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Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the loss of Islam in the United States and the need for people to learn from the past. The importance of finding at least six heroes for a job and finding a good library is emphasized. The transcript describes a man named Imams who may have been linked to a woman named Abba Durham and may have been reading a book called the cycle Buhari. The transcript also touches on the confusion surrounding the names "Ok," and the use of "will" in Islam. The segment ends with a call to action and statement about not going anywhere unless you check the authenticity of someone.
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How to make all the stages that occupy easy for him in sha Allah. He was buried at the Denton cemetery. And many people were wondering why was he buried at the Denton cemetery. And the reason why he was is because he was one of the very first members who played a very pivotal role in developing and establishing the Denton cemetery. So that's why he chose to be buried over there. So may Allah so we pray to Allah that all those who are sick in our community will log in them Shiva, all those who have passed away May Allah subhanho wa Taala make them feel amongst the dwellers of janitor for those who are Allah inshallah.

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And one last thing before we started by Joris lecture, as you know that these are times that which are again have become quite difficult in tents for the Muslims all over the world

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because of what took place in Paris, and we see a lot of backlash taking place here in the United States. Not only that, but I'm sure if you have been in touch with the news, or you are associated with social media, you have probably seen that Governor Greg Abbott in Texas has stated that he will not accept any more Syrian refugees. So you know, Muslims in general are going through a difficult moment. And someone came and asked me that what should we do in these times? First of all, is that try to do whatever you can make a lot of dua if there is anything externally that you would like to do, you are welcome to but if there's one thing that we all should do is number one, of course DUA

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and start making a lot of dua, Stefan La ilaha illa, Allah Subhana Allah in equal to me a lot me along in the car for one to Hibbeler alpha for Anna, these are to us that they are really proven to be very, very helpful, and they're extremely effective, especially that you don't just behind the Kenyan economy a lot I mean, you know, Saudi Islam read that when he was in the belly of the well when it seemed like there was no exit out of his misery and Allah subhanaw taala from there and he created a way for him. So this is an extremely effective dua. So in times like this, we should read this do it over and over again. All these situations are coming upon us from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and in in times like this, we need to really reflect upon our sins and try to learn from them and try to make do is define inshallah.

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Okay, so, the lecture will start right now

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when we're announcement, Brother Mohammed laughy. His mother in law passed away today in that in a way in Alien Rajon Allah subhanho wa taala. Give the families of the Jimena Shala me Allah subhana wa Tada forgive her and make make her grave a garden paradise inshallah her funeral and janazah will be tomorrow after salted Jamar at I empty desert como la hey somebody

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salary equal health law

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Smilla hamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda myInfo now and finally my lamp Anna was not in your camera he

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asked Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us benefit us from our tutorials and increase us in knowledge. I mean, you're obliged. I mean,

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Inshallah, before we speak about our hero today

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I know some people are looking, whereas the candidate

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can just write here

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and the first question

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before we start, I want to make sure that you're concentrating what I'm talking.

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So the first question is, I need somebody

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to 345 678-910-1112 We already finished around 15 Heroes 15 to 16

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I need somebody to name at least six heroes for me. So I can feel that somebody's listening.

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Six heroes we discussed already in sha Allah Tala, raise your hand.

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Anybody six heroes we discussed already. You're here all the time.

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Fianna 30

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have two sides

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Satan will say him

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save that

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Brother 1718 Come on

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I'm going to

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use a vintage screen

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saver he said

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I didn't say we did they said it already.

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nurudeen zenki

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wife of frown sa Nobody said that

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there is one

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that nobody said and he is one of the most famous

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mashallah, you got this one because you mentioned the last one. And never we never know

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if I mean every time today inshallah to Allah, our hero, our chef, our

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famous, great scholar is none but Ameerul Momineen fille Hadith, who's Ameerul Momineen for Hadith environment BaKari, Rambo Allah Muhammad Bukhari Rahim Allah His name is Muhammad ibn Ismail, even Elmo, Ibrahim even in movie era, even better, this better.

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What does this mean?

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Anybody knows, but this expect anybody to know? But this means in Araby al Zahra the one who hears raw and the farmer, the one who plans okay, this is the word but this was an Arabic this is a Persian word.

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He was born in Bukhara.

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He was born in Bokhara, which is was Pakistan now we call in the year 194 After Hijra in the month of Shawwal. In the year 194 After hijra, now, remember gokayama Allah He had two things special about his childhood, two things. Number one, his father passed away when he was very, very young boy, his father, his father passed away so he grew up as an orphan. And the second thing that happened is that at the age of three, he became blind. He became blind, and his mother was so upset that she was crying day and night and making dua day and night for a very long time. Until one night she saw

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mashallah said that let's take another serious everybody

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to solve Rahim Ali Salaam in the dream. She saw Ibrahim alayhi salam and the dream and he told her ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala because of your continuous crying and your continuous dua, he has given your son his vision back. So she woke up from the dream very happy she went to her son woke him up. He saw her and she actually got his vision back Allahu Akbar. This is the dua of the Salah. May Allah make all our mothers and our daughters and our sisters and our wives from the righteous woman. This is the Subhanallah so this is yeah when for especially my sisters.

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Imam Bukhari is the product of a single model, like we call now. Right? She is the one who raised him. She's the one who pushed him to go into the into the end and Masha Allah of course, he was beyond genius. Beyond genius from a very young age, very, very bright. He looks at the book, he looks at the book he memorizes it.

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People used to check their notes from his memory Subhanallah he was extremely extremely bright a

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lot of people ask, especially an imam like Imams Bukhari Rahim Allah, how we never hear about him having you know any business or anything. How did they make money? How did they survive? By the way, most of the scholars they lived in a poor life, you know, very poor life. But Imams Buhari, his father was very rich. And as a matter of fact, he was any he wasn't had this also, but he was attached to it.

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And he left him, alfalfa Durham, 1 million Durham.

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He left a will of 1 million drums and he had only one brother, which we only hear we don't hear much about him and his name was

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anybody knows. His name was Ahmed. His name was Ahmed. So he left him that money for for the two brothers. Imam

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Bukhari Rahim Allah spent all his money in seek acknowledge all the money and seeking knowledge. So you might wonder how now if you ask yourself, or if somebody decide now he wants to buy,

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he wants to make his own Islamic library.

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That will cost if you want to really have a real good Islamic library, it will cost you 10s of 1000s of dollars. I mean Muslim by itself, probably five $600 $1,000 Buhari, fat Halle Berry, you know, if you want to really have a good library, you will have a lot of money. So at that time, put that and add to it all the travel that you know he used to go through because we know how picky he was about the Hadith about choosing his his a hadith. So he had some money to spend and he spent it all on on seeking seeking knowledge.

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He performed Hajj at the age of 18 and when he went to hajj, he his mother told him to stay in Mecca, and seek knowledge from the Anima of Mecca. And he between Mecca and Medina. He started studying the realm of Hadith.

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He was in love of the realm of Hadith since he was 10 years old. He used to love the game of Hadith. They mentioned the story. There was a man

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Scheffel Hadith his name adaxially.

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So this definitely is sitting down and giving his students

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animal, he's teaching them Hadith.

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So he said that really he said

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nothing Hadith, he said, Antabuse Zubayr. And it was Zubaydah and Ibrahim and the cave and it was a bear and he brought him in okay.

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Because let me tell you something we are not familiar with these days. At the time of Buhari, the memorization of the Senate, is just like we now memorize the Quran. They used to know the Senate, you know what Senate mean? Like and, you know, they used to memorize that just like we now know, hello, Allah. This is how they match. They know the Senate. So this chef, the big chef stood and said, and

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Zubair, and Ibrahim, okay.

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Because he stood up, he said, This is wrong. 10 years old.

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Imagine big shaker standing and

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used to stand up sets. Yeah, you're talking about you embarrassing me. And so he said, Sit down.

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Sit down. So bukata He insisted. He said, Cheryl, with all due respect. Debate never narrated from an okay.

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So that when they when he saw him, you know, being persistent. The chef actually went and checked his books. And subhanAllah Buhari was absolutely right. And he corrected that big pile him telling, teaching the people that hadith at the age when he was narrating this story. So somebody the one who's whom he's narrating to, he told him how old were you at that time, he said, Come to the ashram. I was 11 years old. I was 11 years old correcting aroma of Hadith. At the age of, of 11.

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He had

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over 1000 He studied under Now if somebody standard study here at this hour days, if someone study under 123 Sheoak. And you cannot stop him. You cannot talk to him anymore.

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1000 to 1000 he traveled Egypt. He traveled all below the sham, seeking knowledge. He traveled everywhere looking well. Where is the Hadith? Where is the narrator of Hadith? He goes and he studies his character first, the character of the narrator. One time somebody was talking to him. He told them I know 70,000 narrators of the Hadith. I know that date of birth the day they died. Where do they live? And how truthful are they 70,000.

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So he started from 1000 schewe and he took around 10,000 Hadith from everyone. So you're talking brother, you're talking about a million Hadith? You have to keep in mind what does the word Hadith means? Any one of us? Any one of us. If you study your life from age have you started becoming an adult till you're 4050 you had a kid

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1 million Hadith. What does Hadith mean? And it's something that happened with you. You can say Wallahi. On December 5 1995, they have to write Russian mcaliley hydrogen and this man told me something that's a hadith about your life. So when you say million Hadith, and the title for Salah says settlements, nothing, and keep in mind that there are for example, how many Hadith are there in the book of Bukhari?

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It's in the 7000. But if you take

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the pure Jonnie because 7000 many Hadith are repeated. So, if you take all the idea that are not repeated, just mentioned once, it will come out to around 2000 something 2000 something. So his repetition of the Hadith came up to 7000. So you can imagine if somebody was you know, just mentioning everything that happened in his life, it will add up to a large a large number.

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It took him of course, his most he made here he wrote a lot of books and edible Morford. And the most of course, famous book, the cycle Buhari, took him 16 years 16 years to collect the Hadith in Sahih al Bukhari like we said, he used to check on the person who is giving him the Hadith. And he said, before I write any Hadith, I make wudu, I pray to Raka and and then I read the Hadith and make istikhara before every single Hadith, that's why Subhan Allah, Allah Allah told us that the most authentic book after the Quran is the Kitab of Al Bukhari. sahih al Bukhari.

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Most of the people who praised him and said many great things about him are Believe it or not, and not his students, his Sheoak usually it's the other way around. So his you are the ones who praised him.

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One of his view is hochland raha cool, up to woo and her the sharp fellow Kirner theism and Al Hasan lethargy and nurse Alayhi Lemare fatty Hey Bill, Hadith will * Wakanda will address the only case that Al Bukhari and Muslim are gonna be a failure Maha etilaam Whether you survived that a failure in that of tukad lockbar. So they told him it was the Bukhari as long as you are alive the muslimeen or be failed when you die. What's going to happen

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Mohammed bin had been behind him he said

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the * tool Basra was Sham. Well, he does well Kufa we're at

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Kula Majora Vikram Hamad bin Ismail for Gulu Anna unfussy him, I went to Kufa Shan everywhere and every time we mentioned Hamid was married which is arbitrary everybody all the scholars say he is better than us. He is better than than us

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called Abdullah had daddy me that he mean he has his own collection of Hadith also he said right to Bill Haramain when when Iraq summer right to see him a Jamar mean al Bukhari I saw the Anima everywhere in the Haramain and in the Iraq and there is no one as knowledgeable as Buhari, and suddenly things like this kind of praise are so many about Al Imam Al Bukhari, Rahim Allah. Now when he went to Baghdad, listen to the story.

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When he went to Baghdad,

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the people of Baghdad, they made a plot. They came up with something called any test testing them I had this

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so they got 100 Hadith

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and they got 10 Big or the Hadith they sat down let's imagine they have 10 automat of Hadith everybody has 10 Hadith

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and they want to test the Bukhari the market is sitting there. So the first one started his 10

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Let's assume for example, the idea that we all know in normal amount of money I assume that okay, who narrated that had

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a look at that everybody knows. So the first one said, analogy. He thought it for example, and Aleve nobody thought him Carla Carla rasool Allah and sell them in normal MLB Nguyet and even read the Hadith.

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What do you say about this hadith Imam, he said

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second Hadith

00:19:47 --> 00:19:50

third Hadith 10 Hadith the first one Latifah.

00:19:53 --> 00:19:57

second person narrative distant Hadith refer

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all 100

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I remember saying that RFO

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after they finished, he said you're finished. said yes, he went to the first one.

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Now imagine, imagine Subhanallah imagine, now that everybody's done, and you have your Hadees. And and

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at least you're talking about an hour, an hour and a half, at least. He went to the first one. He said, the first Hadith that you told me is not an ally is not Anana. And, and he corrected them one by one with the right narration one by one till he gets to the 100. And this is the right way you're supposed to say this hadith. And these people said

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they raised the 10 This is the man of Hadith. So when you say Bukhari I want you to, you know, subhanAllah to know who you're talking about Subhanallah you know, lately,

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there are some, some people that are ignorant, ignorant, and they're going around and they're accusing the Buhari rahamallah With with some issues that will lie only

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a person looking for fitna only shaitan would do something like this, especially if you know the value of this great Imam what this Imam went through two Yanni. Do you think the name Buhari is not mentioned on earth? At least at least 100 times a day? At least?

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Well, who who goes to and who goes to study Islam Sharia without mentioning Buhari, who gives a lecture without mentioning Bukhari?

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Who gives a hotbar who gives you honey you're talking ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada honored this man, but his name always been you know mentioned and every time we mentioned whether we say Rahim Allah so can you imagine how much mercy this man is getting? Subhanallah so for this for these people who sit down and attack and this and that Allah He, you know, there's a saying in Arabic, let me translate it. It says if you want to become famous, attack somebody famous.

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If you want to be famous, find somebody famous and find something they will become famous. Of course, you'll become infamous, not famous, so hard, especially if somebody like the bouquet. Now, with every scullery one, my brothers and sisters with every big respectives color. There's always a fitna

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they are always tested, we saw the test of Ahmed Ananda Ramallah, that raised Him above, you know, above everybody Subhanallah because of His Sabbath, He was steadfast on that issue of Hong Kong Quran. Now, listen to this. Imam Al Bukhari Rahim Allah when he finished he wanted to move to New Cebu.

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Nice Cebu one of his yoke His name is Mohammed bin. Yeah, here. The highly high highly, highly.

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He knew that Imam Bukhari is coming. He told he was the Muhaddith of his time of leasable. This man was the Muhaddith of leasable was one of the teachers of email Bukhari and he respect him I love him a lot. So he told his people when we say his people, 1000s of people, he said the amendment Buhari is coming tomorrow is arriving tomorrow and whoever is would like to go welcome him. I am going to welcome him

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18 kilometres of people welcoming Imam Al Bukhari Tunis about 18 kilometers of people just gathering to welcome Imam Al Bukhari and some of them they start throwing money than I need to welcome him and some of them started throwing sweets

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to welcome enamel Bukhari so he was very, very famous the man of his time.

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After a while, he moved to his area, Bukhara, and he became teaching he started teaching there.

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And then the fitna of Hulk called Quran came the creation of the Quran came a man in the middle of his class stood up

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I'm not going to go into details but just gonna give you briefly how these people attacked the map. There was something besides alcohol and there's something called love real love real Kurama look love Ville Quran they mean the love same and love Yeah, the uttering of the Quran is it my cloak? Because they if you say Kurama cloak all the respect its colors, they're gonna tell you no, it's Qalam Allah it's not Macklowe. So now they came up with something else called Love them Quran

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is the uttering of the whole and when I say Alhamdulillah here are Bill and I mean is this MAC look because they want you to say Mac look, because after Quran love the Quran could be one of two things, either the movement of my tongue, the mafia itself, okay, which is my cloak because my tongue is my clue. Or they could mean again the same thing as the Quran. Love the Quran, the actual wording of the Quran so the word

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Love This is tricky.

00:25:02 --> 00:25:08

The word love is tricky. So the man stood up in the middle of the class and said, Amen love the Quran. Look,

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he's not answer. Second time, love dill Quran Luke is not answer he know there was a trick. Third time fourth time then he said this famous statement said Al Quran kala Mala Rama, Luke were afire Luna cloaca. The Quran is the word of Allah is not created and our actions are created. So he very smart, very wise answer. The Quran is not my cloak, but this movement of my tongue is my cloak because my tongue is my cloak. Now, this man took this and went and spread all over that Buhari said that the Quran is my cloak. The message got to his teacher in this abode. He did not he did not any found is not find out if this is authentic or not immediately gave a fatwa whoever sits with Buhari

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is just like him.

00:26:05 --> 00:26:09

From all these 1000s of people, to down to people.

00:26:11 --> 00:26:14

Everybody left him Subhan Allah look at this fitna.

00:26:15 --> 00:26:24

Everybody loved him except to one of them. Of course you know him very well. In our Muslim Rahim Allah, and the second one I wrote his name so I won't forget.

00:26:27 --> 00:26:33

Bin Salman? Bin Salman. These are the only two people so I haven't been selama when he was sitting down.

00:26:35 --> 00:27:13

Alone him and ESA and Imam Muslim any number hurry? He said yeah, ma'am. Do you remember when you first came 18 kilometers of people around welcoming you. Now it's only the three of us. Yeah, one. Don't be fooled. You know, don't be fooled by the numbers of the people following you. One thing that will forget you. That's why keep your relationship with Allah strong. That's why Subhanallah even though at that time, people thought that Imam Bukhari did something wrong, right. They did not check the authenticity. That's why anytime you hear something about someone, do not go and spread before you check today. No, that's up to you. Hala. Deena Airmon ng confessor convener. fetida you

00:27:13 --> 00:27:49

know, check before you spread Wallahi I don't know. They told me. I'm not sure. They just told me that and no Habibi, no, you are Allah. You're making a big sin major sin, committing a major sin. Always double check. But Allah subhanaw taala honored him. That's why we are mentioning his name, not the other people's name. After how many 1000 years. We are sitting down here remembering him. We are saying Rahim Allah, may Allah have mercy on him. We are studying his book, everybody. Everybody studied his book make dua for him. SubhanAllah. So that was the fitna that he went through.

00:27:50 --> 00:27:56

And he died in Samarkand in the year 256. So Annie, if you do the math,

00:27:58 --> 00:28:03

around 62 years old, but not too not too old. Of course,

00:28:05 --> 00:28:23

one of his books that sign Bukhari I just want to tell you one thing, when his father just remembered when his father before he dies, he thought he brought his son and he told him, my son, I'm leaving you this 1,001,000 1000 Dirham

00:28:24 --> 00:28:33

none of it. Subhan Allah He said, none of it has one penny of doubtful money, not haram.

00:28:34 --> 00:29:07

None of it has any penny of doubtful money. No doubt whatsoever in it. Why? Because his father grew up on the time of Abdullah bin Mubarak. Candace. Great, great, well, Matt, and every time he used to, he wants to do something. He used to check with the owner. Now Yeah, one for the people for the brothers, who has a major business or big corporation wherever we hire an accountant. We hire lawyers, we hire everything. But you will never see a brother has a Mufti on premises.

00:29:08 --> 00:29:38

Never. Even though he's the most important person amongst all the others, or forget being on premises. He does not call the chef and check about the authenticity and about the permissibility of any transaction before he goes ahead. And I'm the father of bahariya Rahim Allah, he used to check on everything that he told his son, not one penny is from doubtful fees check. Any doubt in it no shame at all. Forget about haram. Now we have to study every penny we have, whether it's

00:29:39 --> 00:30:00

has haram or not, but doubt SubhanAllah. So may Allah subhanaw taala mercy in our share? May Allah subhanaw taala bless him and may Allah subhanaw taala gather us with him and gentlemen, sha Allah, may Allah subhana wa Tada have mercy on all the people who passed away, especially this weekend.

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One, so many people we heard that this the sister this brother, so Jaquan will lie treat every day as if it's your last day. Be kind to your wives. Be kind to your parents. Treat your children nicely obey the stories. They need another another lecture maybe tomorrow. I have a lecture after a shot. It's called

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10 masterpieces taught by Jesus. I'm trying to make a time 10 masterpieces taught by Jesus you have to attend tomorrow. It will be you know, I hinted to it in Ramadan. And I promised I will do it after Ramadan. And tomorrow is the day in sha Allah Tada. So please try to come be in Allah Zachman locker welcome Luffy calm was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Yes, yes

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hello Have you

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his own

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Janice I know.

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Yes. What method did you follow?

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