Muhammad Salah – Gardens Of The Pious #710 Prohibition Of Using Utensils Made Of Gold And Silver

Muhammad Salah
AI: Summary © The history of the Hadith and the use of utensils made of gold and silver for creation is discussed, along with the use of recipes and the potential consequences of drinking alcohol and drugs. The use of recipes in the book and the potential consequences of drinking alcohol and drugs are also discussed. The use of leather clothing for men and women, as well as avoiding arrogance and bribery, is also discussed. The history of Islam and the use of metal utensils is also discussed, along with the use of a license plate and the use of a dress as a fragrance. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for Heather TV and a advertisement for Heather TV.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back to another Live episode of gardens of the pious Alhamdulillah Bill Alameen wa ala Quebec to little motorcade while out Wernher

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von Neumann was salat wa salam ala say Eden our in our rain and Avena Muhammadan wa ala he was he as you may know, but my dear viewers Today's episode is number 710. In the seas of Rio Salado, him Salim the guardians of the pious, which is compiled by Imam nawawi may Allah have mercy on him. Today we by the Grace of Allah begin a new chapter chapter number 364

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Babauta Hareem Astaire Merli and yet is a heavy oil filled body fill ugly or short be Ouattara it was eerie, although he lists their man the prohibition of using utensils made of gold and silver, whether for eating, drinking or even

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pour in water for purification.

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The first Hadith we have which is

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narrated by one of the Mothers of the Believers are masala Maradi Alana is Hadith number 17 195. This hadith My dear viewers is motif Hakuna ally. That means agreed upon its authenticity. In other words, it means

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it has been rated by many collectors of a hadith, but mainly the two great Imams Buhari and Imam Muslim. So this is one of the very profound a hadith

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and only Salah Mataro the Allahu anha and the Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam makan a lady ashore Abu he Neot in Filati in Nana you Jared G roofie botany Now Roger Hannah,

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Imam Muslim, may Allah have mercy on him, also in a separate narration, but in the same line he narrated in a letter yet Kulu Yasha Rabo fee Ania till Phil Dotty was the heavy Inanna yo Georgie roofie Mahtani Now Roger Hannah.

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And here the Hadith means that almost selama are the Allahu anha.

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And almost anima by the way, is Hynd bint Abi OMA here.

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And we speak about her biography a little bit in sha Allah after we share with you the general meaning of the Hadith. She narrated that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said, Whoever drinks in utensils of silver, in fact,

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he only candles fire of * in his belly.

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This is the text which is collected by the Imam Bukhari and Muslim

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according to the narration of Mr. Muslim. In another narration, it says virtually the person who eats or drinks in utensils made of gold and silver.

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Somebody might say, well, it's the same meaning eating or drinking.

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That's why the preservation of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam was not any lesser than the preservation of the Glorious Quran. Whether the narrator's

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or the collectors of a hadith, the made no mistake whatsoever with regards to quoting, transmitting and sharing the exact text, without suggesting without adding, without altering, without beautifying, even the other day after fetch on Joomla was given the hours

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in the machine, and I quoted the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam praying and Abuja Allah saying who would like to bring the filth of a camel that they just recently started and put it on Muhammad shoulder, shoulders whenever he presents himself. So you all know the story. And when 14 and the little girl came and she removed the filth from the back of the Prophet Salah Salem and after he finished he made again seven of the Meccan chieftains. The narrator of the hadith is Abdullah Mossad. He named six and he said, I'm not sure what was the seventh name, even though if you choose any name of those makin filthy chieftains

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Back then, who used to harm the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him wouldn't be a big deal, especially say that I've seen them all killed a couple of years they are on the battle of bed accuracy. Here in this program. We generated the Hadith of the prohibition of crossing in front of somebody who is praying. And the narrator says that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, it would have been much better to stand for 40 than coercing before somebody was praying. And he said, I'm not sure whether he said 40 years, 40 days for humans for you, I'm not sure so he left it as is. Many, many incidents like that, a currency in a rating, sharing and transmitting the statement of

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the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him. So in the other narration,

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which is collected by a Muslim he added drinks or eats. While in the earlier narration, it's only talking about drinking but let's all agree that generally speaking, drinking, eating or showering or using even these utensils in keeping the medications, syrup, cough syrup, vinegar, whatever, not necessarily drinking directly out of it, for him out of it in another utensil. The utilization of these utensils is a major sin.

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What makes it the major sin, somebody who's a beginner in seeking knowledge Hey, maybe it just mark Carew

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undesirable. Now this is not just macro nor just haram. It's a major sin.

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We were able to distinguish between a major sin and a minor sin through

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if the prohibition is led to a severe punishment, whether in the life of this world like those who falsely accused just men and women at flogging, ad lashes of sorts. That's a major sin, drinking major sin, fifth major sin,

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charging interest, measure sin, receiving bribery and major sin. Because the Hadith Says law now law who so Latin means to be expelled from Allah's Mercy here on The View salatu salam says, in the life of this world, if you happen to drink, or eat

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any utensils made of gold or silver, then you will end up drinking and eating from hellfire.

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And you know, when somebody is pretty thirsty and he's drinking all of a sudden and without taking a break, he's left in the jar and the drug and he keeps drinking. You could hear the water falling in his abdomen, in the esophagus in the stomach you like you know, the inside is heard to those who are standing by

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that is a meaningful gesture. He eats he drinks with Nahum non stop even though it's Hellfire who wants to do that? Similar to iron number nine or Surah tunisair chapter number four, in which Allah subhanaw taala says in Alladhina coluna am well and yet Volman in Nana karuna, feeble Tony him now along myself slowness

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Verily those who Colonia and they eat but here it means they devour they take, whether they take it to buy food, drink clothes, bigger to car Mercedes house, they just take away the words of whom the orphans Yeah, colonna and while Lea Tana was all men unjustly.

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Maybe he's an uncle of an orphan. So he's supervising his wealth. So he takes away out of this money.

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Whether he saves it, whether he buys a house out of it, or food for himself and his family. What he puts in his belly is only Hellfire Yeah, karuna neuron and who eats fire Yeah, I need the will deserve to be thrown in hellfire, eat and drink out of the food which is prepared for the people of fire. And so that is the meaning of usual zero fever me Now Roger Hannah, or according to the I have certainly said in Corona Fievel tune him now that Sal Sloane says the more they eat the more they will be deserving of the torment of her far. The more the eat from the walls of the orphans unjustly take away and steal out of their wealth, the more they will be deserving of being tormented and

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hellfire and eating and drink of its food.

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and drink. And likewise a person who perceives it as lawful to eat or drink or utilize utensils made of gold and silver will be deserving to be punished and hellfire. So that's what major sin. I know once you open the formula, a lot of sisters will call and say, Well,

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when I got married 25 years ago, my husband gave me a gift or my in laws or I bought or my parents or me and my husband, we were traveling to Italy and we saw this nice set of glasses or silver utensils. And it's not 100% Silver it is silver plated, coated. Well. If it is something that if it is removed, it has a significant amount,

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then it's Haram as well. So what am I supposed to do with it? You're not supposed to utilize it. You're not supposed to use it either for eating, drinking or near serving haram. And why? What is the wisdom and the effective cause?

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The effective cause is because Allah Almighty commanded us to humble ourselves

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and Allah the Almighty promised that one who has an atom weight of arrogance shall not enter paradise. Somebody says share he should see this guy in this country in Muslim country who has his car all gold plated 24 karat

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I will This is haram as well. Wallahi Yeah, but he's a multi billionaire anyway and he's on the Forbes list. This is haram as well. Is his money he can do whatever he wants with the money. That is not true whatsoever. So you find that in the Hadith, the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him says, let us all know Khuddam Abdon yarmulke multi Emirati? Hatha Yoga, Alon, orba, no one on the Day of Judgment will be simply dismissed or asked to leave without having to answer four questions. One of these questions consists of two segments. How did you earn your money and work from and how and where did you spend it? So it's not only the earning, which should be lawful, but also the spending.

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The Almighty Allah says Kulu was shrub wala 234 in the hula Hepburn was Riffian or who you believe eat and drink. But avoid a straw off.

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Do not be wasteful.

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Avoid extravagance, see because the Almighty Allah hates does not like the extravagant ones. You want to be among them. Check out all the ayat of the Quran in which Allah says you hip and leg hip. You have both saw we read your hip Bowlmor sinning you have he loves the patient ones he loves the good doers. He loves the believers he loves the generous, the charitable, but let you help.

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Allah hates Allah likes not Allah does not like then you should avoid that label mistake Berrien he doesn't like the arrogant ones. One was an atom weight of Kib and arrogance and estimate and atomweight should not interfere dice Yanni need to be honest with you.

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By analogy Hamdulillah you you're a very rich man.

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And this is unfortunately happening only among us as Muslims particularly the earth

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I don't have to explain myself when I say I don't have to say don't take me wrong but this is happening. You hear about so and so who pay 3 million for a license plate to be number one.

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Oh number one and letter A

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definitely this is stuff that's a waste.

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And if an abuse Allah sellin forbade the Abba Shura towards something to be distinguished to be known among people, he's such and such big shot. And when you invite people and they sit in on the dining table, oh my god is this silver? Oh, look at this. This is even gold. This is Hara. Likewise, you want to be distinguished before people so wherever you're driving, people would respect you people would make a way for him given the road. Why? Because he's where he's driving a car with the license plate. Number one, he must be a big shot. He must be a big shot. Well, I'm not sure if he can take the number one license

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plate with you in the coffin. Have you written that in your rasiya please make sure to put the license plate in my coffin because, you know I paid for it 345 million. So, you know I don't want it to be wasted. No one lucky if you're wearing a watch whether it is cheap or expensive, even if it is worth millions, we have to remove it from your hand. Glasses, pen, socks, underwear, you strip naked, wash him naked and then bury him in the coffin, which the richest person as well as the poorest person would wear while meeting Allah subhanaw taala so attackable arrogance is forbidden and it leads to hellfire.

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No one should say but I have lots of means so you know the set of silver utensils or gold utensils doesn't really cost much it's only a couple 100,000 Haram and abuse Allah Salim said it's a major sin. So it's a major sin, it should be avoided. Subhanallah

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another Hadith. And now we'll add to what is prohibited to wear even though we discussed before the prohibition of wearing silk and gold for men. So earlier we spoke in the Hadith about eating and drinking and this is for old men and women.

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So no sister says but Allah made it lawful for me as a woman to work golden silk so I can drink and eat in gold and silver utensils. No. This earlier help is for every Muslim, young, old men women. But the following Hadith would have further explanation again, Hadith Mustafa Khan Ali Hadees number 17 196 and Jose Fatah Radi Allahu Anhu in the nivia Salallahu Alaihe Salam and Ohana and in hareidi what diverged was short Bishi and here it is the heavy will fit the we'll call Han Allah home feed dunya we're here Nakum Fil A Hara the finale

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will feel the way it infers so he Haney and Jose effect are the hola Juan so Metro rasool Allah is Allah Allah Allah Sallallahu lerton vessel harira while at the Badger while at the shabu Nia desire you will fill Dotty while at Hulu fees ha her feed.

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What do we have here? Are they familiar man? You guys you remember him? Are they familiar man Rhodiola Juan ketemu serene abuse Allah Allah Allah Salam, such as the companion, whom the Prophet SAW Selim interested in I alone with a major secret that no one else knew about it, not even a walk no drama. So he is in return of this hadith there are some narrators though but the incident happened with for de familia men and some of the

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tabby in and the companions have witnessed that and the transmitted that to us. He said in an IVR sallallahu alayhi salam indeed the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him,

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forbade us again is wearing silk or the badge, and from drinking out of golden and silver vessels and say these are meant for them. Then the pronoun refers to non Muslims

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in the life of this world, and for you in the hereafter. In a separate narration, he said, may Allah be pleased with him, that the Messenger of Allah is be upon him said, Do not wear silk, nor the bash, no eat or drink from the utensils made of gold and silver. This incident happened when

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some of the companions were visiting her, they fed him nearly a man and he was in

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all known as Ferris.

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he ordered the drink. So at the con, and the servant brought him a glass of silver. So he threw it away.

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But you know, this is a Sahabi of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, don't you think this is offensive even to the servant or to the person who was serving him? He had to explain to his guests, he said, because I have told him several times. Don't you ever bring us utensils made of gold and silver, it's forbidden for us as Muslims, to utilize them to eat or drink or serve in them. And then he remembered the Hadith which you have heard personally, personally from the Messenger of Allah and shared it with him, he said, Indeed, the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam for the US, again is wearing Harry or the

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bash. What is the difference between hairier and the bash? The Bash is heavier as well but it's kind of thick material. So it's more luxurious. Of course more established. The badge heavier. All of these clothes which are made of genuine silk, natural silk, not the official one. Any hook that was talking about the provision of wearing silk for men is only if it is natural. Not the

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the artificial one, not the polyesters we're talking about the natural self it is forbidden for men to wear self. Whether you wear a tie, you are assured you are a coffee you are an underclothes or a role. Best rope none of that is permissible for my wife enjoy it. He can wear all the kind of silk and gold you want. But men are forbidden again is wearing silk and or gold. And he also forbade us again is drinking in the vessels made of gold or silver. And what did he say? He said Hona langfitt Dunya, Annie gold, silver, silk and so on. For the non believers in the dunya do enjoy as much as you want, but they will never see any of that in the hereafter.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has mentioned in surah cough

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in Surah cough chapter number 48 and number 20. He said well my honourable lady and Agatha Helena. So Allah has given us a glimpse over what will happen on the Day of Judgment when the non believers will be exposed and displayed before Hellfire as a habit on diabetic comfy hieratic or Madonia you have wasted and consumed all the good things in the life of the world. Yanni The answer is a serious question which is why Allah made so many things which are forbidden Fact number one, there are not too many things. There are few things compared to what Allah has made permissible. And he said if you avoid them in the dunya Allah will make you wear them drink and eat and then be served in them

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in Jana.

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I earlier homeseer was on Doosan Hello What is up, sir, I'm in Feb bar. What's your car humara boom Shara Blanca Hora Alia home car Busan Doosan Hold on What is Estelle Barak, Yanni on the Day of Judgment in Jana, they're believers in sha Allah may Allah make you a me and our families and our loved ones among them. When we say our foot in Jannah will not be wearing cotton and you know the fabrics of the dunya know silk the batch Stabroek beautiful, you know, variety of silk pure silk of Jana. And the adornment, the ornaments, silver and gold and the drink wine. Not just glasses, rivers when Holman hungry Lisette Ely Sherry be in rivers are fine. So why Allah made it haram in the dunya

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hmm. And subhanAllah the Hummer, which is haram in the dunya those who drink it in the life of this world would be deprived from it in the hereafter. Yeah. And you will now enter Jana, because whoever sets his foot in Jana, there is no no there is no not yet. There is no what else there is no, not for you. Let him nyesha Oh, now if you have well a day in amazi, no exceptions, no haram, no prohibition in Jana. So rivers of wine, you drink it in the life of this world you will not entertain you will not get to drink out of the wine which Allah has prepared for the people of Jana. Please pay attention a life is very short and brief. Our brother shares Mohammed Al Sharif by due to

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cardiac arrest. He was in the mode

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taking his young children seven and three, you know, taking them out, buying in and buying shopping around and when it was another time he entered to pray and he collapsed.

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So he's 50 he's pretty young, Masha, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, He is three years old and seven years old, but it is time. So it's not worth it that you waste your hereafter in order to enjoy whatever in the dunya to brag about being wealthy and having a license plate of number one, or showing people showing up be

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For people that aren't rich, I'm very rich. I can buy whatever I want. drinking and eating in gold and silver utensils wearing gold watches or using gold pins for men this is haram you can wear gold

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silver rings Yes.

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And again 1234 and not be extravagant in our lives Hey boo Alma Sofia.

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So Allah will tell them as Habitat for Humanity comfy hieratic Madonia was stamped out on behalf you exhausted all the time that you use them own in the dunya What about now failure Moto G Zona Agha Bellone be my quantum test tech be rune I feel of the behavioral hotkey of human quantum touch upon Hello us, it's over.

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So today, you will be recompense with a humiliating torment as a result of your arrogance on earth without fright and will because of your rebelliousness, so Rapala cough is chapter number 46 And this is number 20. So that gives us a reason why is it haram for us to drink or eat in gold and silver utensils or gold plated and silver plated utensils avoid that do not use that this is haram and hear

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how they fare in any amount Radi Allahu and explain why he threw the glass which was made of silver

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because he said I've told him several times never bring me any food or drink in silver or gold utensils. And that also gives you an impression that people beg them for very rich as well. extremely rich to the extent that in Ferris used to eat and drink and gold and silver utensils Subhanallah some people think back then they were back worthy then they did not have any civilization. They did. They did and that's why I interview Salalah Selim mentioned specifically 14 150 years ago, the prohibition of drinking and eating in gold or silver utensils.

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So at harir a diversion is forbidden for mental were drinking and eating in gold and silver utensils or the what you say the spoons, the forks, the knives haram absolutely forbidden for men as well. We have a final Hadith and also one minute left for the break Hadith number 17 197. And enter Sydney Syrian Carl Kwan to mA and Sydney Malik are all the Allahu Anhu and Jennifer Emmanuel modules 30 lb ferula with that Allah in football for lumea called hoof Akela. Who who will who for her well who Allah in a man Hall Nash or g facula.

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Likewise, in another incident NSEP Malik Radi Allahu Allah was visiting some of Aden was visiting some of the modules. Megan's fire worshippers, the Persians before Islam.

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So Anna Sibley Malik Radi Allahu Anhu was served

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food in a visceral which was made of silver so he refused to eat it.

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Oh, what is wrong? Why don't you eat

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fallow this is some sweet made of nuts, flour and honey. He said it's forbidden to eat or drink in silver or gold utensils. So they put it in another vessel. And then an assembly Malik Radi Allahu Anhu and those who are with him, resumed eating because even picking up nuts or seeds or fruits from a vessel or utensil which is made of silver or gold is harder. I hope when we take a break and we'll come back no one will keep asking What about I was given this as a gift so we don't eat from it directly. We just use it for serving we keep it in a you know when the guests come to honor then this is all Hara. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said so by now we will take a short break in sha

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Allah. And we'll be back in a few minutes please stay tuned.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back to the second segment in today's program of Guardians of the pious our phone numbers as it should appear on the bottom of the screen beginning with the area code is our WhatsApp numbers.

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Alhamdulillah Would you please raise your voice so hype?

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my digestive system, or I pretty much having a problem with my with my esophagus. And because of this, I tend to take anything that has low. And I was wondering, pretty much like

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me. Yeah, you have a problem with the esophagus. So we cannot take anything that has milk.

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Yes, yes, exactly. Anything that has milk. And the situation that I have right now is I see.

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So hi. Can you hear me? Okay, yeah, I hear you now. What is the question? Okay, okay. Yeah. So pretty much I've seen I've seen some some

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I've seen some videos about

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pipe can you guys collect so hives question and pass it on to me, please. Thank you. So hi, from Canada. I think we're having a serious problem with the connection. So either you try again with a different phone number, or you can deposit your question in the control and you will pass it on to me as salam alikoum Rahmatullah Bearcat

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mobile far from India Salaam Alaikum. Mobile far

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when it comes to live auto brother, Mohammed Salah

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Mustafa one is that I need an opinion on something. And the second is question actually. First I want an opinion on something which is little bit bigger statement but I don't know if you will get my point in that or not. But let me read the statement actually.

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I am basically an engineer by profession and have been living in UT from last years.

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Currently I am neither in a job not having any business in UAE I am.

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Subhan Allah mobile far

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Our froward from the USA a Salam aleikum.

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wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah he go ahead.

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So I have a question about

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job for example.

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So let's say for example,

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I have a job to work on only Saturdays and Sundays.

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But sometimes on Saturdays and Sundays, I'm not available after you like something else let's say

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that is the third call in a row to drop.

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Salam Alaikum frown. Hello, can you hear me? Yes, I hear you. Now

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so you have a jog. And you work on the weekend or you take them off Saturdays and Sundays

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Mustafar Mustafa from India is back on the line. And prowl please try a different number. Yeah, yeah. Mustafa. So currently, he has no do you have a business? Okay. Thank you, brother. Yes.

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Well, I guess it may be a problem on our site. So allow me to continue with the Hadees because if we have several calls have been dropped, maybe the connection is on our site. So in sha Allah, I do apologize for not taking any calls for now. Okay, we'll continue with some more Hadees and in sha Allah azza wa jal with a promise to continue tomorrow in sha Allah. So

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the new chapter that we'll be tackling is chapter number 365 Babauta Hidemi lifts or Rajamouli gradually fell ibn Musa foreign

00:37:32 --> 00:38:03

the prohibition of wearing saffron colored dress, we all know what suffering is. It's a beautiful plant of yellowish reddish orange color. And we use it to dye even the food it's an it has a good fragrance as well. It makes the biryani smells great. So we're talking about this particular saffron which is a fragrance. It I mean it has a good aroma.

00:38:04 --> 00:38:43

And a fragrance is extracted out of its oil. And also it has a dye. So the dye, the clothes and the beard and sometimes the hands like during weddings and so on out of there. This is a saffron or Azhar phoron which an MMO nawawi is referring to and when Enam no II chooses a title for a Chapter, then it reflects his view on the Hulk beforehand. So sometimes he says Babu Cara Hattie, the chapter these with the undesirability there is likeness. So it's my crew.

00:38:45 --> 00:39:01

But here he chose Babel to hurry me Lipsy a Raju DE SILVA mozaffarian The provision of Foreign Sovereign color dress for men, not for women, or Roger. The Arabic is very particular.

00:39:03 --> 00:39:33

Diverse hadith is narrated by Anna Sydney Malika Radi Allahu Han, and it's a sound Hadees Hadees number 17 198. And earnest Radi Allahu Anhu call na and view Salallahu Alaihe Salam and yet as our for our Raju mode DEF CON LA ne at the Zafir Rajan means the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has said it is forbidden for men to wear saffron dyed clothes

00:39:34 --> 00:39:37

to wear saffron dye clothes.

00:39:39 --> 00:39:59

Whether the prohibition is for huruma, Yanni It's haram. So it is not permissible whatsoever to wear saffron died clothes for men, or for the Corolla. undesirability whether the Herma the Corolla for the Hareem or 10 Z. There is a diff

00:40:00 --> 00:40:11

difference of opinion and the difference of opinion resulted because that interview Salah Salem so Abdullah man is now probably Allah who won

00:40:12 --> 00:40:54

a short while after the migration and what Allah He is Ofra you know we use dine with wearing saffron as a fragrance and as a color. So maybe your Salah Anna Salim said, Anika Have you gotten married and they discuss the marriage and he never forbade nor commented on the suffering wearing for Rachmaninoff and also in the new Salah Salem used to use the dye like to dye the beard and sometimes included saffron because it gives the you know, a yellowish orange color like henna leaves.

00:40:56 --> 00:41:50

So hear some of the earlier map said it is near the slide if it is used in abundance and it is only forbidden for men not for women. Obviously everybody agrees to that. You see women get all the nice stuff they wear gold do you wear silk, they wear saffron, no problem. But men do not wear any of that. The following hadith is what made Al Imam nawawi may Allah have mercy on him adopt the view that it is haram. It is not mere dislike it is haram to wear clothes or Thal which is suffering died for men. Hadith number 17 199 We will read the Hadith together and we will learn why Imam never we chose the view that it is haram and by the way it's not only his opinion it is the opinion of many

00:41:50 --> 00:41:58

of the Sahaba like Omar hottub have managed now fan and others so on Abdullah hip Nam rebel also the Allahu Anhu makan

00:42:00 --> 00:42:48

and Vu Salallahu Alaihe salam ala Yeah, so many more hours following for call omocha Amarok cabbie had a call to L su Houma Carla Bell eurycoma a theory Wyatt in football in Minnesota. Yeah, Bill puffery fella tell us her are our Muslim that needs an explanation. So Abdullah Nam The last is a very devout worshipper and a great companion of the Prophet Salah Salem enough to tell you that he used to fast every other day and before that he used to Fest on every single day, except for the fact that the Prophet Salah Selim forbade him. So he reduced it to fasting on every other day until he died.

00:42:50 --> 00:43:41

Abdullah if Nam Read the last May Allah be pleased with him and his father said Rasul Allah is Salah Salem saw me once wearing to saffron colored garments luxr Welcome is for innocence. So he asked, Has your mother ordered you to wear this? So I asked him Is there anything wrong with it Shall I wash them off? shall add colorize them. So he said, You rather had better said them to fire you should burn them, not worthy him again. So if the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him, get rid of them and burn them, that definitely is haram because Allah subhanaw taala does not command anything which has a slough, that's a waste. And with the Prophet Salah Sam order somebody

00:43:41 --> 00:44:06

to waste a nice set of clothes, unless if it is something really, really haram, not mere moko. That's why in another narration, the prophet Salah Salem except plain the effective codes have commending him to burn them and set them on fire. He said these are garments of the disbelievers. So do not wear them.

00:44:07 --> 00:44:36

It is simply because of the color and it resembles the clothes of women. These are the colors of the claws of women. When it comes to me when I see that there is a difference of opinion and I see oh Masha Allah or Amara taobh and Abdullah hip number of the laws of money now Fern and many of the companions have perceived it as haram.

00:44:37 --> 00:44:59

Yes, it is true that there are other scholars who say it is mere Makrooh disliked, not haram. What am I supposed to do? The answer is feminine taka Shobha taka disturber. Lady Annie, why are they so avoided in order to secure the integrity of your deen and

00:45:00 --> 00:45:39

Your Honor BarakAllahu li Walakum fille cour en la vie We ask Allah Almighty by the end of today's episode to teach us what we do know and to inspire us to implement what we have learned and act upon it and live as through Muslims may Allah goddess what is best my here pardon us our sins and forgive us all our shortcomings and drawbacks May Allah key was right we guided and steadfast on his straight path Akula already had our ista for Lady while ago masala Allahu ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Salam. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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God is

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to be with us, again, is this religion to them so why did they know that forgetting all about an empire that was shipping cars, fire and stones, sending letters to the cheapest

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day ignore that forgetting all about how bad guys were shipping cars fire and stuff stones selling their best

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