying the body, if it's a long distance, and in case one of them is tired, and you're right there, you want to switch, Allahu Akbar, it's excellent. But to just run just to touch it,

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what is where we, where do we see any of the Sahaba touched it, and what's the reason for touching it, what you're gonna get, either you carry or you don't carry, this touching is not going to do anything. So if you want to help in carrying six people are more than enough, you know, six strong men are good to carry out and also sometimes it depends on the weight of the body. In general, six strong men should be sufficient, but if some other people would like to participate, there's no harm, but this touching issue, there's nothing in the Sunnah about the touching, just as a fairly some people think that they touched and I participated in the, in the carrying which is which is

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not, which was not true.

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How to carry the body. And most of the time we carry the body with the feet to the front, right? And the head to the back. There's no certain way. If you do this way, if you do that way, we don't hear anything in the sunnah to tell us no, the face has to be this way or I mean the head has to be this way or there's nothing like that. So both are okay. But the most common way is that you know, you carry the head in the back and the feet are to the front. Now,

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we explained earlier that if you carry the main yet, then you have to make will

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remember, we said if you watched him you make awesome and if you carry him, you make will do so it is recommended. And the Sahaba have

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they said about this practice that is not it has not been because they witness to do their own eyes, it has not been a must. It is recommended that after you wash the body, if you make muscle hamdulillah it's a good it's a good thing. And if you carry the body, it is a good thing to make wudu after after that. Now,

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this is where Subhanallah the huge reward, the huge reward of

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following the janazah

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number one

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rasool Allah says Allah says oh, do not read what Tebu TVOD Jana is to the kyrou common error, visit the sick and follow the funerals because that reminds you of the Hereafter that should be our main

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reason why are we following the Janessa besides the first one, that it's the right of my of my brother, then the Hadith that we all know and I will narrate it in

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in Arabic and English upgrade out of the hola Ron. He said man shahidul Janessa

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when it Tobiah Janessa Muslim Eman and wacky seven had your son la la fella who Pirot women Shahida had to defend fella who Kira con Mina edge of he who follows the Muslims janazah with Eman and st SAP expecting the Azure from Allah from the way from the place it was the only the house or the the masjid he will get a chunk and he who follows he'll follow session as until the burial is completed. He will get two chunks of yours and he was asked for solace I Salam rasool Allah what are these two k-rod? What are these two Cora he replied, Miss Lal jab Allah in the loving humane. They are like two great mountains and another written narration. He said each chunk is as big as the mountain of

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any Can you imagine? So

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in another report, I mean, each chunk is as there is greater demand than the mountain of art. And in another generation called Iraq, F calm Misa Annie, Haman is chunked is even heavier in the scale than the mountain of

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each chunk is heavier in the scale than the mountain of any one of one of the Sahaba urban armado or the upper hand when he heard this, he said how many chunks we have wasted how many chunks we have wasted. Hola. Hola, Claudia. What? So when we hear that there is a Janessa and we finished the prayer and if you are available, you don't have to rush back to work.

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You have your off whatever. And you're able to go and

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do the barrier until it's complete. Wala Jaquan Yanni, we will eat. We will bite on our fingers on the Day of Judgment because we missed that huge edge of can you imagine any

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rock as big as the stable is extremely heavy. Can you imagine the mountain

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in your scale? Allahu Akbar and two of them for

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every for every journalism, I'm sure about the Kazi loves this hadith.

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He does not

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make the intention that you're doing it for that.

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So I will write ahead of this incident and commented indeed, neither market dealings nor upon painting, this digressed me from Allah's Messenger, I used to stay close to Him for a word that he would teach me and a bite of food that he would feed me. And he was saying that he never there's just to confirm the Hadith, that he said that he never missed a word from Rasulullah sallallahu, including that hadith that he just he just mentioned. Now, the Hadith that we all Imam, may Allah reward him, he reminds us of every time there's a Janessa and it happens that we are fasting. He reminds us of the four things that if you do him, in one day, you will go to genuine sha Allah. So

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Allah says Allah, He, one day after fetcher, or in the morning, he said, Man, US balliang saw him and man us balliang saw him who is fasting today. Abu Bakr raised his hand. And then he said man, Adam and Camilla, Leona Maria, who visited the sick person, Abu Bakr raised his hand, and who among you today have walked into a witness to Janessa Abubaker raised his hand. And then he said, Man, our family, OMA Myskina, Who amongst you have fed a poor person today, our back raised his hand, or the Mahan who are gone. He said mesh termite had he had his own fee Rajan fee Yom Illa, the huddle Jana SubhanAllah. Never with these acts of be performed by one person in one day, except he will enter,

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he will enter Jannah Subhan Allah. So if it happens that you are fasting

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and the sadaqa the last one is easy. Now, most of the time.

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The one that we are, most of the time missing is the janazah. Right? And he could fast, you could give sadaqa you could find the sick person, but a lot of time we are missing the Janessa or the sick person.

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I was talking to a brother and Subhanallah is from Africa. He said, Do you know which one of these we are always missing

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from the for

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the subaqua

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We don't have money to give this other.

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And this is for us, right? It was the easiest one my my way out. I would find the bucks and I'll put something for them. Because there's always depth. Tons of people sick Subhanallah and then most of the time fasting because there's no food. He said the hardest one for you. It is Janessa for us it's Sadako la

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Allama Jana Misha Killian your battery. So now what are the recommended acts on carrying while carrying the body. The first one that we mentioned as riobel Janaza a three Oh, rush, hurry when you are carrying the funeral. And also mean that Hurry up when you are performing the whole process. You know, some people you know want to send the body overseas and that takes time and you all some people want to wait for all the family to gather and then they want to do the burial. This is against the Sunnah, the faster a person dies today at a sha sha Allah maximum tomorrow by dog should be his Janessa Alright, this is the sooner the faster you do it Bismillah Alhamdulillah Valerie, you

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don't have to wait for people you don't have to ship the body that will delay all that stuff, you know. So the Sunnah is where the person died, you bury them and the quicker you perform the process, the better for the disease inshallah.

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Now, the chef went into extreme details to say where to walk when you're cutting the Janessa there is nothing specific about where to walk. It is most of the people usually walk behind the Janessa. But if you walk in front of the janazah, there's there's no, there's no harm. Some

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said that the the virtue of walking behind the janazah compared to walking in front of the janazah is similar to the virtue of followed over sooner is earlier on the unlock man. He said the virtue of walking behind the Janessa to the walking in front of the Janessa is equal to the as if you're similar to the virtual fork over some so it's better to walk behind the Janessa but to not be any harmful if you walk in front of the organism.

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Now standing evasion as passed by standing evasion as passed by now

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he stood for Jeunesses

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a year of yoga one, he said a salsa Salam stood up for a Janessa. So we stood up, then he said that he said, Then he means in the future, he sat there. So he sat.

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At first, same of the Alon Ali was narrating, he said at first Rasulillah Salam would stand for a Janessa. But later, he sat down, and he did not stand up anymore. So, the standard for the Janaza wasn't the beginning of the message. But then after that, it looks like it has been abrogated versus a local the local journalism. Now there are many acts that are invented or added to the janazah which are not from our sermon. Number one is following the Janessa with music or sounds very loud sounds on a drum, or with fire, or with very expensive flowers, all that is not from the, from the Sunnah. Sometimes we see people have very expensive 234 $100 for a bouquet huge bouquet of flowers

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is put in the front of the car carrying the body. This is not from the summer, this is a waste of money, take that money and give it to suck on behalf of that disease. It will be way much better for for him or for her.

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All other sounds that are not recommended playing funeral music, raising the four you're raising the voice with thicker one following the Janessa. We see that all the time. There's nothing from the Sunnah, that now in illAllah.

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Lola, we don't hit any of the Sahaba or anybody who did that. This is a time for Abra This is a time to be quiet. This is a time to reflect. This is a time to think I'm next.

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There's nothing like that to say the vicar very, very loud, or some people I witnessed. This is very famous for the Arab. They start reciting surah. Yaseen while you're carrying the body. Where did you get that from? There's nothing about reciting any sort of the Quran, when you are carrying the body.

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Raising the voices a citation of the Quran, or with loudspeakers is not it's not from the sun, woman following the janazah woman going into the burial is not allowed. Women go into the burial is not allowed. This is a problem that we always face. We tell the sisters please, you could visit the future. But during the burial is not allowed for the sisters to go. And last burial in New York. Subhanallah I when we got there, and we went to the office to finish the paperwork. I came out I saw like 100 women at the graveyard. I sit down. And even though I just announced in the masjid Subhanallah they still came. So I stood up because the graveyard in New York and Washington Memorial

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huge all the way east. So they were just at the door. So I told them please just as I stood up, and I said please, sisters, you stay here, because the barrier is like another half a mile or maybe more. So you stay here and do not follow us please. And handler abandon the driver. He told me I don't know how you were able to do that. Because usually they don't listen, and hamdulillah they all stayed in the front and nobody followed us to the barrier. Usually any witch model, her heart will be able to how and how could you control herself she see her husband or her son being buried. They they start making you know a lot of getting very emotional. And it's not recommended at that time at

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all. This is a time to be to reflect this is a time to make dua This is a time but as soon as I Salam said like we will go in details next week or the week after inshallah with all the Akiko, find down and make dua to your brother because now he's being questioned, this is what's recommended at that at that time.

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So then the sheriff said

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Talking about worldly affairs, this is very common. Try not to talk about where we are first while you're in the Janessa Allah and the Last Janessa.

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I tried to control myself as much as I can, but then at the end, I explored it a little bit not too much. And I told them we actually please just for the sake of Allah stop smoking just to refinish the barrier.

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Smoking is next to the barrier to increase your IQ please just let me finish don't smoke next 20 If this is not shake you what's going to shake you

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next to the grid

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We bring the Balinese secret in his hand and he was Subhan Allah Allah if this did not influence us and shake our hearts, what will Subhanallah

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funeral with food slaughtering, slaughtering sheep at the doorstep of the janazah

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it's nothing like that.

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Proceeding the janazah with flags and flowers, putting a turban or a crown or a head cover over the coffin to indicate what is the disease's gender, and I've seen that before. Do you see that?

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leadings voices zikr walking slowly and adorning the Janessa okay, this is something I discussed with Brother Kasi. You know when the box is coming here, we see that cover with all the aid on it. Right? This is nothing from the Sunnah. There's nothing in the Sunnah that indicate that you have to wrap the casket with with a with a rod with a cover that has a add cranny on it. There is nothing in the Sunnah that says to do that you want to cover it to something plain, maybe for protection of the just more security for the body or something hamdulillah but to put thinking that this ayat will benefit anything will not benefit anyone this is wrapping the body will not benefit anybody at all

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and there is no anybody have seen a delete I've seen no evidence that any of the Sahaba or any of our self audits have been well received with with something with Ayrton Quran, please bring us the evidence so we can put on our will please wrap me with a lot of Quran.

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So inshallah Tana next week with Allah is extremely important.

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About the Sonata Jenessa. You know, when we have a body for burial, okay, you see the imam or myself or anybody, they say, okay, brothers, let's remind you how to pray slaughter Janessa. To be honest with you, I would love to reach a day that we will not do that.

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This is not a time for Tallinn. This is a time for tally really, is this time to give a class or given teach to do something.

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It's not an if we How simple is schottel Janessa.

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It's pretty simple.

00:27:24--> 00:27:29

Just take five minutes of your lifetime, learn how to pray and strategize, and that's it, it's not going to change.

00:27:31--> 00:28:09

So I wish we can just you know, when the bad is hit, Allahu Akbar, and we started, you know, started janazah and it's going to happen to us, we're going to do it to many people. So we should know. So, it has to be known to every Muslim how to perform certain Janessa but what we will do next week, besides we we will learn how to perform so Janessa we will find out that there are more than four tech Bira it is permitted to do more than four tech beer, we will discuss how many tech beers are allowed. And what we will do after every tech mirror can I raise my hands, all that stuff in sha Allah Allah, if Allah kept us alive, we will be discussed next week is about to come a fee come now.

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I see most people

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okay, rather than Allah is saying that we see the Janessa being pulled on the trolley or something right on the wheels, it is more it's much better to be carried on the shoulders. It is better to carry to be carried on your shoulders. And then when you get to the car, you put it in the car and on the car gets to the cemetery, then you take it and also put it on the shoulders. Now, if the body is extremely heavy, maybe the person was very very, you know, big, then we cannot carry him it might cause any danger for the body to fall or anything then Hamdulillah we could use the trolley but what is the better is to put it on the shoulder

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Subhanallah man vandyk Michelin starred fuca on the toolbar