Mohamad Baajour – Finding Pleasure in Salat #17 Greatest wisest and most beneficial DuaaIbn Taymiyah

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam as a path to achieving goals is discussed, with a focus on the use of a spirit, which is the driver of Islam. The importance of showing proper intentions and staying present for others to see is emphasized, along with the need for guidance and clear expression of love and gratitude. The importance of showing love and gratitude for everyone is emphasized, along with the need for clear guidance and expression of gratitude.
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he saw the how

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many mean animals need me

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Santa Monica has low but to get this we'll learn hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Melinda mine founder on find me my lamp Tana. Was it nine when the camera I mean, my dear respected beloved brothers and sisters, I ask Allah azza wa jal to protect you from from any harm. So hamdulillah al Amin.

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If you are following everything that we are saying in sha Allah to Allah in sha Allah with the help of Allah, you must by now

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tasted the sweetness of the horseshoe and the salaat Allah Hey my my dear brothers and sisters, with the right intention, and with the striving we will definitely be a vanilla

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achieve this goal that we are all working for in sha Allah which is having crucial in our solid Alhamdulillah here have been iron me in Aruna. Rahi

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Ehrlichia will mean the ear can boo II kind of styrene Subhan Allah. We reached a year canabal Do a year kind of stain. What did we just do? You know, remember from the etiquettes of dua that we learned before is that you praise Allah you praise Allah and then you ask, this is from the etiquettes of dua, you praise Allah first. And then you ask, what are we doing here? Alhamdulillah here have been I mean, praise our Rama and your Rahim praise larly kiya will meet the praise II can Anbu II can stay in praise and glorifying right now is the time to ask. The first dua Indical n, the most valuable dua, the DUA that Scheffel Islam Potamia Rahim Allah He said, It is the greatest,

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wisest and most beneficial dua dua if Allah subhanaw taala answered this dua, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, my brothers and sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala after a year cannot do a year can stay in your Allah. You're the only one we worship and you're the only one we seek help. Now we are asking, asking Allah azza wa jal to guide us to guide us to the straight path. Allah subhana wa taala. In the Quran, there's the word Surat, the word Seville and the word Tarik. And if you look at the translation, all of them it says, The translated into path, okay. But when it came out of all those three, when it came to the Surah, that Allah subhanaw taala want us to the path that Allah wants us

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to follow. Allah used the word spirit, why a spirit

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for path to be called a spirit, it has to have five characteristics. Number one, it should be straight. In order to be called Spirit, it has to be straight. Number two, it must be easy

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to travel upon.

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Number three, it should be frequented by travelers, not isolated, deserted, frequented by travelers. Number four, it has to be spacious to be called Surat And number five, it should lead to the desired destination. When I have all these five characteristics, then this path is called Spirit. And that is the word that Allah subhanaw taala used for the path that would lead us to him. Now, let's look because Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that a spirit is Al Islam. He drew a line on the straight line on the ground, and many other lines around it. And he said the straight the straight line, a certain stalking is Al Islam, Al Islam. Now, let's take al Islam and see is it does

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these five characteristics apply to Islam? First, straight, right we said it has to be straight. Islam is straight Alhamdulillah Allah the NZ Allah Allah the hill Kitab when Amir Allahu ALA, this deen is established. It is firm. It has no crookedness whatsoever Subhan Allah so Islam is straight. Number two, is it easy to travel upon? Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala told us you read Allah who became a big

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And we'll use whether you need to become an Rasul Allah subhanaw taala wants easy ease for you, and He does not want hardship. Everything in Islam is very easy. We make it hard because we want to follow our desires. But Islam is very easy. Subhanallah third, it should be frequent by travelers. Subhan Allah, look how many prophets, the best of the best followed this path. They frequented this path of Islam from the days of Adam Alayhis Salam all the way to Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, they all came with one message to ask the people to submit and become muslims to Allah azza wa jal and is this road spacious? Islam is very spacious. Islam is open to the black to the white to the rich to

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the poor to the Arab to the non Arab. It includes everybody. Islam is very spacious. And does it does Islam lead to the desired destination? Absolutely. It is. The only path to the desired destination is Islam which is the agenda a big Allah azza wa jal to make us all from the people of Jannah Ameen Euro Bellamy.

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Now the Surat in the AP Euro, the euro in the Euro Rasul Allah se Salam describes it as being narrower than it hair and sharper than a sword, Allahu Akbar. And he said, Lama Selim Selim Ya Allah, you know, protect us all Subhan Allah may Allah protect us all of that set up. So people

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they will cross that Surat according to their according to their deeds, some will cross the Suraj just like a blink of an eye and some will cross the sea right like lightning, and some will cross the Surat like strong wind and this hadith in Bukhari, by the way, and others will cross the Silk Road like fast horse or she camel and some will be safe without any harm and some will be safe after receiving some scratches and some will fall down in

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May Allah save us on that Serrata of the enemy may Allah Ya Ya Allah I asked her the best of your names everybody's watching everybody's listening ya Allah make them across the Surat in a blink of an eye, just like the lightning Emini or Bill Alameen. In the claim, Rahim Allah, he said.

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In this life, Allah has given us a straight path and has invited us to the straight path. Thus whomsoever is guided in this path in the dunya

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he will make it over

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the path of the akhira Allahu Akbar, if we followed the orders of Allah azza wa jal, the orders and we stayed away away from what he has prohibited in this dunya stayed on the straight path and sha Allah in sha Allah Tala, we will be from the people who will be crossing the path in the Surat in the akhira. I mean,

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if we said that a Syrah naturally it's Moroccan, so why am I asking here? Idina surat al Mr. Hakim? Again, in the Quran when we hear something being repeated, it is for confirmation. Yeah, Allah I want that path that the straight path for you somebody might ask

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why do I have to repeat it minimum 17 times a day?

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Why do I have to ask Allah minimum 17 times a day to guide me to the straight path? I am already guided I pray I fast I read the Quran I go to Andhra I'm already guided Why should I keep asking? Listen carefully my brothers and sisters. First of all

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we have to

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ask Allah if you know Siddhartha Mr. Hakim, to know about Allah's Dean for for knowledge. So first of all, I'm going to ask ya Allah guide me to the straight path to know about what he wants from me. And what does he want me to stop doing? Okay, so first I'm asking guide me the straight path. So for the knowledge now, let's say Allah subhanaw taala godless and now we know second after I know about the deen ya, Allah gives me the ability to perform what I know. Like for example, let's take an example.

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I know that Salat al Fajr. Salah to measure is is a must. Right? Yeah, Allah. Let me guide me to know that this slot is a must and it is preferable for the man to pray it in Jemelle. Now I know God Allah guided me to know. Now I'm asking Allah again. Idina Serato Mr. Kimia Allah. Now I know give me the ability to perform that Salaat give me the ability maybe somebody knows, but they do not. They do not have the ability to do it. For one reason or another. Okay. Even if I have the knowledge and I have

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Have the ability I still need it in a Sinatra Mr cream to have the desire like I can I know that federal in Jamaica is good and I know I have the ability I am healthy I can have a car to go to the masjid ya Allah give me the desire to perform that hey badda

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Subhanallah even if I have Allah subhanaw taala gave me the knowledge and gave me that ability and gave me the desire I still need it you know Serato MR CLEAN ya Allah make this Iman sincerely for your sake I need now the sincerity yeah Allah so every single human being needs it you know Sinatra, Mr. Cream, even if I have the knowledge and I have the ability and I have the desire and I'm sincerely going to pray federal in Jamaica for the sake of Allah azza wa jal I still need it. You know Sirata Mr. Hakim? Because I ask Allah subhanaw taala now to keep me performing this a badass till the day I meet him.

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Allahu Akbar. So that shows us that we all need ADR Serato stalking all of us so when we are saying it yeah Allah just give an example of solid and that applies to every single a bother ya Allah guide me to know about the fasting and give me the ability to fast and the desire to fast and to sincerely fast for your sake. Yeah Allah give me let me know about the charity and give me the ability to give charity and many people have a lot of money but they don't have the desire to spend and the Allah make it sincerely for your sake that spending not to show up and your Allah keep me doing that a bad till the day I meet you. So we always need a gentle Shiratama stalking always every single one of us

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needed no matter how high or how low is your Eman we still always needed you know Serato stalking, and now I am standing in front of Allah azza wa jal and I'm making this this dua.

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So why am I rushing? The economic understanding? I was looking to Athena and I'm telling

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my brother, my sister,

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who are making a request

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from the one that you love the most, from the one who's capable of doing anything, slow down and ask with respect, ask with love, ask with desire that you really want it to be answered, Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us Bucha Allah, we're going to move in on a bill ejabberd ask Allah while you are certain that Allah will answer your DUA and this is the first dua in the Quran the best dua for Allah guided me everything else will be easy. Can can someone be increased in guidance, way as Eid Allahu Levina the water and sewer at Marion? Allah subhanaw taala. He said that he increases the people who are guided with more guidance. So that's why I repeat that every single day

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minimum 17 times a day, you know, Sarah Thomas takia Allah, please I want you when you get to that, to say it from the bottom of your heart, from the bottom of your heart, say it like you mean it, you really want to be guided, not just like to get it over with and the Allah salAllahu Salam Alikum and No, no, no, no, you are asking Allah azza wa jal for guidance and he is the only one that that guide for you.

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What kind of path readiness Serato Mr. Cream?

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What kind of path you're asking for Sirata livina in an entirely I went that path, yeah, Allah, I want that path, the path of the people that you have bestowed upon all your favors, I Allah Allah I do not want the path of the people that you have evoked your anger. And of those who are astray are a real model EBIT him with $1 lien and he will explain that tomorrow in sha Allah, Allah, that part of who are the people who Allah subhanaw taala and family Him Who are these people, I'm asking Allah to be on that same path. Who are they? And who are the model bury him and who are the d'alene in sha Allah Tada. That will be tomorrow. Now, the question is, why did we start from a yak and Abdullah

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yak and a stain in your Serato stocking? All of a sudden we start speaking in the plural. Why don't I say IACA Abu IACA Stein. I only worship you. I am the only one I only ask you for your help. And then I won't I say a they need a certain mystery guide me Subhanallah it's implausible to show the importance of Gemma to show the importance of loving your Allah. Not only I want to be guided but I also want my brother to be guided my sister to be guided my family to be guided Idina in the industrial autonomous docking, and Allah subhanaw taala knows that this area will be recited by the Imam loud

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And everybody behind them will be saying, I mean, so imagine the man is saying it he set up I'm stalking him, guide me to the street but and everybody's saying I mean, what about us? So Harmon ag na Siddhartha was looking guide us to the street but and another reason is when a man says Idina Serato stalking me maybe one of the GEMA behind the congregation, maybe there's a righteous person who would say, mean, and that will include everybody who's praying Allahu Akbar. That's why it is in plural, a the NA a certain was talking SubhanAllah.

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Now my brothers and sisters, it's very important point, we asked Allah azza wa jal to guide us to the straight path, right everyday 17 times. Then listen carefully. It is very important that I have to do something about it. Right? When I ask Allah Ya Allah Allah Allah cure me. Yeah, shellfish. Fini. Yeah, Allah, right. I still have to go to the doctor. I still have to take the medicine. Ya Allah bless me with a child, I still have to go home to get married. So similarly, Ya Allah guide me to the straight path. I have to take the steps. I have to go to the massage. I have to attend the lectures. I have to go to the gym or I have to increase my my knowledge about the dean. I'm not

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saying guide me and I go to sleep. I didn't say guide me and all 24 hours I'm busy with dunya dunya dunya No, no, I have to take the steps just like I take the steps to be cured. I take the steps to be guided and in a Sirata Mr. Kane, say from the bottom of your heart please but I want the way you make this to the solid to change from now on

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Alhamdulillah here I've been I mean, Allah

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looking Maliki a woman doing a kind of boudoir here kind of styrene ad in a suit all stepping from the bottom of your heart from the bottom of your heart. Like you really mean it. So when you say Amin it comes Jani you're begging Allah, you're begging Allah azza wa jal to answer. I ask Allah azza wa jal to guide us to the straight path to keep us on the straight path. And I ask Allah to guide our children on the straight path and to keep them on the straighter and keep them steadfast on this Deen. I ask Allah to protect our parents to fill our homes with love and mercy and tranquility, except our fasting and our pm and our treasure and answer all our and may Allah azza wa

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jal save all our next from the Hellfire brothers and sisters, I love you for the sake of Allah. May Allah subhana wa Taala increase us an email and may Allah subhanho wa Taala make us from the people who have crucial in their salat wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad bye by the early he was five years main Subhanak Hola, hola, Michel de la ilaha illa and the stuff you want to see all tomorrow Charla sure Hold on now on the

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Lynn looking messy. Whoa Bellina

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Meenal Houda wonderful on

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PHMSA Shahida

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Gomez, Shahar fellow Hillsong woman Ghana many one elewana sefirat

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you read on libido more you saw wanna you read to be low Serravalle took me last night that I wanted to be on Long Island

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